How to download FEMA APK at

The FEMA app is your one-stop-shop with tools and tips to keep you safe before, during, and after disasters. Stay updated with weather-related alerts from the U.S. National Weather Service. Upload and share your disaster photos to help out emergency managers with Disaster Reporter. Save a custom list of the items in your family’s emergency kit, as well as the places you will meet in case of an emergency. Get tips on what to do before, during, and after over 20 types of disasters. And locate open shelters and where to talk to FEMA in person at Disaster Recovery Centers. Terms of use:

How to download Hurricane - American Red Cross APK at

Be ready for severe weather with Hurricane by American Red Cross. Monitor conditions in your area or throughout the storm track, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe – a must have for anyone who lives in an area where a hurricane may strike or has loved ones who do.

• Free and available in English and Spanish.
• Step-by-step instructions let you know what to do even before/during/after the storm, even if no data connectivity.
• Track the path of a hurricane with our interactive storm tracker displaying where the app has been and where it’s predicted to go.
• Monitor, hurricane, flood & tornado-related weather conditions in your area or those of loved-ones with various map layers and location-based notifications for the U.S. and its territories.
• Customizable alerting and push notification options.
• Easy to view alert feed with the ability to remove alerts.
• Let family and friends know you are okay with the customizable “I’m Safe” alert for Facebook, Twitter, email and text.
• Find open Red Cross shelters in your area when you need help.
• Stay safe when the lights are out with the Hurricane Toolkit, including a strobe light, flashlight and audible alert functions.
• Prepare for the worst by learning how to assemble an emergency kit for your family in the event of power outage or evacuation.
• Empower your family to stay safe and remain calm in an emergency by learning how to make and practice an emergency plan.
• Earn badges that you can share with your friends and show off your hurricane knowledge with interactive quizzes.
• See an illustrated history of hurricanes in your area.
• Learn the difference between a hurricane warning and watch.
• Know how to what to do about food and drinking water when your area has been impacted by floods and power outages.

Privacy policy:

Copyright © 2012-2014 The American National Red Cross

How to download Tornado - American Red Cross APK at

Get your family and home ready for a tornado. The American Red Cross tornado app is the complete solution you need to understand and prepare for a tornado and all that comes with it. With interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to be ready!

Ahora disponible en español.

• Easy to use Spanish language toggle to switch translation directly inside the app.
• Audible siren when NOAA issues a Tornado warning for any of your monitored locations letting you know when it’s time to go to your safe room plus an all-clear alert when the warning expires (Note: Alerts' sounds will NOT override if phone is on vibrate or in sleep mode)
• Simple step-by-step instructions to help you know what-to-do even if the cell towers and TVs are down. Prioritized actions for before, during, and after requires no mobile connectivity
• Help distant friends and family in tornado alley with ability to receive tornado watch and warning alerts based on their location from NOAA
• Red Cross location-based open shelters map for when you need it most
• Be ready should a tornado hit by learning how to assemble an emergency kit for your family in the event of power outage or evacuation
• Reduce your household’s stress and anxiety should a tornado hit by learning to make and practice an emergency plan
• Interactive quizzes allow you to earn badges that you can share with your friends and show off your tornado knowledge
• Know how many tornadoes have occurred in your area
• Know the difference between a watch and a warning
• Learn how to deal with food and water impacted by floods and power outages
• Simply let friends/family know you’re safe with customizable “I’m Safe” notification sharable thru social media, text and email
• Let others know where you are with the Toolkit’s strobe light, flashlight and audible alert functions

Privacy policy:

Copyright © 2013-2014 The American National Red Cross

How to install New weather 2018 free APK at

Application Weather is a good and distinctive application, providing weather and meteorological forecasts to all countries of the world
Weather temperature, sunrise and sunset in all countries of the world.

The weather app has a lot of features:
 Free. It's a world weather channel.
  You can see the weather in places you want, for example London Weather, Weather Paris, Weather Amsterdam, Weather Brussels, Weather Berlin, Weather Milanawa
 Update information for free weather forecast every day and every minute, every week.

Application Weather is a good application characterized by weather, winter, bicycle temperature, climate, sun, wind, clog, telegraph cooler
You can monitor the weather anywhere in London, Paris, Italy, France, Brussels, Berlin, Milanawa, India
You have weather
Exchange information and transmit meteorology, climate, and location information with friends world.
 See weather forecasts in most parts of the world in your phone.
You have to carry this application and monitor the weather in all the world.
If you like the app for unforgettable check our 5 stars.

How to download NTV Hava Tablet APK at

Türkiye’nin öncü markası NTV’den yepyeni bir uygulama: NTV Hava, artık Android tabletlerde!

NTV hava uygulamasında tüm şehirlerin hava durumunu detaylı inceleyebilir, Türkiye için deniz suyu sıcaklıkları ve kar kalınlıklarını görüntüleyebilirsiniz.
Merkez şehirlerle ilgili yaşam bilgilerine ulaşarak, gününüzü havaya göre planlayabilirsiniz.

Android application for NTV Hava.

How to download NTV Hava APK at

Türkiye’nin öncü markası NTV’den yepyeni bir uygulama: NTV Hava!

NTV Hava uygulamasında tüm şehirlerin hava durumunu detaylı inceleyebilir, Türkiye için deniz suyu sıcaklıkları ve kar kalınlıklarını görüntüleyebilirsiniz.
Merkez şehirlerle ilgili yaşam bilgilerine ulaşarak, gününüzü havaya göre planlayabilirsiniz.

How to install Daily Weather Forecast App For Android APK at

Easy and fast to get the latest weather conditions for any location!

+ Detect your location and display the latest weather conditions.
+ Change and track the weather conditions in multiple locations.
+ Enter the city name or choose the location on the map to get weather information.
+ Display accurate information such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, ...
+ This is one of the most lightweight weather apps for Android!
+ Very fast, simple and easy to use!

Please leave your comment and review if you like this app, it will help us so much in improving and enhancing the quality of products in the next version!
Thanks you very much!

How to install Moon Phase Widget Free APK at

NEW Support for northern AND southern hemispheres. See new screenshots...
This is only supported in the information screens for now. The widgets do not show this. A future update will include this.


A fairly simple widget that will display a graphic of the current phase of the moon, based on today's date.
The app runs as a 2x2 widget that updates every few hours. No real drain on battery life.
NEW: Added new 1x1 widget of JUST the moon. Also added launcher icon for devices that don't support widgets

Click on the widget for the Information screen. This allows you to scroll through the days, and shows a graphic of the moon in relation to the earth. It gives a better representation of WHY the moon looks like it does at any given time. The rotation of the earth is accurate to within an hour.

A newer addition: A full calendar so you can view the moon phases, pretty much for any time of any year. Plus special new graphics to show blood moons, eclipses, etc...

It should be noted that none of it is to scale. The relation of the sizes is close. But the distance is necessarily shortened to make it fit. Check the web based version of this for more information:

Free app. No ads. Although, I may rethink that at some point.

How to download Weather Station APK at

Weather Station is a lightweight weather app that provides information about current weather, daily forecast and hourly forecast.

The app includes an handy map for visualizing clouds, rain, snow, temperature, pressure and wind speed.

Various settings are available as turning on automatic updates, different unit systems. Choose the combination you like to make Weather Station even more personal!

The app also features a nice weather widget and you can use your device sensors to read ambient temperature and humidity in realtime (available on supported devices).

Data is kindly provided by

How to download DS Hygrometer -Humidity Reader APK at

A Humidity Meter for your Droid.

Few devices are equipped with a humidity sensor, but if your device has one, you will have the option to get the humidity directly from your Droid's hardware or from a weather service. If your device does not have the sensor, don't fret... We are able to take your location, determined by your device's GPS and with a little internet help, the app will show the humidity outdoors at your location.

Another fun and useful app from DS Software.

How to download Real Mercury Thermometer APK at

DS Thermometer is a location and physics based thermometer app for devices with or without an ambient temperature sensor.

All devices will show the temperature outdoors at your location or at any location world-wide. Construct a list of your favorite locations and watch the mercury rise or fall according to the laws of real mercury column physics.

If your device is equipped with an ambient temperature sensor you will automatically get the temperature for your immediate vicinity. Devices without the sensor will default to collect the temperature outdoors.

☆ Includes a digital thermometer.

☆ Great for following the weather at home or abroad!

Another fun and useful app from DS Software.

How to install DS Barometer - Altimeter and Weather Information APK at

Barometer app and air pressure recorder for Android devices with or without a barometric pressure sensor.

Rapid changes in the barometric pressure usually precede significant changes in the weather. Use the barometric pressure trends measured by this app with other atmospheric data (such as cloud patterns and temperature changes) to predict improving or worsening weather conditions.

Barometric pressure monitoring can also be helpful for people with barometric migraine headache and other barometric-type headaches caused by changes in barometric pressure.

For devices equipped with a barometer sensor, this application uses the atmospheric pressure measured by your phone to calculate the sea level adjusted barometric pressure at your location. Temperature and altitude, also used in the calculation, are obtained by matching your position against weather and altitude survey databases. These values are more reliable than the values returned from your GPS chip and your phone's temperature sensor and may result in a more meaningful barometric pressure reading.

Devices without a barometric pressure sensor will show the barometric pressure at your location by using your GPS and internet connection.

★ Tap on any of the dials and get a detailed explanation of how the displayed result was determined.

★ FREE background atmospheric pressure monitoring with graphs and charts.

NOTE: Some devices and some apps that offer a battery saving feature will turn off the monitoring features in this application. If barometer monitoring is enabled and you are not able to record the pressure, you will need to turn off battery saving features.

★ The app contains advertising which is used to offset the costs of developing this high quality tool. If you cannot stand advertising and do not want to purchase the ad-removing feature, please do not download.

★ "DS Barometer. Reliable: Works Great Under Pressure!"

Altimeter and thermometer included.

How to install Eweather Forecast APK at

Know every details about weather in one application.This application will show you the accurate and full information of weather.You can check weather information of any place of the world in this application.

Some Features are:-

*Easy to use

*Lets you connected to the weather information

*Great graphics and User interface

*Hourly update available

*Sunrise and Sunset

How to install skyHK Weather APK at

skyHK - The weather app for Hong Kongers.

Presenting accurate weather data provided by the Hong Kong Observatory efficiently with a new and simple design.

It's free and ad-free. Get it now.


- Clean and simple user interface
- Indication of heat index with background colour
- Optimized for battery life
- Reduced mobile data usage
- Resizable home screen widgets with digital clocks (1 x 1, 2 x 1, 4 x 1, 4 x 2, 5 x 1 and 5 x 2)
- Exclusive user interface for 7" and 10" tablets
- Compliance with the Android Design guidelines for better user experience


- Current weather
- Warning notifications
- 9-day forecast
- Rainfall radar images
- Astronomical data
- Tropical cyclone track
- Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)

How does it work?

The app retrieves weather data from the skyHK Server powered by Google App Engine whenever possible while a device is using mobile data. The skyHK Server obtains data from the Hong Kong Observatory's website and data feeds regularly, then serialize the data to reduce data size and facilitate data transfer to Android devices, in order to optimize the devices' battery life and reduce the mobile data usage. In case the server becomes unavailable, the app would obtain weather data from the Hong Kong Observatory directly instead.

Special thanks to the Hong Kong Observatory for authorizing the provision of weather data, the Environmental Protection Department for providing the AQHI data via Data.One, and @AdamWhitcroft for creating the delicate Climacons icons set.


The information provided by DynAPPmics (“the app developer”) on the skyHK application (“the app”), including but not limited to weather information provided by the Hong Kong Observatory with authorization, is for general information only. Whilst the app developer endeavours to ensure the accuracy of this general information, no statement, representation, warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, is given as to its accuracy or appropriateness for use in any particular circumstances. The app developer accepts no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or related to the use of such information.

This website / product / service contains information that is copied or extracted from data made available by the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the “Government”) at (“Data.One”). The provision of information copied or extracted from or a link to Data.One at this website or in relation to the product or service shall not constitute any form of co-operation or affiliation by the Government with any person in relation to this website, the product or the service or any contents herein. Nothing in this website, the product or the service shall give rise to any representation, warranty or implication that the Government agrees with, approves of, recommends or endorses any contents of this website or the product or the service. The Government does not have any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss, destruction or damage (including without limitation consequential loss, destruction or damage) howsoever arising from or in respect of your use or misuse of or reliance on or inability to use any contents herein.

How to download Sun & Moon AR Locator APK at

Sun & Moon AR Locator is app specifically designed to locate the positions of Sun & Moon on sky.
It is Augmented Reality(AR) app.You can track the positions from indoor and outdoor.
This app also provides the accurate Azimuth & Altitude/Elevation readings of sun/Moon.
It is best app recommended for tracking Moon in month of Ramadan or Eid.

Note: Based on your location and GPS readings there may be +5/-5 % error.

How to Use:

1.Open the app and choose sun/moon.

2.a) If green mark displaying Altitude is above 0 degrees, point your device upwards towards sky.

2.b) If green mark displaying Altitude is below 0 degrees, point your device downwards towards floor.

3.Move your device from left to right until direction arrows disappear.

4.Adjust the courser to match the green mark, until container appears.

5.Once the container has appeared and matched the right Azimuth and Altitude, it will display 'Located!' message on screen.

6. You have successfully located Sun/Moon on sky.

How to install Moon Phases – Lunar Eclipse Calendar Widget APK at

Moon Phases – Lunar Eclipse Calendar Widget provides useful information about the Moon including precise times of moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset, upcoming New and Full Moon. This amazing app is a handy tool for astronomers, photographers, astrologers, gardeners, fishermen, hunters and anyone else who cares about phases of the moon. Not only does Moon Phase Calendar help you see what the moon will look like on a certain date, but it also gives you advice on hunting and gardening based on the current Moon phase and Zodiac sign. Tracking moon phases doesn't get easier than this!
Full Features:
-Daily Phases: Shows the current phase and a complete description about the moon at this day.
-Month Phases: Shows all phases along a month.
-Moon Rise and Set, Also, Sunrise and set
--Share your comments: Share comments with other users
--Share App: Share this app with your friends througth Twitter, Facebook, IM, mail, etc
--Share the Moonphase information thru Your installed apps (i.e: Mail, SMS, Twitter, etc)
-Phases for each day in the moon cycle: Now you have a different moon for each day in the moon life cycle
-Southern and Northern Hemisphere: Choose your Hemisphere and watch the moon face as you see in your place
-Next New Moon Date: Shows the time when is the next New Moon
-Next Full Moon Date: Shows the time when is the next Full Moon
-Moon Age: You can see how old is the moon.
-Moon Distance: The distance from Earth to the Moon
-Angle Indicator: Indicates the angle according to the earth
-Full Percentage: Know what is the % of Full Moon (Waxing or Waning)
-Fishing Status: You can know when is the best time to go fishing
-Hunting Status: Know when is the best time to go hunting
-Haircut, Pruning and Sowing Status
-Rituals and Wishes indicator.
-More plants
-Alerts of phase changes, Notifications about Blue Moon, Eclipses, and more...
-Moon Zodiac: Indicates the house of the current moon. Make your choice based on the current moon.
-Month View of Phases, Zodiac, Fishing, Hunting, Pruning, Sowing, Rituals.
-Pick a day in the week view: Just click on the same week day and see the full description.
-Navigates between months: Now you can move to the next or previous month
-Pick a day in the month view: Just click on the someday in the month view and see the full description.
-Moon Daily Horoscope
-Available in English and Spanish
This App provides a Moon Phase widget for your home screen which includes the moons current position and also which astrological zodiac sign it is currently in. This now includes a list of current planet aspects between each other as well as events like when mercury is in Retrograde. When Mercury is not in Retrograde it will indicate within 14 days of the next one occurring.
The way the Moon revolves around the Earth makes the moon appear as if it is changing shape in the sky. The phases of the Moon depend on its position in relation to the sun and Earth as the Moon makes its way around the Earth.
This application displays current Moon phase, Moon phases for any month and other real-time information about the Moon, the Sun and all other major planets.
If you want the most efficient way of keeping up with the lunar calendar and the current moon phases, then My Moon Phase is the right app for you. This version is ad-supported and is similar to apps such as Deluxe Moon and Moon Calendar.