How to download Jelly Fish Crush Mania: 2020 Match 3 Game Free New APK at

Welcome to Jelly Fish Crush! Do you love food & challenges? Over 1000 puzzles of pizza, pop, sweets, and more for a delicious adventure in this fun match-3 game!

Get ready for a food-swapping puzzle thrill. Unique board designs and an ever-changing array of strategic objectives, Jelly Fish Crush puts a tasty creative spin on classic match-three gameplay. It’s a perfect way to casually spend a spare few minutes, dedicated players will find themselves strategically swapping and mapping out moves as they strive for high score domination. Unique live events all week long keep this one fresh, delicious, and fun!

Unlock hidden areas! Incredible boosters & power-up combos! Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle?

Download Jelly Fish Crush for free NOW. It's insanely addicting!

Jelly Fish Crush is a wonderful new swapping and matching puzzle game from 12 Point Apps. Super jelly, wild matching combinations, and challenging game modes exploding with animations of delicious food and tasty treats! Take on this match 3 puzzle journey alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

Jelly Fish Crush Features:
● Stunning graphics and unique gameplay
● Over 1000 unique levels with exciting puzzles
● Special unique LIVE events to challenge your friends and unlock rewards
● Fun weekend challenges to earn rewards
● Numerous boosters along the way to help you succeed
● Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master
● Leaderboards to compete with your friends and competitors!
● New levels and maps added every 2 weeks!

Jelly Fish Crush will instantly satisfy your appetite for fun. Join everyone now and start switching and matching your way through new dimensions of yummy gameplay!

Jelly Fish Crush is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

How to install Police siren simulator APK at

This simple app simulates real police siren. You can choose one of the four sounds and lights.

How to download Hair clipper simulator APK at

This simple app simulates a real hair clipper. Use this app to prank your friends!

How to install Big Gear Truck nd Bus Parking APK at

Get ready to have a pleasant plan to drive a heavy truck within the seat of truck and enjoying every movement on the road with none traffic intrusive the drive to maximize the fun. big bang truck parking challenge driving & parking currently begins with the clicking on screen. Take the lading with heavy truck on road with load within to present you real driving and parking expertise. Not bragging concerning options some are delineate below.

Drive continuously heavy truck Parker and you'll be able to get pleasure from completely different camera read of road and drive with ease and find to the destination and deliver the big gear truck on its parking palace. Delivery big gear truck perhaps isn't within the right camera read of your selection and you're unable to drive and park long truck properly therefore you'll be able to modification the camera read for your ease and at finish|the top|the tip} win high end leads to the sport play.

Bus & truck parking race with best truck model obtainable to United States of America and that we have given you nice realistic physics management to form results additional possible and provided you with completely different truck in every surroundings as per demand of the season within the scene. you'll be able to use this final parking truck. You relish the expertise cross-country influential person truck parking.

Kid and parent square measure terribly sensitive to surroundings some need to play in snow however some not and short to mention each one need to play truck transporter parking in his or her desired season with specific condition however we've provided you 3 totally {different|completely different} weather with different vehicle on board. These serious vehicle have properties of their own and don't seem to be like alternative games as you have got compete before. each drive encompasses a purpose and this drive has purpose to amuse you. Truck & bus parking legends assist you learning traffic driving and parking to develop faculty driving master.

Realistic truck and bus parking simulation with cockpit view effect provided within the sport square measure very diverting and can keep you busy and diverted with hand free in your head moving on parking standing on parking cones in wait of your real bus parking. Long truck drive on cross-country extreme mountain payload with extremely steep path with objective drive is prepared for you to induce duty.

