How to download Drop Down Notification Bar APK at

-Just a tool for you to drop down the status bar if your screen or sensor crash or Unfortunately phone booted and cannot pull down status bar.-The tool use bubble like FB messenger to drop down the status bar (notification side), notification bar .-Just a tool for you to drop down the notification bar .-Tool active after twice click to application icon .-Tool active Above all apps .

How to download Ana Khattat APK at

Create and design in a few simple steps beautiful posts on Facebook and Instagram to share with your friends and loved ones or even put on your business page. You can create your own design using our award wining, unique Arabic calligraphic fonts, and enhance your design with many choices of beautiful arabesque decorations. Easily upload your favorite pictures and images to use them as part of your design, and much more.

With Ana Khattat, your social media posts are moved to a professional level adding beautiful elements to your personal or your business page, which will help you get more attention and engagement with your friends and your followers. You can share your posts with a single click and even create beautiful posts while on the go.

In addition, you can enhance your design with quotations from the Holy Quran in beautiful calligraphy. Choose from any section of the Holy Quran using our built-in glossary of the complete text in very easy and simple steps.

How to download RecForge - Old Icon pack APK at

External RecForge icons pack.

Requires : RecForge v 2.1.5+

After installation, open RecForge, press menu => Settings => Icons and choose "RecForge - Old Icon pack".

IMPORTANT: This is not an application, but a skin package for RecForge. No Home screen/Launcher icon is provided.

Lite version :

Pro version :

RecForge is a high quality sound recorder.

It allows to Record, Edit and Share sounds, voices, notes, musics or any other audio.

Warning :
- The Lite version has all the features of the pro version, but ogg and mp3 recording are paused every 3 minutes (no limit for wav), just press the pause button to continue. Try it before buying the pro version.
- If you have problems, please look at the FAQ page

RecForge can be used to :
- record (in mp3/ogg/wav) meetings, rehersals, music learning, EVP, ...
- share your recording on Google Drive, Skydrive, DropBox, Box, ...
- convert your recordings in diferent audio format
- edit audio files
- replace your Dictaphone

Main functions :
- Real-time record in mp3, ogg and wav
- Play, record, pause/resume, loop, convert audio files
- Edit your recording to keep only interesting parts
- Share your recordings
+ on social network,
+ by mail,
+ Bluetooth,
+ SoundCloud,
+ Dropbox,
+ Box,
+ Ubuntu One,
+ Google Drive,
+ SkyDrive,
+ or others sharing apps.
- Disable AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for better sound quality (android > 2.1)
- Manual gain adjustment
- Use external microphone (3.5 jack - need an adapter. cf FAQ)
- Change Play back rate
- File format supported :
+ 8, 11, 12, 16, 22, 24, 32, 44 and 48kHz
+ wav, mp3 (up to 128kbps) and ogg (up to 250 kbpls)
+ Mono/stereo
+ 16bits
- Convert your files in different format (wav, ogg & mp3)
- Record in background even when the phone is locked
- File manager with folders (rename, delete, copy, ...)
- Find and Play recordings by date, name and size
- Different widgets size (one click to record)
- Disable notifications to discreetly record
- Application movable to SD Card
- Language translations :
+ French,
+ English,
+ Russian,
+ Simplified & Traditional Chinese,
+ Turkich,
+ Hungarian,
+ Italian,
+ Spanish,
+ Finnish,
+ German.

How to install Image Compressor Lite APK at

Steps to use:

1. Select image/images from gallery with + icon.

2. Deselect unwanted images by long pressing on it.

3. Compress image(s) by percentage or dimension(pixel).

4. View list of all directories containing compressed images.

5. View list of all compressed images in each directory

6. Preview image(s) with compression details.

7. Share or delete compressed image(s) by long pressing the image in the list.

How to download JB Workaround Cloud Calendar APK at

This is just a workaround app for a bug in Android 4.1 (alias Jelly Bean). See for details.

Info for Samsung users: at present you'll need this app too, see

Under Android 4.4.2 it's recommended to install this app as well. There is a new issue in Android that causes accounts to be removed during an app update, see

The bug causes accounts of paid apps to be removed when Android boots up. To work around this issue this app pretends to provide the same account type that SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar provides. That's enough to convince Jelly Bean to keep the account.
That's all this app does.

Please open the app at lease once from within Google Play to "enable" the workaround. It may not work properly otherwise. On some devices you'll have to install this app before you install SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar. Please try that if you still have problems.

Please note that the bug is in Android 4.1, not in SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar!

If you're not using SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar on Jelly Bean, you don't need this app. There is no need to give it a bad rating in that case! Please don't install it in that case.

How to download JB Workaround Cloud Contacts APK at

This is just a workaround app for a bug in Android 4.1 (alias Jelly Bean). See for details.

Info for Samsung users: at present you'll need this app too, see

Under Android 4.4.2 it's recommended to install this app as well. There is a new issue in Android that causes accounts to be removed during an app update, see

The bug causes accounts of paid apps to be removed when Android boots up. To work around this issue this app pretends to provide the same account type that SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts provides. That's enough to convince Jelly Bean to keep the account.

That's all this app does.

Please open the app at least once from within Google Play to "enable" the workaround. It may not work properly otherwise. On some devices you'll have to install this app before you install SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts. Please try that if you still have problems.

Also, to hand over the account to SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts the workaround disables itself for a couple of seconds.

Please note that the bug is in Android 4.1, not in SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts!

If you're not using SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts on Jelly Bean, you don't need this app. There is no need to give it a bad rating in that case! Please don't install it in that case.

How to install JB Workaround for Yahoo!® Cal APK at

This is just a workaround app for a bug in Android 4.1 (alias Jelly Bean). See for details.

Info for Samsung users: at present you'll need this app too, see

Under Android 4.4.2 it's recommended to install this app as well. There is a new issue in Android that causes accounts to be removed during an app update, see

The bug causes accounts of paid apps to be removed when Android boots up. To work around this issue this app pretends to provide the same account type that SmoothSync for Yahoo!® Calendar provides. That's enough to convince Jelly Bean to keep the account.
That's all this app does.

Please open the app at lease once from within Google Play to "enable" the workaround. It may not work properly otherwise. On some devices you'll have to install this app before you install SmoothSync for Yahoo!® Calendar. Please try that if you still have problems.

Please note that the bug is in Android 4.1, not in SmoothSync for Yahoo!® Calendar!

If you're not using SmoothSync for Yahoo!® Calendar on Jelly Bean, you don't need this app. There is no need to give it a bad rating in that case! Please don't install it in that case.

How to install JB Workaround CardDAV-Sync APK at

This is just a workaround app for a bug in Android 4.1 (alias Jelly Bean). See for details.

Info for Samsung users: at present you'll need this app too, see

Under Android 4.4.2 it's recommended to install this app as well. There is a new issue in Android that causes accounts to be removed during an app update, see

The bug causes accounts of paid apps to be removed when Android boots up. To work around this issue this app pretends to provide the same account type that CardDAV-Sync provides. That's enough to convince Jelly Bean to keep the account.

That's all this app does.

Please open the app at least once from within Google Play to "enable" the workaround. It may not work properly otherwise. On some devices you'll have to install this app before you install CardDAV-Sync. Please try that if you still have problems.

Please note that the bug is in Android 4.1, not in CardDAV-Sync!

If you're not using CardDAV-Sync on Jelly Bean, you don't need this app. There is no need to give it a bad rating in that case! Please don't install it in that case.

How to install CardDAV-Sync free APK at

CardDAV-Sync is a CardDAV client for Android to synchronize contacts. Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the default contacts app.
(Also check out CalDAV-Sync)

Samsung S5 users: Please note that some S5 devices come with a broken contacts app that crashes when opening a contact synced by this app. Please report any crashes to Samsung.

HTC One users please check out this site first:

Please do not install the Workaround app when you use the free version of CardDAV-Sync. It's for the paid version only

Get support and news via Twitter

If you find a bug send me an email, please. Without detailed error description I often can't do anything especially when I can't reproduce it. It's also possible that your server has a bug that CardDAV-Sync can not (yet) tolerate or work around. If you report bugs I can fix them quickly and everyone will benefit.

Also check out the paid version CardDAV-Sync. It syncs some additional fields (like company/organization and notes). For details see my website.

Please uninstall the free version before you install the paid one (and vice versa).

Note to Yahoo!® users: Due to the many issues on Yahoo!'s servers, Yahoo! is no longer officially supported by this app.

After the installation got to "Settings" > "Accounts & Sync" and create a new Account.

Important! If your phone removes the accounts on reboot, move the App back from SD card to the phone. Some phones (if not all) can't handle sync adapters on SD Card properly.

For users who are unable to edit or create synced contacts I published an editor at the market. Just search for "Contact Editor" or see my website.

Once this app reaches version 1.0, I'll make it open source.
See for details on the open source status.


* Sync contacts from a CardDAV-server (tested and reported to work with DAViCal, SOGo, egroupware, Zimbra, david.fx, Fruux, ownCloud ... and more. See my website for details)

* basic support for self-signed certificates

* auto-provisioning

* two-way-sync

* syncs names, phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, photos and birthdays (but please visit "date formats" on my website first)

* automatic address book discovery (works with most servers in default configuration)

* one-way-sync of Apple-style groups

* Support for Apple-style custom labels (X-ABLABEL)

* stores passwords encrypted

* supports efficient sync-collection request

It is still under development and some important features may be missing. Known limitations are:

* organizations, instant messengers, categories, notes and websites are *not* synced by the free version

* SOGo Contact lists are not supported yet (work is in progress)

* only "server wins" and "phone wins" (default) conflict resolution available (that is when a contact is updated on server and on phone between two syncs)

* and maybe more

Please report bugs. Feedback is very welcome.

Btw: just writing a comment like "Doesn't work on..." won't help neither you nor me to get it running on your device. Please contact me if you have problems.

known issues:

* @david.fx users: david.fx returns all links to contacts from sub-folders. Currently this leads to the situation that some contacts may appear multiple times (joined to one contact)

How to download JB Workaround CalDAV-Sync APK at

This is just a workaround app for a bug in Android 4.1 (alias Jelly Bean). See for details.

Info for Samsung users: at present you'll need this app too, see

Under Android 4.4.2 it's recommended to install this app as well. There is a new issue in Android that causes accounts to be removed during an app update, see

The bug causes accounts of paid apps to be removed when Android boots up. To work around this issue this app pretends to provide the same account type that CalDAV-Sync provides. That's enough to convince Jelly Bean to keep the account.

That's all this app does.

Please open the app at lease once from within Google Play to "enable" the workaround. It may not work properly otherwise. On some devices you'll have to install this app before you install CalDAV-Sync. Please try that if you still have problems.

Please note that the bug is in Android 4.1, not in CalDAV-Sync!

If you're not using CalDAV-Sync on Jelly Bean, you don't need this app. There is no need to give it a bad rating in that case! Please don't install it in that case.

How to install Contact Editor Free APK at

This is the contact editor (and only the editor) from the Android 2.1 sources.
I just fixed it to make it work with arbitrary contact sources (like CardDAV-Sync) and removed the dependencies on the internal API to make it work with Android 2.2 and later.
So all credits go to Google.

This editor is a replacement/alternative for your native editor and it's invoked in the same way. It will be started whenever you try to edit or create a contact (and you select "Contact Editor Free").

If you can edit all your contacts you may not have any benefits from this app. It is useful if you use some custom Sync-Adapter that does not feature its own editor (like CardDav-Sync) and your editor can not edit those contacts.
However some people reported it is useful if your phone's manufacturer removed the ability to edit custom labels.

Also, have a look at "Contact Editor Pro" an improved version of this editor. ( )

Get support and news via Twitter

This app can not edit or remove contacts from read-only sources like Facebook or Cloudtact! This is due to the definition of read-only!
Also, if you see a blank screen when editing contacts that are aggregated with a Facebook contact, try to remove and recreate your Facebook account. Facebook limits access from other apps which breaks the contacts API in a way. For further information see

Note regarding Events:
There is a big problem with events in this editor (better: with Android). The Android SDK documentation states about the database column for the date: 'The event start date as the user entered it.' Unfortunately does every manufacturer have it's own opinion about the format. Some are happy with 'yyyy-mm-dd', my phone uses unix timestamps.
So if your phone doesn't accept the 'yyyy-mm-dd' format try entering a unix-timestamp ;-). Seriously, I think about removing this feature until I've found a proper solution. You can help by sending me mails with your phone model, os version and which formats work or don't work for you.

