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Game danh bai doi thuong WinMe la game đánh bài đổi thưởng uy tín số 1 hiện nay. Với cộng đồng người chơi đông đảo cùng kho game khổng lồ, có thể đáp ứng bất cứ nhu cầu giải trí nào của người chơi.

Kho game đồ sộ trong game WinMe gồm có: Xoc Dia Doi Thuong; Tiến lên miền nam (Tien Len Mien Nam); Xì tố (Xi To); Danh phom (Phỏm, Tá lả zingplay); Xâm (Danh Sam); Liêng (Lieng); Poker (Poker doi thuong); 3 cây (Ba cay 3c); Quay số; Tài xỉu (tai xiu doi thuong); Chan (danh chan van van); Cờ tướng (Co chien); Cờ úp

Trong game bài đổi thẻ WinMe bạn có thể click vào chơi ngay hoặc tự tạo bàn theo mức cược mà mình thích. Game phù hợp với đối tượng người chơi từ 18 tuổi trở lên. Điểm mạnh của Game bài WinMe:

+ Hỗ trợ khởi nghiệp cho các game thủ ở mức cao nhất thị trường từ 50K-200K.

+ Game bài đổi thưởng/ Game đổi thẻ siêu nhanh không cần điều kiện level, cấp VIP.

+ Server ổn định cho phép tự động kết nối lại khi mất kết nối. Giúp người chơi không bị mất tiền khi đang chơi mà rớt mạng.

+ Đặc biệt, đội ngũ nhân viên tư vấn cực kì nhiệt tình sẽ hỗ trợ mọi thắc mắc của bạn 24/24 và duyệt thưởng cực nhanh với tỷ giá đổi thưởng cực tốt, 100% game thủ đã đổi thưởng thành công và rất hài lòng với dịch vụ của chúng tôi.

- Nếu bạn là một trong nhưng cao thủ game đánh bài thì WinMe – Game Đánh Bài Đổi Thưởng là một trò chơi không thể thiếu trong điện thoại của bạn. Nào hãy cùng tham gia đổi thưởng, đổi thẻ hàng ngày cùng chúng tôi ngay nhé.

Chúc các game thủ một Năm mới nhiều thành công!


Người chơi lưu ý:

- Trò chơi game bai WinMe dành cho người chơi ở độ tuổi trưởng thành (Từ 18 tuổi trở lên).

- Trò chơi danh bai WinMe không ủng hộ "việc cá cược/giao dịch bằng tiền thật" hoặc cũng không hỗ trợ các giải thưởng bằng tiền mặt.

- Nghiêm cấm hoàn toàn các hành động gian lận trong game WinMe.

- Kinh nghiệm đã chơi hoặc chơi thắng ở trò chơi game bài trên mạng xã hội không đồng nghĩa với sẽ thắng trong các hoạt động cá cược/giao dịch bằng tiền thật sau này.

How to install Tien len mien nam APK at

Tien Len mien nam is the national card game of Vietnam, also known as Vietnamese cards, Thirteen, Sounther Poker. Try our BEST FREE TIEN LEN card app, which is beautiful and very easy to play.

**Features of Tien len mien nam**:
- No need internet connection
- Completely free
- Beautiful GUI
- Auto save
- Personal records
- Auto complete to finish a solved game

With smart computer players Tien len mien nam will help you to improve playing skill and become a professional player.

We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments.

How to download Classic Uno APK at

Uno Card Game the fun, classic card game that is the favourite of all the card games. Its really easy to pick up and play and difficult to put down. Its simple to play but still has a strategic component to it

The objective of Uno Card Game is to empty all your cards before the other players get rid of theirs. The player reduces cards by discarding cards that match the top card in the Discard pile.

Use the special action cards to frustrate your fellow players by stealing turns away from them. You can play against one, two or three other players in offline or online multiplayer modes. Match the colour or the number of the last card on the discard stack to play your cards.

Uno Multiplayer Card Game is a very simple color and number matching game. The deck consists of 108 cards, of which there are 25 of each color (red, green, blue, and yellow), each color having two of each rank except zero. The ranks in each color are zero to nine, "Skip", "Draw Two", and "Reverse" (the last three being "action cards"). In addition, the deck contains four each of "Wild" and "Wild Draw Four" cards

Each player is dealt 7 cards and the remaining cards are placed face down to form a draw pile. The first player has to match the card in the discard pile either by number or color or the player can throw down a Wild Card else he must pick a card from the draw pile. If he can play what is drawn, great. Otherwise play moves to the next person.

In Uno The card deck contains four colors with numbers from 0 to 9, as well as Action cards - "Reverse", "Skip", "Take Two", "Wild" and "Wild Take Four".

If you forget to say Uno, you are penalized by having to draw two more cards from the pile.

Uno Card Game trains concentration, memory, and reaction time.

The first one to get rid of their cards wins!

Do you like playing Uno? Well, brace your wits for a card game that's being billed as two times the fun. Are you ready to play it?

Play Uno Card Game Game and never be bored again.

Download Uno Card Game today for FREE and have hours & hours of fun!

=====Features of Uno Card Game=====

*) Three strategic AI players
*) Fast-paced, competitive and fun - for free!
*) Create Private Room and Invite Friends and Family
*) Play with players across the world
*) Play with Facebook Friends or as Guest
*) 2, 3 & 4 Player Modes
*) 3 action cards and 2 Wild cards
*) Touch friendly interface
*) Excellent game graphics

Enjoying the game Uno Multiplayer Card Game? Give us a review :)

We are happy to hear and feedback and suggestions for our Uno game

Play Uno Card Game today!

How to install Uno with Buddies APK at

Sometimes you get stuck in the groove of playing the same old games. This online version of the popular card game Uno With Buddies ensures that you can now play your favorite card game anytime anywhere.

As you know, the goal is to get rid of your cards before your opponents do. When you have only two cards left, don't forget to hit the UNO button!

So if you’re looking for something new, here’s a new classic Crazy Eights card game for you to try…it’s called Uno With Buddies.

The object of this ultimate card game is to get rid of all your cards before the other players get rid of theirs. All you have to do is to get rid of cards from your hand by discarding cards that match the top card in the Discard pile in the centre of the table.

It is a simple color and number matching game. The biggest advantage of Uno With Buddies card game is that it can be enjoyed by everybody in the family. From grandparents to kids everybody can enjoy a game of Uno even along with their Buddies. No matter what the occasion is, UNO seems the favorite choice for the group.

The card deck contains four colors with numbers from 0 to 9, as well as action cards - "Reverse", "Skip", "Take Two", "Wild" and "Wild Take Four".

Each player is dealt 7 cards with the remaining ones placed face down to form a draw pile.
The first player has to match the card in the discard pile either by number or color or the player can throw down a Wild Card else he must pick a card from the draw pile. If he can play what is drawn, great. Otherwise play moves to the next person.

The winner is first one who has no cards left. Points are scored and you start over again.
Tips & tricks to be remembered:
1. Play your cards before the timer runs out
2. You should say Uno before throwing second card and left with only one else you will get two penalty cards.

Play with your Facebook friends, against the computer or with millions of Uno players around the world.

You can also create a Private Room and invite your friends to play.

This is a classic game of family fun! Race to get rid of all your cards! Use the Action Cards against your opponents. When you're down to one card don't forget to yell "Uno"!

Uno With Buddies is the game you can play anytime anywhere. Don’t you think Uno With Buddies would be a great addition to your next game right?

Download Uno With Buddies for your phone and tablets today and have endless hours of fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Uno With Buddies now for FREE!!

★★★★ Uno With Buddies Features ★★★★

❖ Create Private Room and Invite Friends and Family
❖ Play with players across the world
❖ Play with Facebook Friends or as Guest
❖ 2, 3 & 4 Player Modes
❖ Three strategic AI players
❖ Fast-paced, competitive and fun - for free!
❖ 3 action cards and 2 Wild cards
❖ Touch friendly interface
❖ Excellent game graphics

Please rate and give your feedback for Uno With Buddies for further improving the game.

We will be grateful to hear your opinions and improve - whenever needed - in future versions.

Enjoy playing Uno With Buddies anywhere anytime, Free!

How to install Gin Rummy Free APK at

★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★
★★★★★ "I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. It’s a great card game with levels for every player from beginner to expert. For free, you really can’t go wrong with this game and I highly recommend it." Android Tapp

★★★★★ "An Addictive Rummy for Android...this is one complete app in all areas." Alpha Digits

Gin Rummy Free is the third card game from AI Factory, and provides a highly polished interface that runs smoothly on all handsets. This game introduces drag and drop card play in addition to touch and go. As ever the game intelligence is finely tuned to provide a good range of opponents to give both the beginner and experienced player a good match. A key new feature for this product is CPU player "style".

Gin Rummy is a hugely popular card game for 2 players, where the aim is to form sets and runs of cards before your opponent. It's simple and quick to play, and if you are new to the game then Gin Rummy Free provides everything you need to learn it!


- 15 CPU Gin Rummy players of varying skills and styles (beginner to expert)
- Arrange your hand as you play, or let the app sort it for you!
- 3 different decks of cards available
- Choice of backgrounds
- User stats against all players
- Undo & Hints
- Gin Rummy Rules & Help
- Designed for both Tablet and Phone

This free version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data charges may apply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allow the game to save game data to external storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.

How to download Solitaire lovely Fish: Tripeaks APK at

Play your favorite Tripeaks types of solitaire game in the lovely fish world. Begin your adventure of the underwater by playing our solitaire lovely fish.

♣️How to Play♣️
-Solitaire lovely fish is a brand new type, a brand new spin on the classic solitaire card game you enjoy!
-Remove them by tapping on the cards that are the same value
-Remove all the cards on the board to win each round!
-A classic Tri Peaks Solitaire Card Game with simple rules, yet tricky to master!

♠️Special Features♠️
-Classic Solitaire: FREE TO PLAY!
-Want more coins to continue the game? Earn FREE rewards by completing each package!
-You can enjoy solitaire lovely fish to its full extent even offline; there is no need for Internet connections!
Journey through the deep ocean with fishes on an adventure that will surely have you rise to the top! Play Now!

Please Note
-This free game can be enjoyed on mobile phones & tablet PCs.
-Solitaire lovely fish contains ads, interstitials, videos and/or house ads.

How to download Fishmen Solitaire APK at

Solitaire fishmen game is base on classic solitaire. The solitaire is popular and free card games you know and love.

We carefully designed a fresh modern look, woven into the wonderful classic feel that everyone loves.

Match cards that with the same value to clear the game decks. Play fishmen solitaire, no hurry, no rush, just enjoying.

♠ Efficient, fast, and sensible game interface
♠ Single tap to place a card or drag and drop
♠ Smart hints show potentially useful moves
♠ Fun & challenging achievements
♠ Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere.

Join the most popular card game applicable to Any Ages and play with your friends NOW!

Thanks for playing!

How to download Pyramid Solitaire APK at

Play the #1 Classic FREE Card game Pyramid Solitaire on Android, bring back old memories of original solitaire game.
Pyramid Solitaire is fun and easy to play, drag and drop two cards to combine, add up to 13 to remove. Clean all cards,Win!Simple and addicting!
Try your best to complete every level, use the shortest time and moves get the highest scores, become the star of your Pyramid Solitaire game.

Solitaire Features
♠ Classic Pyramid Solitaire gameplay
♠ Drag or tap cards smoothly.
♠ Choose different card style
♠ Unlimited free undo
♠ Unlimited free hints
♠ Solve the daily challenge and win crown, platinum crown and trophy
♠ Leaderboard show your the best performance
♠ Track your records on Statistics
♠ Left handed mode
♠ Tablet support
♠ Portrait
♠ Landscape

English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

If you love Pyramid Solitaire, don't missing this Solitaire game for your device. There is no doubt that solitaire will be the most friendly free card game you've never played.

How to install Solitaire APK at

Welcome to the world of Solitaire!

Tired of the classic theme style Solitaire game? 
Don't worry! We have created a new theme of fishdom for you and you can enjoy it right now!

In the game, you can not only enjoy the fun of the card game but also enjoy the underwater world!
Earn coins by playing games or finish the daily challenge.
You can buy fish or buy props with coins and reduce the difficulty of the game by using props.

1. Fresh and lovely picture, smooth operation experience.
2. New gameplay, free games.
3. Classic game rules, easy operation.
4. The daily challenge can receive rich rewards and collect Treasure Map.
5. There is much fish to help you beautify your background.
6. Anytime, anywhere, easy to play.
7. Become a Fish Tycoon by winning games.
8. Support multi-languauge

You can download and play free now! What are you waiting for!

How to download Skat am Stammtisch Free APK at

Skat am Stammtisch - kostenlos Skat spielen - ohne Anmeldung :-)

Skat, der Kartenspiel Klassiker! Spiel ihn jetzt und lerne Skat auf der kostenlosen App (Free) mit schöner Sprachausgabe wie am Stammtisch.

Gestalte Dein Skat Kartenspiel mit vielseitigen Regeln:
Im Einstellungsmenü wählbar:
Ramsch oder Einpassen, Kontra/Re, Spitze, Schneider, Schwarz, Ouvert
Neben der klassischer Variante auch Seeger Fabian (erweitert / Turnier) System.
Nach Bockrunde folgt auf Wunsch eine (Schieber-) Ramschrunde.
Gründe für Bockrunden (einzeln wählbar): Schwarz, Schneider, 60/60, Verloren gegen Kontra, Gewonnen gegen Kontra, Re Ansage, Re verloren, Grand Hand Spiel

Neben Spiel Verlauf jetzt auch mit Startkarten Anzeige.

Auch für Anfänger des Skat-Kartenspiels zum üben und lernen:
- Drei Schwierigkeitsstufen: Anfänger, Fortgeschritten und Experte
- Die Augen des Teams und der eigenen Stiche können angezeigt werden.
- Spieltipps: zB.: Welches Spiel oder welche Karte zu spielen ist.
- Skatregeln sind enthalten
- das letzte Spiel kann wiederholt werden, auf Wunsch auch mit den Karten eines Gegners
- Anzeige des letzten Stiches
- Spielgeschwindigkeit wählbar

Weitere Skat Features:
- Autoplay und Schenken der Karten
- Altenburger deutsches, französisches und bayerisches Blatt wählbar
- Verschiedene Hintergründe wählbar: Kneipe, Holztisch, grüner Spieltisch
- Rangliste der Spieler
- Spiel Statistik incl. "Mein bestes Spiel"
- alle Spielernamen sind frei vergebbar
- Zoombutton, variable Größe der Karten auf dem Tisch
- Querformat in jeder Auflösung spielbar
- Intuitive Steuerung: Ziehe einfach mit dem Finger über den Touchscreen um eine Karte zu spielen. Nur Antippen geht natürlich auch.

Nur Spielgeld:
In unserer Skat App gibt es keine Glücksspiele um echtes Geld. Es gibt kein Geld und keine Preise zu gewinnen. Nach deutschem Recht ist Skat kein Glückspiel. Die Spiele sind für Erwachsene bestimmt. Erfolg bei Kasinospielen ohne Gewinn bedeutet nicht unbedingt, dass der betreffende Teilnehmer auch bei künftigen Spielen um echtes Geld erfolgreich sein wird.

Na dann gut Blatt und auf gehts an Skat-Stammtisch!

How to download ရွမ္းကိုးမီး - Yangon Shan Koe Mee APK at

Yangon Shan ဟာအခမဲ့ကစားလို႔ရတဲ့ေပၚျပဴလာအျဖစ္ဆံုး အြန္လိုင္းဖဲဂိမ္းျဖစ္ပါတယ္၊ ဘယ္အခ်ိန္မဆို ဘယ္ေနရာမဆိုကစားႏိုင္ပါတယ္


ကစားရတာလြယ္ၿပီး သူငယ္ခ်င္းေတြနဲ႔ကစားလို႔ရမယ္၊
အခမဲ့ေဒါင္းလုပ္ျပဳလုပ္ႏိုင္ၿပီး အခမဲ့ကစားလို႔ရမယ္၊
အင္တာနက္အကုန္သက္သာၿပီး အရြယ္စားေသးငယ္တယ္၊ လွပတဲ့ ဒီဇိုင္း႐ွိတယ္၊

သင့္ရဲ႕အားလပ္ခ်ိန္ေတြမွာ Yangon Shan ကအေကာင္းဆံုးျဖစ္တဲ့ ေဖ်ာ္ေျဖမႈေတြကိုေပးမွာပါ၊ အခုဘဲေဒါင္းလုပ္ျပဳလုပ္ၿပီး သူငယ္ခ်င္းမ်ားနဲ႔အတူ ရင္ဖိုစိတ္လႈပ္႐ွားမႈေတြ ခံစားလိုက္ပါ။

How to install CSIF - Conjuntos e Sinais IFRS APK at

SET é um jogo de cartas criado por Marsha Falco em 1974 e publicado pela
empresa Set Enterprise em 1991.

O Jogo é desenhado para duas ou mais pessoas. Cada carta contém 4
características: cor, forma, preenchimento e quantidade. Cada característica possui 3
Cor: Vermelho, verde ou azul
Forma: triangular, retangular ou oval
Preenchimento: em branco, sombreado ou sólido
Quantidade: uma, duas ou três figuras.

Doze cartas são dispostas sobre a mesa e o objetivo é encontrar um conjunto de
3 cartas que possuam, para cada características, ou todas iguais ou todas diferentes.
Caso não seja possível dentre as 12 cartas dispostas, 3 novas cartas são reveladas.
Ao encontrar um SET (conjunto de 3 cartas), 3 novas cartas são distribuídas.
O total de cartas do jogo é 81. O jogador vencedor será aquele que possuir mais
cartas ao final do jogo.

Este aplicativo (CSIF - Conjuntos e Sinais IFRS) foi desenvolvido em 2018 por alunos do curso de nível médio integrado em Multimídia do IFRS – Câmpus Vacaria (RS – Brasil) como parte das atividades da pesquisa de iniciação científica intitulada “Lógica: um estudo teórico com aplicações à programação” juntamente com os alunos bolsistas do projeto de ensino “RAP – Reasoning and Programming” com fins educacionais.

How to download Joker Poker APK at

Poker Machine Joker Poker

1. Play 1 to 10 coins
2. Free play coins
3. Statistics
4. Leaderboard

Have a good time!

How to download TriPeaks Solitaire Farm APK at

Farm Solitaire is base on TriPeaks Solitaire. We create some new features to make farm solitaire more fun. You can enjoy for a long time because there are 350+ levels and with new levels to join in. Puzzle challenge levels and celebrate your TriPeaks victory. Our Farm Solitaire gives you totally new and cool game experience. The goal of the game is to collect gold card by tapping cards from the board that is lower or one higher than the one in the base. TriPeaks Solitaire and cards game fans will fall in love this game.

Game Features:
# 3D mahjong style card!
# Keys and locks
# Lucky cards to Enjoy.
# Feed animals on the farm
# Easy to play and simple to use

Download Farm Solitaire for free and Enjoy it now!