Be a accountable truck driver and punctiliously drive on the twist of road sort of a professional serious transport driver in real hill climb. you ought to fastidiously drive the truck for parking in its right palace and avoid to clash with parking cons. Rugged piece of land might offer you some laborious time however you have got to be ready for land slippery and road block while not dropping your bags being transported for the relief of individuals your job is to achieve at needed purpose fastidiously steering your sleek drive with brake and be the road king. every accomplishment of goal can open a replacement exciting level assume it like your job and drive Yankee version of monetary unit truck on Pak highway across totally different cities. we have a tendency to guarantee you may not be tired or feel fatigue by driving this superb game with madness till your mobile battery die out while not obtaining any harm to truck. Interior read and sky read each area unit provided and unlimited fuel create this game addictive and you may be a tremendous teamster driving bump over road and avoid accident with hydraulic brakes.

How to download Hospital Craft: Doctor Games Simulator & Building APK at

Become a medic in the best doctor craft game! Simulation with a real theme of hospital! Games with nurses and medical doctors! Simulator of crafting & building of real medicine equipment!

Take good care of your patients! Examine and treat every disease and injury! Use different types of equipment to heal your patients! Check the pulse, bandage them, give them injections, perform x-ray scans, and more! Each diagnosis and and treatment is a separate minigame, so you'll never run out of new doctor games to play! Take care of the most dangerous wounds in the surgery simulator mode! Drive a paramedic ambulance to reach those who need your help fast! Hospital car games simulator at its best! Exploration in lite of the day! Available also offline (no wifi internet needed!)

Build a hospital! Mine resources, craft equipment! Game for kids - girls and boys alike! Design theme of hospital in a way that will help admitted patients get help as fast as possible! Get into the creative mode and unleash your imagination. Build your own hospital in any way you want! Even place a dash of decorative items if this is how you like to play your hospital games for girls and boy! Free crafting & building in one of the real nurse & dentist games! Now all girls can craft a hospital of their dreams and become its manager! Real girls craft. Construction of your own hospital! Mine & craft new wings, entrances and equipment. Get ready for intense emergency games! The lives of many people will be in your hands. Just don't forget to have fun, because fun is the best medicine!

Earn prestige to unlock new and amazing medical games for your hospital. Get to the top of the world rankings of doctors! Only then you'll be able too look at your workplace and say "my hospital is amazing"! The exploration of lite and intense care will give you a real feel of a medical doctor!

Play now one of the top hospital doctor games with a simulator of free building and crafting! Build your own medical city, craft hospitals, respond to emergency calls, become a hospital 's tycoon! Game is on, download now.

How to download Farm Zoo: Happy Day in Animal Village and Pet City APK at

Zooland is waiting for You!
Develop your own animal city: grow hay, send orders and help to the animals to create the best village ever!
The furry world where you can help to the rhino to bake cookies, create cheese with the fox and ice cream with penguin. Produce chinese food with panda, make clothes with monkey and sugar with raccoon.
Help with the orders to the duck, pilot of the helicopter, and to the bear trucker.
Commerce with other village and help to your friends to develop the most lovely community!
Go to the fun party with chickens and to the gym with the cows. Take walks in the park with pigs and meet the intelligent sheeps.
The animal city is what you was looking for! Let’s play!

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How to download Cooking up! – Your culinary success! APK at

New best chef!
Take a place in the list of best chefs of the world together with Cooking up. Open the doors of your new restaurant and get deserved recognition right now!

Have you always wanted to become the best of the best in the world of haute cuisine? Well, dreams do come true! You, yes-yes, you were chosen to become chef's assistant in the café of your dreams. Hurry up, customers can't wait to taste your delicious dishes. Become a new star chef, win over your customers with knowledge of national cuisine of the touristic most favorite spots all around the world. Reveal your talent to the whole world, don't let anyone starve and you will always have a lot of tips!

Traveling around cuisines!
Your restaurant in Cooking up is a unique place, where customers can enjoy aromatic coffee and try leaf tea of the best quality. Tourists from all over the world will come to you to try the most popular dishes of Italy, the USA, Germany, France – and this is not the end of the list on your culinary map!

Do your customers adore traveling with you around the capitals of Europe, tasting the finest Austrian cake and enjoying traditional German breakfast, dipping bacon into a spicy sauce and looking through the menu, thinking of what to take for dessert? The customers have heard a lot about your talent and can't wait for you, and a new master chef desires to see his skillful assistant at work. The kitchen is open, the bakery is hot, so where are you?

Lots of adventures!
Restaurant's chef has been looking for a worthy disciple for a long time. He has dreamt of finding a gourmet, who is as in love with food, as he is, someone like you! And finally you two met, now kitchen has a lot of orders and the pizzeria becomes a Michelin restaurant with your help.

But what if customers like you even more than chef? Together with you, the coffee house doesn't take long to turn into a popular restaurant, loved by all, and customers will not only have pizza on their tables, but exotic fish as well. Your dessert will get into world records, and famous stars will become your regular customers. They will write enthusiastic reviews and drive restaurants' critics crazy – your place is all booked! Everyone is trying so hard in hope to taste your special pie, just like their beloved mothers cooked. The coffee house is turning into a high class restaurant, a place for chosen ones, where people are standing in crowds, hoping to have a table and a minute of new chef's attention. Yes-yes, everyone is talking about you.

What is waiting for you right now?
• the cuisines of 10+ countries of the world, where you will be able to perfect your culinary skills
• 50+ dishes and drinks for every country
• 6 countries with an enormous choice of special dishes (the USA, Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark)
• 165 levels with constant growth of your skills and new tasks
• chef's kitchen with all necessary equipment
• tableware shop and constant upgrade of professional equipment for the fastest completion of orders
• boosters for cooking and other special secrets for true masters

It is time to show yourself to the world!
Well, are you ready to boast with your skills, and open up the secrets of cooking of 50 best dishes of the most famous European countries? Do you want to be famous for knowing the national cuisine of the USA? Have you always felt that your vocation is to surprise the customers with your culinary skills? Then, this place has been created just for you, chef!

Boosters will help you during rush hours, the tableware shop is always upgraded with latest technologies, there is an available fast service for VIPs and lots of tips are waiting for your pocket to come in and fill your wallet with golden coins. You have everything you need in the kitchen and the customers are waiting just for you!

How to install Fake Voice Call APK at

fake voice call let you choose: caller id number, picture and voice when answered.
you can change the caller name, number and more.
use your microphone to record a voice.
choose from funny voices list.
you can pretend your friend. boyfriend. girlfriend. boss. teacher or even celebrity call your phone.
don't miss your friend response when he will find out its a prank.
phone call with phone original ringtone.
select picture from gallery.
schedule a fake call.
phone call to your device.
2 features of voice in single application.


- simulate fake incoming call from celebrities.
- simulate fake phone call from girls.
- girl, boy and funny voices.
- phone ringtone.
- Recorded voice will be played when you will answer the call.
- options to reject or accept call.
- great as a game.
- full use for free.
- easy to use.
- accept or decline fake call.
- kids can have fun with the recorder option.

How to install Tornado Alley - Nature's Fury APK at

Welcome to the next level in tornado simulation!

Mother nature is feeling the heat of global warming! She is seeking revenge on her human inhabitants, she has decided that its time to return the favor of carnage and devastation!

Take full control of this power and destroy as many things as possible, grow from an EF2, EF3, EF4 until you become a gigantic EF5 tornado that eats up buildings, trees, cars, barns and anything else unlucky enough to be in its path!

Race through and flatten towns completing mission goals along the way in this free simulation game!

Watch cows and sheep fly, see trees get pulled out of the ground and houses blown to bits and pieces! Take out the power plus other services and plunge the human race into the stone age in this extreme weather event!

Great atmosphere with high winds, rain, lighting and thunder!

How to download Survival Craft Quest APK at

You're a robinson - catastrophe surviver, your goal is a disaster survival! This desolation survival is for robinsons, not for weakling. You're a desolate disaster surviver, so solve match 3 quest and try to survive on this desolate island. Hardcore strategy about desolation, desolateness and match 3 quest for real robinsons, not for weakling!

Hardcore strategy for robinsons - be a catastrophe surviver like a robinson, overcome desolateness and enjoy three row craft! Robinson surviver have to craft, have to survive this catastrophe, despite desolateness on an desolate island. Craft to survive, explore desolate island and survive in this desolateness! Are you a robinson surviver or a weakling? Can you survive this island quest disaster?

Survival Craft ? Match 3 game features:
- Disaster survival for robinsons on desolate island
- You're a catastrophe disaster surviver
- Desolateness and desolation not for weakling
- Be a robinson in survival craft desolateness and desolation
- Match 3 for robinsons, not for weakling

How to install US Army Grand Robot Tank Transform Simulator 2019 APK at

Let’s play US army robot games and transform into robo tank to crush futuristic robots car transformation jet robot. Win US military war with army tank robo war against transforming robot jet, in army robot games. Futuristic robot war, car transforming robot games and US military games, army robo wars offer you the best army robot tank war with mech robot war. Be brave to feel the danger of multi transforming games with flavour of US robot tank war games. Have fun in multi robot car transformation futuristic war games of US army robot transforming games.

Be US army commando of army tank war games and change your taste from car robot fighting games to Us army transform robot shooting games. Feel the crowd of US military robot, army commando of free army tank games and US army robot war fighting of robot car fighting games. Join the best fps game to enjoy the robot transformation of US army forces through moto robot simulator of US robot shooting games which is ultimately incredible for players of car robot transforming games, flying robot car shooting games and futuristic robot fighting games.

If the tanks succeed, then victory follows. After the success of hummer transform robot fight we present to you this new and amazing US Army Tank Transform Robot. This game is about the invasion of robot transformation cars into the big city and the government has called the country army in the city to protect and clean the homeland from these evil robot cars. Now you have a great chance as an army robot tank transform to hit these transformation cars and kill the evil transform robots with your steel punches and metal kicks. Be the brave tank robot and complete all the given missions. The quicker you are the higher the reward you will get. Hit the robot cars and speed up the tank using the accelerator and steering wheel on the floor.

In this robot battle game, gameplay is simple but tough as you control your futuristic robot and transform it to grand tank simulator. You have a maverick opportunity as a tank robot to become a hero like moto robot. This brilliant robot war game will definitely give you the experience of drive, fight and transform all in one platform.

Game Features:

» Modern City Environment
» Smooth Control for Steering Wheel and Pedals.
» Realistic Sounds for Tank Robot game.
» Army Tank Robot Transform
» Stunning Tank transform graphics
» Different Camera views

How to install MasterEmu APK at

A highly accurate native Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear emulator. This is my first Android app and the culmination of a project to port my C-based emulator from the PC platform. The feature set includes:

* Ad supported: all features are available free of charge though, and ads are not intrusive, only appearing in menus.
* Android TV support.
* Android 4.0 to 7.1 support.
* Physical controller support, for menus as well as in-game emulation.
* Keyboard support.
* European/US or Japanese console selection.
* Default ROM directory support.
* ZIP file support.
* Near perfect Master System and Game Gear emulation, at excellent speed.
* Saving and loading of emulation state from any point.
* Auto-handling of SRAM saves, for ROMs that use it (like Phantasy Star).
* Auto-rotation, as well as lockable screen orientation.
* Adjustable touchscreen button size, as well as dynamic button labelling depending on console type.
* Ability to optionally disable touch overlay if using controller.
* DPI-independent button size.
* File browser which can load ROMs off internal or external storage, in '.sms' or '.gg' format, and also with ZIP files.
* Widescreen (default) and 4:3 (optional) in horizontal mode.
* Ability to remove ads for a small fee.

Please note that ROMs must be legally obtained by the end-user. Please don't ask me where to get them, although constructive feedback on the emulator itself is welcome, including feature requests. I am a lone programmer and am not affiliated with Sega in any way. I hope you enjoy what I've created with MasterEmu!

How to install Fire Cannon - Amaze Knock Stack Ball 3D game APK at

Fire Cannon is a free application;
Fire Cannon can shoot when you aim at the target;
Fire Cannonl has hundrads of struture, level and background theme;
Fire Cannon can make you feel relax and funny;
Start to play the game right now.

How to install Mega Zipline Sky Adventure APK at

Explore the beautiful places of the world and experience the zipline tour in Mega Zipline Sky Adventure game. Wear your zipline harness suit and enjoy the skyline ride between the amazing mountains. Take selfies while enjoying the zip line riding and collect the target coins to unlock the other entertaining levels in this skyline game.

Audience will cheer you up while sliding through the skyline rope in Mega Zipline Sky Adventure game. Do not bump with the upcoming hurdles like, pendulum ball and wooden crunch, otherwise you will lose the zipline game. This zipline arena game especially designed for the all ages who love the zipline adventure games and zipline park games.

Game Play:

Mega Zipline Sky Adventure game contains the exciting and thrilling missions. Choose your favorite skyline rider and their fascinated costumes. The developers of the zipline rider game made it more challenging because you can only move right and left. Adjust your speed and collect all the target coins to win the zipline fun game. Do not collide with the moving hurdles otherwise you will lose the zipline simulator. Give tough time to your fear and achieve maximum score to unlock the other zipline riders in this zipline journey game. To remember the zipline adventure journey you can take selfie of different moments in this crazy zipline game.

Mega Zipline Sky Adventure Features:

• Select your favorite Zipline rider to play
• Enjoy Snowfall & foggy atmosphere
• Save your adventure in picture to take selfies
• Avoid from deadly hurdles
• Beautiful Zipline Arena Mountains

How to download Street Robber Chaser 3D APK at

Let’s begin street robber chaser 3d adventure and enjoy run and catch game among the running games. Run or chase in streets, experience the most adventurous running game. Run fast and keep running to catch robbers in streets of the beautiful city. It is an endless run game with robber catch mission, surf in streets, escape from hurdles and catch the thief.
Run through mysterious streets with lots of hurdles and other objects to catch robbers, only with fast speed surfers or runners can survive or catch in this amazing street chase run game. slide, swipe, dash into streets, rush out from hurdles, turn left or right to dodge obstacles, jump to cross over tricky objects, collect objects in streets to hit robbers and speed up to catch the thief.
Catch escape run is free endless run game for girls. Surf and chase in unknown streets to catch robbers. Are you a fan of street run adventure games especially street runner, street chasing games, and endless running games? If yes then download amazing street dash chase game to enjoy run and jump adventure. Street robber chaser 3d street dash is the hard running game on beautiful city streets with elegant running dash and runs jumping.
Unlike dash, castle, temple and subway run this dash hit run chase game about running and catching so help dash heroes catch robbers. Endless street chase 3d game is new run game for girls who like runner games or dash adventure with street surfer and jump games.
The street robber chaser 3d games experience run and chase adventure with running heroes on streets in the new dash fun run game of 2018. So beat the rush of subway and temple dash running with dash kings on street robber chaser adventure in beautiful dash jump up the game.
Street chase runner game follows a story of a gang of street robbers who snatches things from streets. You as chase heroin running state hit and catch the robbers in city-run chase adventure 3d.
Enjoy beautiful jumping and chasing with street heroes for running adventure. Now street runners & chaser game is here to amuse you.
Enjoy the chasing game with HD graphics and smooth controls. If you are a fan of endless runner games or adventure dash jumping games or dodge games then you will surely love to play street robber chaser 3d run game. Download and install street run chaser games on your mobile devices.
Street Robber Chaser 3D Features:

• Simple, smooth and intuitive controls.
• Chase robbers, thieves, and gangs.
• Addictive running, chasing and dash run missions game.
• The unique mixture of running, jumping and hitting.
• Bottles for hitting and Balls for kicking them.
• Eye-catching HD graphics with city streets environment.
• Real chaser missions with challenging obstacles.
• Outstanding sounds effects and music.