Btw: just writing a comment like "Doesn't work on..." won't help neither you nor me to get it running on your device. Please contact me if you have problems.

Please report bugs by sending me a mail stating what happened and what you did before it happened. Often the Market bug reports are not very helpful without additional informations.

known issues:

* on some devices this app hangs when it is opened. If this happens to you, please send me an email!
* crashes in some very rare cases. I've no further information about those cases and I'm not able to reproduce them. Please send me an email with your phone model, your OS version and what kind of sync-adapters you have installed. Thanks!

How to install Я.Speech плагин APK at

Этот плагин добавляет поддержку технологии распознавания/синтеза голоса от Яндекс.SpeechKit Mobile SDK для приложения "Окей, Блокнотик" или OkMoney. После установки плагина программа автоматически переключится на использование Яндекс.SpeechKit.

Если, позже, вы захотите вернуться к стандартному распознаванию, просто удалите этот плагин.

Plugin: com.blogspot.formyandroid.oknoty

How to download Окей Блокнотик ⏰ напоминания голосом APK at

С приложением Окей Блокнотик достаточно сказать что и когда нужно сделать в привычной для вас форме.

How to install LadyMarry Wedding Planner APK at

LadyMarry Wedding Planner is the best free wedding app for on-the-go DIY wedding planning. Powered by the millions of brides and grooms, LadyMarry helps you plan a dream wedding in a fast and collaborative way - from monthly wedding checklist to hands-on tips to day-of timeline, like a professional wedding planner.

Use LadyMarry wedding planner app to enjoy:
• Customized wedding checklist - get your own wedding checklist based on your wedding date and preference. (No matter it is an 1-month or 20-month preparation, we will automatically create a wedding checklist to fit your date, style and location)
• Wedding collaboration - invite your partner, wedding party, families and wedding vendors as your wedding team, share the wedding checklist and delegate any wedding to-do to your wedding helper with just one tap.
• Big picture & details - discover the best wedding tips and resources under the hood, without losing your big picture for the overall wedding timeline.
• Interactive wedding to-do - read hand-picked wedding tips and tricks to easily get started not only the whole DIY wedding planning project, but also each wedding to-do with your wedding team.
• Easily manage all your wedding notes, large or tiny, all in one app aligned with LadyMarry’s wedding timeline.
• Anywhere, anytime, sync your wedding planning across your devices, and with your wedding team. Engaged couples can use it through devices.
* Newest update has included a Wedding Countdown widget. Now you can use our wedding countdown to see how many days you have left till your perfect wedding day!

If you enjoy using LadyMarry Wedding Planner, enjoy our wedding timeline and checklist, please rate the app! Best wishes with your wedding and wedding planning!

How to download BuddyDo - all-in-1 nonprofit admin & collaboration APK at

BuddyDo is the best way for nonprofits to work with volunteers. From making announcements and sharing information, to planning events and coordinating volunteer tasks, BuddyDo keeps everyone connected, organized and in sync so you can focus on your cause. Whether you are a large organization coordinating multiple volunteer teams or a passionate small community, BuddyDo helps you do more together on the go or from your desk with one convenient app, saving you the hassle of setting up every volunteer on multiple apps.

Use BuddyDo to:
- Organize volunteers with groups by team, location, event, project or however fits with the nature of your community.
- Broadcast information to your whole organization through the community wall or just share with selected groups by posting individual group walls.
- Chat with your whole community, chat with a group or chat individually to a person
- Invite volunteers to participate in events, know who is coming with RSVPs, publish date/time, location and share additional information.
- Work together with shared tasks. You can manage progress by assigning people, setting due dates, creating sub-tasks, monitor progress and send reminders.
- Use polls to collect feedback or make group decisions.
- Create shared photo albums to record events, capture special moments, share achievements or just for fun.
- Always know which volunteers you have reached for every information you share, every event, every task.
- Easily invite volunteers to join, manage your volunteers with community roster, and control your community space with flexible privacy and permission settings.
- Internal management including Organization tool for community structure and Approvals for everything that requires multiple personnel approvals.

How to install Writing Prompts APK at

[[[ LIMITED TIME SALE - Save 50% with our Holiday and New Year 2017 special! ]]]

Writing.Com presents "Writing Prompts", the Android app with an endless supply of creative inspiration!

Our prompt generators use scene elements, words, sketches, colors, genres and writing types, unleashing endless random bits of fantasy to fuel your muse. Plus, we've included our database of 600 creative writing prompts so you've got them right at your finger tips, online or off!

Shake your device or swipe across the screen to change prompts. Add the prompts you like best to your favorites and revisit them at any time.

** Four prompt generators: Scenes, Sketches, Texts and Words. Store your favorite prompts into the "Fav's" tab by tapping the favorite star on any prompt.

** Includes over 250 scene elements, 400 words, 60 sketches, 10 colors, 80+ genres and more -- all of which generate millions and millions of unique prompts.

** Includes 600 text prompts. This assortment of phrases, quotes, writing exercises, story openers and much more will help jump start your writing muse.

** Store an unlimited number of prompts in your "Favorite Prompts". Quickly swipe back and forth to page through them.

** Multitasking support! Switch to another app and back, Writing Prompts resumes quickly right to where you left off.

** Swipe left-to-right to go back to previous prompt! (This is an option in the settings area that can be switched to right-to-left swipe or turned off completely.)

This app is sure to help you fight writer's block and get your creativity flowing!

Write on!

** REQUIRES: ARMv7, Andriod 2.2 or higher

How to install Brain Focus Productivity Timer APK at

Brain Focus is a time-management application helping you getting things done! Based on technique like Pomodoro or 52/17, but you can adjust the session duration to fit your needs.

How To
• Start a work session
• At the end of the work session reward yourself with a break
• At the end of the break session restart both previous steps

Note: x amount of break you can reward youself with a longer break.

• Track your time by task
• Configure different settings per task
• Group task by categories

Free features
• Pause and resume sessions
• Disable WI-FI and Sound during work session
• Add time if needed to a work session
• Skip a break or the end of a session
• Notification before the end of the work session
• Multiple themes (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, Grey)
• Support more than 30 languages
• Continuous Mode

Contribute to the development by buying the Pro Version
• Contribution to development
• Widgets
• Use more than 3 categories
• Export to CSV
• Remove Ads
• Backup
• Android Wear

How to install APK at

Celebrating the release of 6 with a brand new app, re-imagined and redesigned from the ground up.

While maintaining all the great features of the previous version, this new app makes it even simpler to:
- Preview projects shared with you
- Store and manage off-line copies of your projects
- Access your projects when your data connection is unreliable

New features include:
- New dedicated “On this device” option replacing the old “offline mode” switch and making it much easier to access projects that have been previewed on your device.
- Automatically checks if a project has been updated even for offline projects.
- Visual screen browser allows you to quickly locate and switch screens while previewing your prototype.
- Many more UI and overall UX enhancements

How to download DocsWork Xls Doc Pdf Ppt APK at

DocsWork is an app to read and edit any kind of office documents like OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF. DocsWork is an app for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and pdf.

DocsWork supports the following file formats:

* LibreOffice file formats: ODT, ODS, ODP, OTT and ODM, which are used not only by LibreOffice but by OpenOffice.
* Microsoft Office formats: DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCX, XLSX and PPTX, which are used by the programs Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
* Adobe reader format: PDF.
* Standard file text formats: TXT and RTF.
* Other formats like CWK, HTML, PDB, DXF, CSV, CDR, XML, EPS, GIF, PDF, BPN, JPG, SVG, WPD and XBM.

The DocsWork module to view Microsoft Word and text files provides an internal document viewer that does not need the Internet. The rest of the formats requires the Internet in order to use a LibreOffice conversion engine.

DocsWork also contains very useful functionalities:

* A File Explorer, which can be used to browse the whole list of files located in the Android device.

* File searches grouped by the types Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF in order to find any document very quickly.

* A text editor to create text files.

* File Sharing to export and share any document with DropBox, Google Drive, Email, SkyDrive, ...

* File Import. DocsWork can be opened from the apps Gmail, K9Mail, Yahoo Mail.

DocWork is based on Apache POI and LibreOffice so it is free to use. It is available in many languages.

How to download SIMs Verification Checker APK at

How many SIMs are active against your CNIC? check it now very easily with the help of this sim verification using sms free android app. You can verify that your sim is biometric verified or not with the help of this free sim checker app in Pakistan. Get biometric verification information of your sims on your cnic.get sim info & details through sms to show number of SIMs registered in all Mobile Telecoms Companies of Pakistan against your cnic.just type your CNIC number and click on send button then send sms from your smartphone app after that you will get all sims information & details with sms from that network.

Features of the App:

How many sims are active against your cnic?
 check the Number of SIMs registered on your name
Check if Telenor SIM is verified or not
Check if Mobilink SIM is verified or not
Check if Warid SIM is verified or not
Check if Ufone SIM is Verified or not
Check if Zong SIM is Verified or not

Note : network sms charges applied

How to install CNIC Verification Through SMS APK at

Verify your pakistani CNIC (computerized national id card) number through sms from NADRA . just type your CNIC number and click on send button then send sms from your smartphone app after that you will get cnic information & details with sms from NADRA.
Note : by sending sms you will be charged according to NADRA standard cnic number verification charges.

How to install

★ Smart, minimalistic and intuitive user interface
★ Instant start
★ Material design
★ Excellent performance
★ Lock screen widget for instant 1-click start/stop recording
★ Home screen widget
★ MP3 audio format, modern, compact and can be played everywhere
★ Real-time MP3 encoder
★ Impressive audio quality of voice recording, only limited by your device hardware
★ Pause/Resume recording process control
★ Pause/Resume playing process control
★ 16-bit audio encoding
★ High fidelity 44.1 KHz audio sample rate
★ Sample rate selection, from phone quality (8 kHz) up to CD quality (44.1 kHz)
★ Stereo audio channels recording
★ Channel mode selection, Stereo / Mono
★ Adjustable quality to reduce file size
★ MP3 bitrate selection, up to 320 kbit/s
★ Recording in the background, even when screen is off
★ No time limits on the recording time, only limited by your device storage space
★ Use internal storage or SD card
★ Select any directory for storage
★ Manage, share, transfer, rename and delete the recordings
★ Share / send a recording via Email, Dropbox, WhatsApp, etc
★ Designed to work equally well on smartphones and tablets
★ Control status of the recording in the notification area
★ Haptic feedback on recording start and stop

Things you can record:
★ Personal voice notes
★ Important voice memos
★ Group discussions
★ Business meetings
★ Brainstorming sessions
★ Interviews
★ Talks
★ Speeches
★ Practices for a presentation
★ Classes
★ Lectures
★ Concerts
★ Band practices
★ Song ideas
★ How you sing or play a guitar
★ You friend’s karaoke solo
★ Favorite songs and music
★ Regular day of your babysitter
★ Sermons
★ Night snoring
★ Sleep talking

If you can hear it - you can record it with Dictaphone Voice Recorder! :)


"The best application for quick audio notes. Love it." - Leon Wilson

"The recording result is excellent. Makes great moments sound fantastic." - Jeffrey Anderson

"Professional and easy, simple and reliable. It just works." - Marty Parker

"One of the best sound and voice recording apps." - Gary Cloninger

"Takes mobile sound recording to the next level." - Richard Oliver

"Gives you the best recording experience." - Ronald Buck

Features, enhancements and additions planned for next versions:
★ Multiple languages
★ Blinking LED notification during recording and playing
★ Audio source selection
★ Encoding selection, 8 bit / 16 bit
★ Automatic upload and synchronization of recordings to Dropbox and Google Drive
★ Cloud storage integration
★ Automatic sending of recordings to email address
★ Preferred connection mode for upload and synchronization. Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and mobile network
★ Add / remove recordings from the device's media library
★ Stop recording or playing when active call
★ Stop recording when out of memory
★ Automatic silence detection and skipping
★ Automatic sensitivity control
★ Voice activated recording
★ Sound monitor mode
★ Microphone gain calibration
★ Volume boost
★ Live audio spectrum analyzer
★ Powerful audio filters
★ Echo cancellation mode
★ Sensitive VU meter
★ Delete and share multiple recordings at the same time
★ Remaining recording time
★ Remaining storage space
★ Set recording as ringtone, alarm or notification sound
★ Record with an external microphone, bluetooth support
★ UI themes
★ Sort records by name, date, size and duration
★ Search records by name, date
★ Password protection of recordings
★ Feature packed and loaded with customization options

This application uses analytics to collect and aggregate statistics. This data helps us improve this app and our services. None of this data can be used to identify you. We respect your privacy.

Contact Us: [email protected]

How to install Evernote for Dolphin APK at

Allows you to quickly clip the content from any website and upload directly to your Evernote account. Stay productive by keeping the full webpage content you want to refer to later in the cloud.

Evernote for Dolphin is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser.
Just search Dolphin Browser in Android Market or download here:

Bookmarks Widget is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons, visit:

Have questions, feedback, or suggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:

How to download Dropbox for Dolphin APK at

Upload downloaded files directly from Dolphin to Dropbox and bring them with you everywhere. To activate Dropbox for Dolphin:
1. Connect Dolphin with your Dropbox account
2. Upload downloaded files in Dolphin to your Dropbox
3. Access your Dolphin downloads anywhere via Dropbox

Dropbox for Dolphin is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons, visit:

Have questions, feedback, or suggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:

How to download CalenGoo Calendar - Free Trial APK at

CalenGoo is a very flexible and powerful calendar app with integrated task management. Using this trial version you can test it for five days to decide if you would like to buy it and supports its future development.

CalenGoo is designed to make it easier and faster to work with your calendar on your phone. By its diverse configuration options you can customize it to suit your needs. This way your appointments and tasks are presented in a clear way that makes planning easier.

By integrating the Android calendar, it can be synced with many calendar systems such as Google, Exchange, CalDAV and iCloud. In addition, a direct sync with Google Calendar is integrated that you can use to sync all your past and future events. Just add your Google account under "Settings > Accounts" in CalenGoo.

Using the five calendar views (day, week, month, agenda, year) you can view your appointments and tasks in different ways. Appointments can be color coded and you can copy and move them using drag&drop.

Under "Settings > Design" you can choose from different designs.

Tasks can be managed in the task view and synced with Google Calendar. Just add your Google account under "Settings > Tasks".

A built-in Evernote sync allows you to display Evernote reminders and you can attach Evernote notes to appointments.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact [email protected] You can open the settings using the icon with the three dots in the top right corner.

Additional features:

- Drag&drop to copy, move, open and delete events
- A wide selection of widgets (day, week, month, list, tasks)
- Sharing calendars with other people and inviting people to appointments (via Google Calendar).
- Supports the same recurrence rules for recurring events as Google Calendar
- Icons can be assigned to events (when syncing directly with Google) and are also displayed in Google Calendar
- Improved time and date picker
- Search function
- Various reminder functions
- Multiple reminder types when syncing with Google Calendar (SMS,
email and pop-up)
- The birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts can be displayed.
- Floating and completable events ( )
- Appointments can be sent by SMS or email. When sending them by email, an ICS file can be attached so that the recipient can import the appointment directly.
- Calendars can be exported and imported as ICS files.
- Templates can be created to quickly create new appointments. Templates can also be combined.
- Print function to print various calendar views into a PDF file
- Android Wear support for creating appointments and tasks by voice.
- Local attachments
- Tasks in events
- Contacts can be linked to events

For more details please see here:

Additionally you can add ideas or vote for ideas on

How to install MyDomino's APK at

MyDomino’s gives Domino's team members access to their next shift, news, training and more.

Please Note: MyDomino's is intended for use by Domino’s employees only. This app requires an existing MyDomino’s account to function.

How to download MixNote NotePad Notes APK at

MixNote is a mobile note taking app, like a memo pad or notepad. Take note of every deserved thing, with text, ToDo, voice and picture.
You can take notes, write memos, create to-do list, record voice and add pictures in MixNote. Make your notes more varied and interesting.

Capture ideas
Take notes with words, pictures or record a voice memo in any time and place. Capture ideas is so simple. When you come up with a plan, record it by words or voice. If you want to take note when calling, shake the phone to start recording your voice. No need to find pen and paper. All notes are auto-saved.

Share ideas
Create notes about recipes, take pictures of sceneries, write down feelings and share your memo via SMS, Facebook or emails, etc.

Local backup and cloud sync
MixNote has local backup and cloud sync. So you don’t need to worry data loss and can view notes in different devices.

Create a to-do list. You can put it on the home screen to be a reminder. Just long press on the home screen and add widget.

Organize and search
Customized tags help you organize all notes. You can search memo quickly by the tags. Or use search bar to input a keyword and search.

You can lock and hide private notes with password. Keep important notes safe.

Write notes
Record voice memo
Add picture
Make to-do list
Remind by ToDo widget
Create tags
Organize notes by tags
Use tags to find notes
Search by keyword
Record voice when calling
Lock private notes
Hide private notes
Share your notes
Check the deleted notes

Any suggestion or question, please send us an email. Your feedback is valued to us.

Email: [email protected]

How to install Violet - Digital Support APK at

Meet Violet 2 – The Digital Support App
Violet is a revolutionary Digital Support app designed for you and your custom AV installer.

Get Violet to request support from your custom AV installer in 1-tap, access parental controls, enhance network security, see how fast your internet connection is, solve smart home technology problems and so much more.

PLEASE NOTE: The Violet Digital Support App requires a special Login and Password that can only be obtained from your custom AV installer. Get Violet today, by requesting access to the Violet Digital Support App from your custom AV installer. For more information about getting started with the Violet Digital Support app, please write to [email protected]

Violet’s Digital Support features include:

Request Support: in 1-tap request support from your custom AV installer to get help for a problem with your smart home technology faster than ever

Parental Control: a simple and easy to use parental control, Violet lets you block and unblock devices from accessing your network

Network Security: detect and block potential intruders from accessing your network

Home Presence Detection: Violet alerts you when new devices, family and guests join and leave your network so you can always visualize what is happening at your home

Remote Power: reboot the power of certain devices to solve a problem with your smart home in 1-tap

Network diagnostics: see how fast your internet connection is performing

How to download Omv remote free APK at

This app allow you to manage your OMV.

I want make a suite of apps like synology or qnap pour the community :

OMV file
OMV Remote
OMV Downloader

OMV remote is open source, you can report issues right here:

A problem on first install please see the wiki:

How to download ১০০+ লাইফ হ্যাক 100+ Life hacks in Bangla APK at

Bangla Tips বাংলা টিপস অ্যাপ টি মূলত আমাদের নিত্য প্রয়োজনীয় ও দরকারি সব টিপস দিয়ে সাজানো হয়েছে। এই Bangla Tips বাংলা টিপস গুলো সাস্থ্য টিপস বা সুস্থ থাকার উপায় হিসেবে আপনি নিতে পারেন।

ঘর সামলানো সহজ ব্যাপার নয়। ঠিকঠাকভাবে সবকিছু সামলাতে গেলে কত কিছুই না জানতে হয়। রইলো ঘরকন্নার জন্য দরকারি কিছু টিপস


পেঁয়াজ কাটছেন? মনে কোন দুঃখ নেই, তবুও চোখের পানি ঝরছে অঝোর ধারায়? একটু থামুন! কান্নাকাটির দিন শেষ। পেঁয়াজের খোসা ছাড়িয়ে বেশ কিছুক্ষণ পানিতে ভিজিয়ে রাখুন। তাহলে পেঁয়াজ কাটার সময় চোখ জ্বালা করবে না, আর ঘরও প্রতিদিন ভাসবে না চোখের পানিতে।

এই রকম রান্নাঘর বিষয়ক আরও অনেক টুকিটাকি পাবেন এই অ্যাপ এ। আরও পাবেন রান্নার রেসিপি নিয়ে দুশ্চিন্তা না করে কীভাবে রান্নার বই ছাড়াও দ্রুত রান্নার জিনিসপত্র তৈরি করা যায়।

বাড়িতে মেহমান এসেছে? মাংসের রেসিপি বানাচ্ছেন ? কিন্তু মাংস রান্নার রেসিপি তে কীভাবে দ্রুত গোস্ত সিদ্ধ করা যায় তার সুন্দর সমাধান দেয়া আছে।

তাছাড়া আরও থাকছে কীভাবে দ্রুত রসুন ছিলতে পারবেন। কেননা রান্নাবান্নার ক্ষেত্রে রসুন একটি দরকারি বিষয়। আর রসুনের উপকারিতা অনেক। রসুনের আচার এ একটু তেঁতুল দিলে সংরক্ষণ করা যায় অনেক দিন। এছাড়া বিভিন্ন আচারের রেসিপি যেমন আমের আচার, বরই আচার ইত্যাদিতে ভিনেগার দিয়েও সংরক্ষণ করা যায়।

চুলের যত্ন নিয়ে চিন্তিত? চুলের সমস্যা ও চুলের স্টাইল / কাটিং নিয়ে টেনশনে আছেন? কারণ ঘরে নেই শ্যাম্পু? এক কাজ করুন চুলের পরিচর্যা করার জন্যে নিজেই বাড়িতে বানিয়ে নিন সেরাম শ্যাম্পু। দুটো ডিমের সাদা অংশ বের করে নিয়ে এতে দুই টেবিল চামচ রেড়ির তেল মেশান। পুরো চুলে লাগিয়ে রাখুন ঘণ্টাখানেক। এরপর হালকা গরম পানি দিয়ে ধুয়ে ফেলুন। দেখবেন খুশকিমুক্ত ঝলমলে চুল।

আরও জানতে পারবেন, হঠাৎ হাত পুড়ে গেলে প্রাথমিক চিকিৎসা। পুড়ে গেলো কি আর করবেন দ্রুত পাকা কলা মেখে নিয়ে পোড়া স্থানে লাগান। জ্বালা কমে যাবে। আপনিই হন আপনার ডাক্তার।

মেয়েদের মেকাপ নিয়ে চিন্তিত? অনেক ভাল মেকআপ করার পদ্ধতি ব্যবহার করার পরও মেকআপ উঠছেন? মেকাপ উঠানোর খুব সহজ টিপস দেওয়া হয়েছে এখানে।

Tips for household apps includes so many tips bangla for different things such as health tips in bengali, rupchorcha tips, hair care tips in bangla.

You will find so many cooking tips in bengali as well as bangla ranna recipe book tips. This life hack suggestions regarding kitchen for bangladeshi ranna recipes have made easy.

Furthermore, you will get to know about hair care tips in bangla for your hair style and dandruff free hair growth.

Moreover, what you will do as first aid as well as daktar when your hand burns.

You will find so many makeup tutorials and beauty tips in bangla (meyeder rupchorcha) or skin care beauty tips in bengali but how to remove to those makeup very easily you need to get rid of it.

How to install Taxi Driver App | courier APK at

Get delivery jobs and make up to Rs 1200 daily
Orders for

— on-foot couriers
— 2-wheelers
— car and van drivers

How to apply?
- Install app and complete registration. Then we will call you and guide you.

You may work at your free time or at any shift.
You may do one delivery a week or 7-8 each day. You decide when start working.

Great if you have axpirience with Uber Driver App, Taxsee Driver or Gett Taxi drivers app.

Register with us and you will have a great opportunity in your pocket.
You are very welcomed!

How to install Trabajo mensajero medio tiempo APK at

Ganar hasta $ 1000 al día realizando trabajo de mensajería y paquetería en Ciudad de México (CDMX), Monterrey o Guadalajara

Puedes trabajar de mensajero a pie, en bici,en moto, en carro y en camioneta

Para empezar a ganar sólo tienes que bajarte la aplicación y completar el registro. Te llamaremos y guiaremos en tus primeros pedidos.

Puedes trabajar a medio tiempo, a tiempo completo o de vez en cuando en tus ratos libres. Tu decides cuando trabajas!

Dispones de tiempo libre y ganas de trabajar? Regístrate y empieza a ganar dinero hoy mismo!