How to install G4A: Crazy Eights APK at

This is a popular card game played all over the world in different variations. It has even been released commercially with special cards under the name "Uno". We use the rules that are most common in the United States.

Short summary of the rules:

The object of the game is to get rid of the cards in your hand by playing them on the discard pile,
where either the face or the suit of the card you play must match the face or the suit of the top-most card on the discard pile.
If you cannot play a legal card or if you do not want to play a card you must take a card from the stock pile.

Some action cards have special meaning:
- Any eight can be used to change the current suit (hence the name: Crazy Eights).
- When a two is played the next player must take 2 cards and must skip a turn.
- When a queen is played the next player must skip a turn.
- When an ace is played the direction of play changes.
- When a joker is played the next player must take 5 cards but is allowed to play again.

This is the game Crazy 8's in a nutshell, more elaborate rules can be found under the info button in game.

- A free card game that offers a lot of fun
- Another popular game in the Games4All series
- A world-famous game that everybody knows
- Do not get stuck with a joker or worse!
- Improve your statistics, improve your play

How to install Coinche / Belote Coinchée APK at

La coinche est la forme de belote la plus riche, puisque l'on choisit son contrat, et que l'on peut coincher (contrer) un adversaire trop optimiste. La belote coinchée est une variante de la belote contrée. Belote et rebelote sont bien présentes, comme dans toutes les variantes de la belote!

Ce jeu de belote/coinche gratuit gère tous les aspects de la belote coinchée: les enchères (coinche & surcoinche), les annonces, le jeu de la carte et les points. Il suit toutes les règles de la Fédération Française de Belote.

Cette application de belote coinchée est gratuite, avec peu de publicités. Il n'y a pas de jetons à acheter ou autre: c'est vraiment un jeu de coinche gratuit :-)

Il est possible de faire des parties en nombre de donnes ou en nombre de points, de choisir le niveau de ses adversaires, et de suivre de nombreuses statistiques pour jauger son jeu à la belote.

A vous de coincher!

How to install Classic Ono APK at

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with friends or family along with a good Classic ono card game. Here’s a fun card game which is all set to test your strategy skills.

This Classic Card game is getting more and more popular with its engaging gameplay. It is becoming the most relaxing and also fun to spend time with.

Classic ono in Spanish is known as “One" and also similar to other game like Crazy Eights. It’s a family game where every member can equally involve in the game, and the excitement is infectious.

The main objective of the Classic ono card game is to discard all your cards before other players. The player who gets rid of his cards first, is the winner.

Initally at the start of the game 7 cards are distributed to each player. The cards which are left after distributing the cards are considered as Draw Pile. The top most card in
Classic ono game is then put face up. That card determines which colour or number the first player should put. Also, that card becomes the 1st card in the Discard pile.

The play in Classic ono starts with the player left to the dealer and goes clockwise. The player needs to match the colour or the number from the discard pile. In case the player doesn’t have the colour or number card, he is forced to pick up a card from the Draw pile. In case you have an action card, you can use that as well.

If you have a wild card in Classic ono, play that card and change the course of the game. These action cards in Classic ono are the game changer in ono. It can make you win the losing game. But use your cards in our Classic ono card game wisely because a wrong move can land you in trouble in your next chances.

Classic ono is no doubt stores a lot of excitement and surprises for you. The game can change any moment and bring you the victory. You have to use your wit and common sense to win this game.

It has become household’s best friend along the time. Classic ono is the perfect card game to bond over with.

So, grab your little ones and hot chocolate and prepare yourself for a war in our Online Multiplayer and Private room.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Classic ono now for FREE!!

★★★★ Classic ono Features ★★★★
❖ Three strategic AI players
❖ 3 action cards and 2 Wild cards
❖ Extremely rich UI
❖ Private Room: Play with your friends and family.
❖ Play Online in Classic Uno with different players across the globe
❖ Fast-paced, competitive and fun - for free!
❖ Easy & Refreshing Interface

Please don't forget to Rate and Review Classic ono,we aim to make Classic ono one of the best card games out there on the Play Store.

We will be grateful to hear your opinions and improve whenever needed in future versions.

Enjoy playing Classic ono!!

How to download Spades online - spades plus friends, play now! ♠️ APK at

Play Spades online! Do you have what it takes to become a champion?
Join millions of players and compete to win the ultimate prizes - special Spades rings.

● Play Spades with friends. Challenge your Facebook friends or make new ones!
● Tons of free chips. Get a welcome bonus, plus Wheel of Fortune, Piggy Bank, Jackpots and ring rewards!
● Extensive statistics. Wanna play Spades better? Track your game stats and improve your skill!
● Spades rings. Acquire the complete collection of our special spades rings and get generous rewards!
● Leaderboard. Track your way to the top!
● State-of-the-art interface. Simple, beautiful, easy to use.
● «Play now». Quick access to the most suitable spades table without any delay.
● Three leagues, nine locations. Different tables, bets and limits. Find your favorite one! Check our VIP Spades package!
● Play anywhere. Play Spades card game seamlessly across all web and mobile versions, just log in with Facebook!

Classic mechanics of card game Spades plus unique features = new king of Spades apps!
Download Spades free app and start playing today!

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How to install 單機鬥地主(高智能真人AI) APK at

好玩的單機鬥地主遊戲-甘蔗鬥地主登陸安卓平臺啦! 甘蔗鬥地主是壹款精美好玩的鬥地主遊戲,支持單機鬥地主和聯網鬥地主遊戲,3D遊戲界面和2D遊戲界面任您選擇!此遊戲具有如下的特色:
/智能單機遊戲模式,靈活的電腦人工智能 ;

How to download Kozel HD Online APK at

Kozel is legendary Soviet card game.

In our version you can find:
- beautiful graphics
- great team AI
- play both with 32 and 24 card decks
- 12 card packs and 9 game tables
- hot-seat mode

How to download Adult Hot Poker APK at

Adult Hot Poker is a FREE app that gives you an extra incentive to win because if you win a hand you can unlock a sexy image! There are 26 images to collect but beware, if you gamble and lose you will lose a sexy image.

Play with your partner or a group of friends and add the strip poker rules for even more fun. This time if you lose you’ll lose a piece of clothing too!

It’s Adult Hot Poker in this FREE to play sexy adult app.

How to install リバースユニオン APK at








Android 4.4以上


©Ambition Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

このアプリケーションには、(株)CRI・ミドルウェアの「CRIWARE (TM)」が使用されています。

How to install 戦姫コレクション〜戦国乱舞の乙女たち〜 APK at







How to download 大富豪V - トランプゲーム無料(だいふごうV) APK at







≫ 今すぐ!! レッツ大富豪 v(^^)v ブイ♪ ≪


・革命 (On/Off)
・階段革命 (On/Off)
・階段出し (On/Off)
・都落ち (On/Off)
・反則あがり (On/Off)
・ジョーカー (1枚固定)

・スート縛り (片縛/完縛/Off)
・階段縛り (On/Off)

・8切り (On/Off)
・11バック (On/Off)
・スペ3返し (On/Off)
・5スキップ (On/Off)
・Kスキップ (On/Off)
・9リバース (On/Off)
・Qリバース (On/Off)


・プレイヤー数…2種類 (4人/5人)
・ゲーム難易度…3段階 (Hard/Normal/Easy)
・ゲームの速度…3段階 (Fast/Normal/Slow)




≫ 今すぐ!! レッツ大富豪 v(^^)v ブイ♪ ≪

PRO.APP トランプゲーム

How to download Burraco Più - Giochi di Carte Social APK at

Burraco Più è il nuovo gioco di carte per tablet e smartphone, sviluppato da Spaghetti Interactive, gli ideatori del gioco Scopa Più!

Burraco Più è totalmente gratuito e multipiattaforma: puoi giocare contro i tuoi amici o sfidare altri giocatori online, utilizzando smartphone o tablet di qualunque modello!

Le funzioni principali di Burraco Più:

- Gioca nella versione a 2 giocatori o a 4 giocatori!
- Modalità Multiplayer e Singolo con 3 livelli di difficoltà
- Modalità Casuale : in pochissimi attimi Burraco Più troverà un avversario con cui giocare
- Diverse STANZE dove incontrare nuovi avversari aggiornate in tempo reale
- Chat con emoticons per comunicare con l'avversario
- CLASSIFICHE DI SEMPRE. Entra nella leggenda!
- CLASSIFICHE MENSILI: i vincitori di ogni mese appariranno sul sito di Tressette Più
- Ben 3 mazzi personalizzati con cui giocare
- Differenti SFONDI per il tavolo da gioco
- Modalità landscape (orizzontale) e portrait (verticale) sia per smartphone che per tablet
- Condivisione dei risultati e sfida dei propri amici di Facebook
- SISTEMA DI AMICIZIE interno per sfide sempre più avvincenti
- Login con Facebook, Google, ed e-mail
- Caricamento di AVATAR PERSONALIZZATO per il profilo utente
- 27 OBIETTIVI da raggiungere per una sfida continua
- Ben 60 LIVELLI DI ABILITA'. Gareggia con i migliori!
- Un'intera sezione dedicata alle STATISTICHE di gioco per verificare al meglio i tuoi progressi!!!


Per il supporto e per rimanere informato sulle novità ci trovi ai seguenti link:

Sito web -
Facebook -
E-mail - [email protected]
Dal Gioco - pulsante Feedback nella schermata principale

Visita il nostro portale dove troverai tutti i nostri divertentissimi giochi social: tressette, scopa, briscola, scopone, dama, scacchi, traversone, rubamazzo e assopigliatutto!

How to install ronda m3a kabour APK at

ronda est le meilleur jeu de carta ronda au maroc, dans lequel vous allez rencontrer et défier les meilleurs joueurs de carta.

ronda est le meilleur jeu de carta kabour ronda

Règles du jeu:

- ronda contient au total 40 cartes.
- Le nombre de joueurs: 2.
- Au début, 4 cartes sont servies sur la table et 3 cartes pour chaque joueur.
- Chaque joueur tire une carte: Soit il a dans sa main une carte semblable à une des cartes sur la table et dans ce cas il prend la carte, plus les cartes qui suivent (par exemple il y a
2,3,4 sur la table, il a le 2 il prend donc les 3 cartes).
Soit il n'a aucune carte semblable à celles sur la table, dans ce cas il pose une carte sur la table.
- Le joueur déclare "Missa" est gagne 2 points de plus quand il collecte toutes les cartes qui sont sur la table.
- "Darba" est déclaré quand le joueur collecte une carte qui vient juste d'être posée sur la table par l'adversaire.

N'hésiter pas à télécharger le jeu de cartes le plus populaire au Maroc : ronda

N'oubliez pas de partager vos résultats avec vos amis sur Facebook ;)

How to install Big2 Online APK at

Play online without registration!

A fresh take on the classic Chinese card game Big 2 (鋤大D), now on Android. A futuristic fast paced card game experience with the option of expanding the game’s features ( Power-Ups, Table-Tops, Music, etc) through the use of Points. Play / Chat with your Facebook friends (4 players) or random foes and see who can maintain the highest score!

Play competitive computer players in Practice mode or with players around the world in Multiplayer mode. With Global Leaderboards, find out how you measure up with other players.

Features :
Practice Mode (Singleplayer)
Online Mode (Multiplayer)
New Point system for Achievements and Power-Ups
Fast control using gestures
Notifications to invite friends to join table
Leaderboard on both average score and total score

for suggestions and problems, please contact :
[email protected]

How to download Mau Mau APK at

Play now the Mau Mau game for free

- Special opponent players.
- Great graphics
- Smooth gameplay.
- Play for free, Play as much as you want
- Specifically optimized for Phones and Tablets
- Works offline and without wifi or network, no need for wifi.
- Fun, excitement and entertainment!

In Mau Mau card game free all cards are shuffled and dealt clockwise one card at a time to each player. The number of cards for each player depends on the number of players. Each of two players gets 7 cards, each of three players gets 6 cards and each of four players gets 5 cards. The players take their cards, looking (only) at their own cards. After dealing cards to all players the topmost card of the pile is laid on the table faceup. This card is the first one on the discard pile. The remaining cards are laid on the table facedown as draw pile.

You don't need an internet connection or wifi and don't have to wait for other players from network or wifi.

The player, who got the first card, starts playing. If one of his cards corresponds to the suit or value of the open card (i.e. the topmost card on the discard pile), he can play this card, which means, put it faceup on top of the discard pile. Be aware, that there are some additional rules, if an action card is played. If the player has no matching card, he must take the upmost card of the draw pile. If that card matches, it can be put down in the same turn. Otherwise play moves on to the next player in turn. If one player puts his last card on the discard pile, he is the winner and the game is over.

If you ask yourself if you can play this game without wifi so the answer is yes, no wifi. You can play the game

One can play a card if it corresponds to the suit or value of the open card. on a 10 of spades, only other spades can be played or other 10s. If a player is not able to, they draw one card from the stack. If he can play this card, he may do so, otherwise he keeps the drawn card and passes his turn. If the drawing stack is empty, the playing stack is shuffled and turned over to serve as new drawing stack.

If the draw pile should be exhausted, the topmost card of the discard pile is removed and the remaining discard pile is turned face down, forming the new draw pile. The removed open card is put down as new discard pile. This is done immediately after the last card is drawn, even if that card matches the open card and can be played in the same turn! So the next card to draw from the draw pile will always be the bottom card of the former discard pile. It is guaranteed that a game will not completely run out of cards. (In fact there exist a few "degenerated distributions" that lead to that state, but there is no such case among the testcases.)

Do not wait! play now the Mau Mau game free and give us five stars!

How to download Spades Free APK at

Free Spades- the popular four player trick taking card game, get it now for free.
Your objective is to gain points by successfully bidding on the number of tricks you will win in a round. Be the first team to reach the set point amount and you'll win the Spades trick taking card game.
Very simple and beautiful user interface.
Take tricks, and pass to your partner in the best Spades available for mobile.
Spades is a trick-taking card game devised in the United States in the 1930s. It can be played as either a partnership or solo/"cutthroat" game. The object is to take at least the number of tricks that were bid before play of the hand began. In partnership Spades, the bids and tricks taken are combined for a partnership. Spades is a descendant of the Whist family of card games, which also includes Bridge, Hearts, and Oh, Hell. Its major difference as compared to other Whist variants is that, instead of trump being decided by the highest bidder or at random, the Spade suit is always trump, hence the name.
So do not wait and download now the free Spades trick-taking multiplayer card game for free!
Get now the free Spades trick taking multiplayer card game, in our special design for all your family.
Enjoy the free Spades trick taking multiplayer card game and give feedback!

How to install Danh Bai Doi Thuong PlayKool APK at

Danh Bai Doi Thuong PlayKool là game đánh bài online đổi thưởng hàng đầu được cộng đồng game thủ đánh giá cao. PlayKool- Đánh Bài Đổi Thưởng được đầu tư hoàn hảo về giao diện cũng như lối chơi nên hoàn toàn không thua kém các game đánh bài kinh điển bigkool, iwin, beme, ionline
Đến với game bài đổi thưởng Playkool, quý khách sẽ có những phút giây giải trí thú vị. Chỉ với chiếc smartphone trên tay, bạn sẽ có cảm giác trải nghiệm như trong sòng bài Monaco sang trọng, thỏa sức chinh chiến với 52la.
Hệ thống game của Đánh Bài đổi thưởng Playkool vô cùng phong phú bao gồm: Xì tố, poker hồng kong
Poker mini Ongame
Sâm Lốc online (iplay)
Phỏm- Tá lả online
Xóc đĩa đổi thưởng vip247
Mậu binh king7
Liêng Sảnh rồng
Ba cây gemchip cầm chương
Tien len Viet Nam (TLMN) nhất nhì ba
Tiến lên miền Nam đếm lá twin
Tài xỉu Ruby
Săn thưởng nổ hũ megawin, xèng tam quốc
Bài joker
Bầu tôm cua cá xu chiêng Chắn vương, chắn vạn văn
Nhiều mini game hấp dẫn khác như : Bắn cá săn xu, vòng quay may mắn S500, vương quốc sao (vương quốc may mắn), dự đoán bóng đá, thất truyền, cờ tỷ phú p111, game phát lộc vinplay, xổ số xo88
Bên cạnh đó nhiều sự kiện tri ân game thủ như: giải đấu vua bài, thần tài 88, phang69, chúa đảo king88
Cộng đồng đông đảo và gắn kết như trà chanh quán, nplay với: hội quán 52, nhất hội và clb
Bên cạnh đó Game bài vip đổi thưởng thẻ Playkool có nhiều phần thưởng cho các cao thủ thắng cuộc giống với 3c, rikvip, 52fun.
Còn chờ gì nữa hay gia nhập cộng đồng game bài đổi thưởng lớn VN Playkool

How to install FreeCell Solitaire Mermaid APK at

Play the FreeCell solitaire mermaid game on your device. Play FreeCell solitaire games that require skill, strategy, and patience to win! A true brain training experience! Each day you will receive new goals to tackle. Complete daily goals to gain XP and level up to exclusive titles! FreeCell solitaire adds a new element of strategy to the classic solitaire games. After dealing from a standard deck of 52 cards, use the four free cell spots as placeholders as you try to move all of the cards from the foundation stacks for a win. Just like Klondike solitaire games, you must move cards from the table to the foundation cells by suit, in ascending order. Most FreeCell games can be solved if you can find the right strategy.

- 3D cards & effect.
- Feed fish to get coins.
- Highlight Movable Cards
- Step-by-step tutorial
- Random games
- Portrait
- Auto complete to finish game
- Tap to move or drag and drop

So easy to use: FreeCell Solitaire has been built specifically for your phone to bring you the best card game experience ever?for you to fall in love with it over and over again.

How to install Golf Solitaire Tournament: Fun & Free Card Game APK at

Can you solve all the solitaire freecell stages? Even with unlimited times it’s a challenge!

This ⛳golf solitaire game is tremendous brain challenging fun. Solitaire fans and cards games fans will fall in love with this new free tripeaks solitaire experience!


Golf Solitaire is a challenging solitaire game (also known as tri peaks and Klondike). Start to play in the green golf yard, simply tap and drop a card from each peak, play one card higher or lower to clear the board, but the puzzling combinations need you to beat every challenge by strategies! Use special power up cards to strategize how to beat each level challenge. Special power up cards will let you undo moves, shoot a card off the board or shuffle the cards. Fans of logic puzzles, Patience, Pyramid, Spider Solitaire and other card games will love it! Now clean all the cards and win!

Is Golf Solitaire for Me?

How to download Cassino Card Game APK at

The classic card game Cassino also known as Casino.

The rules are simple, but the game is anything but simple. This is a great card game for both children and adults. Try the Daily-5 where you compete daily against all players where they are all dealt the exact same cards.

Each player starts the game with four cards and four on the table. Players may capture one or more matching cards or combinations of cards that add up to the same rank. You can build on to combinations on the table making one or more groups that match a card in your hand.

Cards are dealt four at a time until their are no more in the deck. The last player to capture a card takes the remaining cards on the table.

2 - Big Cassino (10-diamonds)
1 - Little Cassino (2-spades)
1 - Each Ace
3 - Most cards captured
1 - Most spades captured
1 - For each Sweep (when a capture takes all of the cards on the board)

Play single games or play a multiple-game match where the first player to score 21 points wins.

How to install Bridge V+, bridge card game APK at

Welcome to the 2018 edition of our Bridge card game, featuring faster and stronger game play with smoother user interface.

If you are looking for a fun yet comprehensive free Rubber and Chicago Bridge card game then look no further. The 2018 edition of Bridge features best in class artificial intelligence (AI) developed over the past 35 years by acknowledged Bridge experts (yes check out who built Bridge Challenger way way back in 1983!)

Bridge is played by four players who form two partnerships. Players within a partnership face each other across a table. Traditionally, the players are referred to by the points of the compass - North, East, South and West. The two partnerships are North/South and East/West.

In Rubber Bridge a rubber is played as the best of three games. A game is won by the first partnership to score 100 or more points in successful contracts.

In Chicago Bridge you play four hands of Bridge. The winner is the partnership that scores the most points in those hands.

Game features:
* Unlimited hands (well 2 billion of them to keep you busy!)
* Top free Bridge card game, now with super strong card play engine.
* Bridge engine built into the app so you can player whenever and wherever you are.
* Comprehensive Bridge Bid analyser.
* Supports 5 card majors, strong 2 clubs, weak 1NT, Jacoby Transfers, weak-2bids and 2NT 11-12 points conventions.
* Automatically supports and plays Stayman, Gerber, Blackwood conventions.
* Choice of multiple card sets, card backs, card tables and backgrounds.
* Extensive score card information.
* Ability to locate deals matching many bidding criteria - play Slams all day if you want!
* Auto bidding.
* Auto card play.
* Full undo and redo of all bids and cards played.

Please note:
This Bridge card game is free to download and play but is ad-funded. You can choose to remove the adverts using the single In App Purchase within the app if that is your preference.

We are more than happy to hear from you especially if you find deals that Bridge does not handle too well. However, please, please provide the Deal ID for such hands else we have no way of generating the hand here.

Meanwhile a huge thanks to all those who have taken the time to contact us with suggestions, comments and criticisms!, please keep them coming.

How to download Star Crusade™ CCG APK at

War is coming. Dive into fast-paced, strategic battles with countless unique card and deck combinations. Build your deck, forge your destiny and shape the fate of the Galaxy!

Star Crusade is a unique combination of trading card battles, strategic hero combat and epic sci-fi lore. Battle heroes from seven unique races in online card games. Collect new and powerful cards, and adjust tactics with custom deck sizes, multiple commanders and more.

Battle alongside an all-new faction! The Vraxxian join the epic war for the Galaxy, with brand new cards, improved interface, new booster packs and spectacular effects.

As the galaxy crumbles, whose side will you take?

Factions include:
* The Shan'Ti, who shape genetics into living weapons
* The cybernetically augmented Hierarchy and their rigid, cold order
* The psychically gifted Annunaki, who are worshipped as gods by their zealous followers
* The insidious Consortium, who focus on intrigue and vicious mercenary armies
* The brutal, adaptive Hajir-Gog, whose endless tide represents a scourge to galactic civilization
* The fearless, battle-hardened Terrans, with their massive weapons of war
* The Vraxxian, an all-new faction complete with 50 new cards and modules

Star Crusade™ CCG Features:

- Deck size can be customized for the best odds
- Starting strength can be personalized for a unique experience
- Epic heroes with powerful, unique abilities to unleash
- Collect 400+ cards and craft a killer deck

- Battle cards and practice your strategy in Casual mode
- Conquer the Galaxy in Raid mode
- Strategic gameplay is a must in the competitive Ranked multiplayer mode

- Tactical missions across a massive, volatile sector
- Strategic events that bring life to the game world and flesh out your experience
- Rewards for great victories

- Online multiplayer will push your skills and strategy
- Battle heroes against one another in fearsome online clashes

- Fully cross-platform, real-time gameplay
- Bring your card collection with you from iOS to PC and vice versa

- Collect and command seven factions vying for supremacy in an unclaimed exotic sector of space
- Sci-fi story with a deep, complex universe and beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations
- Learn more about the deep and complex universe through lore and events hidden throughout the game

- Experience thoughtful gameplay from a passionate team of CCG players
- Join a community-centered, ever-evolving game world centered on interesting player choices
- Submit your ideas, feedback or suggestions – We’re always glad to hear from you!

- Card battles have never looked this epic. Crush your foes and watch stunning effect unfold
- Battle faster with the new, streamlined interface complete with reworked home screen

Experience the ultimate tactical CCG, with millions of possible card combinations and a rich universe of lore to uncover.

Download now and join the Star Crusade!

This game requires an Internet connection and 700 MB of space on your device to play.

How to install HappyPoker APK at

You have a lot of friends, and you want to play dummy. However, the modern life is busy, the work is tense, the trifles are entangled. It is not easy for people to be together in different parts of the city.
Now, just a mobile phone, join the happy poker, you can organize a card party. Get your relatives and friends together to regain the fun of the game.
【game features】
1.Check in with a room card, and each room has an independent room number.
2. The unique invitation to friends feature allows you to play cards only with acquaintances while eliminate strangers' spoils
3. Fully simulate the traditional scoring method and experience more authentic
4. There is a small settlement at the end of each hand, and there are total settlements and technical indicators at the end of each hand. Whoever wins or loses, who plays better, is concise and clear at a glance.
5. The voice function of the table allows you to communicate with friends while playing cards, make friends, and promote friendship.
6. Fair and fair shuffling and licensing algorithm to ensure that the game is played in an absolutely fair environment
7.Professional technical support to eliminate all cheating.

How to download YuGi ARC V Tag Force Hero APK at

If you've never played the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC V Tag Force Battle before than Tag Force Special is going to test
you because the game doesn't really have a tutorial feature & although it does come with a difficulty select at the start of the game.
In place of card animations, in this game we have character sprite animations and dialogue for the various characters throughout the game which to it's credit looks really good on the system however only the 25 partner characters in the game have any voice acting which makes interaction exchanges between voiced and non voiced characters seem very distracting. Aside from that the Layout of Tag Force itself should be very familiar to long time Tag Force players with the vast majority of menu's retaining the same structure as previous games in the series.
The game has 25 partner characters (5 from each Era of Yu-Gi-Oh!) each of which have their own unique stories which as with previous Tag Force games will progressively unfold as you fill the hearts of those characters.
As with previous Games most stories in Tag Force Special are short arcs based on their anime story lines although you do get 1 or 2 stories that do attempt to be more creative with some of the less popular characters like Bastion Misawa and Ishizu Ishtar.
The stories aren't anything spectacular but often to the point and quite short.
it still assumes you know the rules as the only thing it changes is the decks your opponents use.
Unlocking Booster Packs in this game is outstandingly straight forward as most can be accessed right away from the card shop
and the ones that aren't available can be unlocked very easily via the Duel Statue once you have enough JP (JP are points obtained by having more than one copy of a card in your trunk) and actually having packs based on their real world counterparts means most fans should be able to dive right in.
The more duels you win the DP you unlock and the more booster packs or structure decks you can buy creating an invariable list of cards and decks to flex your creative muscles with and unlocking more characters.
The quickest way to build Hearts and Duelist Points in this game is by entering Tag Tournaments with your partner and putting it simply these tournaments are ruthless in every single arc your first opponents will always be against players using top tier decks from the OCG & remember that difficulty select I mentioned earlier? That doesn't apply to the Tournament Opponents,
they will always start with the most powerful decks in the game.
The game "YuGi ARC V Tag Force Hero" maybe tricky at first but it's so rich and diverse with it's content I honestly don't mind it at all.

How to install Poker Hands - Learn Poker FREE APK at

Poker cards explained, learn how poker hands work and understand the card combinations.
See the Official poker hand ranking and learn how to play Texas Hold'em poker.
An easy guide for Pokerhands. Great for when you play Texas Holdem poker with friends.

Know how to play, how poker ranking works by learning the poker combinations and rules.
Understand the official poker chart in one easy overview in this easy poker hand trainer.
Know when your poker combination wins, before you lose your chip stack at the poker tables.
The poker hand order is simple and explained easily in one chart graphic with extra rules and information about each poker hand if you click on a poker hand combination.

Poker rules are explained and this easy app will teach you the poker cards that win in the showdown.
You will learn poker quickly and use this poker tool to improve your poker skills to become a real pro.
Learn the difference between: preflop, flop, turn, river, showdown and all-in.
And see example for all poker hands, like Full house, Flush, Straight, Royal Flush, and more!
Understand the poker basics, the poker terms and when to raise or fold your Poker hand!


-This easy to use app is offered for free by the offline Poker Game: GOVERNOR OF POKER !
-If you have any questions, please send a mail to: [email protected]

How to download Castle Solitaire APK at

Standard rules for Pyramid or TriPeaks solitaire
You have a table with three towers behind the deck cards
To move card select one with value of one point higher or lower that top one, any suit
if you done 1st round well, you will get 2nd round,

How to install Towers Battle Solitaire Tripeaks APK at

Towers Battle Tripeaks or Pyramid Solitaire Challenge is your adventure in the classic solitaire world together with your friends!

We collected the best social solitaire experience to bring it to you.
We are quite sure that everyone who likes tri-peaks, pyramid, freecell, spider, diamond, klondike, club, hearts and other classic solitare games, of any age, from teen to wisdom, will love the ability to join the global social solitaire arena.

- excellent HD graphics
- thrilling sound effects
- 150+ unique levels to play
- challenge The Globe: 1 Day, 1 Chance and Battle Tournaments gives you not only The Glory, but The Gold as well
- Towers Battle Pyramid Solitaire is completely free game, but if you wish, you can buy any gold or silver pack to boost your experience
- all-in-one friends integration: once connected to the Facebook, you will get not only +2 to your max hearts amount, but your friends for the challenge
- additionally, every your friend can help you with a hearts every hour 24/7.
- different backgrounds to reflect your emotions

Some words about the solitaire tournaments
- here is no gambling, sorry, but you can win great prizes
- more players - more prizes for you, so invite more friends to get more gold ;)
- 1 Day Tournament : everyone and everyday is welcome to get some gold here, like in Klondike, but with more fun.
- 1 Chance Tournament : only 1000 players, only the one try to get prize here. Equal Chance for all - everyone play the exactly the same card layout here.
- Battle Tournament : consist of two stages: qualification and final, both of 1 hour length, kind of a blitz battle. Winners pays less, but takes more.

Some tips
- use bonuses to boost your score. For example, taking the Timer Bonus before you play, you will get more time to play, depending on you Skill Level. And taking the Joker Bonus, you get the wildcard that beat any other one.
- some levels are quite complicated, like mahjong pyramid layouts, but all of them are real, don't give up!
- make fast combinations, Quick Hand is your friend on the way to high score
- clean up all the cards, every cleaned gold Tower card will give you 10000 bonus points
- keep the deck as full as possible, every card there is your bonus points
- play fast, time is your score points too
- play smart, be the Towers Battle Solitaire Champion!

Invite as many friends as you can to get more fun and more challenge.
You can invite your Facebook friends just inside the game. More friends - more fun!

Welcome to our club of Towers Battle Tripeaks or Pyramid Solitaire Challenges!

How to download President APK at

The President game, also known as Scum, Asshole or Daifugo, is now available in a brand new version.

Get rid of your cards as fast as you can, join 3 to 5 player games against an advanced, larger than life artificial intelligence.

No stress, the user interface has been tailored to be the most confortable, so that you can focus on the game and nothing else.

More features will be added later on: feel free to give your opinion about what you would like to see.

How to download The King's Cup (free) APK at

This party game has many names, but if you're after the following you're in luck!:
Kings, The King's Cup, Circle of Death, Donut.

We have transformed this classic student drinking game into an app! Great for parties, pre night out drinks, and any time you feel present company isn't quite drunk enough.

Never played before? It couldn't be simpler. Take it in turns to pick cards from the deck. Each card is associated with a rule or game, which could be anything from having a sip of drink to seeing the whole party standing on chairs flapping their elbows!

Alternatively, if you wish to play the King's Cup (Kings) with real cards, use this app as a rules reference, or simply to find new rules and drinking game ideas!

- Completely customisable with tons of rules and drinking games to choose from.
- Create and apply your own rules.
- Freely move cards around to pick them.
- Custom player names.
- Sleek animations.
- Easy to use menu system ergonomically designed for non-sober users.

How to download WhotApp APK at

WhotApp is an online 2 player live betting whot card game for everyone. Highly interactive and easy to play. Invite friends to duel, bet on a certain amount, win money, cash out


(*.*) Online 2 player real time betting

(*.*) No playing of repetitive cards

(*.*) Game Ends in Tender Mode

(*.*) Upload your picture for the world to see who the player is.

(*.*) Much more

(*.*) Play your way to the top of the leaderboard while you win money in whotas and convert to local currency to cash out

How to install Seep APK at

Seep (also known as Sweep) is a card game played in India, in which the total value of the cards 100 points. Its a highly challenging game where player has to collect as many points as possible. The real challenge is to remember cards as much as possible.
Seep can be played between four players or two players. With this app you can play seep in following modes over internet:
1) Play with you friends.
2) Play with strangers.
You can also choose between Four player mode or Two player mode.

How to install Corsican Battle APK at

Find all the classic features of Corsican Battle in this beautiful modernized version!
For beginners, a system of indices is available as well as rules in order to fully understand the meaning of the game and develop further strategies.
The rules of Corsican Battle are very simple:
The Corsican battle is played with a traditional 52-card game. It gets closer to the war, but gives the ability to type the heap of cards from the center when two cards of the same value follow each other to retrieve all the cards from the heap. Thus, the Corsican battle involves concentration, reflexes and memory to win. It can be played from 2 to 4 players
At the beginning of the game, all cards are distributed to the players. These cards are held in two piles, face down, in front of each player.
The first player discovers the card at the top of his heap (without looking at it, in fact the game must be fast) and puts it in the center of the mat. The player to his left does the same, and so on. When a figure or an ace appears, the next player must also take out a figure or ace. For this, he is entitled to a number of attempts:
five attempts for a wild card;
four attempts for an Ace;
three for a king;
two for a lady;
and one for a valet.
If he fails, the player who placed the face or Ace picks up the central heap and puts it at the bottom of his pack.
To this first rule is added another which makes the game more dynamic and especially non-deterministic: if the player who discovers his card, lays a card of the same value on the heap as the previous card, then the players must cover the central heap with their hand. The first player to put his hand on the pile wins the cards in his game.
The winner is the first player to win all cards. After a figure or an Ace is out, if the player who is trying to do the same has no more cards, he comes out of the game, and it is up to the next player to complete the contract, minus the number of attempts already carried out by the former.

Generally, a player who has lost the possibility of continuing to hit the doubles will be allowed to return to the game....

Fan of card games? So download now “Corsican Battle” and good game!
For the latest news and upcoming games, do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook

How to download Ultimate Holdem Timer APK at

The best timer clock for your poker tournament. Fully customizable, good-looking, and easy to use!

* Displays current round time, blinds and ante
* Stores up to five different round structures
* Custom blinds, ante, round duration
* Breaks, rebuy/add-on period
* Custom sounds and background image

Now supporting apps2sd

How to download Hearts - Offline APK at

The classic card game Hearts is now available on your Android Phone. With rich graphics and smooth animations, Hearts Offline is the premier Hearts app on the app store - and best of all, it's free.

Try to stick your opponents with as many hearts as possible, while simultaneously avoiding hearts yourself. Watch out for the Queen of Spades, she'll ruin your day.

Hearts Free features an outstanding artificial intelligence engine. Difficulty levels ensure that you can play against a computer opponent that matches your skill level.

Hearts Free offers many exciting features, including:

*UNDO :- Made any mistake? No worry, Now you can undo steps up to the start of the round.

*REMAINING CARDS :- Forgot which cards are discarded? Take a look in remaining cards tab and figure out which cards are remain.

*TRICK HISTORY :- If you want to know which past trick won by which user and which cards were thrown to that trick, for that this feature will help you.

-Create Custom/Private Tables with custom bet amount, points and round.

-You will get Free Coins Continuously while playing.

-Here you will experience amazing Sound quality and Eye catching User Interface.

-Come back everyday and get Free Coins as Daily Bonus.

-You can also Get Free Coins(Reward) by watching Rewarded Video.

-You can compete with other player around the world for getting first position on Leaderboard, Play Center Leaderboard will help you to find your position.

-For playing game you don't required Internet connection as you are playing with Computer Players(Bot).


- Easy to learn, smooth game play, card animations for a more realistic game experience.
- Opponents endowed with advanced AI.
- Statistics on games played.
- Game rules included in the application.

Do you have questions about the game? Contact: [email protected]

Have fun!

How to install Call Break Plus APK at

Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game played by four players with a standard deck of 52 playing cards.

DOWNLOAD NOW and Receive 30,000 Coins for FREE!

The game is very similar to other trick-based game especially Spades. In Call Break the term "Hand" is used instead of trick, and "Call" is used instead of bid. After each deal player have to make a "Call" or "Bid" for the number of hands he/she can capture, and the goal is to capture at least that many hand in a round, and try to break other player i.e. stop them from getting their Call. After each round, points will be calculated and after five rounds of play each players five rounds points will be added as a total points and player with highest total point will win.


There will be five rounds of play or five deals in a game. First dealer will be chosen randomly and after that, the turn to deal rotates Anticlockwise from first dealer. Dealer will deal all 52 cards to four players i.e. 13 each. After the completion of each deal, player left to dealer will Place a Bid - which is a number of hands( or tricks) he/she thinks will probably going to capture, and call moves again in Anticlockwise to next player until all 4 players finished calling.


After each player completes their call, player next to dealer will make the first move, this first player can throw any card, suit thrown by this player will be the led suit and each player after him/her must follow the same suit, if they don't have this suit at all then they must break this suit by the trump card( which is Spade of any rank), if they don't have spade also then they can throw any other card. The highest card of the led suit will capture the hand, but if the led suit was broken by spade(s), then in this case highest ranked card of spade will capture the hand. The winner of a hand will leads to the next hand. In this way the round continues until the completion of 13 hands and after that next deal will begin.


After each round, points will be updated for every player. If a player captured at least the number of call he/she had made, then for every call to capture a player made - one point is given to that player and for extra captures - a single digit decimal of this extra capture number will be added to the points total i.e. if someone had made a call of 4 and he captured 5 hands then he will be given 4.1 or if the call was 3 then point would have been 3.2. But if a player didn't capture the call that he had made, then the total number of call would be subtracted from his total.


At the end of fifth round the winner will be decided, player with higher total points will win the game.

If any player place Bid of 8 (eight) or more and do Hands more or equal to bid count, he/she will become winner of the game at any round.


Instead of playing Five Rounds you can select Number of Rounds(ex. 3 Rounds, 4 Rounds, 5 Rounds) and Boot value For Higher Tables.

-You will get Free Coins Continuously while playing.

-Here you will experience amazing Sound quality and Eye catching User Interface.

-Come back everyday and get Free Coins as Daily Bonus.

-You can also Get Free Coins(Reward) by watching Rewarded Video.

-You can compete with other player around the world for getting first position on Leaderboard, Play Center Leaderboard will help you to find your position.

-For playing game you don't required Internet connection as you are playing with Computer Players(Bot).

Callbreak is also known as Lakdi/Lakadi in India and Nepal.

If you have any issues, we request you to mail us or send feedback at our support id rather than giving us a negative review.

Support ID : [email protected], You can also send Feedback from settings menu.

How to install Sam Loc APK at

[Sâm Lốc: Phiên bản Sâm Lốc offline chơi với các nhân vật vui nhộn]

Để tiếp nối thành công của chuỗi game bài offline, mình xin trân trọng giới thiệu game Sâm Lốc offline! KHÔNG cần kết nối mạng internet, KHÔNG cần nạp tiền và hoàn toàn MIỄN PHÍ!
Bạn chỉ cần mở máy lên và chơi với các đối thủ ảo được lập trình để chơi hay nhất có thể, đây là game bài nhằm nâng cao kỹ năng chơi Sâm Lốc của người chơi để trở thành một cao thủ thực thụ!

Chúc các bạn chơi game vui vẻ!

Mọi thông tin chi tiết hay báo lỗi ứng dụng các bạn có thể viết lên review trên store hay gửi email về nhà phát triển: [email protected]

How to install Gin Rummy APK at

Gin Rummy, the classic two-player card game you know and love. Gin Rummy offers four levels of difficulty, four unique game modes as well as extensive statistics tracking. It is an unparalleled game play experience!

Now with 5 unique game modes, unlock Oklahoma, Straight, Hollywood and Manual 3-2-1 for additional ways of enjoying the game! Also, included is a brand new Re-Deal powerup. Don't like the cards you got? Use a Re-Deal! You're guaranteed to get a much better hand!

Also with Facebook integration! Personalize your game, earn experience with every game, never lose your statistics! Your statistics are now stored in the cloud and shared between all your devices.

Features include:
• Realistic gameplay and graphics
• Intuitive single player gameplay
• 4 difficulty options and more coming soon!
• 5 game modes: Regular, Oklahoma, Straight, Hollywood and Manual 3-2-1!
• 6 unique Themes!
• Extensive Statistics, including games and hands breakdown.
• Re-Deal powerup!
• Facebook integration - personalize your game and save your progress.

How to install Rummy 7 APK at

Rummy 7 is the replacement for our popular earlier Rummy app, which had over 80,000 downloads. This version has several significant changes:

- improved graphics, including animation of all card moves;
- slide or tap interface for card moves;
- play someone else in Play and Pass mode, as well as play the system.

For those familiar with Rummy, this is a simplified 7-card version (rather than the usual 10 cards used for 2 players) with the following characteristics:

- the game is not played for points - just to be the first to achieve a 3-card and a 4-card meld;
- no melds are shown until the end of the game;
- Ace counts as high or low, but runs cannot include high and low: A, 2, 3 or Q, K, A are acceptable melds, but K, A, 2 is not;
- a card selected from the top of the discard pile cannot immediately be discarded;
- after the last card has been taken from the stockpile, a new stockpile is formed by taking all but the top card from the discard pile and shuffling them.

When playing the system, you can choose 4 memory levels for the system.

When playing an opponent, players pass the device to their opponent once their own move is completed. One plays as Red, the other as Blue, but each player sees their own hand at the bottom, with the opponent's hand at the top.

No internet connection is required, so the app can be used anywhere, even on a plane, train or car where no internet connection is available.

The app is also available from if you cannot download from the Play Store. A web-based version that can be played on most browsers is also there.

How to download Blackjack Offline APK at

Play the best casino game on your phone or tablet for free, with the only blackjack mobile game that is designed to be played offline, on the road where no internet is available (or wanted).

With our new Offline Blackjack game you can take your favorite blackjack gaming experience to a whole new level, play where ever, whenever with no worries of being on the internet for the game to operate!

Blackjack is one of the whole time favorites when it comes to gambling and free casino game. You don't need to lose real money, simply play our gorgeous game with virtual chips and improve your 21 skills.
Remember, blackjack is not a game of luck, rather it requires skills so mastering the game takes time and it's possible to get better over time, getting your winnings bigger!

Blackjack Offline Features:
- Smooth graphics with great looking playing cards.
- Virtual money that gives unlimited chips, reset your balance when in need of more money.
- Easy game controls.
- You play against the dealer one on one.
- Easy to understand blackjack 21 rules.
- Easy to play offline blackjack that will work on all phones and tablets.

How to download Solitaire Dash - Card Game APK at

For the first time on mobile: the classic gameplay of solitaire combined with the excitement of horse racing! If you enjoy card, puzzle, and logic games, you will love Solitaire Dash!

With gameplay that is one card up or down, Solitaire Dash is super fun and very easy to play. Unique card layouts, special bonus cards, and streak rewards deliver a level of excitement that you won’t find in other solitaire games!

Compete in races across a number of different tracks, as you use your solitaire skills to join the Winner’s Circle! Each race layout is unique - use strategy in deciding your next move. And, to help you out, we’ve introduced special horseshoes that play like numbered and wild cards.

With 324 races across 18 beautiful, hand-painted tracks, Solitaire Dash is a must-download for both seasoned solitaire players and newcomers alike.

• Win, place, or show within each race!
• Achieve 1, 2, or 3 Stars for each round!
• 18 beautiful, hand painted tracks (more coming soon).
• 324 unique races, each with a different layout.
• Find bonus cards with awesome rewards!
• Special golden horseshoes act like wild cards.
• Special silver horseshoes act like numbered cards.
• FREE coin bonuses every 4 hours.
• Streaks award coin bonuses!
• Earn achievements as you ride to victory!
• Play for FREE. No purchase necessary.
• NEW: Challenge mode to win Trophies and unlock Bonus Tracks!
• NEW: Bonus Track feature with 2 brand new Bonus Tracks!

Time to hit the track! Get 15,000 Coins on the house when you install!
Download for FREE today.

About Tapinator
Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) designs, develops, and publishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 300 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 450 million player downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visit

How to install kartu remi army APK at

Remi - Permainan kartu yang populer di Indonesia atau secara inrternasional Rummy / Gin Rummy.
Remi kali ini bertemakan army / tentara untuk lebih menarik.
Permainan Remi Army dapat dirubah pengaturannya, background permainan, gambar cover belakang kartu, mengganti warna latar, dll
Remy Army juga dapat dimainkan dengan single player ataupun multiplayer, via Bluetooth atau jaringan LAN TCP/IP. Jadi Remi Army lebih seru bermain multiplayer di bandingkan bermain singleplayer

How to install Get Rich Slot Machines Casino with Bonus Games APK at

Play GET RICH Slot Machines FREE with Bonus Games for Free slot games with bonus features and free coins!

Try OVER 45+ Slot Machines Free, unlocked now with GET RICH SLOT MACHINES VEGS CASINO APP!

Updated with 2 new free Slot machines every month!

Play Slot machines FREE online or offline & win the Jackpot! Play Get Rich Slot Games without WiFi FREE NOW!

This slot machines free game is intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this free slot games app does not imply future success at real money gambling.

E-mail us at: [email protected]

How to install Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire APK at

Based on an upgraded version of Zoo Corporation's Mahjong Solitaire games for Windows. Once you make it to the third round, a girl begins to change her outfit as you delete tiles... As you clear stages, the girls get prettier and prettier!

It's free to play so please try it out and have some fun! With the free download you will get the entire first character Rui. Play through 12 levels to reveal all of her outfits including a final super sexy outfit when you complete all stages. There is a one-time (US $0.99) in-app purchase to unlock everything including 8 more Pretty Girls and more than 100 levels. All characters include Japanese voices.

It's classic Mahjong Solitaire rules. Find pairs of tiles to delete them. Delete all tiles before time runs out to clear a round. Think strategically when deleting tiles or you might run into a dead end! If you haven't played before the rules are straightforward and we've included a tutorial to help you get acquainted.

Choose to play in Easy Mode and have the option for a Hint or Shuffle if you get stuck. In Hard Mode earn points for speed and accuracy then compete against your friends or other players through leaderboards. Tiles are shuffled and randomly placed each time you play so even if you complete all 105 tile layouts it's fun to play again and again.

Characters and character images are used under license from Japanese illustrator and publisher Norn/Miel. Complete the first 7 characters to unlock the two bonus characters Miyu and Shingen.

How to install Crazy Eights APK at

Are you looking for a simple and addictive game to pass the time playing? "Crazy Eights" is a challenging card game that tests your memory and skills. Play against the computer and use your *eights* with clever way to win.

How to download Solitaire Plus APK at

Play the #1 FREE SOLITAIRE (or Klondike Solitaire / Patience) card game on Android!

Classic Solitaire, also known as Patience Solitaire, is the most popular solitaire card game in the world. Try our BEST FREE SOLITAIRE card app, which is beautiful and fun like classic Windows Solitaire.


♠ Beautiful graphics
♠ Classic mode
♠ Vegas mode
♠ Endless themes
♠ Klondike gameplay
♠ Spider gameplay
♠ Unlimited free undo
♠ Unlimited free hints
♠ Option for All Winning deals
♠ Timer mode
♠ Draw 1 or 3 cards
♠ Auto complete for solved game
♠ Statistics
♠ Personal records
♠ Choose your card style
♠ Left handed mode
♠ Tablet support
♠ Portrait
♠ Landscape

Simple and addicting, Solitaire Plus is sure to bring back old memories of the days when Windows Solitaire reigned supreme. We’ve taken the quintessential solitaire experience and revamped it for the new century.

Unlike some solitaire games that lack polish and others that add too many bells and whistles, distracting from the core solitaire experience, Solitaire Plus strikes the perfect balance both in terms of vintage solitaire gameplay and practical modern design, giving you just the right amount of options for all your solitaire needs!

What are you waiting for? This simple gem is the ultimate solitaire challenge - play Solitaire Plus now on Android for FREE!

How to download Solitaire: Klondike Cups APK at

One of the classic card games, Solitaire, is back to you as Solitaire: Klondike Cups!
Meet Solitaire: Klondike Cups, where Classic Solitaire is added with trophy-collecting fun!

♠ Features of Solitaire: Klondike Cups ♣
ㆍ Create your own Solitaire trophy collection, Daily Challenges
ㆍ Enjoy classic Solitaire, with Random Deal
ㆍ No-Stress Solitaire, Winning Deal
ㆍ Thrilling Winning Ceremonies only seen in Solitaire
ㆍ Klondike Solitaire with no worries on data usage
ㆍ Klondike Solitaire, which newbies can also easily enjoy!
ㆍ Extra-Light Solitaire

♥ Warning to Solitaire: Klondike Cups Users ◆
Among all Solitaire games, Klondike Solitaire is one of the most addictive Card games.

Beware of getting addicted to Solitaire: Klondike Cups!
Solitaire: Klondike Cups would love to hear from you! Reach us at
[email protected]

How to install Stone Wall Solitaire APK at

RULES: Complete all Foundations in suit, from A to K.

Face-up cards in the Tableau should be build in sequence down, alternating color. Move face-up card groups in sequence down in alternate color. Put any card to an empty column. Doubleclick the Reserve to move the bottom card to the top of the stack

How to download Tripeaks Solitaire - Offline APK at

The best offline TriPeaks Solitaire is now ready for android mobile phones and tablets with its high quality. Download now and play free. You can play the Tri-Peaks (also known as Three Peaks, Tri Towers or Triple Peaks) in anywhere you want. No need to the internet connection. FreeCell, Spider, Solitaire, Fairway and Pyramid Solitaire addicts will love this game.

1) Smooth and simple game play
2) No Banner Ads
3) Many difficulty levels
4) Different level designs
5) Millions of chips
6) Classic Solitaire Game

Tripeaks offline is intended for adult audiences and does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at our game does not imply future success at "real money gambling".

How to install FreeCell - Offline APK at

FreeCell is now ready for android mobile phones and tablets with its high quality. Download now and play free. You can play FreeCell Solitaire in anywhere you want(subway, plane or basement). No need to the internet connection. Tripeaks, spider and solitaire addicts will love this game.

Do you remember good old Windows solitaire games, This game promises more than that classic game.

♣ Classic, Plain and Simplistic Design
♣ Single player card game
♣ Free offline game
♣ Intuitive User Interface
♣ Game Statistics
♣ Winning Animations
♣ Unlimited Undo
♣ Free Hints
♣ Auto Complete
♣ Phone and Tablet support

Freecell Solitaire is dedicated to the classic Solitaire card game style, it is the most popular version of Solitaire free played in all countries and cultures and it is COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY. If you enjoy our Freecell Solitaire App, check out our other card games by SNG Games!

As SNG Games we always value our players’ experience above everything else! For this, if you have anything to say, please leave a comment/review on Google Play. We would be very grateful for any feedback!

Contact our Five Star support and feel free to leave your comments about SNG Solitaire
[email protected]

Visit us on Facebook

See other apps and games made by our company

How to download Dummy Hero APK at

Dummy Hero เป็นเกมส์ไพ่ดัมมี่ เป็นที่รู้จักดีของคนไทย ใช้เล่นเพื่อความสนุกสนานกับเพื่อนฝูง กติกาการเล่น ผู้น็อคจะเป็นผู้ได้ แล้วนับแต้มหาคน เสียน้อย เสียกลาง เสียมาก ตามลำดับของแต้ม และ ยังมีการตีโง่ การเก็บหัว เก็บ 2 ดอกจิก เก็บ Q โพดำ

How to install Solitaire Collection (1400+) APK at

1461 solitaire games - a large solitaire collection, including Klondike (classic solitaire), FreeCell, Canfield, Golf, Spider, Forty Thieves, Yukon, Baker's Game, Beleaguered Castle, Big Forty, Forty Thieves, Canister, Pyramid, Three Peaks, Montana, Puzzle, Clock, Fan, Choice, Mahjong, Memory, Lines, Cribbage Square, Crazy Quilt, Sultan.

No restrictions. But this game displays ads.

- "Drag and Drop" and "Tap Tap" play
- quickly move cards with "Double Tap"
- Standard, Vegas and Vegas Cumulative scoring
- timed game
- ability to filter the list of games according to: favorites, game type, number of decks etc.
- unlimited undo
- restart the current game exactly as before
- auto-resume last game
- description of game rules
- statistics for each game

How to install Tien Len Mien Nam - Dem La APK at

Tien len Dem La (Tiến lên Miền Nam Đếm Lá) card game is a variant of tien len mien nam (tiến lên miền nam) but more adventurous, intense to play. If you're in the mood to play card but alone or missing friends, this game is the best fit for you. You just turn on the device, enter the game, the virtual opponents with perfect playing Tien len Dem La (Tiến lên Miền Nam Đếm Lá) skills are awaiting you. We, the studio had success with the famous classic games such as Gold Miner, Lines 98, Shoot eggs, Phom, Ta la, Mau binh, Tien Len Mien Nam guarantee the quality of this game.

The features of the game Tien len Dem La (Tiến lên Miền Nam Đếm Lá):
- No need internet connection.
- All free.
- Support for multi-platform.
- Beautiful interface and easy to use.
- Graphical effects, vivid sounds.
- Supports select all reviews.
- Smart programmed opponents.

Beside, our studio also provide most of popular Vietnamese card games such as: Tien Len Mien Nam, Phom, Ta La, Mau Binh...

- Visit our official site at
- Send your feedback via [email protected]
- Like & follow on

How to download Royal Capsa Susun APK at

Capsa Susun is the best card game, wisdom, challenge and entertainment. Capsa Susun is the preferred game Indonesia. And today, please be introduced :

A new capsa susun game “Royal Capsa Susun”

Royal Capsa susun is a newest capsa susun in 2018 with a lot features new and capsa susun tournament and very big prizes.

New Features :

+ Never over chip with a lot rewards and free chip in game
+ Play capsa susun around a world ( Jakarta, Macao, Dubai, LasVegas.... ) with capsa susun tournament
+ You can play capsa susun offline without internet, play every time, every where
+ 100% win with lucky spin
+ Big prizes in login gift.

We are a senspark team card game !

- Website:
- Feedback: [email protected]
- Fanpage:

How to download Bingo Happy Hd : Casino Bingo Games Free & Offline APK at

Are you ready to scream BINGO? Welcome to the best bingo game experience in the world! Get out your bingo daubers and starting calling out BINGO!

With tons of levels and exciting Bingo game play, Bingo has never been better! what are you waiting for?

Download Bingo Happy HD for FREE today!

Bingo games free to play.Play free bingo games offline or online.With over 30+ bingo games free to play, you'll be taken on a free bingo games adventure around the world.

Bingo like in Las Vegas! The best casino bingo game on the mobile! Enjoy this exciting casino bingo game with millions of players together.

Play bingo Happy HD to win as much bingos as you's your best gambling bingo games.Pack up for your adventure now with bingo win in the best bingo games 2018.

Love to play fun bingo games! download and play this fun free popular games.

Yes, you can play the BEST Bingo games free offline, no wifi, without Internet.Best offline Bingo games free like never before.

New free bingo games added monthly.Bingo Happy HD is the world's most beloved card game, introduces a new free bingo experience.

Gather your family or friends and get ready for this globetrotting variation on a classic board game.with bingo board games you can enjoy all-time games within your

android, with an accurate design and playability.

Bingo Happy HD is designed for all ages, perfect for kids & adults.Both adults and kids will love this amazing new trivia bingo game.

Free no wait BINGO you can play online or offline with no WiFi!

Enjoy now and have bingo fun. Bingo has never been better! Download Bingo Happy HD for FREE today!

How to download Bingo Cute:Free Bingo Games, Offline Bingo Games APK at

You can play the BEST Bingo games free offline, without wifi, without Internet. Feeling lucky? Try your luck in the best Free Bingo Games on Android: Bingo Cute!

Best offline Bingo games free like never before! Different kinds of exciting bingo games rooms, more cards than any other Bingo Casino games and also vivid bingo caller sound!

If you love bingo and are looking for a free bingo game, this is the best bingo game for you.

Bingo for math game experience
Bingo Cute: free video bingo games free has thrilling math game play features such as bingo boosts, collection items and lots of achievements. Be a bingo superstars and crush the bingo fever.

Classic bingo games free mode
Use bingo chips to buy bingo cards to enter bingo game. The offline bingo caller will call 29 bingo numbers total. Mark the called bingo numbers as speed as you want! You can change the game speed too. When you identify any one of the winning patterns on your card,you don't need tap the BINGO button to call the bingo! for fun,it's so cool and no bad bingo calls.Much more than classic Bingo rules, brand new winning patterns in cool bingo are to be discovered. Pack up for your adventure now with big win in the best games 2017.

Exclusive Offline Mode
Play anytime anywhere! Bingo Cute is the best bingo game with an offline mode! Tons of bingo fun on the go!

Collection and Rewards in jackpot bingo free
Travel around the bingo island free world through different mysterious Bingo games rooms with unique dab collections items and get your bingo rewards! This offline casual games is designed for bingo for kids and adults too.

Yourself Daubers
You can customize your bingo daubers in your profile page. A lot of special shapes can be used for your showdown Bingo Cards. To be the fashion guy and the price is right!
It's BINGO time! Play one of the best FREE Bingo games on Android! Bingo Cute is free to play with lots of bonuses and coins. Best of all, you can play this Free Bingo

Games anywhere you want as the game can be played offline with no internet connection.

New Features and Content
Bingo Cute is constantly updating the game with new features we think our players will DAUB for! We listen to all our player's inputs in making the best bingo game!

Play with multiple cards, up to 6 each round and enjoy fantastic bingo rewards. The more cards you buy, the higher chance to call BINGO and WIN BIG! Even better are the various Power Ups that help double and boost your winning!

Experience a thrilling Bingo adventure like no other! Are you ready to Bingo?


1.FREE bingo games play - get free coins to play every 4 hours
2.FUN bingo rooms and mini games
3.Great bingo odds and GENEROUS payouts
4.PLAY up to 6 bingo cards
5.Play OFFLINE or play free online too! Games without wifi
6.CHANGE your game SPEED - play faster or slower as you please
7.WIN powerups in the special casino slots game (unlocked at higher levels)
8.Super High Quality Graphics & Friendly Music

Free no wait BINGO you can play online or offline with no WiFi!

Enjoy now and have bingo fun. Bingo has never been better! Download Bingo Cute for FREE today!

How to download Rummy APK at

One of the most popular Indian card games, Indian Rummy is finally out on the google play store. Non stop Rummy fun is finally here.

Indian Rummy or Paplu as it is sometimes called, is a card game with little variation from the original Rummy. It is normally considered a cross between Rummy 500 (500 Rum) and Gin Rummy. It is played with 13 cards and at least two decks and sometimes jokers(wild cards). Indian Rummy has evolved from a version of Rummy of South Asia that goes by the name 'Celebes Rummy'.

Two kinds of sets are possible: a 'run' of consecutive suited cards, and three or four of a kind with no duplicate suits. The basic requirement for winning a hand is at least two sequences, one of which must be 'pure', i.e. made without any jokers.

Developed specifically for the the Phone and Tablet with an intuitive interface, Indian Rummy will be a pleasure to play and pass time anywhere, anytime. And guess what? Indian Rummy is FREE!

Bored sitting at home or the subway? No problem, just launch Indian Rummy and rack your brains and win!

We have developed Indian Rummy for a smooth gameplay experience, a pleasurable experience altogether.


❖❖ Very Intuitive Interface and game-play
❖❖ Classic Styled Indian Rummy Cards
❖❖ Tablet and Phone Support
❖❖ Free Chips to keep on playing
❖❖ Adaptable intelligence with smart AI

Download Indian Rummy for your phone and tablets today for hours of fun

For any kind of Indian Rummy support, visit:

Please don't forget to Rate and Review Indian Rummy, we aim to make Indian Rummy one of the best card games out there on the google play store.

How to download Bingo Blast APK at

Cycle through as many bingo balls as possible, covering your cards with daubs and showering yourself in coins, xp and prizes!

Easily navigate up to 8 cards!

Getting bingos is a breeze!

Challenge facebook friends to a one-on-one match!

Tons of gorgeous hand illustrated environments to unlock!

With Bingo Blast, getting Bingos is a Breeze!


Reasons to try Bingo Blast:

★ Over 500,000 downloads ★

★ Chosen to be featured by Google Play as a Google Pick ★

★ More than 5,000 5-star reviews ★

How to download Solitaire Journey APK at

Brand New Solitaire Journey
In this Solitaire Journey, it brings you a refreshed brand new designed solitaire UI with different world famous scenic spots, like Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, The Great Wall, The Pyramid, The Eiffel Tower, etc. During this card game journey, you will both enjoy the excitement of solitaire and the beautiful scenery of the world with immersing background music and pictures!

Based on Classic Gameplay
Based on the classic gameplay, Solitaire Journey keeps the game true to the spirit of classic TriPeaks Solitaire, and it provides you hundreds kinds of different TriPeak boards and various solitaire journeys in your hands!

Addictive and Challenging
We added tons of new features into this Solitaire Journey including Undo(find missed cards), Unlock Areas(levels), Shuffle, Shroud Cards, etc. We believe you will be addicted to enjoy this TriPeaks Solitaire Journey in a completely new way with those challenging features.

Beautiful Design & Intuitive UI
By removing all the unnecessary features, our Solitaire Journey is the most easy-to-play with clean and intuitive designs. The blossoms of Japanese sakura, the snow-white of the Great Wall and the sunset of the Eiffel Tower will surprise you by the moments you are totally immersed in this Solitaire Journey! More scenic spots will be added in later versions.

✔️️Unlock Areas: Achieve the required stars to unlock the next area.
✔️️Undo: Tap "Undo" icon to try again, you can play the card you've missed.
✔️️Combo Bonus: Additional bonuses will be awarded for continuous removing the cards.
✔️️Shuffle: Use “Shuffle”s, you can reorganize the cards.
✔️️Shroud Cards: In order to remove the Shroud Card(s), you need to use the right card to remove the shroud first.
✔️️Keys & Locks: In order to remove the Locked Card(s), you need to remove the Key Card(s) first.
✔️️Blocked Cards: Blocked Card(s) will be displayed when you get 4 combos.

✔️️Hundreds of levels with fully challenges
✔️️Clean and user-friendly menus
✔️️Big and easy to see card
✔️️Single tap or drag&drop to move card
✔️️Exercise your brain to remove obstacle cards
✔️️Use different tools for help to solve difficulties
✔️️Collect more stars to unlock more areas to enjoy more scenic spots
✔️️Reward for you everyday, bonuses for constant sign-in
✔️️Auto-save game in play
✔️️Play anywhere and anytime
✔️️Offline play and no data cost
✔️️More features to come!

If you like playing Tripeaks or other Solitaire card games then you will love this Solitaire Journey! It is the best Solitaire game in hands! Highly Addictive and 100% Fun, Download now for FREE!

✔️️Follow us on Facebook
✔️️Email your feedback to
[email protected]

How to download Solitaire: Daily Challenges APK at

Solitaire is a fun and challenging classic card game that anyone can enjoy. With Solitaire Daily Challenges, you can play Solitaire with challenging levels everyday.

Game highlights:
♤ Addictive and different challenging levels everyday
♤ Classic Solitaire gameplay (also known as Klondike or Patience)
♤ Optimized for mobile phone play

Main Game Features:
♠ Multiple daily challenges
♠ Ranking for total crowns
♠ Clean and user-friendly designs
♠ Big and easy to see cards
♠ Single tap or drag&drop to move cards
♠ Customizable beautiful themes
♠ Draw 1 card or 3 cards
♠ Auto-collect cards on completion
♠ Auto-save game in play
♠ Feature to Undo moves
♠ Feature to use Hints
♠ Left-handed supported
♠ Landscape mode supported
♠ Up to 10 top records
♠ Offline play and no data cost
♠ Multiple languages supported

If you like playing Solitaire on PC or Solitaire classic style then you will love this! This is the best Solitaire game in hands! Highly Addictive and 100% Fun, Download Now for Free!

Have a burning question? Send us a message!

How to install Solitaire pack APK at

The following games are included in this pack, more to come soon:
★ American solitaire (Klondike)
★ The pyramid
★ The four kings
★ Memory (easy and hard)
★ Cards of Hanoi (easy and hard)
★ Let's add eight
★ Spider (one, two or four suits)
★ Face cards dance
★ Golf (easy and hard)
★ Freecell
★ Poker Squares
★ The Ten Piles
★ Giza
★ The clock
★ Puzzle
★ Return Home
★ The Egg
★ Monte Carlo
★ BlackJack diamond
★ Tri Peaks NEW

Each of the solitaires includes the rules and instructions from the menu option "Game".
In the next version we will include new games. If you know a solitaire and want to add it in the next release of the app, do not hesitate to explain the rules and we will be happy to do so. Send an email to [email protected]
NEW: Now with the auto-win feature.

✔ Minimalist, simple and fun game, suitable for all audiences
✔ Full game is free, with very few ads (no ads while playing)
✔ No intrusive permissions
✔ Infinite undo moves
✔ All games are automatically saved
✔ Beautiful and simple user interface
✔ Stats for every game
✔ Compatible with all devices including tablets
✔ Includes sounds (can be disabled) and images in HD
✔ Exercise your brain and relax!

Each solitaire game has its own way of playing, but is always based on drag a card to another position or click a card to mark it or play it.
The gameplay is very intuitive. You can read the help instructions at any time from the menu option "Game".
The bar menu options can hide/show using the x icon.
Remember that not all solitaires have always solution, there are some more difficult than others. But, yes, always it serves as a mental relaxation and exercise.

All games can be played in landscape or portrait orientation, you just have to turn the mobile phone or tablet to change it. Feel free to choose the best orientation in every game.
You can customize many features of the game (from the configuration option):
* Play or mute the sounds.
* Show/hide the points and time
* The type of deck: Spanish, traditional or poker. And in some cases the number of cards of the deck. All images are in HD.
* The background color of the table.
* The back of the cards.
* Language.
* Device orientation: Portrait | Landscape | Auto.
* Set big typefonts.

Just one more thing...

Legal notice
This application complies with the policies of Google Play content.

This app is created just for the purpose of entertainment, its free and supported only by advertising.

Any suggestion or bug report is welcome. Please, before writing a bad review contact us by email at [email protected]

Permissions required :
- INTERNET : To access the ads.

How to download Five Card Draw Poker - Free APK at

Casino Video Poker style Five Card Draw Poker game. Basic Poker game where you are given 5 cards, you select which ones to discard and you are given new cards. A payout table determines your winnings. I hope you enjoy the game.

This game will help you learn some of the basics of Poker without having to worry about beating other players. This is not a multiplayer Poker game, it is based on the old Video Poker games that used to be popular in the 80s.

You can now set the bet amount to either $10, $20, $50, or $100 before your cards are dealt. You cannot change your bet after your initial cards are dealt.

Feedback is welcome and depending on your positive comments there will be additional development. I can be contacted at [email protected]

How to download Churchill Solitaire Card Game APK at

Challenge yourself with the most diabolical version of solitaire ever devised, a card game played by Winston Churchill during the Second World War.

Begin your solitaire journey as a Cadet alongside a young Churchill in 1893 at the famed military college of Sandhurst. Take on challenging missions and follow Churchill's career as you earn promotions and new military ranks. With enough grit, you might just become Prime Minister.

Featuring unique solitaire gameplay with two decks of cards and an added challenge of liberating cards contained in a row called the Devil’s Six, this addictive game will keep you coming back again and again. No game of solitaire will keep your mind as sharp or improve your concentration like Churchill Solitaire.

Challenge friends, family, and opponents worldwide to beat your score and time. With classic graphics and audio that pay homage to Sir Winston, his words, and his era, Churchill Solitaire will inspire, enlighten, and entertain.


- Three free solitaire trial deals of easy, medium and hard levels of difficulty.
- Cinematic video and audio of Winston Churchill.
- Social media integration allowing you to share and challenge your scores.
- Challenging gameplay.
- Badges and ranks from Sandhurst Cadet through Prime Minister.
- Access to 200 numbered “Campaign” deals.
- Access to nearly infinite random deals.
- Challenge your friends and family.
- iCloud support - sync automatically with your iPhone and iPad.
- Game Center integration with achievements and leaderboards.

Try the game for free. If you get hooked, as we’re confident you will, you can unlock more deals with in-app purchases (IAP) and totally randomized deals to frustrate and reward the most cunning solitaire player.

Join us on Facebook at
Follow us on Twitter at @PlayChurchill

How to download Offline Poker Challenge APK at

The classic poker game needs no introduction. What if your poker game could work offline without internet access? Start playing the unique Offline Poker Challenge that works offline and can be carried wherever you go. On this poker game, you can play poker wherever without any internet usage. This involves virtual money and there is no real betting or money rewards involved. Poker games are usually much better and entertaining than the regular card games. If you love betting challenges or casino slots games, you will definitely fall in love with this poker game.
“Offline Poker Challenge” gives you a feel of the classic poker game which is easily customizable. You can decide the number of poker players to play with or the blind amount. This poker game is extremely lightweight and fast. The game has a beautiful user interface with easy controls to play with. For your entertainment, we have also included a slots challenge game to try your luck. Poker is a family of gambling card games involving betting. The winner is determined by the ranks and combinations of players' cards, some of which remain hidden until the end of the game. The rank of the cards include card combinations such as - Full house, Flush, High card, Pair, Straight, etc. Even if you are new at playing poker games, you should definitely give it a try as the challenges are easy to play with. The difficulty level increases as the game progresses.
The poker game is dedicated to all betting and casino game lovers. With this poker challenge game on your mobile device, you can practice playing poker while improving your gameplay. The game has appealing game sounds that give you a real poker game feeling.
Still looking for reasons that make this offline poker game unique? Here are the features that make this poker game the most amazing poker game -
Works offline without any data usage
Fast and takes less storage
Customize players count and blind amount
Amazing game sounds for an advanced game play
Beautiful game graphics
Slot game included
All these features on the Offline Poker Challenge are available for free. Excited to start playing and give a real test to your poker game skills? Download the “Offline Poker Challenge” game now to get started. You will absolutely love playing this game.

We are constantly working hard on making this “Offline Poker Challenge” game better and more entertaining for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Offline Poker Challenge” game, do rate us on play store and share among your friends.

There is not real betting involved in this poker game
No real money/cash trading is involved. All money used is virtual.
We do not encourage betting in any form

How to download Wild Poker: Texas Holdem Poker Game APK at

Join Floyd Mayweather in one of the wildest social poker strategy games!
Go wild and release the animal within you! Experience online Texas Holdem Poker free games like never before! Wild poker is an amazing strategic social poker game that makes regular Texas Holdem Poker seem like old school. Use Floyd Mayweather to knockout the poker competition or try your luck playing against him.
Unlock new animals and discover in poker strategy movies with each animal’s special power ups. Play against friends Poker Texas Holdem style and never want to play another poker strategy game again. Learn each animal’s special move and learn how to beat you competition. Climb the leaderboard and become a champion like Floyd Mayweather. Join Wild Poker and play one of the top social poker strategy games out there!
Play high stakes poker alongside one of the greatest – Floyd Mayweather – and improve your poker strategy game! Like the animals in the game, you can play as Floyd Mayweather or play against him, earn powerups and advance in the game! Are you a light wait or a heavy weight?!
Don’t know how to play Texas Holdem Poker?
Check out our "How to Play guide" with all basic poker rules. Learn when to Fold, Call or Raise to become a true pro and improve your poker strategy! Discover the fun poker game Texas Hold em and never play 5 card draw again.
Each one of our characters comes with its special skills and power ups abilities! learn how to use the character’s strength to your benefit, enlarge your animal's Power-up Clip and unlock new animals as you advance in the game.
Wild Poker combines poker strategy with brand new Power-up tactics – the result is an addicting live poker strategy game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plan your steps ahead of time as even bad Poker hand and good strategy could lead you to the Jackpot

Extra Features:
★ Play against or as the world famous boxer FLOYD MAYWEATHER
★ Choose from a variety of different CHARACTERS, game TACTICS, and STYLES
★ UPGRADE your character to enhance the poker games experience
★ Get your Daily Bonus and use it wisely to win at the high stakes poker table!
★ MORE FREE CASINO BONUS CHIPS, MORE OFTEN – Collect FREE chips every 4 hours!
★ PLAY WITH FRIENDS – Invite your friends to the game and get free casino bonuses as a reward in our Social Poker Game.
★ Complete CHALLENGES for amazing rewards
★ ENJOY a variety of changing EVENTS
★ Poker tournaments - SOON

Wild Poker, When Real-time strategy meets Texas Holdem Poker - Install the app today and join the animal poker revolution!
Wild Poker is a Poker game for entertainment uses only. The game does not offer an opportunity to win real money. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money games. Wild Poker is intended for an adult audience. (E.g Intended for use by those 21 or older.) The games do not offer “real money games” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at “real money games"

How to install Poker Türkiye APK at

Her nerede olursanız olun Poker Türkiye HD ile gerçek bir casinoda Poker oynama hissini yaşayarak, eğlenceyi yakalayabilirsiniz.Deneyimli ya da acemi oyuncu olmanızın hiçbir önemi yok,Poker Türkiye farklı seviyeler ile en iyi Poker deneyimi imkanını sunuyor! Binlerce çevrimiçi ve gerçek oyuncularla oynayarak şansınızı deneyin !
1. Ücretsiz uygulama, Facebook hesabınızla da oynayabilirsiniz!
2. Sit n' go masaları ve günlük turnuvalar!
3. Hergün binlerce çevrimiçi oyuncu!
4. Arkadaşlarınızla oynayın ve yeni arkadaşlar edinin!
5. Arkadaşlarınızın nerede oynadığını görün ve onlara katılın!

Bu oyun sadece yetişkin kitleye yönelik hazırlanan bir eğlence platformudur. Gerçek kumardaki gibi para veya ödül kazanmayı garanti etmez.

How to install Poker Brasil HD APK at

Sinta a emoção do jogo de pôquer no Poker Brasil HD. O jogo é completamente gratuíto para download. Com uma interface inteligente e de fácil manuseio, jogue com milhares de jogadores reais no seu aparelho onde quer que esteja!
Graças a plataforma completamente integrada ao Facebook, fica fácil jogar com seus amigos e convidá-los para o jogo.


Plataforma compartilhada com o Facebook
Várias mesas diferentes de acordo com o nível de cada jogador.
Milhares de jogadores reais online todos os dias.

Este jogo é direcionado para público adulto com fins exclusivamente de entretenimento. Sucesso em jogos de casino social não premiam bens ou valores reais, tampouco garante sucesso em jogos de aposta real.

How to install Ascension APK at

**War of Shadows Expansion Now Available!**

A new darkness seeps into New Vigil from the Void, intent on restoring despair and desolation to a world that has forgotten it. The four factions recall their veteran heroes and reawaken the great war machines of the past, as they plan their first in the chaotic ebb and flow of light and dark. The War of Shadows has begun!
• New dual-cost Heroes and Constructs require players to use both resources to acquire them, but have incredible power!
• As the balance between Light and Dark shifts, cards gain additional powers depending on whether it’s Night or Day!
• Playable as a stand-alone 1-4 player game, or combine with other Ascension games!

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, is the first officially licensed deck building card game for mobile. Play alone or with friends to battle against the Fallen One for honor and victory. Conceived and designed by three Magic: The Gathering tournament champions, Ascension will provide hours of engaging and strategic game play for enthusiast and experienced gamers alike.

2011 Golden Geek award winner (Best Mobile/Handheld Game)
Pocket Gamer Bronze Award 2011
Dice Tower Awards Awards: Best Digital Boardgame
Best Interface and Graphic Design - 2011
Best Online Multiplayer - 2011

• Universal Application: Plays on phones and tablets
• Over 50 beautifully detailed cards, hand drawn by Eric Sabee.
• Full asynchronous support for multiplayer online games.
• Play against multiple A.I. opponents using varied strategies.
• Introductory tutorial to teach you how to play.
• Enhanced visual optimization for high resolution graphics


Per our Terms of Service, you must be 13 years old or older to use the Playdek online games service.

Also by Playdek:
• Twilight Struggle
• Summoner Wars

How to install Pairs Memory Game APK at

Pairs - Classic Card Memory Game

Beat the clock and climb the levels in this fun and addictive classic card game.

Remember where each card is placed and match 2 of the same card.

Advance though the levels and try to reach level 12.

Reply levels to beat your previous score.

This game may improve your memory over time.

How to install Solitaire Dreams APK at

NEW VERSION OF THE BEST SELLING SOLITAIRE! Play the mahjong like card game. Match pairs, clear the table and collect stars.

* 60 packs and 360 tables to play.
* New table themes and card layouts.
* New gameplay mode: memory challenge.
* Beautiful, wide screen, full HD art.
* Soothing music to put you in a good mood!

New features and language translations coming soon...

How to download ★ Dark Deck Dragon Loot Cards CCG / TCG ★ APK at

CARD GAME - 2016
Easy to play and deep in strategy. Collect cards, loot treasures, build your deck and begin your epic journey. Defeat deathbringer boss and loot victory chests in campaign and PvP Arena. Complete special daily quests to get extra rewards.

Forge better cards and imbue them with tokens. Evolved higher tier units have special abilities that can help you – heal, increase damage or armor. Simple ccg deck building game with multiplayer PvP warlord arena. Command units of hellhound, deathbringer and sandworm or disenchant them for magic dust.

★ Collect more than 100 unique cards in this CCG
★ Balanced campaign with awesome rewards, bounty hunter ruby raids and multiplayer
★ Battle and rank in PvP arena
★ Forge cards, disenchant and imbue them with tokens
★ Daily login bonus and daily quests and luck machine
★ Beautiful hand-painted art and special visual effects

Created by NOXGAMES and Running Pillow 2016/2017

How to download Thunee APK at

Thunee is a popular card game played in South Africa. To win this game your team must reach a score of 12 or more first.
In this game there are two teams consisting of 2 players (4 players/4 hand).
Your opponents and your partner are AI players.
To play a card you must drag a valid playing card to the centre of the screen.
This game doesn't allow cheating. If it did, your opponents would always catch you!
Click on tutorials to learn how to play the game, or click about to read up on how to play.

Working on a multiplayer version.

This is the first version, so there could be some bugs or problems that I do not know about. If you are experiencing any problems with this game or have any suggestions, please email [email protected] and I will do my best to sort out the problem.

How to install Deuces Wild - Video Poker APK at


Get *** DEUCES WILD - VIDEO POKER! *** for VIDEO POKER GAMES FREE! Best free video poker game free! Like Deuces Wild poker, Jacks or Better video poker, Multiplus X2, Joker Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, Aces & Faces, Aces & Eights, All American, Tens or Better and other casino poker card games? You’ll LOVE this Free Video Poker Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild card game app - VIDEO POKER ONLINE FREE!





This poker game free app is intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this free poker game does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Having an issue with the game? For immediate support, contact us at [email protected] Thanks!

You can also follow us on Facebook to get more FREE COINS!

How to download Spades by NeuralPlay APK at

Looking for a fun, challenging Spades game? Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

Features include:
• Support for Partnership Spades, Mirror Spades, Suicide Spades, Whiz Spades, and Solo Spades (Cut Throat)
• Play with jokers and/or deuces as high trump
• Pass up to two cards to partner on nil bids
• Hints: see what the computer would bid, play, or pass
• Show hints and/or check your play as you play. Great for learning!
• The Rest Are Mine (TRAM) - claim the remaining tricks when your hand is high
• Undo moves all the way to the beginning of the game
• Review the play of the hand trick by trick at the end of the hand
• Replay hand
• Achievements. Challenge yourself to accomplish them all!
• Leaderboard. Climb to the top of the leaderboard as you win!
• Player statistics
• Six levels of computer AI to provide challenges for beginning to advanced players
• Unique thinking AI to provide a strong AI opponent for different Spades rules
• Designed for both tablets and phones

Rule customizations include:
• Blind nil: behind by 100, behind by 200, always, never
• Nil/blind nil bonus: 100 or 200 points
• Nil passing: pass up to two cards to partner on nil bids
• Ten bag penalty: 100 points or no penalty
• Overtrick (bag) points: 1 point, no points, or -1 point
• Lead: left of dealer, two of clubs leads, everyone plays lowest club
• Trump first trick: yes or no
• Spades can be lead anytime: yes or no
• Must beat winning card on trick: yes or no
• Game over options: number of hands or number of points

We are continuing to develop and improve NeuralPlay Spades. We welcome all your feedback. Please contact us at [email protected]

How to install Bridge by NeuralPlay APK at

Looking for a fun, challenging Bridge game? Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

• Unique double dummy solver providing six levels of computer AI play.
• Support for Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC, five card majors), Two Over One Game Forcing, and ACOL (four card majors, weak notrump) bidding.
• Bidding and play hints. Uncertain of what to bid or play? See what the computer would do!
• Bid and play checker. Compare your bid or play with the computer's as you play!
• Bidding explanations. Tap a bid for an explanation.
• Claim the remaining tricks and NeuralPlay's double dummy solver will verify your claim.
• Review the play of the hand at the end of the hand. Resume play from any point during the review.
• Not sure about the play of a hand? Step through an approximate double dummy solution!
• Play rubber bridge, duplicate teams, or practice with matchpoint scoring.
• Undo moves all the way to the beginning of the game.
• Replay hand.
• Achievements. Challenge yourself to accomplish them all!
• Leaderboard. Climb to the top of the leaderboard as you win!
• Share interesting hands with your friends.
• Save a human readable record of your bidding and play of a hand in the Portable Bridge Notation format (PBN). Open a PBN file for play review.
• Custom hand characteristics. Play deals with your desired distribution and point count.
• Designed for both tablets and phones.

Enjoy many features to learn and practice bridge, including:

• Bidding practice. Compare your bidding to the NeuralPlay AI's bidding.
• Card play practice. The NeuralPlay AI will automatically bid the hands.
• Double dummy play. Play the hand open against NeuralPlay's double dummy solver.
• Choose specific types of hands you would like to practice (mostly notrump, mostly strong two clubs, etc.).

Supported bidding conventions include: Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Takeout Doubles, Negative Doubles, Fourth Suit Forcing, Jacoby Two Notrump, Michaels Cuebid, Unusual Two Notrump, Blackwood, Gerber, Strong Two Clubs, Weak Twos, Splinter Bids, Gambling Three Notrump, and Cappelletti (Hamilton).

We are continuing to develop and improve NeuralPlay Bridge. We welcome all your feedback. Please contact us at [email protected]

How to install La Belle Lucie Solitaire APK at

La Belle Lucie Solitaire is quick, simple game, but is very rarely won.

The goal is to move all the cards to the foundations in ascending order by suit.

You can only grab one card at a time and move it from one tableau pile to another in descending order by suit.

When a tabluea pile is empty, you cannot move new cards there.

You get two shuffles. Press shuffle button to shuffle all the cards in the tableau.

How to download Uno For All APK at

Uno For All is unique app that is must have for everyone who loves Uno game.

The application provides 2 modes:

Scoreboard mode - Is very useful feature that helps you spend more quality time with your friends. It is advanced scoreboard manager, that provides very useful data.
You have information about spent time, current card dealer, current scores, score history, etc.
Also you always can save the current game and continue it later.

Game mode - If you are waiting for a bus or waiting in line, you can always play some quick Uno game with computer players armed with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

For now this is beta version, all suggestions are welcome!


Coding and design: Veljko Ilkic
Music: Vladislav Zijan ([email protected])

GAME MODE tips & tricks:

1. There is always label of currently active player in top left corner.
2. You can skip your turn if you don't have anything to throw.
3. You SHOULD say UNO before throwing second card and left with only one!
Hey that's the rules, enjoy :)

How to download Uno Free APK at

UNO is an international card game which can be played from a young age.It is easy to learn and suitable for any company, and you always can save the current game and continue it later!Have fun playing with Uno Free!

How to download TriPeaks Solitaire APK at

TriPeaks Solitaire is a brand new card game experience, filled with fun casino style logic puzzles from the makers of the #1 Solitaire game!

Brain training and casino fun meet in this free game! Solve deals and celebrate your TriPeaks victory with our exclusive winning animations at the end of every deal. Our TriPeaks Solitaire game gives you unlimited and unrestricted card games, so you can play to your heart’s content…no more waiting for the next TriPeaks level to unlock!

We are the original creators of Daily Challenges! Each day you’ll receive a unique Daily Challenge. Solve the Daily Challenge and receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! Your Daily Challenges, crowns, and current trophy status are available to view any time. Play the current day’s deal and replay it as many times as you’d like on that day.

Solitaire fans and cards games fans will fall in love with this new TriPeaks Solitaire experience!


• Free games of TriPeaks Solitaire, now just a tap away!
• Card games fans will love TriPeaks Solitaire! Do you play Patience, Pyramid or Spider Solitaire? Give TriPeaks Solitaire a shot!
• Classic Windows™ design

• There is TriPeaks Solitaire authenticity and fairness in every deal! Get unlimited deals for Solitaire fun anytime.
• Random deals mean each hand is fresh.

• Brain training is fun and easy with TriPeaks Solitaire! Can you solve each Solitaire puzzle?

• Card games come to life with exciting animations
• TriPeaks Solitaire is simple and fun, with Undo & Hints so everyone can play
• Switch between landscape and portrait views

TriPeaks Solitaire is a variation of Golf and Black Hole, and is also known as Tri Towers, Three Peaks, and Triple Peaks.

Free Solitaire games come to your Android with TriPeaks Solitaire! Fans of logic puzzles, Patience, Pyramid, Spider Solitaire and other card games will love it!

Download TriPeaks Solitaire today!

It’s quick and easy to learn: tap a card that is one value higher or lower than your active card to move it off the table. If there are no valid moves, tap on the row of cards next to your active card to get a new card. Climb your way up the peaks by clearing all the cards off your table!


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Created and supported by MobilityWare

How to install Crown Solitaire: A New Puzzle Solitaire Card Game APK at

Solitaire like you’ve never played before! Crown Solitaire is an all new strategy based version of the classic Solitaire game. Put your brain to the test with this Solitaire puzzle game!

From the makers of the #1 Solitaire game for Android devices, MobilityWare has delivered a new Solitaire concept, sure to give even the most experienced Klondike player a new challenge!

The objective is simple: clear the cards off the table by tapping on a card that is one value higher or lower than the current card in play. It’s just like TriPeaks Solitaire, except in Crown Solitaire, all the cards are face-up! Think of Crown Solitaire as the perfect combination between TriPeaks and FreeCell.

If you like the classic Windows Solitaire, you're going to love our new twist on the classic game! Our new version of Klondike Patience is totally free to play!

Crown Solitaire by MobilityWare is one of the best fun free games for kids and adults! If you’ve ever played Klondike Solitaire, Patience Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, or TriPeaks Solitaire on your Windows PC, you’ll love the new twist that Crown Solitaire brings to the original Klondike Solitaire game!

How to install 베이글녀맞고 APK at

- 다양한 여성 도전자들과의 올인을 건 한판승부!

- 빠르고 시원시원한 맞고 스피드!

- 최강의 손맛과 감칠맛나는 육성음성으로 재미는 2배!

- 매일매일 주어지는 아이템을 사용해서 등장 캐릭터들을 올인시키세요!

- 게임등급위원회 등급분류 번호 : CC-OM-121114-002
개발자 연락처 :
Hara village, 1027, 4th floor, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si

How to download SnapShove APK at

Become a short stack poker expert with this calculator and training app!

The only mobile all-in Texas Holdem calculator that allows you to make the perfect decision every time. SnapShove was founded by Max Silver, and created with a team of poker experts. Max is a top ranked poker player with $3 million in cashes

• Instant answers to real time poker decisions – play like a pro!
• Easy to use interface perfect for mobile searches at the poker table or on the go
• Take your game to the next level with Training mode
• SnapShove uses ranges calculated in over 1,000,000 unique game simulations
• Used by the world’s top poker pros


• SnapShove Pro offers even more precise calculations with a wider range of options for player numbers, antes and big blind increments
• With SnapShove Pro you get access to the Call mode – calculating when to call an all-in and when to fold
• Full access to Training mode with unlimited questions
• No ads and no wait times
• Full offline access for Shove and Call decisions – we won’t let you down even if the Wi-Fi does
• Customise the app display to best suit your game


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How to install Scratch Card Kings APK at

More than 85 million scratch cards scratched - join the fun!

Scratch Card Kings is a free to play scratch card game. Choose from seventeen fun lottery style scratch cards, each featuring a different design, game or prize amount.

Find gold tokens and treasure chests in scratch cards to win more prizes and unlock more cards.

Use your winnings to purchase virtual rewards from the in-game shop! Can you rise to the heights of Scratch King (or Queen)? See how lucky you can get and build your fun coin fortune!

Compare your net worth with players from across the globe.

Features realistic scratch action with intelligent pattern recognition so the game knows when you've finished scratching.

Get your scratch-on and try Scratch Card Kings now!

Please note:

• Scratch Card Kings is intended for an adult audience.
• This game does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
• Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling".

How to install Alaska Solitaire Relax APK at

Alaska is a solitaire game very similar to the game Yukon, but its also a bit harder due to the difference in Tableu building. Your goal is to move all cards to the foundations at the top of the game.
The cards in the Tableu can be build up or down in suit. Any face-up card can be moved, even if there are other cards on top of it. Only the top card of a Tableu pile can be moved to a foundation.
Only Kings can fill empty spaces in the Tableu.

How to install Classic - Spider Solitaire APK at

"Spider Solitaire" is a very popular card game of solitaire in the Android platform, gameplay is basically the same with FreeCell Solitaire, the rules of the game is let the cards in the order and arrangement of colors that correspond , of course, it is not so easy to play well!

Game Description:
* Players can choose the type of card suit, the more color the greater difficulty;
* The game supports both horizontal and vertical screen;
* With tips and restore function;
* Provide game data view;
* Support for Tablet PC;

Classic Solitaire game, come to challenge yourself!

How to install Lucky Fruit Cashout ~777 Slot~ APK at

The World’s Favorite Free Slot Casino! Lucky Fruit Cash out is coming. It is a famous casino slot game in every casino area such as Las Vegas,Macao,etc.Join the most popular FREE casino slot game ! The casino slot game's art style is relax and fresh. You can play a round any time any where, take a shot, try to win more coins! Everyday when you login the casino slots game, you will receive free slot coins. With the free slot coins, you can win more coins from this Casino Area.The free slot coins are enough already, you have no need to spend money to buy the game coins, this is a free slot game.***Game Features***
1 Two play mode: Arcade fruit cash out mode and Casino slot mode.
2 The play rule is the same as casino real slot machine.
3 The slot interface is fresh and relax, just like a casual game.
4 AMAZING Casino Slot bonus! Cashout Free Coins Bonanza.
5 Receive FREE COINS casino bonus every day.
6 Win Las Vegas slot machine Jackpots! ***Game Modes***
1 Arcade Fruit Cash out Mode: this mode is very popular in Arcade game time.Choose the apple , orange, slot 777 or slot bonus…
When you bet the right item ,you will win and get the coins.
2 Casino slot mode: This mode you can play 3 line casino slot, you can bet and win the coins with 777 or bonus or jackpot slot.
3 This game has a new appraise system. When you make lots of money, you will get proud appraise.If you lose all money , you coins can be negative, and you will still get interesting appraise.With different coins number, you can go into achievement page to see your appraise. ***Pay Table Rules***
1 Arcade Fruit Cash out Mode: You can bet 8 kinds of slot , from apple to bonus, apple is small price but easy to win, bonus is the biggest price but hard to win, Just make your choice, try to win more coins. Cash out is a casual and relax game.
2 Casino slot mode: Cherry is the small price but very easy to win,bonus slot and jackpot slot are very hard to win but is the biggest price.This mode just like the Arcade Fruit Cash out Mode, easy play hard master.The casino slot simulate the real slot machine, It has the same interface as real casino slot game. Slot fans gamer should not miss it. Welcome to Las Vegas , now it's bonus time! Try to win the 777 bonus and jackpot!update:
1 Fixed some sound bugs;
2 Reduce the package size;
3 add Casino Slot sound;

How to install Sam loc, Sâm lốc APK at

Sam hay còn gọi là Sam loc (Sâm lốc) là trò chơi đánh bài ("danh bai") rất phổ biến ở Việt nam. Sử dụng bộ bài Tu Lo Kho 52 la để chơi.

Danh bai sam loc phổ biến nhất ở miền bắc việt nam, nhưng do lối chơi hấp dẫn đã lan truyền tới miền nam việt nam và được giới trẻ ở đây rất yêu thích.

Để biết danh bai sam loc đặc biệt như thế nào thì các bạn có thể xem cách chơi dưới đây.

#Bộ bài - Người chơi

Luật chơi Xâm quy định số người chơi trong mỗi ván là từ 2 đến 4 người.
Mỗi người chơi sẽ được chia 10 lá khi bắt đầu ván bài.
Ở ván đầu tiên, người giữ quân bài nhỏ nhất trong bàn sẽ được đánh trước. Từ ván thứ 2 trở đi, người về nhất của ván trước sẽ giành được quyền đi đầu.

#Thứ tự quân

Bài lẻ (rác): Là các quân bài đơn lẻ không nằm trong bộ nào được kể đến dưới dây. Trong luật chơi Sâm lốc, thứ tự các quân bài là 3, 4, 5, ..., J, Q, K, A, 2. Trong đó 3 là quân nhỏ nhất và 2 là quân lớn nhất.

Đôi: Là cặp bao gồm 2 quân bài cùng số. Đôi 3 là đôi nhỏ nhất và đôi 2 lớn nhất.
Sám: Bộ gồm 3 lá bài cùng số. Thứ tự lớn nhỏ tương tự như bài lẻ.

Tứ quý: Bộ gồm 4 là bài cùng số. Thứ tự nhỏ đến lớn cũng tính từ 3 đến 2.

Sảnh: Bộ gồm các quân bài có thứ tự liên tiếp. Độ dài của sảnh bắt buộc phải từ 3 lá trở lên. Độ lớn của sảnh được tính như sau: Sảnh nhỏ nhất bắt đầu từ A, sảnh lớn nhất kết thúc bởi A. Ví dụ: A23 < 234 < 345 < …….< JQK < QKA (lưu ý không có sảnh KA2).

Các thuật ngữ trong luật chơi lốc

Ăn trắng: Được tính khi người chơi sở hữu bài có:

- Sảnh 10 lá (Sảnh Rồng).
- Tứ quý 2.
- Cả 10 lá bài cùng màu (không cần cùng chất hoàn toàn).
- 3 sám cô.
- 5 đôi.

Xin làng (Cướp cái): Xem bài, nếu cảm thấy bài của mình có thể về nhất và không ai có thể chặn được thì người chơi có thể "Xin làng" để giành quyền ưu tiên đánh trước. Sau khi giành được cái, người chơi sẽ đánh lần lượt bài của mình xuống. Nếu "Xin làng" thành công, người chơi sẽ được tính là về nhất. Nếu thất bại, người chơi sẽ phải đền làng.

Ví dụ: Người chơi có 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A thì có thể "Xin làng" rồi đánh sảnh 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A rồi đánh quân 3 để về.

#Cách chơi Sâm lốc

- Trong luật chơi Sâm, người đi sau sẽ lần lượt chặn bài người đi trước bằng quân bài/ bộ lớn hơn quân bài/bộ mà người đi trước đánh. Đôi chặn đôi, sám chặn sám, sảnh chặn sảnh (sảnh phải LỚN HƠN và có ĐỘ DÀI BẰNG sảnh của người đi trước mới có thể chặn).

- Tứ quý bất kỳ có thể chặn được 2. Một tứ quý chỉ chặn được 1 quân 2.

- Khi đánh ra một quân/ bộ mà không có ai trong bàn có thể chặn được, người chơi sẽ giành được cái cho lượt đi kế tiếp.

- Không như luật chơi Tiến lên miền Nam là người chơi có thể về bằng bất cứ quân nào, trong Sâm lốc, nếu người chơi về nhất bằng quân 2 sẽ bị tính là "Thối 2".

*Lưu ý: Nếu chỉ còn 1 quân bài trên tay, người chơi phải "Báo" cho cả làng. Người chơi trước của người vừa "Báo" sẽ phải bằng mọi giá chặn không cho người đó "Về" bằng cách phán đoán hoặc đánh ra con bài lớn nhất của mình. Nếu người đã "Báo" về nhất mà trên tay của người giữ cửa trên vẫn còn bài hoặc bộ lớn hơn nhưng không đánh ra thì người đó sẽ phải đền. Mức đền = Tổng số là bài mà tất cả người chơi còn + 2 + Tứ quý.

Nào!!! Tải game đánh bài Sâm lốc trí tuệ ngay bây giờ để trải nghiệm sự thú vị nhé các bạn.

How to download Matatu Game APK at

The aim is to play all your cards before your opponent. First to play all their cards wins, but don’t rush just yet - Many pitfalls follow.

How to download Pokemon hunters APK at

Online Battle Arena - Play against your friends and other players in the world in PvP multiplayer combat mode!
Unleash powerful skills and use witty tactics to defeat the strongest opponent!

How to download Puxa Papo APK at

Não sabe do que conversar? O Puxa Papo é um aplicativo para sugerir conversas para rodadas de amigos, WhatsApp e mensagens.

1. Opção de randomizar as conversas;
2. Cada conversa funciona como uma carta;
3. Permite compartilhar as conversas.

How to install Gaple Kiu Kiu APK at

Gaple Kiu Kiu adalah sebuah permainan atau game kartu gaple yang sering dimainkan ole masyarakat Indonesia. Dikemas dalam bentuk aplikasi yang bisa Anda mainkan secara offline atau tanpa jaringan internet. Pada umumnya game dominoes gapleh dimainkan secara online dengan multiplayer. Game ini memiliki kapasitas yang ringan namun dengan grafik yang keren.

game apk kartu gaple terbaru ini bisa Anda download secara gratis dan mudah mudahan menjadi game terlaris atau aplikasi yang paling banyak di download di Google Play dengan rating yang bagus. Selain itu permainan gaple domino ini juga sebenarnya tidak beda jauh dengan game-game kartu lainnya seperti remi atau rummy, call break, call bridge atau secara umum dikenal dengan game spades, atau cangkulan blackjack poker teen patti big2 solitaire spider solitaire free cell.

Semoga game apk paling baru ini bisa mengisi waktu luang Anda bersama keluarga terutama untuk anak kecil atau anak anak karena game Gaple ini bisa dimainkan oleh 2,3, atau 4 orang. Gaple juga bisa dimainkan secara tim (2 x 2 orang)

game gaple offline adalah game terbaru yang paling banyak di download game gratis terbaru game apk paling laris di google play store game paling banyak di download game gratis terbaru 2017 game apk terbaru gratis 2018 aplikasi terbaru new game app game ringan game studio game kartu paling menarik teka-teki logika puzzle card game classic game gapleh game domino online game gaple offline game gaple offline ini adalah game terbaik tahun 2019

How to download Kingdom Coins - Dozer of Coin APK at

Kingdom Coins is a beautiful and fun arcade coin dozer and pusher game for your Android device!

Download this FREE game now to start playing this coin dozer style game!

Join the fun by dropping the gold coins and pushing them to your new high score! You'll see fun prizes drop down that unlock special bonuses for your great game play. Baby tigers, cute panda bears, kittens, and even young dragons that unlock bonus prizes and more free giveaways! More better coin dozer you are, the more prizes you unlock :)

Be careful not to push the coins and prizes off the side...they won't count! Giant coins drop and coin walls come up to give you a big boost to help though. If you run out of coins, that's ok! You can wait for more and keep playing until you can dozer even more!

Join the fun with these great features:

★ Beautiful 3D graphics
★ Amazing physics and realistic movements
★ Over 90 prizes to win!
★ Fun sound effects
★ Hundreds of levels
★ Special bonuses you'll have to see to believe!

Stay Connected

Support: [email protected]

We hope you love playing this game as much as we do!

How to install KingDay – Vua Bài Giải Trí APK at

KingDay – Vua Bài Giải Trí là cổng Game chơi bài online (choi bai online) miễn phí hàng đầu hiện nay do VTC Game phát hành. KingDay liên tục dẫn đầu là game Choi bai online (chơi bài online) đông người chơi và yêu thích nhất với các game đang cực hot: Tien len (Tiến lên, Tien len mien nam), mậu binh, sâm…
• 8 lý do bạn nên tải ngay và Choi bai (chơi bài) ngay trên KingDay:
- Nhà phát hành VTC Game uy tín, bảo mật tài khoản của bạn. Giao diện siêu đẹp, chuẩn 3D với phong cách Chibi dân gian đầu tiên. Choi bai (chơi bài) như thật.
- Chơi bài online (choi bai online), Choi bai (chơi bài) miễn phí trên mọi thiết bị (Android, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod) với bộ cài siêu nhẹ đầy đủ 20 game bài và game cờ: Tien len (tiến lên), sâm lốc (sam loc), tá lả (ta la), cờ caro (co caro), cờ tướng (co tuong)…
- Cảnh báo khi mạng yếu, pin yếu. Tự động Choi bai (chơi bài) khi mất kết nối.
- Choi bai online (chơi bài online) ngay không cần đăng ký hoặc chỉ với 1 click đăng nhập qua Facebook.
- Tích hợp bạn bè Facebook đang chơi game bài và online cùng. Chơi bài (choi bai) cực vui cùng bạn bè cùng địa phương tỉnh thành.
- Thống kê Top cao thủ, đánh bài giỏi, chơi bài (Choi bai) nhiều với các game bai được yêu thích nhất như: Tien len (tiến lên, tien len mien nam), phỏm (phom), tá lả (ta la), sâm (sam loc)... Sự kiện tổ chức liên tục, thách đấu đối thủ, tranh tài cao thấp.
- Tự tin thể hiện đẳng cấp của bạn với tính năng ném bom, ném trứng, tát, tặng hoa, tặng quà… đối thủ trong bàn chơi.
- Hỗ trợ trực tuyến 24/7 từ hotline, email, chat, facebook,…
• Các Game bài, Game cờ tiêu biểu bạn nên chơi tại KingDay:
- Tiến lên Miền Nam (Tien len Mien Nam, Tien len)
- Phỏm (Phom)
- Tá lả (Ta la)
- 3 Cây (3 Cay, Ba cay)
- Mậu binh (Mau Binh, Binh Xap Xam)
- Cờ Tướng ( Co tuong)
- Cờ Caro (Co caro)
Hãy nhanh chóng Tải, Chơi và tham gia ngay Cộng đồng game bài (Game bai) lớn nhất Việt Nam để nhận hỗ trợ 24/7 tại:
- Fanpage:
- Group:
- Hotline: 19001530
- Website:

How to download Saudideal APK at

Claim your properties, bankrupt other merchants all around the world and steal theirs! Monopoly Cards Game in real-time multiplayer game.

Monopoly Cards Game game with more epic cards.
Monopolize all city’s land to defeat your opponents and win their coins to advance in the game. You can play using Facebook account.

Rule over all lands in the SAUDI DEAL to victory!

PLEASE NOTE! SAUDI DEAL is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.
If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

A network connection is also required.

● Multi players (2-5) from around the world in real-time and take their coins.
● Earn more coins by defeating your enemies and play with advanced players in advanced games.
● use your coins to unlock new tiers.
● Progress through multiple tiers all the way to the top.

How to install Tri Peaks St Patricks Day APK at

The classic card game of Tri Peaks Solitaire with a St Patrick's Day twist featuring great graphics and sounds optimized for the latest devices.


- Fantastic gameplay that is intuitive, responsive, and enjoyable
- Great graphics, sounds, and music optimized for the latest devices
- Auto-detection of no more moves
- Track your performance using the Stats feature

How to play:

Clear out a stack of 28 cards dealt in the shape of three connected pyramids. You can clear a card from the pyramids if it is higher or lower than the card at the bottom of the screen. If you cannot match any cards simply click the deck to deal another card from the 24 cards in the deck at the start of the Round. You can go "around the horn" and match a King to an Ace and vice versa. If you deal all of your cards and cannot match the game will be over.


+100 points when you clear a card from the pyramids
+1,000 points for clearing a tower
+2,500 points for clearing a Round
-50 points every time you deal a card
-200 points for trying to clear a card that cannot be cleared

How to install Solitaire 2018 APK at

Solitaire 2018 is the original Solitaire game for Android devices!

Join over 100 million users playing our Solitaire for Android! Our version of Solitaire is free and is the most popular in the Play Store! Take on our Daily Challenges for a new Solitaire experience each and every day. Download now to play the best classic Solitaire card game on Android now!


Fun Addicting Games of Classic Klondike & Patience Solitaire
♠ Play 1 and draw or classic Klondike Solitaire and draw 3 cards
♠ Winning Deals: Increase the challenge of your game
♠ Vegas Cumulative Scoring: Keep your score rolling over
♠ Addicting, unique ways to play!

Play Challenging Games & Unlock New Challenges Each Day
♥ Challenges keep the classic game of solitaire new every time
♥ Play free every day for a unique, challenging game!

Classic Games, Modern Options
♣ Statistics tracker: study your progress and play style
♣ Cards & Tables can be fully customized
♣ No wifi required for Random Deals. Play anywhere for free!
♣ Remove the Menu and Status Bar on devices that utilize the Navigation Bar (requires Android 4.4 or above)

Multiplayer & Leaderboards
♥ View your scores on the leaderboards
♥ Play with friends: race against friends and see who finishes the fastest!

If you like the classic Windows Solitaire, you're going to love our old school free game! Train your brain and solve the Daily Challenge to receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! Play our Daily Challenges and solitaire free! Klondike Patience has never been better!

Solitaire is one of the best fun free games for kids and adults alike! If you’ve ever played Klondike, patience or solitaire on your Windows PC, or any variants like Spider Solitaire or Tripeaks Solitaire, you’ll feel right at home in this authentic, original Klondike solitaire game!

The game is ad-supported.

How to install Бура, Bura APK at

Азартная карточная игра для двоих игроков. Можно играть как в Буру, так и в Буркозла. Сыграв 40 конов, при хорошем счёте игрок попадает как в локальную таблицу чемпионов, так и в Мировую. Опционально можно менять язык (English + Русский), скорость полета карт, звук, колоду карт (одну из трех), рубашки, фон игрального стола и др. Требуется размер экрана не меньше 800x480.

Gambling card game for two players. Having played 40 games, with a good score the player gets in a local table of champions, and in the World. Optionally, you can change the language (English + Русский), speed flight cards, sound, cards deck (one of three), decks, background gambling table and other. Required screen size not less than 800x480.

How to install Chips of Fury - virtual poker chips APK at

Planning to play Poker or some other card game, but...
♠ Don't have a poker chip set?
♠ Too many people and too few chips?
♠ Baby in the house, who might just walk all over your card table :) (it has happened!)

Download Chips of Fury

How to install Spades Classic APK at

Popular classic spades game with minimal design and essential features.

How to install Basra - باصرة ♠️♥️♦️♣️ لعبة كوتشينة ٧ كومي APK at

Basra or Bastra is an ancient playing cards game
It can be played with 2, 3 or 4 persons

You can play Basra against bots, friends or online

These features are included:
Old vintage cards
Seamless touch experience
Smart bots
Local network mode to play with friends
Online mode
Send Combo annoying emoji to other players
Dancing cards
Change your avatar at any time
Level up to unlock awesome features

Get it now, level up and play with your friends
Feedback is more than welcomed on [email protected]
JoyBeat Games

How to download Trex 2019 APK at

Trix, pronounced Tricks or Trex, and also known as Ticks, is a four-player Middle Eastern card game. Similar to the European game of Barbu, Trix takes on a cycle style in which there are four cycles with each cycle consisting of five games. Each cycle is called a "kingdom" in reference to the fact that in each cycle one player (the King) determines which contract to play in each of the five games.
1- all variants of Trix.
2- Easy and fast game.
3- very smart robot.
4- sounds and good design.
5- you can play with different players' levels.
6- partnership

How to install WHOT! Card Game APK at

Yes the most addictive card game is here with the best card graphics. Play your favorite WHOT! card game against various CPU levels. Give pick 2, general market, hold-on against a well designed Artificial Intelligence.

WHOT! is very comparable to Uno. Yes, if you like Uno, you will love this WHOT! game..

*For improvements and ideas, please contact us via any of our contacts, thank you!

How to download Sueca APK at

The classic sueca game, on your cellphone.

Sueca is a card game played by 4 players.
You can play solo or online with your friends.

How to install Mau-Mau APK at

Card game MauMau is a variant of Crazy Eights popular in Germany. It is played with a deck of 32 cards and each player is dealt 5 or 6 cards. Whoever gets rid of all cards first, wins the game. Players take turns and each player must match the suite or the value of the last played card. Certain cards have special functions. A seven forces the next player to draw 2 cards, an eight forces them to skip a turn. A jack can be played on any other card and the player may wish a suite.

How to install 偶像夢幻祭 APK at





森久保祥太郎、柿原徹也、細谷佳正、梶裕貴、羽多野渉、小野友樹、村瀬歩、緑川光、江口拓也、増田俊樹、山下大輝、斉藤 壮馬……等多位聲優出演!


故事劇本是由創作了< 鎖鎖美小姐@不好好努力 > 等代表作品,同時也是EG的執筆人氣作家日日日老師擔任!




How to install Card of the Pharaoh - Free Solitaire Card Game APK at

Play cards in Card of the Pharaoh, an innovative and immersive solitaire adventure through Egypt! This traditional solitaire and classic card game with a twist is the new hit from the makers of Solitaire Dream Forest.

⬪ Amazing Graphics
Start this classic card game in Egypt, the world of solitaire 2017, and be amazed by the beautiful world, outstanding card designs and colorful game play.

⬪ Simple Mechanics
Challenging level goals where you need to clear the board, collect gold cards, remove stones, unlock locks or a combination of them! Easy to learn, hard to master.

⬪ Immersive Levels
Match cards as in Klondike Solitaire or Patience game play to win the game. Unlimited levels to get addicted by diverse and unique stages.

⬪ Multi Language
Card of the Pharaoh can be played in multiple languages including English, Russian, Dutch and more.

⬪ Beautiful Music & Sound Effects
Enjoy the greatest background musics and addictive sound effects for the best free solitaire app experience.

⬪ Unique System for Boosters / Power Ups
Gain energy and collect free power ups and boosters by matching cards in a row. Blast your score in this classic card game!

⬪ Connect with Friends
Play together with your friends via Facebook. Progress to friends in the map, send free gifts and receive a daily bonus every day! Fun time!

⬪ Free to Play
This traditional solitaire app experience or classic card game is completely free to play, but in-game items such as gold can require a payment.

Card of the Pharaoh is the newest hit and best solitaire app of 2017. This classic card game with a twist will be the best solitaire card game of the year!

Note: Card of the Pharaoh can be played offline with no WiFi connection, but the best solitaire app experience is with an active internet connection. The game is optimized for phones, but also great to play on tablets.

How to download Fun Bridge APK at

Fun Bridge is a contract bridge game. It enables you to play deals at your own pace, whenever you want, and rank yourself against hundreds of other players (as well as your friends) who have played the same deals as you under the same conditions. You can watch a replay of how other players have played (bidding and card play), replay deals, see your live scores and even pause a deal to resume it later. For each deal, you are compared to other players and it is possible to watch a replay of how each player has played, making Funbridge an ideal tool to progress.

- 2 tournaments of the day per continent
- Series tournaments and unlimited practice deals
- Tournaments with MP and IMP scoring
- Setting of your bidding conventions
- Help for bids during the game
- Watch a replay of all the other players' bids and card play
- Challenge your friends

Fun Bridge, your new bridge club available in French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Already over 400,000 players and more than 1,000,000 deals played every day !

Please note that the Funbridge application requires an Internet connection to play.

How to install Mahjong 3Players (English) - VIP Edition APK at

*** Voted Top Singapore Hit Game by Singapore Digital Life ****
*** The #1 Mahjong Game in South East Asia! with Million of players! ****

Mahjong 3P is a Three Player Mahjong that is characterised by its simplicity, fast pace and high stakes. On average it takes less than 3 minutes to complete one game!

** Please ensure that you have a good Internet connection, if not you may face disconnection or lagginess.**

This Three Players Mahjong is an adaptation of the Three Players Mahjong that is commonly played in South East Asia.


Conventional Rules of Winning and Counting Points still apply except for the following changes:

1. There are only Stones("Tong"), Honor/Dragon Cards, Winds, Flowers and Joker("飛") cards.

2. Joker("飛") can combine with any cards to PONG, or it can be discarded as a Flower to add 1 FAN to your point. But you cannot have 2 PONGs of the same type with the Joker.

3. Unlike conventional rule, There are no restrictions in M3P, so even after you discarded, you can still PONG/CHOW the same card within the same round.

4. You can game more than 10 FANs in M3P and the winnings multiply when your win exceed 9 fans, which makes the stakes even higher.
10 - 19 FANs = Winning x 3
20 - 29 FANs = Winning x 6
30 - 39 FANs = Winning x 9
40 and above FANs = Winning x 12

5. KONG, besides being able to receive payout from other users, the Winning of the game (regardless who is the winner) will be multipled according to the number of KONGs
1 KONG = Winning x 2
2 KONG = Winning x 4
3 KONG = Winning x 8
4 KONG = Winning x 16
5 KONG = Winning x 32, so on and so forth.

6. Chip Multiplier, at higher lobby, you will have a chance to increase the stake by using gems to activate Chip Multiplier.
Chip Multipler comes in x2, x3, x4 and x5, and it multiplies the Winning of the one who activated the Chip Multiplier. It will not multiply when you lose unless the Winner also activated the Chip Multiplier.

For more info and help go to:

To test you network connectivity:
Ideally you should have <100ms for connection to game server

How to install 鬥地主 神來也斗地主 APK at

The No.1 Landlord Online - Everyone's Favorite Landlord Game
♠ Play as guest, no registration required
♠ Rated 5 stars by our players
♠ Over 32 million players worldwide, join tables in no time
♠ Play free: Get as much as 1500 chips to start out with

= Features =
♥ Authentic Landlord gameplay
♥ Over 32 million players - tap twice and you're in
♥ New reconnect function - bet with confidence
♥ Bigger and clearer graphics
♥ Loads of achievements and prizes
♥ Never go bankrupt: always get more chips so you can continue to play!

= What’s New =
♥ Landlord tournaments (Realtor, Tycoon, Magnate)
♥ Various new modes give you an awesome gaming experience

= Additional Notes =
♦ You can use your existing GodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo account to play
♦ If you want to use an MSN, Google, or other account to login, please see our
“Account Conversion” page for details:
♦ This product is intended for use by those 18 or older.
♦ Coins in this game can never be redeemed for real money, goods, or any other item of monetary value.
♦ User performance in this app is no indication of user performance or skill in genuine gambling.

Gamesofa - Fun in five easy minutes
Want to play more?

Gamesofa Website:
More Games:

♠ 台灣人最愛:最多玩家評鑑5顆星
♠ 經典叫地主、搶地主、明牌,多種玩法最有趣
♠ 免錢玩到爽:立刻下載可得1500地主幣(限新註冊)

-Android 斗地主 改版內容-
♥ 全新聚寶盆:玩越多地主幣越高!
♥ 至尊VIP:VIP等級越高優惠越多!
♥ 獨家娛樂城:21點、骰寶、拉霸,1個APP,4種享受
♥ 幸運轉金樂,地主幣最高送十倍!

-Android 三人大老二 遊戲特色-
♣ 正宗鬥地主遊戲(又稱斗地主、Landlord)
♣ 13億人的最愛,三人大老二撲克遊戲
♣ 全球3,200萬真實玩家,按兩下就開桌!
♣ 牌面大!更清楚、操作更容易!
♣ 斷線重連系統,網路斷線也不怕!
♣ 贏牌特殊任務,獎金再加倍!
♣ 破產補幣,輸光也能繼續玩!
♣ 贈幣超多:連續登入玩斗地主遊戲,每日領好康
♣ Landlord挑戰賽:地主賽、富豪賽、大亨賽,快來領取彩金獎勵
♣ 中國大老二癩子玩法,湊牌更容易、輸贏更刺激!

♦ 原「神來也會員」或「Facebook」、「Yahoo」帳號直接玩
♦ 若您之前使用MSN, Google等帳號登入神來也遊戲,想在手機上繼續使用該帳號,請參考「帳號轉換及登入教學說明」
♦ 本遊戲以成年人為訴求對象
♦ 本遊戲不提供「現金交易賭博」,也沒有機會贏得現金或實體獎品
♦ 玩社交類賭博遊戲時的玩法或成績不錯,不代表日後以「金錢賭博」時會獲得相同的成果
♦ 本遊戲依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級
♦ 本遊戲部分畫面穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾
♦ 本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。

Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆


How to download Global Poker APK at

Global Poker - The ultimate poker experience. The world's best Texas Hold'em Poker game. Play with friends or meet people from around the world.


Free Chips! -- The only poker room to give out free chips every 15 minutes! Plus free daily bonuses each day!

Game Modes – Play Texas Hold'em Poker on our Regular or VIP or Steal or Bust Tables!

Jackpots – Hundreds of people win our progressive jackpots each day!

Leaderboard – Compete against 250,000+ other players world wide, compete to be number one in the country or world leaderboards.

Capture — Take a screenshot of the gameplay! Upload that amazing win moment to Facebook!

Experience – Climb the ranks by collecting experience from Noob to Hall of fame!

Play Anywhere – Play Global Poker on Desktop & Mobile with your Facebook profile.

Become a fan! – Join our community for support and bonuses!

How to download Texas Holdem Poker APK at

Texas Holdem Poker is the world's favorite online poker game. It attracted 20 thousands of fans worldwide. There are small, medium and large tables, depending on your bankroll. It doesn't really matter whether you are a newbie without basic knowledge of rules or a weathered poker-shark, you will find a table suitable for you.
The strongest point of GeaxGame's Poker is its social component. You can chat all game long with your table mates. Since a Facebook account is required, you can challenge your friends or meet new ones. The game is entirely multiplatform, so for example, you can be playing from your android device while your friends are playing from home or from an Iphone.

Game features:
* Live Chat
* Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos
* Personalized profile and buddy lists
* Simple interface that's easy to navigate
* Free daily bonus
* Plenty of gifts, snacks, and drinks to share with others
* Facebook connect for fast registration (optional)

If you like Poker, you’ll love Texas Holdem Poker . It has everything you need to have a whole of a time betting, raising or bluffing online opponents. Just download the app now for free.
Don't forget to add me as friend, there's much more fun we playing together!

How to install Euchre Free: Classic Card Games For Addict Players APK at

Euchre is a classic trick taking card game, similar to Hearts and Spades. It's widely played in the United States, where it's also known as Bacon, and in other English speaking countries. In Euchre Free: Classic Card Game you play with 3 other players, forming 2 teams, and the deck in play consists of the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A cards. There is always a trump and your objective is to score 10 or more points. You get these points in matches with 5 tricks, where the team that scores the most points and tricks wins.

In Euchre Free: Classic Card Game, you play just like in real life, choosing between accepting the trump, passing or changing your cards, playing the match with your partner or going alone. Play the best cards and use the trumps wisely to win the tricks.


- 3 difficulty levels: choose between easy, medium and hard.
- Customize the cards from the deck and the table.
- Autosave: restart the game from where you stopped.
- Statistics with your performance in the game.
- 100% free game, with unlimited matches.

If you like card games like Hearts, Spades, 500 and other trick taking card games, you will love Euchre!

Download Euchre Free: Classic Card Game now and get ready for hours of fun with this classic card game. And don’t get euchred!

How to download Domino Offline QQ APK at

Domino Offline QQ is dominoes game - legend board and card game.
Domino Offline QQ has attractive graphics and customizable rules.
Suitable for all ages and fun to play.
You can play Domino Offline QQ with 2 ,3 and 4 players.
Domino Offline QQ also can plays with teams (2players vs 2players)

We hope you funs with this Domino Offline QQ game, and your reviews or comments or suggestions of improved, is the best support for us.

Download now for free!
Thank You

How to download Gin Rummy Extra - GinRummy Plus Classic Card Games APK at

Gin Rummy Extra Plus Classic Card Games is the popular rummy card game. Get one card, discard another and collect the best set for the victory.


- PLAY FOR FREE: Experience all features totally free.
- RULES & HELP: Useful for beginner
- TABLET & PHONE: Supports Landscape Portrait view
- DIFFICULTY OPTIONS: Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty settings
- MODES: Classic, Oklahoma, Straight, Hollywood
. Fully automated melding or sorting of cards.
. Fully automated game play: meld, knock, gin, big gin, undercut and bonus are processed automatically.
. Fully automated save game, auto-save when exit.
. 3 different decks of cards available
. Extensive Statistics, including games and hands breakdown.
. Win challenges level up
. Fast and smooth game play
- FREE BONUSES - Countless opportunities to earn free coins, easier than ever!


Facebook Page:

How to download Grand Gin Rummy - Free Card Game With Real People APK at

Play the world´s most beautiful Gin Rummy game live with fellow Gin Rummy enthusiasts. Join one of the biggest Gin Rummy communities!

Choose between the multiplayer modes Classic, Quick and Oklahoma Gin and put your skills to the ultimate test in our tournaments and win big!

Special Features:

• Three unique game modes: Classic, Quick, Oklahoma
• Challenge your Facebook friends in the new Direct Challenge feature
Level Up by earning XP & unlock new rewards
• Compete in tournaments and climb the leaderboard!
• Most authentic card game experience
Beautifully illustrated graphics
• Receive daily bonuses
• Login with Facebook to send and receive in-game gifts
• Dedicated Customer Service team

Play now and receive a welcome bonus!

Grand Gin Rummy is free to play but some additional game items can be bought inside the game. Grand Gin Rummy may require an Internet connection to use all functions of the game.
Links to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy:

How to install Tarneeb APK at

This is the most popular Tarneeb card game on android! ! !
It is different from other card games! ! !
New graphics! ! New game modes! ! !
Vivid sound effect and realistic special effects! ! !
More realistic and thorough experience! ! !
Don’t hesitate! Just download it! !
Tarneeb is spades variant.The aim of Tarneeb is to win a set of continuous hands. There are four players in partnerships of two teams.
A standard 52 card deck is used, each suit ranking in the usual way from Ace (high) down to two (low). The game is played in a counterclockwise fashion. The game will be finished if any team reach to 60 points.

★★★★★ Smooth game control
★★★★★ Vivid background music is in harmony with the game!
★★★★★ intelligent robot player.
★★★★★ Share fun with your friends by QQ, WeChat, SMS, and Email!
★★★★★ Facebook and online coming soon.

How to download Solitaire Classic APK at

Tired of searching among tons of solitare and patience game versions offering solitare games free but the quality or gameplay are not the ones you want? Still missing your old solitaire games sessions on your desktop computer?

How to download Cribbage APK at

Cribbage is a card game.

This application does not include cheat codes.
All the cards are randomly dealt.


How to play multiplayer games over Bluetooth

How to play multiplayer games over Online

How to replay the games

Privacy Policy
This application does not collect personal information.

The multiplayer games with Bluetooth require BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH_ADMIN permission.
The multiplayer games with TCP/IP require INTERNET permission.
The multiplayer games with Online require INTERNET permission.
Bluetooth scanning and discovering require ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission.
This application is ad-supported and requires INTERNET permission.

How to install Sâm Lốc Offline - Sam loc - Sâm Lốc APK at

Đánh bài Sâm Lốc (sam loc) là một game có từ lâu đời của người Việt, thường được chơi tại cái buổi tụ tập để góp vui cho gia đình, cũng như các game đánh bài khác như tiến lên miền nam (tien len miền nam), tiến lên đếm lá (tien len dem la), xập xám(mậu binh, mau binh), cát tê (catte), bài cào, chắn, sâm lốc (sam), phỏm, tá lả (ta la, phom). Đây là những game đánh bài phù hợp với đa số lứa tuổi, nâng cao trí tuệ, cũng như tên gọi tiến lên, mang điều may mắn.

Không cần mạng, bạn cũng chinh chiến game tiến lên đếm lá mọi lúc mọi nơi, đánh bài chưa bao giờ dễ đến vậy, tiến lên miền nam trải nghiệm tuyệt vời.

Cách đánh tiến lên đếm lá: có 4 người chơi, mõi người 10 lá, tạo thành sảnh, đôi, cốc, xám, … ai đánh hết những lá bài trên tay trước người đó sẽ thắng.
Với tiến lên miền nam thì đánh vòng trái sang phải, người đến nhất được gọi là người thắng các người còn lại bị sử thua, ai nhiều lá trên tay thì thua nhiều.
Với game có luật chặt heo, tứ quý và các luật khác nữa.

Người chơi tiến lên sẽ bị giết ngộp khi có người tới mà vẫn còn nắm đủ 10 lá trên tay, người chơi này được xem là chết ngộp và bị thua gấp đôi tiền, đồng thời còn bị xét heo hàng… tính như thúi. Các game thủ tiến lên còn lại tiếp tục chơi để xác định các vị trí còn lại.

Tính năng:
- Có thể thay đổi hình nền.
- Nhiều cấp độ thông minh của máy.
- Nhân vật được nhiều người yêu mến.
- Quà tặng mõi ngày, mở tiến lên miền nam là có chip ngay.
- Lưu lại kết quả, tự do chơi thoài mái.

Chúc các bạn chơi sâm lốc (sam loc) vui vẻ, ngoài ra tụi mình còn có những đầu game vô cùng hấp dẫn khác, như tiến lên miền nam (tien len mien nam), tiến lên đếm lá (tien len dem la), mậu binh (xap xam), sâm lốc, phỏm tá lả… mời các bạn trải nghiệm.

How to install Free Solitaire APK at

Absolutley free solitaire game for your Android device.
Simple and original.

How to download Hearts - Card Game Classic APK at

Enjoy the essence of the classic Hearts game, specially conceived for you. This will be your best ever experience on a Hearts game!

With big and beautiful cards, a clear interface, hand picked sounds and an amazing Artificial Intelligence, Hearts, the Classic Card Game, offers you an experience like no other before.

♥ Big, easy to read cards
♥ Opponents that self adjust to your playing level
♥ Beautiful and easy to use interface
♥ Complete scoreboard and statistics
♥ Jack of Diamonds option available
♥ Change themes option
♥ You can change the score target
♥ Auto game saving, just in case

Stick your opponents with as many hearts as possible and try to avoid the hearts suit. Beware of the Queen of Spades.

Hearts - Card Game, is the best Hearts game on the app store. And it is free! Download and play it right now!

Install it NOW - !!

- Sharpen your brain;
- Relax and have fun!

How to download MSolitaire APK at

Msolitaire is another solitaire derived from the Ken Magic one, to run in modern phones and tablets. It uses the original user interface, so old users will be confortable. New users must know that the back key undoes a move, and to quit the game you must open the menu and select "quit". If your phone doesn't have a menu key you can use a double tap on the green backgrround instead.

The original code can be found here:

Cards drawing are from:

MSolitaire is free, without adds and doesn't need special permissions.

How to download Penny Dreadful - Demimonde APK at

Now with season 3 quests and episodes!

Are you ready to explore the Demimonde, the mysterious half world between life and death?

Demimonde is a spell-binding puzzle and collectible card game (CCG) based on the hit Showtime TV series, Penny Dreadful.

Bringing together characters from this highly imaginative and original horror story, Demimonde lets you explore the creepy and intelligent world of Penny Dreadful, assemble your own team of heroes, and battle other players from around the world.

Game Features:

● Explore Victorian London – explore classic locations from the show and test yourself with mini-games at each location

● Collect Iconic Characters and Creatures– you can collect all of your favorite characters, including Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Sir Malcolm Murray, Ethan Chandler, and of course Vanessa Ives.

● Assemble Your Team – Combine your most powerful characters and creatures along with magical abilities into an undefeatable team.

● Battle other players – measure your deck against other players around the world – and teach them who is their master!

● Upgrade your characters – sacrifice weak cards to make your team undefeatable

● Steal cards from other players – steal magical ability cards and complete collections for unique rewards

How to download Jeu de carte 151 APK at

Le but du jeu:
Être le premier joueur à ne plus avoir de carte.

Le jeu peut se jouer entre 2 joueurs que l'on veut. Le jeu se joue avec un jeu de 32 cartes (As, Roi, Dame, Vallet, 10, 9, 8, 7). À tour de rôle un joueur distribue huit cartes pour les deux joueurs.

Déroulement du jeu :
Les joueurs jouent chacun leur tour. Celui qui commence, il joue la carte de son choix.
À son tour, le joueur suivant a le choix de jouer (c’est-à-dire de poser une carte sur le talon) soit une carte de la couleur de celle qui est en haut du talon, soit une carte de la même valeur, soit une carte joker à tout moment (les cartes numéro 8).
Lorsqu'un joueur ne peut pas jouer de carte, il pioche une carte et passe son tour. Par exemple, si la première carte du talon est un 7 de cœur, le joueur peut jouer soit n'importe quel cœur, soit n'importe quel 7, soit une carte joker (généralement le 8).
S’il a plusieurs cartes de même valeur que le talon il peut les déposer en même temps.

Certaines cartes déclenchent des changements dans le jeu (voir ci-dessous). Les joueurs sont tenus de s'y conformer.

- La carte 8
Elle peut être déposée sur n’importe quelle carte. Elle permet au joueur de changer la forme ou de garder la même (cœur, pique, trèfle ou carreau). Le joueur annonce la forme au suivant qui est obligé de respecter la forme ou de piocher une carte.

- La carte As
On ne peut déposer une autre carte sur l’AS qu’une carte AS ou une carte 8.
Si le joueur qui doit jouer après le dépôt d’un As sur le talon n’a pas l’une de ces cartes (As, 8) il pioche une pénalité de 2 cartes.
Les joueurs qui le suivent et qui n’ont pas aussi l’une de ces cartes piochent une pénalité d’une carte.

- La carte Dame
Le joueur suivant passe son tour/rejouer si vous jouez à deux joueurs.


- Le mode Mort subite
Les joueurs joue entre eux sans autre contrainte on recommence la partie.

- Le mode Comptage de points.

A la fin de la partie, les cartes sont comptées suivant le barème. A chaque fin de partie, les scores sont cumulés. Le joueur qui dépasse en points le nombre 151 perd la partie.

Le jeu supporte le mode du jeu Multi joueur en utilisant l'API google play games services.

N'hésitez pas à inviter vos amis pour plus de fun !!

How to install 무료맞고 2020 - 새로운 무료 고스톱 APK at

2018년 대표 고스톱 게임 무료맞고 2018을 지금 만나보세요!
무료 맞고 2018은 간단하고 재미있는 무료 고스톱 게임입니다.

2018년 새해는 무료맞고 2018과 함께 새마음 새뜻으로!
무료 맞고 2018에서 제공하는 2018년 고스톱 랭킹에서 영예의 1등을 차지하세요!

2018년 새해엔, 무료 게임이지만 전혀 무료하지 않은
무료 맞고 2018과 함께 즐겁고 행복한 시간 보내세요!

※무료 맞고 2018 특징
- 완전 무료 고스톱 게임
- 최고 빠른 속도
- 빵빵한 출석 보상
- 무제한 밀기
- 레벨 올리기
- 실시간 월간 랭킹 경쟁
- 착착 달라붙는 손맛
- 선명하고 편안한 그래픽
- 재미있는 효과
- 주간/야간 편리한 배경 설정
- 초저용량 고스톱 게임

※게임물관리위원회 등급분류번호 : CC-OM-170405-003

How to install Rummy 500 APK at

Rummy 500 (also known as Persian Rummy, