How to download Cricket WC 2015 - Australia APK at

It's World Cup Fever!

A Nifty little app that will make sure that you stay in touch with all the happenings in down under during this world cup.

- Live Match Score Updates (A Valid Internet connection needed)
- Match Results Updates (A Valid Internet connection needed) with filter option per country
- Match Schedule (Times indicated in you own local time) with filter option per country
- Group View
- Team View (Includes all the wins, losses and draws)
- Easy Navigation between Teams (Click on the team Flag to go to the relevant team view)
- Fun Match Result Prediction Feature
* Make your own predictions about who will win the matches.
* See who your phone thinks will win. (This is a random prediction and is intended for entertainment purposes only.)

How to install Sports Bar Finder APK at

Need a place to watch the big game or your favorite team? The DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder app has got you covered!

The Sports Bar Finder uses GPS to show you sports bars that carry DIRECTV programming. We’ve partnered with YELP on this latest update to give you photos, star ratings, and customer comments. You can filter your results to find locations that have access to your desired game, team or sport, no matter which channel they are on. Once you pick a bar, you can get directions and send an email invitation to your friends with location information. You can also add your favorite sports watering holes to “favorites” so the locations and details of your preferred sports bars are always just a click away. There are over 30,000 bars and restaurants to choose from! Filters are based off sports programming. DIRECTV does not guarantee any location will show a specific sporting event.

You must be 21 or older to use this application. By downloading you are verifying that you are over the U.S. legal drinking age of 21 years old.

How to download PGA TOUR LIVE APK at

PGA TOUR LIVE offers golf fans exclusive access to live broadcasts of more than 30 live PGA TOUR events for Android phone and tablet.

• Watch live coverage of golf’s biggest stars on Thursday and Friday rounds from more than 30 PGA TOUR events annually (subscription required) as well as select coverage on Saturday and Sunday.
• Access real-time video highlights, complete round replays and tournament recap programming
• Watch free featured holes and groups live broadcast (select tournaments only)
• Follow all the action with the in-app leaderboard video companion
• Universal access to watch live Thursday and Friday rounds on Android phone and tablet devices, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 4 and desktop/laptop (

PGA TOUR LIVE Subscription
• Monthly recurring for $5.99 or yearly recurring for $39.99 (save 44%)

When subscribed, you will be automatically billed through Google Play until you cancel your subscription. Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

How to install FishAngler - Fishing Maps, Forecast & Logbook App APK at

Voted best fishing app by Xprize – Ocean Initiative!

FishAngler allows you to connect with other anglers, discover new fishing spots and get detailed fishing reports & forecasts. Download the Free FishAngler App Now and discover whats biting around you!

The FishAngler app is designed to capture, track, and share your fishing stories while keeping your finest fishing experiences at your fingertips. Anglers can connect & share stories with other anglers, log catches & fishing reports and discover new fishing spots. View up-to-date local fishing forecasts, maps, high quality photos to find the best fishing spots in your area. Use the Fishing app from home or on the water!

Key features:

GENERAL Fishing App Features
• Supported on Apple IOS and Google Android mobile devices
• Social Fishing & Logbook app built by anglers and TOTALLY FREE APP NO HIDDEN CHARGES!
• Suitable for every angler whether fishing offshore, inshore, lakes, ponds, streams, or rivers.
• Customized angler profile with profile, and background picture & Biography.

• Discover new fishing spots and where fish are being caught
• Advanced map filtering by catches, fishing spots, reports, photos, buoys and stream gauges

• Real-Time forecasts & 7-day Marine & land Weather, Wind, Wave and water temperature
• Solunar fishing forecast, find the best fishing times based the “Solunar Theory”
• Sun & Moon forecast, advance your skills knowing what effects fishing habits
• Real-Time NOAA Marine Buoy & USGS Inland station monitoring with tidal prediction, water flow & water level forecasts

• Connect with local anglers and share fishing photos and stories
• Find other anglers through discovery & fishing searches
• See who is following you and follow them back
• Share fishing maps, tips and techniques based on location

• Organize and journal your lifetime of fishing experiences and catches
• Automatically tag a catch with weather forecast, tidal and moon phase data at time of catch
• We support over 45+ logbook attributes that can be tagged to a fish catch
• Complete control over your privacy of posting your catch

• Personalized tackle box to track your commonly used baits and lures
• Add your custom tackle with description and photo
• Quickly tag a logged catch with the bait you used

• Multiple news feeds views (Global "everything" Local "Around you by 500 miles" and following
• Can be tailored by following “fish species”, other “anglers”, and “bodies of water”
• Comment and like on public catches and fishing reports
• Notifications, get alerted anytime someone starts following you or likes and comments on your posts

• Community of fishing reports
• Allow anyone to post a report on water conditions, bait conditions, safety and fishing reports

Send your posts to other SOCIAL MEDIA sites too!
• Allows you to share your logged fishing catch to external social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, email or by text message

Fishing GPS, Maps & LOCATIONS
• Save fishing hotspots and waypoints as locations and log GPS coordinates, photos and descriptions

• Fish species identification with scientific details of over 32,000 fish species with over 225,000 common fish names

• Search millions of Bodies of water (waterways such as Ponds, Lakes, Oceans and Streams)

The best fishing app for serious Fisherman! Download for free.

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Company Website:
Privacy policy:
Terms and conditions:

How to download iHunt By Ruger - Hunting Calls & Solunar Tables APK at

A sports hunting app with over 750 calls from more than 55 species and many extra features such as solunar times, weather forecasts, tracking logs and more. Create custom playlists with your own sequence of calls. More hunting calls added yearly for Free! Free to download (75 calls available for free) so you can see and test our awesome game calls and features.

◆◆◆ Featured in the 2015 Game & Fish Magazine Top Five Hunting Apps ◆◆◆
Over 750 animal calls; Powerful playlist feature; More calls added every year!

Whether you hunt deer, ducks, coyotes or varmints, you must have our app. This is the most extensive collection of hunting calls: elk, coyote, moose, bear, pheasant, wolf, bird, duck, deer, wild boar, raccoon, and many other wildlife and predators. Includes species for North America, S. Africa, Europe and Australia (full list below).

• Attract “educated” game by never playing the same call sequence twice.
An almost infinite number of calls can be created using the unique Playlist feature.
• Solunar tables and Moon Phase. Know when animals and fish are active & feeding with the Solunar Tables
• Accurate weather Weather Forecaster – never get caught downwind with up to the minute wind direction
• Track your trophies - Keep detailed logs of every hunt to remember what works and what doesn't; add your photos for a better record on the Activity Log
• Share Photos of your trophies with the iHUNT community directly from the app.
• Free extras - Flashlight, all the tools you need in one app (on supported devices only)
• Make an educated purchasing decision - Free to try, cheap to buy! One purchase unlocks all calls for life.

Why spend over $200 for an electronic caller in the stores when you can get this app for less than the price of *batteries* for one of those callers?

When scouting for wildlife in new topography, use iHUNT to help identify new animal calls.

Get all the volume you need (up to 110 dB) and extend your range (> 50 yards, more than any other bluetooth speaker) when paired with the iHUNT Speaker or iHunt decoy. This Bluetooth speaker has been optimized to work with the iHUNT app.

Use in remote locations - does not require a wifi or cellular connection!

Alligator & Crocs - 26 calls
Bears - 12 calls
Birds - 36 calls
Bobcats - 13 calls
Buffalo & Bison - 6 calls
Chicken - 12 calls
Chipmunks - 4 calls
Cows - 11 calls
Coyote - 56 calls
Crows & Raven - 32 calls
Deer - 65 calls
Donkey - 7 calls
Duck - 41 calls
Elk - 30 calls
Fox - 29 calls
Geese - 35 calls
Goats - 5 calls
Hawks & Eagles - 14 calls
Jackal & Lion - 7
Mice & Rats - 10 calls
Moose - 34 calls
Owl - 22 calls
Pheasant - 7 calls
Prairie Dog - 8 calls
Quail - 13 calls
Rabbit & Hare - 22 calls
Raccoon, nutria, possum, beaver, wombat - 22 calls
Sheep & Lamb - 8 calls
Snipe Bird - 9 calls
Squirrels - 17 calls
Turkey - 37 calls
Wild Boar & Pigs - 22 calls
Wildebeest - 6 calls
Wolf - 7
Zebra - 8 calls

◆◆◆ We've been the #1 selling hunting app for over 4 years now! Forget about the rest and go with the best: iHunt! ◆◆◆

Please leave a review on Google Play Store!
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Contact us: [email protected] with any questions or comments
Requires a wifi connection to download

How to install eScout - The Hunt for Talent APK at

Cristiano, Marcelo, Isco, Modric, Bale and Sergio Ramos are challenging YOU! Take a look at their amazing skills presented in the app!

Show your Talent in the app:
- Copy the moves of your Real Madrid football heroes
- The Elastico, Roulette, Chop, Bicycle & Free Kick, and Great Goals!
- Show your video to Real Madrid and it’s fans worldwide
- Get connected in the app to other football talents worldwide
- Get Noticed with your videos on the app and on social media
- Get Rewarded: Collect Stars and move up the Ranking
- Win Prices like Real Madrid Player’s Shirts and Match Tickets!
- Get Scouted: Inivites to visit a football club in your own country.
- Become a Star: Get invited to Real Madrid, watch a match in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

Scout Talents in the app:
- Get inspired by Zinedine Zidane!
- Scout Talents presented by Real Madrid anywhere
- Select the best Talents and become their Virtual Coach
- Get rewarded as a Scout and climb the worldwide Scout Ranking
- Win great Real Madrid Prizes and get invited as a successful Amateur Scout to Madrid!

Everybody has a chance – No Talent will be left behind!

How to install NFL Stream APK at

NFL Stream is the best app to watch live stream the entire NFL Football and more.

- It's built by NFL fans, for NFL fans, to help NFL fans watch live stream the entire NFL Football.
- This application allows fans to directly update scores of ongoing games.
- Track scoreboard and standings updated minute by minute.
- Notify the user whenever the NFL Game starts.

NFL Teams:
- Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Chargers, Detroit Lions, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders

How to install NCAA Football 2018 Live Streaming APK at

NCAA Football 2018 Live Streaming is the best app to watch live the entire NCAA Football 2018 and more.

- It's built by NCAA Football fans, for NCAA Football fans, to help NCAA Football fans see the entire NCAA Football Games live.
- This application allows fans to directly update scores of ongoing games.
- Notify the user whenever the NCAA Football Game starts.

DofuStream Website:

How to download NFL Football 2018 Live Streaming APK at

NFL Football 2018 Live Streaming is the best app to watch live the entire NFL Football 2018 and more.

- It's built by NFL fans, for NFL fans, to help NFL fans see the entire NFL Games live.
- This application allows fans to directly update scores of ongoing games.
- Notify the user whenever the NFL Game starts.

DofuStream Website:

How to install Sepak takraw APK at

Do you like sports, and especially are you a sepak takraw lover? If you want to learn all about Sepak takraw training techniques, this app is for you. We have selected for you the best video tutorials with full sepak takraw training programs that include exercises to help you improve your technique, whether you're an amateur or advanced player.

Today, to play sepak takraw it is required high technique to reach points and execute best service throws.

Also, to play sepak takraw a high level of training, fitness and precision to reach points.

The app Sepak takraw training is divided into the following contents:
- Different types of training exercises: technical, physical, tactical and strategic.
- Video demonstrations with instructions to improve your fitness, to reduce reaction time and to improve your
technique to reach points.
- Exercises of different levels of difficulty to control the rattan ball.

Download this free application for mobiles and tablets and learn all you need to know about sepak takraw practice.

How to install Handball Training Exercises APK at

Handball training videos to improve your technique and skills

Do you like sports, and especially are you a handball? If you want to learn all about Handball Training techniques, this app is for you. We have selected for you the best video tutorials with full handball training programs that include exercises to help you improve your technique, whether you're an amateur or advanced player.

Today, to play handball it is required reduced reaction times to keep the ball and create opportunities to score a goal.

Also, to play handball a high level of training, fitness and precision shots on goal is required.

The app Handball Training is divided into the following contents:

- Different types of training exercises: technical, physical, tactical and strategic.

- Training exercises of different levels of complexity for goalkeepers.

- Video demonstrations with instructions to improve your fitness, to reduce reaction time and to improve your

technique to score goals.

- Exercises of different levels of difficulty to control the ball in the player field position.

Download this free application for mobiles and tablets and learn all you need to know about handball practice.

How to install Football Training Free APK at

Do you love sports and especially ypu are a football enthusiast? If you want to learn all about Football Training techniques, this app is for you. We have selected for you the best video tutorials with full football training programs that include exercises to help you improve your technique, whether you're an amateur or advanced player.

Today, to play football it is required reduced reaction times to keep the ball and create opportunities to score a goal.

Also, to play football a high level of training, fitness and precision shots on goal is required.

The app Football Training is divided into the following contents:
- Different types of training exercises: technical, physical, tactical and strategic.
- Training exercises of different levels of complexity for goalkeepers.
- Video demonstrations with instructions to improve your fitness, to reduce reaction time and to improve your
technique to score goals.
- Exercises of different levels of difficulty to control the ball in the player field position.
- Tips about how to become a good coach and motivate football players.
Download this free application for mobiles and tablets and learn all you need to know about soccer practice.

How to install Judo Lessons APK at

If you are a lover of martial arts and want to learn all about Judo, this app will help you with lots of video tutorials with exercises and training lessons for amateurs and advanced judokas.

Judo Lessons is the app that contains judo training exercises for all judo techniques such as ne-waza, tachi-waza, shime-waza and kansetsu-waza. In our selection of judo videos you will find training sessions and judo fights of international tournaments.

If you want to get your first judo belt or get a higher dan, follow our tips to get a higher level of fitness and technique. This app also will help you to execute the most complex judo throws with easy.

App features:
- Most important judo throws such as: Tai otoshi, O soto gari, O uchi gari, Tsuri komi goshi, Ma ai, Mae, Mae chidori ashi, Mae geri, Mae Hiza geri, Mae kagi ashi dachi, Mae kumo ashi, Mae mawari sabaki, Mae mawari ukemi, Mae ukemi, Mae sabaki and Age uke.
- Olympic judo, with videos of the main fights in olympic games.
- Lessons with training exercises to improve your judo technique.
- Workouts, with judo techniques with hitting and grappling movements.

Download now this Judo Lessons free app and improve your technique with easy.

How to install NTV Spor - Sporun Adresi APK at

Spor haberciliğinin referans noktası NTV Spor, yeni uygulamasıyla siz neredeyseniz yanınızda.

Anlık İleti (Push Notification), son dakika gelişmeleri, en güncel haberler, canlı yayın, canlı skor, canlı maç anlatımı ve detayları, önde gelen liglerin özetleri NTV Spor Android uygulamasında. İsterseniz haberleri ve maç detaylarını sosyal medya hesaplarınızdan paylaşabilir gelişmeleri kendi çevrenize ulaştırabilirsiniz.

- Haberler
- Anlık İleti (Push Notification)
- Son Dakika ve Sıcak gelişmeler
- Canlı Skorlar
- Turnuva Detayları
- Puan Durumu ve Fikstür bilgileri
- Sosyal Medya paylaşımları
- Yazarlarımızdan son yorumlar
- Canlı Maçlar
- Maç Özetleri
- Video Klipler
- Fotoğraf Galerileri
- Yayın Akışı

Ve daha fazlası NTV Spor’un yeni Android uygulamasında.

Sizi dinliyoruz ve görüşlerinizi her fırsatta en iyi şekilde hayata geçirmeye çalışıyoruz. Uygulamamız hakkında yorum ve görüşlerinizi [email protected] adresimize bekliyoruz.

Yeni Versiyon’da Neler Var?
Kitkat uyumluluğu hayata geçirildi.
Anlık İleti (Push Notification) özelliği eklendi.
Telefonunuzun ayarlar bölümünden NTV Spor uygulamasına girerek Anlık İleti (Push Notification) özelliğini istediğiniz zaman açabilir ya da kapatabilirsiniz.
Performans ayarlamaları yapıldı.

How to install Tennis Prediction APK at

Scommetti sul tennis? Come utilizzi i dati statistici e gli algoritmi matematici per assicurarti che le tue previsioni siano accurate quanto basta per vincere le scommesse?
Che ne dici di un'app gratuita per la previsione dei risultati di tennis che utilizza un algoritmo di predizione intelligente per fornire risultati accurati? Tennis Prediction, come suggerisce il nome, offre tutto ciò che dovresti aspettarti da tali app di previsione e persino imposta la barra ad un livello superiore offrendo algoritmi matematici complessi per prevedere le partite, database sempre aggiornato di risultati statistici e copre tutti i maggiori tornei di tennis del mondo (ATP e Challenge). Quindi, se stai cercando un'applicazione di previsione di tennis gratuita che ti fornisca previsioni accurate sulle prossime partite, sei nel posto giusto. Scarica Tennis Prediction sul tuo dispositivo Android, vai al menu Tennis Prediction e goditi le previsioni accurate.
Tennis Prediction, l'app gratuita per le scommesse, ha un design pulito e ordinato e una interfaccia user-friendly. L'algoritmo di predizione matematica insieme ai dati statistici è il punto chiave per fornire previsioni così accurate.

Basket Prediction, principali caratteristiche In breve:
• Design pulito e pulito con un'interfaccia fresca e intuitiva
• Supporta tutti i principali tornei di tennis di tutto il mondo (ATP e Challenge)
• Database sempre aggiornato di dati storici
• Algoritmo matematico intelligente
• Alto tasso di previsioni corrette anche su quote elevate
• Compagno di scommesse prefetto per amatori e scommettitori professionisti
• Free to use

Scarica gratuitamente Tennis Prediction, goditi i risultati e facci sapere di eventuali bug, domande, richieste di funzionalità o altri suggerimenti.

Disclaimer: Tennis Prediction non è un'app scommesse e fornisce solo previsioni accurate per quasi tutte le partite di basket in tutto il mondo.

How to install Basket Prediction APK at

Bet on the basketball? How do you use statistical data and mathematical algorithms to make sure your predictions are accurate enough to win bets?
How about a free basketball prediction app that uses an intelligent prediction algorithm to provide accurate results? Basketball Prediction, as the name suggests, offers everything you should expect from such prediction apps and even sets the bar to a higher level by offering complex mathematical algorithms to predict the games, updated database of statistical results and covers all major leagues basket of the world. So, if you're looking for a free basketball forecast application that gives you accurate predictions about upcoming matches, you're in the right place. Download Basket Prediction on your Android device, go to the Basket Prediction menu and enjoy accurate predictions.
Basketball Prediction, the free app for betting, has a clean and tidy design and a user-friendly interface. The mathematical prediction algorithm together with the statistical data is the key point to provide such accurate predictions.

Basketball Prediction, main features In brief:
• Clean and clean design with a fresh and intuitive interface
• Supports all major basketball leagues from around the world
• Always updated database of historical data
• Intelligent mathematical algorithm
• High rate of correct forecasts
• Companion betting ideal for amateurs and professional bettors
• Free to use

Download Basket Prediction for free, enjoy the results and let us know of any bugs, questions, feature requests or other suggestions.

Disclaimer: Basket Prediction is not a betting app and provides only accurate predictions for almost all basketball games worldwide.

How to download Domigoals APK at

Get real-time scores and delicious Domino's prizes this summer with Domigoals!

This summer's tastiest sports app is here! Domigoals from Domino’s Pizza brings you real-time scores and fixture information for upcoming matches whilst giving you exclusive access to our competition to win money-off Domino’s pizza prizes.

Opt in to receive goal alerts so you don’t miss any of the action, then tap your way to some delicious prizes to enjoy during every match. 

Each time a goal is scored, head to the games screen and tap the goal button to submit your entry into our competition. If you’re one of the first 1,000 people to enter you win a prize! The more goals a player scores, the bigger the prize:

One goal by one player in a game = £5 off when you spend £15 online

Two goals by one player in a game = £10 off when you spend £20 online

Three goals (hat-trick) by one player in a game = £20 off when you spend £30 online

Better still, there’s a chance to win on every goal. So you can submit an entry for two goals or a hat-trick, even if you didn’t enter on previous goals.

Download the ultimate sports companion, Domigoals, from Domino’s now! Terms and conditions apply.

How to install WorldSBK APK at

WorldSBK offers fans the one and only official application to enhance enjoyment of the 2018 MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship.

The 2018 Official WorldSBK App is the only app providing Live Audio Commentary, Live Tracking and Live Timing for each qualifying session and race of the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship. The app provides these features in real time via your mobile or tablet device.

Also providing the latest news and photos of all categories directly from the WorldSBK paddock, plus exclusive videos including highlights from every session of every round, the 2018 WorldSBK Official App is a must have for races fans.


Top features include:

• Live Timing

Follow lap-by-lap action as each championship round unfolds with the enhanced Live Timing feature. See split times, watch the lap times improve as the riders speed through each sector of the track and note the riders’ strong and weak points. See exactly how the riders are performing each lap in the same way as their teams and mechanics do.

• Live Tracking

Get a visual idea of where the riders are on the track, what corner they are attacking, who they are tailing or edging out.

• Live Audio Commentary

Follow the qualifying sessions and all of Sundays’ races with Live Audio Commentary directly from the commentary team.

• Video

Enjoy exclusive content from every race with highlights, interviews with the top riders from each class, behind the scenes footage, grid girl features and much more.

• Latest News

Stay in touch with all the latest news, with updates during race weekends and between rounds, throughout the 2018 season.

• Photos

A great selection of images from each round.

• Enhanced navigation & design

The 2018 WorldSBK Official App offers a totally redesigned and enhanced user experience throughout, providing a more intuitive and user friendly interface than with previous versions.

• Riders and Teams info

All you need to know about your favorite rider/team in all categories.

• Calendar info

Beyond Live Timing and results, get all of the information you need for each circuit, including statistics, circuit records, videos and the latest weather info.

Whether you are a fan, a rider, a team manager or a motorsports journalist the WorldSBK Official App is an ideal resource for following the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship.

Don’t miss the WSBK Official App!

How to install FOX Sports Gol APK at

FOX Sports GOL es la aplicación de goles oficial de FOX Sports

Con FOX Sports Gol recibe los videos de todos goles y resúmenes de tus ligas y equipos favoritos directamente en tu dispositivo móvil.

Accede a la aplicación, configura tus preferencias de Ligas, Equipos y Notificaciones. Recibe notificaciones con los videos de todos los goles y resúmenes a minutos de que ocurren! Comparte los videos con tus amigos vía Facebook, Twitter o como desees!

How to download DK Live - Sports Play by Play APK at

DK Live delivers an unprecedented end-to-end fantasy experience. It is the first ever play by play and news app built with the fantasy player in mind. Follow every play from every game across the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL in one app. Use the News section to stay up to date on the latest player updates. And use our 'My Players' feature to filter all of your information on players specifically in your DraftKings lineups.

'My Players' – Filter the Highlights and News pages specifically to players in your DraftKings lineups.

Leaderboard – Track every player on a given night and their total fantasy score in real time. Updating live with every play, the leaderboard lets you take a broader view at the action across the league.

Fantasy Plays – A real time play by play feed designed with the fantasy football player in mind. Follow the most exciting plays for all live games in one location.

Scores – A more traditional play by play feed, the Scores page allows you to follow individual games.

News – The most important news and advice for your fantasy teams can be found in the News section of DK Live.

How to download الرياضية : جديد أخبار الرياضة APK at

يمكنك تطبيق الرياضية من متابعة أخر أخبار الرياضة بنقرة زر واحدة و بشكل جد متميز و سهل الاستعمال.

الرياضية يضم أشهر المواقع الرياضية العربية في تطبيق واحد، حيث يوفر عنك عناء الدخول لكل موقع على حدة لمتابعة أخبار الرياضة.

من بين المواقع نذكر:

-موقع هاي كورة hihi2: أخبار كرة القدم العربية و العالمية.
-موقع جول.كوم goal: جديد أخبار كرة القدم العربية و العالمية.
-موقع هسبورت hesport: موقع مغربي لمتابعة الأخبار الرياضية و خاصة كرة القدم محليا و عالميا.
-موقع فرانس 24 france: جديد أخبار الرياضة بكل أنواعها.
-موقع في الجول filgoal: موقع مصري لمتابعة الأخبار الرياضية و خاصة كرة القدم محليا و عالميا.

والمزيد من المواقع التي يمكنك تحديدها بنفسك لمتابعة آخر الأخبار الرياضية بالشكل الذي يناسبك.

يقوم التطبيق بتنبيهك فور وجود أخبار رياضية جديدة كما يمكنك إختيار طريقة التنبيه التي تريد من الخيارات.

يمكنك أيضا مشاركة و إرسال الأخبار الرياضية مع أصدقائك بك سهولة.

بفضل هذا التطبيق يمكنك متابعة أخبار الرياضة التي تحب و الفريق الذي تفضل بشكل جديد و سريع دون عناء الدخول للمواقع الرياضية.

تابع البطولة الوطنية و البطولات العالمية أولا بأول.

حمّل البرنامج مجانا وابقى على إطلاع على آخر الاخبار الرياضية لحظة حدوثها.

How to install Cricket NEWS (+ Live Scores) APK at

Get cricket updates, cricket news highlights, cricket match today, latest cricket global news, live cricket scores.
All the information getting from ESPN official live sever...

How to download BANGLA TV 3G/4G APK at

Bangla Tv live. Watch Bangladeshi tv live free. Watch bangla tv live.

Best Bangla Tv live app. Popular Bangla tv channel live free. watch live cricket BPL or Bangladesh cricket live and all upcoming bangladesh cricket . Get all news, fixtures, live scores and team information of bangladesh using this application. Fixture, daily game update and scores will be updated automatically, you won't have to update the application.Bangla tv live all in one. Gazi tv live there are few bangla tv you can watch live. all bangla tv working with 3G internet.

Features :
bangla tv
bangla cricket fixures
Bangladesh tv live hd
Bangladesh cricket or BPL
BPL live scores
Bangladesh premier league live
Team information.
Player lists.
daily game news.

How to download বাংলাদেশ ক্রিকেট লাইভ APK at

ক্রিকেট পাগল বাংলাদেশী টাইগার সমর্থকদের জন্য ছোট্ট একটি প্রয়াস। বাংলাদেশের খেলার সব আপডেট। আগামী খেলার সময়সূচী,লাইভ খেলা দেখার সুবিধা,লাইভ স্কোর ,খেলোয়াড়দের প্রোফাইল সবকিছুই পাবেন এই আপ্পলিকেশনে।

A Bangladesh Cricket related application for all the Tiger Supporters. Never miss any news on your team. Get all latest updates of Bangladesh cricket.


Bangladesh cricket live score
Bangladesh Cricket Live
Players Profile
Bangladesh cricket fixtures 2017

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How to download GTV Sports Ghana APK at

GTV Sports Ghana Provides Live Matches, Latest Football News, Live Scores, Fixtures, Results, Tables, Schedules and Match commentaries For All African Sports and AFCON.
Not Only That,
GTV Sports Plus Ghana also Enable You To Get all the latest updates on Africa Cup of Nations and with GTV you will able to get get the best entertainment from Ghana..

How to install Live Cricket- IPL, PSL and other matches APK at

Live cricket ball-by-ball scores, Upcoming Schedules, Recent Results, Live Scorecards, News Feed, Rankings and try many more things.

Live cricket is an ad-free app. Enjoy IPL.

How to download Yoga Lessons - Meditation APK at

Yoga lessons - Guided meditations - Yoga lessons to practice at home.

Yoga lessons to stretch your body and your soul, gain health and feel great every day.

Healthy and powerful yoga lessons for all levels.

Also documentaries with the beginnings of yoga, history of yoga and much more interesting information!

Find in this app too, guided meditations for:

- Releasing Subconscious Blockages
- Detachment From Over-Thinking
- Blissful Deep Relaxation
- Meditation to sleep
- Deep relaxation
- Find life purpose

Also, find mantrams in this app and inspirational quotes.

We use youtube player to reproduce videos, so you will need an active internet connection to view the videos in this app.

How to install MYTF1 VR : Coupe du Monde de la FIFA™ APK at

Que vous disposiez d’un casque de réalité virtuelle ou non, apprêtez-vous à vivre la 1ère expérience de réalité virtuelle, en immersion totale au cœur de l’évènement sportif le plus suivi : La Coupe du monde de football 2018 ; ainsi que des contenus exclusifs produits par TF1 et MYTF1 !
Accédez à différents espaces et contenus dans votre loge virtuelle tels que :
– L’ensemble des matchs en direct
– Une sélection des meilleurs moments en replay
– Des expériences de réalité virtuelle inédites pour les détenteurs d’un casque Gear VR Samsung
– Un tableau des statistiques pour suivre les performances des joueurs
– L’ensemble des résumés de match

******** FONCTIONNALITES ********

Avec MYTF1 VR : Coupe du Monde de la FIFA™, installez-vous confortablement dans votre canapé et préparez-vous à plonger au cœur d’une expérience de réalité virtuelle exclusive et très aboutie. Avec un simple smartphone, une tablette tactile ou un cardboard : Vous pouvez bien entendu profiter de tous les matchs de la coupe du monde de football 2018 en direct/live. A vous de choisir votre mode de visionnage !

Pour une immersion totale, visionnez les vidéos 360 via un casque cardboard et nous vous recommandons de mettre des écouteurs lorsque vous visionnez des contenus en 360° sur MYTF1 VR : Coupe du Monde de la FIFA™.

How to download Top Sports Shopping Gear- Top Brands APK at

Sports Gear - All sportswear for all sports- the ideal sports shopping location

3 Under Armour
4 Puma
5 Reebok
6 Umbro
7 Fila
8 Kappa
10 Vans
11 Lotto
12 Russell Brand
13 Black Mamba Elite
1 Nike
2 Adidas

How to download Bangladesh Cricket APK at

This application is mainly designed for Bangle Cricket lovers. You can get update all cricket matches of Bangladesh cricket team, international match,and all other home series from this application.
- Bangladesh Cricket Match Schedule
- Bangladesh Cricket History
- Bangladesh Players
- Cricket News
- Live Score
- Current Match Updates
- Bangladesh Cricket Ranking
- Cricket Statistics
- Easy to use

How to install Control de figuritas Mundial Qatar 2022 APK at

Con esta aplicación puedes llevar un control básico de las figuritas o láminas que ya tienes en tu álbum del mundial Rusia 2018 y de las pendientes por conseguir.

Registra tus figuritas y compártelas con tus amigos a través de esta App.

La aplicación cuenta con las opción para visualizar todas las figuritas, las repetidas, las pendientes y un resumen en totales.

También podrás compartir la lista de láminas o figuritas a través de WhatsApp con tus contactos.