How to install IP Tools APK at

Use this simple subnet calculator (subnet) to get vital information about the subnets you want to create:
- IP of the subnet.
- Subnet mask.
- IP of the first Host.
- IP of the last Host.

IP Calculator is designed for CCNA, CCNP, professional contacts and students


CIDR calculator
- IPv4 Calculator

Calculator Subnet Calculator / VLSM
- Obtain complete network configuration with assignable IP range, subnet mask, network address and broadcast address for each subnet
- Uses VLSM algorithm

This application has 4 sections:

1. Addressing - VLSM
2. Addressing - CIDR
2. Converter for Numbers in Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal and Binary formats
3. Class A, B, C and D networks

This application is easy to use, intuitive and we hope it can help you at school or in your daily activities.

We always have fast support to our users!

You only need to place the network address and the amount of host by network you need and the application does the rest.

As a result the application will give:
* Network Address
* Network size
* Number of Bits necessary
* Minimum Host allocable
* Host maximum allocable
* Broadcast address
*Subnet mask
* Available Hosts

The way to use is very simple.
1. Enter the IP address

2. You write the number of host you need for each subnet. The host number should be SEPARETED by a SPACE.

For example:
1. 500,340,200 - where each numerical quantity represents the number of host is needed for each subnet.
2. 1000 840 600 100
3. 97 60 20
4. 5 9 15
5. 10

Internet Permission for Push Notifications, remote messages and crashlytics reports

How to download Note APK at

Another simple notebook with the ability to add photos and no ads.
Easy to manage.
You can create folders.
There exporting data to the SD card.
The data is stored in the app and on the memory card.

How to download Gallery Fast Photo Recovery 2018 APK at

For free, the app will restore all supported image file types and all types of data, including SMS, call logs and WhatsApp or Viber conversations. It will also shred and secure delete. Unlock it to recover other supported file types, remove ads and enable background scanning.

Ever deleted photos by accident? The Photo Recovery App attempts to recover all lost, deleted, or hidden photos on your device. No root required.

Scan deleted and lost pictures and video in android devices.
This app will restore only photos of phone.
No need for root your device for recovery datas of android phone.
solved problem of user like without root how to recover data on android.

I 'm sure that I deleted an important photo by mistake and of course I were need this photo but I don't know the right way or aplication to recover my deleted photos from sd card ad you too sometime you were do the same thing
and you want deleted photo recovery so this is the right solution for you just if you want to get deleted pics back.

If you come to a situation where you just deleted all of your images by mistake, and tried a lot of apps to recover them without any result, then you are at the right place. This app will solve this problem for you. It will scan all your phone storage looking for deleted photos and list them in an easy manner that will help you to restore them back to your phone storage.

File types: Journal scanning can discover files with any conceivable extension. Essentially these files are still on your volume with their data in allocated sectors. Journal scan is only available on EXT4 and derived file systems.

Deep scan heuristically scans for and recovers the following types of files: BMP, JPEG/JPG, PNG, MNG, JNG, GIF, MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, OGG, OGM, WAV, FLAC, AMR, MP4A, PDF, SXD, SXI, SXC, SXW, ODT, ODG, ODS, ODP, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ZIP, JAR, APK, EPUB.

Data scanning is available for a select number of apps, including the system phone and SMS applications. Data will be recovered in the form or HTML files for WhatsApp and Viber, as we cannot merge third-party catalogs.


✓ User friendly UI this SD card recovery app is simply awesome
✓ Scan all storage including SD Card & internal storage
✓ Nice UI Design
✓ Fast, Performance
✓ Need not Backup data!
✓ Support all types: jpg,jpeg,png
✓ Recovery Photo:- Recover deleted photos with a click on a button.

A special feature

Super easy image data recovery!
Need not the knowledge!
Need not the PC!
Need not rooting!
Need not Backup data!
You can restore found image certainly!
You can also restore before installation image!
You can restore the image from the Device or from the SD card!
Corresponds to jpg and png!
Free tool!

- After install an app you will reach to screen when you restore all the images.
- press + button to find deleted images.
- there will be save or restore option to make it restore visible again.
- then it can be share and store in your mobile.

gallery photo recovery.
formated data recover.
recovery photo workshop.
deleted photo recover.
mobile data restoring process.
backup deleted data in android.


This app may show some pictures even if they are not deleted yet. That’s because there is already an occurrence of this files in hidden folders scanned by this app. Just keep looking and you will find photos you are looking for.

This is not a recycle bin, it a standalone app that can recover pictures even ones that have been deleted before the app was installed.

Thank You

How to download Calendario 2019 España Agenda de Trabajo APK at

Calendario Laboral con Agenda de Trabajo para España, con las fiestas 2018 de todos los municipios y pueblos de las comunidades autónomas y provincias españolas.
Puede anotar citaciones y recordatorios.
Puede almacenar sus ideas y proyectos que tenga en mente, los negocios pendientes, los cumpleaños de sus familiares y amigos, las citaciones al médico o para llevar a su mascota al veterinario, las quedadas con los amigos para ir al futbol u otro deporte, si tiene que presentar algún documento, las cosas que tiene olvidadas en el trastero y que quiera deshacerse de ellas, lista de la compra y venta, etc...
Funciona para tablet y para móvil.
La instalación es prefer external.

Aviso: La app tarda un poco más en cargar con la última actualización (hasta 20 segundos en algunos dispositivos), estamos trabajando para reducir ese tiempo de espera, muchas gracias.

Permisos: La instalación del Calendario de Trabajo Agenda 2018 solicita los siguientes permisos:
-Información Personal: Añadir, leer o modificar eventos del calendario. Sirve para añadir las alarmas.
Aclaración: Aunque el texto de la solicitud por defecto pida este permiso completo (debido al plugin que activa las alarmas, ya que permite organizar eventos y enviar email a los invitados), el Editor responsable de la publicación de esta aplicación informática le asegura que NO se enviarán correos electrónicos, y NO se accederá a información confidencial (ya que esas partes del código no se utilizan).
-Acceso a Red: Acceder a la conexión de datos.

How to install Metric Converter APK at

Convert between standard and metric units. Available conversions for Length, Volume, Weights, Speed, and Temperature.

Not only for metric conversions, exactly. This very useful utility can handle a number of different types of common conversions. Cups to Tablespoons, or Mph to km/h, or Celsius to Kelvin, for instance.

Years ago, I had something very similar to this on my trusty old Palm Pilot. With the main exception that this program has a lot more flexibility. What started as a simple length converter suddenly became one that could handle temperature, weights, fluids, and speeds as well.

Designed initially for phones. But large screen support is better with this version. Upcoming releases will have better larger screen support.

How to download Quick Event APK at

Quick Event is a calendar event inserter similar to Google calendar's Quick Add feature.
Now with Speech Recognition support!

The end of filling out complicated forms !
Add events to your calendar as quickly as possible by taking advantage of advanced native language processing.
This powerful tool allows you to insert complicated event that include advanced parameters such as recurring factors, location and much more.
Works exactly like Google's Quick Add feature so you don't need to learn any new language in order to use it.
just start typing or speaking and let us do the rest... :)

Usage Examples:
* Family dinner @Mom's every Sunday at 7pm
* Meeting with Joe tomorrow at 9
* Buy milk @5pm. reminder 30 minutes
* Test from Monday to Friday
* Another test from mon until fri
* Play basketball w/ Mark 10/10 weekly

In case you want learn more about how to use this app and Google's quickadd feature, just log on to

[1] To change date format go to your phone's Settings -> Date & time settings -> Select date format.
[2] Entering the Edit window will override the reminder and calendar selections and use your calendar application's settings.
[3] For speech recognition make sure you have Voice Input enabled on you device (install Voice Search by Google if you don't).
[4] Designed for English and Hebrew languages only. In case you use any other language you may use the @ symbol as a replacement for "at" for both location and time, and use numeric dates like 10/11.
[5] For any question, suggestion or bug report please contact us either via email or via our website.

This application is part of Android Pro Widgets and is available here for free as a fully functional stand alone application. Android Pro Widgets is also available for free!
To support the developers please consider purchasing APW License Key. Your support is much appreciated!

+++ apw, calendar, agenda, quick, add, quickadd, event, Android Pro Widgets +++

How to install Memo Reminders APK at

Often forgetting to do or get something? You need quick memo or reminder without the hustle? Try "Memo reminders".

How does it work?
"Memo reminders" creates Android notifications which can be seen in notification drawer. Easily accessible, always there.
Specially with Android 5 where notifications are also shown on the lock-screen, you will see you quick memos or reminders every time when you check your phone.
Don't want them on the lock screen? No worries, there is option for that.

Perfect for making quick grocery list before going to shop.
Just swipe it away when done.

★ Highly customizable: set icon, short text, add longer description if needed
★ Show reminders only on lock-screen or only when unlocked
★ Keeps history of your memo reminders
★ No ads
★ Nice and clean design (I think)

Not enough space for description? Use Emojis!

How to install 繁簡轉換器 APK at


° 快速準確的繁簡轉換
° 轉換後可發送內容到whatsapp, LINE, WeChat 微訊,電郵,短訊或其他通訊軟件
° 可把轉換後的內容複製到剪貼簿,方便用戶使用

How to install Ringing Flashlight APK at

Are you worried from missing missed call, low battery sms alert, google alerts and smart notifications? Don’t worry your problems are solved try out our Ringing Flashlight alerts, flash call 2017 and flash call alert, be alert for blinking flashlight.

Ringing Flashlight alerts allows you to blink the device's flash when you receive phone or SMS text or app notifications. The Iphone Ringing Flashlight feature finally available for Android phones. Ringing Flashlight for iphone 6 - Flash blink when you received a Phone Call, SMS and Notifications. Bright Free Flash on call and SMS alerts application.

A Cool Ringing Flashlight alerts or flash alerts application. Ringing Flashlight, Led flash alerts and ringing flashlight helps you do not miss any call or sms. Flash alerts on call and sms. Flash Light alert will give you flash notification on incoming calls and text messages.

Flashlight Alert on Call / SMS is a smart app to alert you when you receive a phone call, text message & any other social notifications with the blink of your flashlight. Best free flash on call / SMS app. Enable blinking LED flashlight for incoming calls and sms messages.

You can use this application as flash blink on notifications, flash light on call, flash alerts on call, flash alerts notifications, Brightest Flashlight on call and sms. LED call and sms blink LED indicator. Flash blinking on call most brightest Flash blink Flash on call and Flash on SMS will notify you clearly. You can now get color flash alert notified everytime you get a call or SMS with a powerful and flash alert on call and sms and notification like i phone. Good for contacts backup.

Flash Alerts in call and sms is an awesome ringing flashlight alerts. Flash light call alert will help you specially at night time when your phone is in silent mode or even mute. A bright, fast and simple Torch. The most elegant LED flashlight! This is the only torch without anything! Only light! It's a flashlight, not a toy.

You can choose whether you want to enable flash for normal, vibrate or silence mode. With the most elegant design and the fastest startup, it definitely outruns a real flashlight. Just like a mobile torch, with this FREE APP you’ll be able to add brightness to any situation! Ringing Flashlight Alerts is also Caller ID - Who Called Me is the top reverse look-up service for mobile and land lines.
Do not miss any ringing phone calls anymore. Try for free.

Features :

- Blink led flash alerts on Call, ringing flashlight
- Blink led flash alerts on SMS
- When you receive a call, new text message, the flash will blink.
- Flash on call and sms can be set to work in any phone mode ( Ring, Vibrate, Silent )
- Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call and incoming SMS
- Flashlight on Incoming Call
- Phone contacts backup and restore
- Phone contacts copy to sim
- Phone contacts recovery app
- Flash Blinking on Sms Message
- You can regulate blinking frequency.
- With Ringing Flashlight, each time you received a Phone Call, SMS, or Notifications, your phone's Flashlight will Blink to notify you, make sure you are not missing anymore.

Best ways to use Flash Alerts ?

+ Hospitals or meeting or in silent zones.
+ When you are in a noisy area and won't hear your phone ring.
+ This app may also help you find your phone in dark.
+ Helps those who are hearing impaired.


Color Flash Light Alerts Call!
Flashlight Notification
Flash Alerts On Call
Flashlight Alert on Call / SMS
Missed Call Alert
Real Flashlight - Ultra Bright
Flash on Call & SMS

- If you like our application please rate 5 start for us
- If you find any problems with Flash Notification please E-mail us

Thank for your support!

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How to download Lock Folder APK at

Folder lock is data security android app.

Folder Lock has a number of data security features such as ability to lock files, folders and drives. It creates portable lockers.

Folder Lock
This is the original Android app for Folder Lock. Its features include protecting and locking down private pictures, documents, secret contacts, sensitive videos, wallet cards, etc. It allows users the option of secret voice recording. Users can also write notes which are protected inside the app. All the locked data can easily be stored on the cloud server

Folder Lock Advanced
Lock Folder is the advanced and more sophisticated version of Folder Lock for Android. Unlike Folder Lock (Android), it allows users to encrypt files using the AES-256 military-grade encryption. Apart from Lock Folder, the app has a user-friendly interface, new and improved features and is superior in overall functionality. Lock Folder locks users' personal files, folders, photos, videos, audio files, documents, wallet cards, notes and every other kind of data that needs to be secured. Moreover, users can back up the safeguarded information on the cloud. Finally, Lock Folder app has additional security features which prevent unauthorised access.

Folder security
Here are several security functions for different activities for the phone like Encrypted Lockers, Portable Lockers, Lock Files, Secure Backup.

File protection app FEATURES:
• Photo vault : Protect private photos
• Video Vault : Hide sensitive videos and pictures
• Secret audio : Password-protect secret mp3.
• Document security : Lock down important documents
• Secure important notes.
• Record voice recordings and memos secretly
• Gallery lock vault to hide your albums
• Lock apps to prevent access to your private app lock
• Stealth Mode (Hide icon)

Download the Free Folder Lock (File Lock, Folder Security, File Protection ) Pro android app !!!

How to install Gallery APK at

Gallery Photos is a smarter home for all your photos and videos, made for the way you take photos today. "Gallery" is an excellent, feature-rich app for organising your photos.

With Gallery, you can see and manage your private photos, videos, documents and other files very easily! A gallery that's not backed up is a sad photo gallery!

Secure Photo+Video - Private Picture Vault Manage. The easiest and fastest way to create Facebook albums, on the fly! HD Gallery Work like Gallery Pro, Gallery Lock, Gallery Private.

Gallery help you see those photos from your trip abroad last month, your kids’ birthday last year, or any important memory that’s been lost in your gallery. Gallery is image viewer, photo gallery, good memory albums saver, photography galleries. You can easily see picture viewer.

Photo Gallery is an photo browser and photo editor. With the photo gallery you can preview and manager your pictures in a easier way.

Original data won't be modified.
With "Gallery"(Photos), when you import photos or videos from the Camera Roll, it saves the original, unmodified data. Exif data like time stamps and geocoding will be stored as is and can be shared. We will working on "Gallery Lock" hide pictures and videos. Galleries isn't a bad photography app.

Gallery is best gallery app android, Gallery - Super fast gallery with cool 3D styles, Fast, light and modern gallery with special animated gallery looks. Organize your gallery, Transition Style Effects.

Photo Manager are modernistic, best gallery, low light photos, photography galleries world’s BEST photo gallery app for your Android phone. Unlike Google photos, searching photos in A+ Gallery works without internet connection, and is lightning fast. If you get photos from Facebook/Dropbox/Amazon Cloud Drive, you can view and manage all those photos from Gallery. HD Gallery is best photo gallery and photo browser&manage app in android market.

Support Viewing many file formats
• Photo: jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, jpeg
• Video: mov, mp4, m4v, mpv

Feature :

- Photo viewer & photo slideshow effects like Default, Alpha, Rotate, 3D, Cube, Flip, Accordion, ZoomFade, Fade, Zoomcentre, ZoomStack, Stack, Depth, Zoom, InRightDown, InRightUp, SlowBackground, sex organizer

- Photo Slide Show : Turn your Android Phone into a slide show viewer that automatically rotates through all the pictures within a gallery.

- Photo Editor : Rotate, Crop, Effects, Brightness etc

- Hide unwanted folders
- Show/hide status bar
- A beautiful and simple user interface
- Create and manage photo albums
- 3D effect , more realistic aesthetic feeling
- Slideshow animations: Fade, zoom, slide & flip
- Smooth experience: sliding shift or switch, single or double tap or pinch to zoom.
- Photos, Videos
- Import from Camera Roll
- Save to Camera Roll
- Move to different Album
- Copy to different Album
- Notes, Tags
- Search
- Slideshow
- Send by email
- Message support
- Post on Facebook
- Post on Twitter
- Post on Flickr

Albums Set
- Create album in album

- Create, edit or delete
- Customise listing order
- Customise album cover photo
- Grouping albums by album set

Advance Feature:
- Quick access all your pictures.
- Grid View, TimeLine View, Spiral View.
- Sliding shift or switch, single or double tap or pinch to zoom.
- Photo editor: Delete, Rotate, shrink, crop pictures, set wallpaper.
- File management: sort, rename, create new folder, move and copy pictures.
- Shows technical information about the picture, such as the size.

"Gallery" is the Super fast gallery with cool 3D styles and best innovative display.
"Gallery" is the well-designed gallery replacement for the built-in phone gallery.

How to download Free Apple TV Remote APK at


Requirements :
This Android App does not need Wi-Fi but phone should have Infrared (IR) blaster.

Functionality :
Apple TV - Infrared (IR) Remote is a multi-function remote control android app for Apple TV Devices.

Way to Use :
1) Point your IR enable mobile android device to Apple TV Device.
2) Open Android App Infrared (IR) Remote for Apple TV and Click on Remote button on
Home Screen.
3) Operate your Apple TV as your need.

Please make sure when you are click any button in remote screen, light should be blink in Apple TV Device and that will confirm that remote app works with your apple TV Device.

Hope you enjoy to use this Apple TV - Infrared (IR) Remote Application.

Please share app with your friends and help them.

How to download Video Editor HD mp4 3gp Ringtone Maker for mp3 Cut APK at

Trim your videos With Video Editor HD mp4 3gp.
Video Editor HD mp4 3gp supports audio as well video editing, cutting and ringtone making of your library collection.

Create new ringtones and use them as your caller tune or notification sound. Having a ringtone that is different from the regular ones found on your phones ups your style quotient.

- Trim and cut your videos as per your choice
- No watermark is added
- Save & Share video with your buddies

You can cut specific part of the video and save it in your phone. The app supports video formats like MP4, 3GP, MKV, AVI, mpeg 4 etc. Playback of videos is also supported inside the app. It can cut (trim), merge (join), convert any video to mp3 and change audio in any video file. Make your own MP3 ringtones fast and easy with this app. You can even record a live audio and this MP3 editor can edit and trim the best parts from it for free.

We have designed the user interface very simple to use. Video Editor 4K is a very handy video editor with many functions. It makes very simple to edit your videos. Video Editor help you fast and easy to edit, convert to Mp3, grab photo, remove sound, replace sound from video.

Audio Trimmer or Audio Editor - You can trim or cut your audio using this audio editor, audio trimmer or audio cutter app. This audio editor functionality is completely free. This audio editor allows you to choose starting and ending portion of your video before cutting or trimming. Ringtone Maker & MP3 Cutter is a very compact and practical ringtone production tool.

Have a great fun!
- Share your videos on social media.
- ringtone maker also supports trim, merge files
- Touch to adjust the ringtone by starting and ending location.
- Delete the ringtone.
- Powerful music editor.
- Music cutter, song cutter
- mp3 cutter, mp3 trimmer
- Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and most other music formats.
- Record an audio/music for editing.
- Easy to preview and play all the output ringtone list.

Create your own MP3 ringtones fast and easy with this app.
You can even record a live audio and this MP3 editor can edit and trim the best parts from it. All totally FREE to your music!!

Supported Input video formats:
3GPP files (*.3gp,*.3g2,*.3gpp;*,3g,*.k3g,*,3gp2); AMV files (*.amv); AVI Files (*.avi);
Digital Video Files (*.dv); DVD Video Files (*.vob); Flash Video (*.flv,*.f4v,*.swf);
Matroska Video (*.mkv); MPEG Files (*.mpg, *.mpeg , *.mpe, *.m1v, *.m2v, *.m2t, *.tod);
MPEG-4 files(*.mp4,*.m4v); NDS DPG Files (*.dpg); QuickTime Files (*.mov,*.qt);
RealMedia file (*.rm,*.rmvb); VCD Movie Files (*.dat); WebM Video Files (*.webm); Windows Media Video Files (*.wmv,*.asf).

Video Editor HD mp4 3gp is free and works across all Android devices! Just in case the final file doesn't play on your mobile device then please do try playing in your computer by using the VLC media player. Many times its codec missing in android phone issue which can be solved by VLC only. Video Cutter: Video Trimmer is a simple useful video editor, make video edit on Android device so easy. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker is free Music Editor app creates ringtone, alarms, and notifications from MP3, WAV,AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMR Audio formats.

Ringtone maker, MP3 cutter. Easy to edit music and make ringtone. Ringtone maker, mp3 cutter is a very compact and practical ringtone production tool and free.

Video Editor HD mp4 3gp is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind and make your video simply amazing. Video Cutter App Supports all standard video formats including AVI, MOV, WMV, VOB, MP4, FLV, 3GP, FLV and many more. When you want to trim unwanted scenes and send the extracted parts to your friends, video splitter will become your excellent helper.

This app can also convert videos to mp3 or m4a. Any feedback,suggestion will be welcome.
We have put in lot of effort to create this app, please feel free to contact us.

How to install PIP Clock Live wallpaper APK at

Customize your live wallpaper with PIP Clock. It allows you to give PIP effect to your Clock live wallpaper.PIP Clock gives unique and awesome look to your phone.

How to use :
# Select clock theme from unique collection.
# Select photo from your gallery.
# Adjust photo in clock with simple finger zoom.
# Click Apply button and then Set it as live wallpaper.
# You can direct set your PIP photo from set wallpaper button on main screen.

Beautiful Clocks are waiting to decorate your phone.
Hope you like it!
Don't forget to rate us!!
Thanking you!!!

How to install New Year Xmas 2017 Sms Wishes APK at

Send beautiful wishes and Christmas wishes to your friends and family.
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"quotes of the day",
"2017 new year status",
"happy new year 2017",
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"facebook status"
"facebook profile status"
"WhatsApp profile"
"twitter status"
"trust status"
"trust quotes"
"happy status"
"sad quotes"
"funny status"
"funny exams status"

Image Credit : Freepik

How to install Flashlight LED Revolution APK at

There are many applications flashlight, but this one is the most convenient!

It was carefully designed to be as practical as possible, it includes New unique ways to turn on the light directly from your Lock Screen.


- Ultra-bright and most powerful light possible
- Very fast!
- Unique Lock Screen features: shake on shake off from lock screen, or use the notification.
- Built-in compass
- Launch it to get light instantly
- Beautiful design
- Widget ultra convenient
- Torch using the camera flashlight
- You can also use the screen as source light
- You can use the light with an other app open
- Designed also for tablets
- DashClock extension
- Turn on the light using the shake gesture, very convenient and works even if your lock screen is protected by a code or a schema!
- Turn on the light using a simple notification, a notification appears on your lock screen, click on the notification to turn on the light, very practical too!

It's FREE, Enjoy ! Flashlight Revolution Super Bright LED

Please, if this app is usefull for you, RATE IT ↑ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ↑

How to install QR-GPS Plugin™ APK at

QR-GPS is a Plugin for popular app QR Droid. It adds ability to create a QR code from your current location, using your GPS or Network providers. Then, you can share that location easily.

This plugin can't be launched by itself. You need to get QR Droid 4.1 (or greater) for free in order to use it.

To make it short: QR-GPS Plugin and QR Droid, together, can get your GPS location automatically and generate a QR code from it.

How to download QR Droid Widgets™ APK at

QR Droid Widgets offer you useful functionality that you can use with QR Droid in a tap! Some of the widgets,
available now are:

• Clock widget: Three different clocks, with shortcuts to the main features of QR Droid, are now available.
• History widget: Explore your latest scanned or created QR codes right from your home screen
• Business card widget: Show your business card(s) as a QR code. Others can scan the code right from your
home screen and get your info in an instant.
• Shortcut widget: Place the QR Droid action bar, direct on your home screen, for single tap access to the
main features of QR Droid.

More Widgets are coming in our next release!

How to download QR Droid Services™ APK at

IMPORTANT: This won't be useful to final users. Instead, please install "QR Droid".

This is a demo for Android developers who want to use "QR Droid" services in their own apps, for free.

If you are a Web master and publish QR codes in your site, or if you are and Android developer and want to offer any QR code-related service, now you can offer these services with a single step!

This app "QR Droid Services" is an example that shows how to let your users Scan, Decode and Generate QR codes by using services provided by "QR Droid".

Get demo documentation and download full source code of "QR Droid Services" here:

After you test this app, you can download full source code here:

How to install QR-WiFi Plugin™ APK at

QR-WiFi is a Plugin for popular app QR Droid. It adds ability to automatically connect to a WiFi Network after scanning a WiFi QR Code.

This plugin can't be launched by itself. You need to get QR Droid 5.3 (or greater) for free in order to use it.

You can get it here:

How to install Tower Wear APK at

Tower-Wear is a wear companion app for 3DR Tower.

NOTE: This app requires the Android Wear app to be installed on the device.

How to download Password Vault Lite APK at

** Full featured Password Vault now available at a discounted price of $0.99 only **

Presenting Password Vault, the most secure Android application to store your private and confidential information.

With Password Vault you can carry your data in your pocket wherever you go. The data is encrypted using industry standard AES algorithm and the application is password protected to ensure complete security. It is highly flexible and designed to meet your requirements with security at forefront.

This full featured free version of the Password Vault is ad supported.


* AES encryption for complete security.
* Password protection.
* Organize data by category.
* Elegant themes.
* Ease of use with fast searching and easy sharing.
* Cloud backup using Dropbox

How to download Compass APK at

Compass, an Android app helping you find your way.

On starting Compass app, calibrate your device by turning it in figure 8 fashion. Red arrow tip points to magnetic North.
Please note, the compass is only as good as the hardware orientation sensors on your device.

For help, support, tips or to report a bug, visit or email [email protected]

How to install Bangla Ramadan Calendar 2018 APK at

Bangla Ramadan Calendar 2018. Ramadan timing of 64 districts in Bangladesh. ramadan calendar 2018. Ramadan 2018 Sahri and Iftar Sechudle for Bangladesh 64 districts.

ইসলামিক ফাউন্ডেশন প্রদত্ত ক্যালেন্ডার অনুযায়ী ৬৪ জেলার ২০১৮ সালের রমজানের সেহেরী ও ইফতারের সময়সূচী। বছরের অন্যান্য মাসের মধ্যে মাহে রমযানের অবস্থান আলাদা। তাই আজ আমি আপনাদের জন্য নিয়ে আসলাম রমজান মাসের ক্যালেন্ডার এবং সেহরী ও ইফতারের সময় সূচীঃ

পবিত্র রমজানের সাহরী ও ইফতারেরর সময় সূচীঃ
১। রহমতের ১০ দিনের ক্যালেন্ডার।

২। মাগফিরাতের ১০ দিনের ক্যালেন্ডার।

৩। নাজাতের ১০ দিনের ক্যালেন্ডার।

৪। সবগুলো দিনের ক্যালেন্ডার একসাথে।

Bangla Ramadan Calendar 2018
Shari And Iftar schedule for 64 District in Bangladesh
Ramadan calendar 2018 Bangladesh
মাহে রামাদান ২০১৮
মাহে রামাদান সময়সূচী ২০১৮
ইফতারের দোয়া
সেহেরীর নিয়ত এবং দোয়া
তারাবি নামাজের নিয়ত ও দোয়া
রমযান ক্যালেন্ডার ২০১৮
২০১৮ সালের রমজানের সময়সূচী

রমজান মাসে রোজা রাখা প্রত্যেক প্রাপ্তবয়স্ক মুসলমান নর-নারীর জন্য ফরজ বা অবশ্যকর্তব্য। মাহে রমজানে রোজা পালনকারী একজন মুসলমান সত্যিকারের খাঁটি ইবাদতকারী হওয়ার যোগ্যতা অর্জন করেন। রহমত ও বরকতের দিক দিয়ে রমজান মাস অন্য ১১ মাস থেকে ভিন্ন। এ সম্পর্কে রাসুলুল্লাহ (সা.) বলেছেন, ‘রমজান মাসের প্রথমাংশে রহমত, দ্বিতীয়াংশে মাগফিরাত অর্থাৎ ক্ষমা আর তৃতীয়াংশে নাজাত তথা দোজখ থেকে মুক্তি।’ (বুখারি)

Bangla Ramadan Calendar 2018 inclues Ramadan timing for Bangladesh. Romjan Calendar 2018. Ramadan Calendar 2018 with 64 District Timing in Bangladesh with everything about Ramadan.

How to download Bsnl Pro - Broadband Usage Check (BETA) APK at

Check your BSNL Broadband usage with just a click!.

NOTE: This app works only when your phone is connected to BSNL Broadband Network/WiFi.

Download Chrome Extension:

• Shows Monthly Total/Upload/Download data usage of the current bill cycle.
• Get instant insights on your data usage
• Shows your current broadband plan and Speed
• Tells you how much data is USED and how much is REMAINING.
• Helps you manage your data so that your surf the web at HIGH speed.

PS: This app may not work in all regions. That's why we need you to test!:) . If you the app is not working as expected, please send you landline number, region and broadband plan to [email protected]

How to install dslr hd camera professional 4k APK at

dslr hd camera professional 4k :

dslr hd cam new tools and application created to get HD quality pictures to take selfie or photos for any thing , the 4K Ultra quality photos and videos is amazing technique to transferm the normal camera to dslr hd cam professional 4k without add in thing to your phone just is change setting to the better .
This pro camera contient many different new content so at the next part we mentioned all :

This Professional camera application contient :

* 4K Ultra quality photos and videos .
* Face Detection Alternative .
* Is Professional Camera and free Camera app ( supported by ads ) .
* HD quality means your camera it will be camera hd to take amazing images and pictures .

How can use the application :

- At first open this Professional HD .
- Read and accepet privay and allowed permission .
- Choose Take video or Take photo .
- Active 4K camera option and make sure that you have allowed to acces to your camera setting .
- Select effect and take pictures .
- Save all change and share your photo that you have edit and take it by the professional 4K camera .

The camera hd key features :

At first this a hd camera phone support all devices android .
the second features at this hd camera for :

- Without net .
- Don't asking for purchasse .
- This is with new features that make it very different with others hd camera un the store .
- Support camera hd quality
- Support Full HD .

Note :

- Don't need to connect to internet .
- Don't asking for point .
- Don't asking for purchasse .
- Content ADS .
- We need to accept and allowed permission .

How to install Device Analyzer APK at

Device Analyzer collects usage statistics in the background while you use your phone. Personally identifying information is removed whenever possible while preserving useful information. Periodically the recorded data is uploaded to our server at the University of Cambridge, where we will aggregate it with other people's data and draw inferences from the patterns that emerge.

What's in for me?

- Personal analytics - extracting data from the things we do every day, e.g. phone calls or our movement patterns - is becoming increasingly popular. We provide you with new ways to look at what is happening inside your mobile phone. The website allows you to download all the raw data we collect from your phone.

- See your 3G data traffic and wifi traffic, phone minutes and texts sent.

Why do we collect your data?

Perhaps surprisingly, we know relatively little about how individuals use smart phones. Which of the many features do you use? And how often? Do you often miss calls? How many text messages do you send? Mobile phone carriers know your calling patterns but often don't make them available to manufacturers. They in turn conduct interviews and surveys to see what people like about their phones and what they use them for, but these are always limited to a relatively small group of people.

Device Analyzer performs rigorous, automatic collection. It doesn't get tired after a week of recording what you have done and can provide a large and detailed data set covering a broad audience. We will use this data set to make recommendations for the improvement of future smart phones, extract patterns and trends. Our aim is to provide new insights and recommendations based on what people do.

With your permission, we would like to share your data set with other academic and industrial researchers worldwide so that they can get even more from it. If you don't want this to happen please let us know with a single click in the app and your data will only be used within the University of Cambridge.

What is collected?

Here is an overview of the types of data we collect:
- when you turn on your phone or charge it
- when you make phone calls and send texts
- which apps you use
- wifi and bluetooth devices near your phone
- your coarse (network-based location)

A detailed document containing all data collected is available here:

How to download UAE PASS APK at

UAE PASS automates and simplifies managing digital identity in mobile devices for users and can be used for:
· Seamless authentication to smart services
· Digital signing of the documents
For more information on UAE PASS, visit

How to install Notable Notes APK at

Quickly add notes to your notification bar to remind you of important things to do. Note icons are displayed in notification bar for high visibility every time you look at your phone. Notes will still be present after hitting "Clear" button on notification bar. Add reminder alarms to individual notes with user selectable ringtones. Share notes through email, text messaging, etc. Choose from 65 different icons for your notes.

*** Free Version Limited to 1 ACTIVE Status Note. Upgrade to the paid version (Notable Notes Key) for UNLIMITED notes.***

* Optional Reminder Alarm
* Share Notes Through Email, Text Messaging, Other Apps, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
* 100 Icons to Choose From for Note Icon
* Optional "Add Note" Shortcut in Notification Bar
* Edit Existing Notes or Add Reminder Alarm

How to download Capture APK at

Quickly send yourself (or others) pre-populated emails with attachments. No need to fill out email address, subject, or message body. All fields are pre-populated by templates you create. Great for quickly taking notes, creating tasks, appointments, etc. Emails can be sent from your phone's share menu also. Useful for GTD (Getting things done).

& #8226 Free version limited to Standard template. Check out Capture+ for unlimited templates and other features.

How to install Carpintex: Proyectar muebles y plano de corte APK at

Carpintero, ahora usted puede proyectar muebles, realizar plano de corte, aplicar los diseños de paneles de Tablemac Duratex y mostrar exactamente cómo quedará para su cliente. Además de inspirarse con imágenes y ambientes decorados. Con la aplicación Carpintex, todo eso es posible proyectar un mueble y visualizarlo directamente en la aplicación .¡Crear el proyecto perfecto para su cliente es mucho más fácil!.
Carpintex es una aplicación innovadora para hacer su proyecto aún más moderno. ¡Vea sus muebles e inspírese en imágenes de ambientes de referencia directamente en la aplicación!
Funcionalidades de la aplicación para el Carpintero:
Proyectar muebles
¿Quiere ver exactamente cómo un mueble quedará en un ambiente? Sólo tienes que ir a esta sección de la aplicación, elegir el ambiente (habitación, cocina, sala o baño) y crear su proyecto de mueble de forma sencilla y práctica. Coloque las medidas exactas para la visualización correcta. ¡En Carpintex, proyectar muebles es mucho más fácil!
Ambientes y muebles para decoración:
Habitación - closet, cabecera, nochero, repisa, cubo, escritorio, zapatero
Cocina – Mueble superior, mueble inferior, repisa, barra, mesón
Sala - repisa, estante, mesa de TV, centro de entretenimiento.
Baño – gabinete superior, gabinete inferior, cajonera

Sus proyectos
Su proyecto de mueble es fácilmente diseñado por la aplicación Carpintex.

Plano de Corte
Cree los planos de corte para sus muebles. Con la aplicación Carpintex, usted sabe exactamente cuántas láminas utilizará en su proyecto de mueble.

Inspiraciones Duratex
¿Quiere ver ambientes diferentes, muebles y decoraciones listas e inspirarse para nuevos proyectos de hogar? En esta sección, Duratex le proporciona la inspiración de ambientes decorados e increíbles ideas de muebles para todos los gustos. ¡Carpintex le ayuda a proyectar los muebles perfectos para la casa de sus clientes!

Catálogo Duratex
Descargue nuestro catálogo de productos con diseños y texturas Tablemac Duratex para sus proyectos.
Encuentre su proyecto
¡Encuentre el Distribuidor de productos Tablemac Duratex más cercano a usted!
Con la aplicación Carpintex, usted logra realizar sus proyectos de principio al fin. Inspírese, tenga ideas nuevas para diseñar sus muebles, diseñe su mueble y haga su plano de corte. Además, realice el envío de cotizaciones y encuentre el distribuidor de los productos tablemac Duratex más cercano a usted.

Descargue ya. Una solución rápida y práctica para diseñar muebles, además de que usted puede cargar sus proyectos en el bolsillo!

How to install Clipboard/Text to Speech APK at

Clipboard/Text to Speech is an application that allows you to listen any text from any source without any navigation. Simply highlight and copy the text (to your clipboard) that you want to have read out loud and swipe up from the home button afterwards. The application will then begin to verbally speak the text you selected. To cancel, swipe up again and the application will stop dictating.

This application will continue dictating when you turn off the screen.

Find any bugs? Contact us at [email protected] to report them!

How to download Speech to Clipboard Lite APK at

Text/Clipboard is an easy to use application to quickly speak the text you want and have it added to your clipboard! This application requires no permissions (no Internet access or services that "cost you money" and does not record any PERSONNEL information)

Unlike many different applications which must be accessed by navigating to them, Speech to Text/Clipboard starts up by simply sliding up from your home button or by using the notification bar. This brings up a Speech to Text recognition panel which right away begins to listen to you dictate.

Once you are done speaking, the application searches what you said if you began your dictations with "Search" or adds the dictated text to your clipboard. Text in your clipboard can be pasted on almost all applications with text input. To be able to Search Youtube, Google play and open other applications, please purchase the pro version.

What differentiates this application from Google Now (comparison is structured {Speech to Text/Clipboard to Google Now}):
-smaller size (~0.5 MB compared to ~23.0 MB)
-ability to start listening at activation without having to say keyword (start dictation right away rather then saying "Ok Google")
-its lack of required permission (no special permissions compared to Google Now's ability to edit messages, read messages, record audio, track gps, read contacts, modify/delete content, full network access, bluetooth access)
-absolutely no recorded PERSONNEL information whatsoever [This application only records if it is your first time using the application to activate the help function, that is it!]
-ability to command exactly what you want (Keywords for certain functions compared to Google Now's inferring)
-ability to function without internet (Can still add text to clipboard and open application compared to Google Now only being able to call)
- ability to search within your default internet browser, Youtube, Google Play compared to putting all results on a single page (Youtube and Google Play search requires pro version)
-ability to add text to clipboard
-simple, minimal layout compared to Google Now's entire page setup
-ability to be accessed from notifications bar or by swiping up from home button

****Some parts of the Video are only available to Paid version users****

How to install Touchless+ APK at

Touchless+ is a hands free NO AD! application that allows you to easily use basic yet necessary functions with the wave of a hand or by simply taking your device out of your pocket!

Please acknowledge that most poor reviews are because the devices used did not have the necessary sensor for the app to work. If the app does not work with the hand wave, it is very likely that your device also does not have the required sensor as mentioned in the "Note" below.

With Touchless+ you can effortlessly access:
-date and time
-flashlight (screen flash light and camera flash light)
-front camera (to use as a mirror. Zoom and light supported)
-battery percentage and status

Touchless+ also includes:
-timer dependent on battery and user input to prevent unnecessary battery use
-changing backgrounds dependent on time
-easy access widget to start and stop app from Home Screen
-the ability to pass your lock screen. No need to put in your password!

Once you have installed the app and started it, your device should vibrate and a window should appear with a brief explanation of the app. If you see the apps icon in the menu bar then you have successfully started the application. Simply turn off your screen, wait at least 5 seconds and then wave your hand in front of the device which should turn it on. You could also use the Touchless+ widget to start and stop the app from your Home Screen.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, new pictures for the backgrounds or ideas for future improvements please contact us at [email protected]

This device uses a sensor which calculates the proximity of objects in front of it. While many devices have this sensor, those without the sensor will not be compatible with this application. If you are unsure if your device has this sensor, you can try using this application or look for the proximity sensor in your devices specifications.

Keywords: Air touch, touchless, no touch, swipe, autostart, mirror, light, wave
See potential in this app? Want to purchase the rights to it in order to sell it yourself? Contact me at [email protected] for more information!

How to install MobiNotes APK at

MobiNotes allow you to store your private (password-protected) and simple notes on your Android device.
It is an easy-to-use application for you.
Make notes easily.

• Simple and private (password-protected) notes
• Security settings for private notes
• Display notes by names or labels
• Display notes as a list or tiles
• Several types of sorting
• Set label and color
• Attach images and files
• Import/Export
• Encryption base info of private notes
• Themes (light, dark, moonlit night)
• Widget for simple notes
• Shortcut to add a note

Widget does not work if the app is moved to SD-card. This is restriction of Android.

How to install Scrum Poker APK at

Scrum Poker is app for estimating software development projects.

How to download Touchless Notifications Free APK at

Speaking full-screen notifications with MotoX "What's up?" like summary read-out
BIG UPDATE: V3.00 Watch video (new features from 2:58)
Touchless Triggers: Auto-change settings by time / connection
You can try this fully featured FREE version before purchasing PRO. Having trouble uninstalling? see FAQ below

(big thank you to all who talk/write about this app!) 
►Speaks and displays your incoming notifications full screen while you're driving
►Speaks your notifications when you have your headset or headphones on
(similar to Car Mode, Drive Link, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, ReadItToMe but with full screen display)
When you:
►start driving
►put your headset on
►say Google Voice Search command "Start touchless readout" or "Start Summary"
►plug or unplug charging
→Keeps track of what's been announced
(similar to the "What's up" feature in "Moto Voice" Touchless Controls see
►Works with any messaging app
►90% hands free
►Swipe to skip, pause, dismiss or launch the app
►Shake phone to mute
►Wave at phone to mute
►Greeting text (see PRO benefits↓)
►Time, battery
►Ambient temperature (if available ~ Note3, S4)
►Amount of text for each notification
►language detection
►mark apps which use your other language
►speech engine, rate
►pause or duck music
►pocket sensing
►Great out of the box, but may be fine tuned to the extreme… Quick ↔ Advanced settings
►Auto-silence by time
►Auto-activate by wifi/bluetooth location

Built-in user guide: + Tour Wizard!
►Support an independent app developer who is devoted to creating apps which put YOU in control
Personalize how Touchless Notifications will greet you, or turn off the greeting. The FREE edition lets you change the greeting, but it will only be used in the test announcement (in settings)
No notification icon in top bar
Locale / Llama / Tasker plugin → demo
►Touchless Notifications FREE will sometimes remind you to get the PRO version in the announcement
More FREE features may be moved to PRO version in the future
►Say "Hi Galaxy" on some Samsung phones with S for Switch Voice PRO configured to start Touchless Notifications (see in the Play Store)
►Gmail (from/subject + body ~ optional/shortened)
►Hangouts not just the first line
►SMS, Calendar, Missed calls
►Google Now updates (weather, time to home…)
►Every and any app's textual notifications which you don't specifically exclude

Q►I cannot uninstall?!
A►Go to Settings / Security / Device Administrators and uncheck
Q►Why 2 icons?
A►Two functions:
TN Settings: Settings (= "gear" icon)
Notifications: start summary read-out
Q►Permanent notification bar icon?
A►Touchless Notifications puts a permanent notification in the shade if you select any of the headset/power monitoring features. Remove the notification by disabling all connection triggers
New: BOOT,BLUETOOTH,WIFI=Automatic trigger system
PHONE=mute on incoming call
KEEP AWAKE=turn screen on for notifications
This app uses the Device Administrator permission to lock/turn off screen
Want to beta test?

How to download DynamicG Dropbox Plugin APK at

This is a Plugin, not an App - it does NOT run standalone
Get the main app here:

This plugin provides Dropbox integration to Time Recording (data backup, recovery and reports upload). Note it requires full access to your Dropbox, not just "per app file access". If this bothers you use the Google Drive Plugin instead (which is limited to accessing its own files).

See this page for backup and restore usage:

How to install DG Report Reminder APK at

This is an Add-on, not an App - it does NOT run standalone
Get the main app here:

• Schedule daily, weekly or monthly alarm notifications so that you don't forget to pull your Time Recording reports.
• Convenient usage: tapping the status bar notification directly opens the "Reports" page of the Time Recording app and optionally sends a report out right away.

How to install DG NFC Automation APK at

Automate your Time Recording punches with NFC tags, with support for check-in, check-out and task switching.

Setup is easy:
• Get a bunch of writable NFC tags.
• Use this app to write the "punch" commands to the NFC tags.
• Done. Each scan of such a tag performs the according action.

• NFC tags needs to be NDEF-compatible, e.g. NTAG203
• Task and client names are stored on the NFC Tag. If the Time Recording app cannot find a matching task later-on when scanning a tag it will create a new task with the given names (which comes in handy if you want to have other Time Recording app users or app installations use the same task names)

How to download DynamicG Calendar Sync Plugin APK at

☆☆☆ This is a Plugin, not an App - it does NOT run standalone ☆☆☆
Get the main app here: Time Recording Pro

This plugin provides calendar sync capability to Time Recording. See the troubleshooting page if you have issues with setup:

How to install DynamicG Google Drive Plugin APK at

This is a Plugin, not an App - it does NOT run standalone
Get the main app here:

This plugin provides Google Drive integration to Time Recording (data backup, recovery and reports upload).
See this page for backup and restore usage:

How to download Habit Tracker APK at

Need someone to reminder your to keep good habits? Someone? No, this small app is enough. It can track your activities with Habit tracker. It reminds your to log your habit activities everyday at specified time, so you can review your activities.

Good habits lead to success, just try it.

How to download CACHATTO PDF Reader APK at

CACHATTO PDF Reader is an PDF reading application specially developed for CACHATTO SecureBrowser.
The installed application will not be displayed in the application launcher.

* Functions
- Can now add annotations (highlighting, underlining, strike-through, ink color) to files that have been temporarily downloaded from e-mail, file servers, the portal, etc. Edited files can be attached to emails and sent. The downloaded files are deleted from the device after logging out of CACHATTO.

* Operating Environment
- Android 4.0 or above

How to install CACHATTO Monitor APK at

This app does not have any Activity. This plugin monitors SecureBrowser's force close. This plugin restarts SecureBrowser and clear caches when it is manually stopped by the user in Manage Applications.


How to download CACHATTO Document Viewer APK at

CACHATTO Document Viewer is an Office viewing application specially developed for CACHATTO SecureBrowser.
The installed application will not be displayed in the application launcher.

<font color="red>V6.5.140704 or above requires CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android<br>V3.11.0 or above to be installed on the device in advance.</red><br><br>* Functions<br> - Viewing Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents and Adobe PDF files<br><br>* Operating Environment<br> - Android 4.0 or above

How to download E-restó APK at

Usando esta aplicación el camarero puede realizar ciertas acciones en las mesas del local, dependiendo de los niveles de permisos asignados, tales como iniciar una nueva venta, cargar pedidos, cerrar venta, etc.

La aplicación está destinada por el momento solo a realizar acciones sobre las mesas del local, agregando agilidad en la operatoria.

En caso de contar con impresoras de comandas conectadas a una PC, las ordenes de cocina se imprimirán automáticamente a medida que desde la aplicación se vayan cargando los pedidos.



How to download KODAK Document Print App APK at

The KODAK Document Print App lets you easily send web pages, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, text files, and most image files from your Android device to any KODAK printer. To use this app, you will need to have a Google Cloud Print account and a KODAK AIO Printer* that is registered and connected to the Google Cloud Print service.

If you need to register for Google Cloud Print, or if you need to connect your KODAK printer to this service, please visit To learn more about Google Cloud Print, visit

Once your printer is registered, launch the KODAK Document Print App, login with your Google account, and start printing!

Note: If you want to print pictures over a wi-fi connection, with more formatting control, try the KODAK Pic Flick app in the Android Market.

Key Features
1. Access files** on your device, on Google Docs, on Dropbox, or on Evernote. Send them to your printer using Google Cloud Print.

2. Access and view web pages using the app’s built in browser. Send them to your printer using Google Cloud Print.

*ANY KODAK Printer works with Google Cloud print. Please visit for more information.

**Supported files: MICROSOFT WORD, MICROSOFT POWERPOINT, MICROSOFT EXCEL, PDFs, text files, web pages, and images such as jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, gif, and tiffs.

Supported languages: English, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish

*** The KODAK Document Print App is compatible with all KODAK All-In-One Printers except KODAK VERITE models

How to download Document Scanner - PDF Creators APK at

Document Scanner is the best document to PDF scanner app and very easy to use. The Document Scanner is a PDF document scanner app. You can scan documents, receipts, photos, reports, or anything.


Simply hold your smartphone or tablet over a document and Document Scanner will automatically scan it. The document scanner app will then crop the document and optimize the colors. You can save your scan document as PDF or JPG with one tap.

-Scan your document.
-Page edges are detected automatically.
-Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)
-Share PDF/JPEG files.
-Print and fax the scanned doc directly from the app

The Best Document Scanner, All type PDF Document Scanner, Easy Scanner, Paper Scanner, PDF Creator, Cam Scanner, Images to PDF Converter, Best Document Scanner Lite, Portable Scanner, All type of Doc Scan.

How to download LED Illuminator - Torch Light APK at

Convert your smartphone’s camera led into a useful and handy pocket torch with brightest LED Illuminator Torch Light for Android. The simplest of app utilizes the in-built camera flashlight to make it an effective pocket torch illuminator tool on the go.
With the touch of a simple button, use the bright flashlight led for tedious works, get a handy tool when in dark, and get focused on smaller objects when needed. No need to carry around bulky flashlight tools around anymore, as your phone becomes even smarter with pocket flashlight Illuminator Torch Light app.
The newest shake to start feature adds even more ease of use. Simply start the app and shake your smartphone to toggle flashlight on/off.
- Simple, smart one touch toggle for camera led light
- Easy and very simple interface, with toggle flashlight button
- New shake feature added! Now turn on camera torch simply by shaking the phone
- Handy tool for camping, hiking and use in dark places

How to install Writer Sync (Google Drive) APK at

Writer (Plus) Sync lets you sync and share files and folders in Writer or Writer Plus application with Google Drive cloud storage and with your other devices. It is an ideal tool for document and file backup, automatic file transfer, automatic file sharing between devices,...

Two-way Sync is supported. New files in your device can be uploaded to Google Drive. New files in Google Drive can be downloaded onto your device. If you delete a file on one side, it will be deleted on the other side. It works across multiple devices (your phone and your tablet). If their folders are synced with the same Google Drive account, they will be kept in sync with each other.


✓ Full two-way sync with Google Drive
✓ Backup: compress Writer directory in SD card to zip file
✓ Restore: extract backup zip file to overwrite Writer directory
✓ Very efficient, consumes almost no battery
✓ Easy to set up
✓ Absolutely Free


If you run into any issues or have suggestions for improvements, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] I will do my best to assist you.

- Google Plus Community:
- Facebook:

How to install EasyClip: Clipper for Evernote APK at

EasyClip is a lightweight, but powerful clipboard manager, featuring connection to Evernote.

Start EasyClip (enable clipboard monitoring) and switch to other apps. Copy any text, EasyClip will save the clippings in background. When finish your work, return to EasyClip and organize the clippings. Send clippings/notes to cloud service.

Try it with features:

☆ Save texts from any apps by simply copying them
☆ Make clippings from website, pdf, documents etc quick and easy
☆ Add image as clip, and support merge image and text together
☆ Work in background so that you don't need to switch between apps
☆ Merge multiple clippings into one, organize their order with ease
☆ Send clips/notes to cloud service (i.e. Evernote)
☆ Support Tags and Notebooks
☆ Battery friendly, Limited system resource usage
☆ Robust and Stable, High performance
☆ Absolutely FREE! Great support!

Comments from Users

"Perfect tool for my tablet! I can use this for research, but I can also save a link for later, copy comments from Facebook, sort the order of the clipped text for the note when I create it in Evernote. Delete it if I change my mind. It is a clipboard for my tablet, with more functions." -- Sue Barron

"Superb research tool! Does exactly what I need it to. With this I can grab text from any app, then sequence and combine these and share result to evernote. Great for research." -- Paul Ripley

"Just what I was looking for!" -- Marcel Kaczala

Supported Languages:
- English
- Simplified Chinese
- Traditional Chinese
- Korean
- Japanese
- French

Your feedback is very important to us, please email us: [email protected], or write feedback in the app.


✓ Internet access: to connect to the cloud service and send feedback
✓ Access network state: to check internet connectivity
✓ Access WiFi state: to check wifi connectivity
✓ Receive boot completed: for automatic startup (can be disabled in settings)
✓ Read phone state: for debugging, only work when send us logs
✓ Write to external storage: for debugging, only work when send us logs
✓ Read logs: for debugging, only work when send us logs

How to download Rastreo Paraguay Mobile APK at

Rastreo Paraguay Mobile es la APP que le permite conocer el estado actual de la flota de vehículos de su empresa, consultar distancias recorridas y conocer los últimos eventos generados por los vehículos.

Vea en un mapa la ubicación de toda su flota, con vistas de mapa Standard, Imagen Satelital o Híbrido.

Tenga la información de sus vehículos actualizada:
- Ubicación actual
- Velocidad y Sentido de circulación
- Fecha y hora de la última actualización
- Voltaje de baterías
- Temperaturas
- Consumo de Combustible

TODO, desde su teléfono

How to download CapIt - Recorder APK at

This app can provide you the following:
Record Screen
Record Video
Record Mic and Internal audio
Take screenshot

You can trim your video and screen record

You will also have a nice management library to share and trim your developed videos or audio

How to download Codes for universal controls (Smart control) APK at

If the device does not respond to the remote control after dealing with all the codes in the list corresponding to the brand, or if the brand is not included in the list, do a manual search of the code: here a list of brands to find the corresponding code of your TV ( Television ) or something else you want to program.

Here we make it easier for you to be looking for those codes on the internet here in this application are thousands of different brand codes here we make life easier for you.

The universal tv remote controller codes this app allows you to quickly select thousands of TV manufacturers codes so you can configure your remote control or (control) for television.

The universal remote control can be programmed to work with most televisions , VCRs and cable boxes. each brand has a specific code that must be programmed in the universal remote control , and the manual of the latter has a code list .

However, the manual may easily get lost and make your remote control more difficult to program. Some codes can be shared between devices.

- NOTE -

- The remote function where the soundbar and tv is only works for devices with infrared
- The TV Smart function works only with smart TVs and so far with some TV models

Share with friends so you can provide them.

How to install MyEdenred Perú APK at

Aplicación que permite por medio de tu dispositivo móvil poder consultar saldos, movimientos e histórico de tus tarjetas Ticket Alimentación Visa, Ticket Regalo Visa y Ticket Combustible de manera rápida, fácil y sobretodo segura.

Solo tienes que registrar tu DNI o Carnet de Extranjería, colocar correo electrónico, crear una clave y por último una pregunta secreta. Y así de simple ya formarías parte de los beneficios que Edenred tiene para ti.

Un servicio gratuito creado especialmente para que te conectes las veces que desees y consultes los movimientos de tus tarjetas.

How to download Ticket Restaurant® Calculator APK at

Už nemusíte počítať, koľko stravných lístkov potrebujete a akú hotovosť máte doplatiť. TicketRestaurant Calculator je jednoduchá a užitočná aplikácia, ktorá Vám pomôže pri prepočtoch a platbách so stravnými lístkami.

How to install Ticket Car Pro APK at

App diseñada para realizar operaciones desde cualquier lugar sin tener que estar en un lugar fijo. Las operaciones a realizar son dispersión, bloqueo, consulta de tarjetas y consulta de estaciones de servicio.

Con ello, su función principal es la de brindar movilidad a los administradores de las flotas vehiculares de su empresa, y les facilita la oportuna toma de decisiones en cualquier lugar que se encuentren.

How to install Texture Packs for Minecraft APK at

Texture Packs for Minecraft allows you to easily install packs for Minecraft PE.
All you need to do is download the app, click your favorite texture pack, then click the download button. The download is fast, and simple. The texture pack is automatically installed and added to Minecraft for you.
This app allows you to scroll and preview different texture packs and download each of them!

Disclaimer: This app is not in any way related to Mojang or Minecraft. This app is NOT endorsed by Mojang, and is unofficial.

We are not responsible for damage caused to your device or any files lost due to this app.

How to download Edison Assistant APK at

Edison Assistant (formerly EasilyDo Smart Assistant) is an award winning assistant that organizes your work and personal life. Less work, less worry, and more time for you.

What this thoughtful virtual assistant does: Merges duplicate contacts, checks traffic so you know when to leave for a meeting, identifies email you may have forgotten to respond to, reminds you of meetings committed to in email that are not on your calendar, adds flights to calendar & notifies you of delays or cancellations— even TSA security wait times!

All this is done without you lifting a finger.

Edison Assistant streamlines your tasks by connecting to apps & services you care about. Connect and manage your email accounts and calendars from Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and IMAP accounts, and other services like LinkedIn, Evernote and Facebook. Also supports virtually all airlines, hotels, restaurants, shipment providers, & rental car companies.

Recommended on NBC’s Today Show by Randi Zuckerberg, The Katie Couric Show, and featured by Apple on the iTunes home page! Critically acclaimed by Time, WSJ, New York Times & more.

Over 43 automated features:

Navigate Your Day
• Alerts when it’s time to go with drive time and parking
• Auto-dial in to conference calls and view attendees’ LinkedIn profiles
• Driving & public transit times for daily commute
• Directions and drive time to home & work
• Weather forecast for home or travel
• Enter to-dos

Travel Stress-free
• Access boarding passes
• Get flight status (delays, cancellations, gate changes)
• Add itineraries to calendar
• View confirmations for hotels, car rentals, restaurants (OpenTable), movies (Fandango), and events (Eventbrite, Meetup, Ticketmaster), and add to calendar

Get Notified
• Track packages
• Set reminders for bills
• Get bad weather alerts
• Be notified of important emails
• Respond to actionable emails on the go.

Stay Connected
• Schedule personalized birthday greetings with a personal photo via email or Facebook
• RSVP to invitations from Facebook, GCal, and Evite
• Catch important and trending updates from Facebook friends
• Congratulate a LinkedIn connection on a new job
• View top photos of the day and pics you're tagged in from Instagram and Facebook, plus trending photos.
• Add Facebook profile pics to your contacts

Get Organized
• Find contact info from an email to update Contacts, Salesforce, and/or Evernote & connect on LinkedIn
• Remove outdated emails from Contacts
• Merge duplicate contacts
• Create calendar events automatically for meetings you've agreed to over email
• File receipts
• Backup emails & attachments to Dropbox, Evernote or Box
• Clean out deals & old calendar reminders
• Sync your Facebook profile pic to Twitter
• Preview email attachments

Recurring Premium Services:
• Merge duplicate contacts removes all the duplicate entries from a contacts list at once
• Discovers info for new and existing contacts from emails and syncs automatically
• Store a backup of your entire device's Contacts list
• Real-time email discovery for all email related tasks
• Add up to 5 alerts for ‘Important Email’ Alerts
• Auto-forward receipts for expense management
• Save 10% on gift cards for your friends’ birthdays (iOS only)
• Receive fast travel notifications for delays, cancellations, & gate changes
• Executive level support for any question

Recurring Business Services:
• Get all the benefits of Premium plus,
• Add contacts from email and Evernote Business Card Scanner to any Salesforce object
• Log emails and meeting notes to Salesforce
• Touch ID and MobileIron integration for security
• Centralized administration & phone support
• Add Evernote Notes, transcribed audio notes, and attachments to related Salesforce objects
• Smart reminders to update Opportunities

One-time purchase: Catch All Contacts! This feature will scan your email history and find contact information you've missed over the last 1 or 5 years.

Your data is always yours and always protected.

How to install Calf Book APK at

Calf Book allows you to track calving data, calf weaning and yearling performance and generate reports by Sire or entire calf crop. Calf Book will allow you to enter breeding information on your cowherd and project calving dates. This application will generate individual cow productivity by keeping annual calf performance. The Semen Tank function allows you to manage your semen/embryo inventory.

- Manage Calving Data
- Manage Breeding Data
- Manage Cow Data
- Reports on Calving and Breeding Data
- Data syncs to website
- Data stored on mobile device so a constant Internet connection is not needed
- Semen Tank

- Manage Bull Data
- Add Calf to Cows List
- Import Cows and Bulls
- Export Calving Data
- Recip Ids for Calving Data
- Export reports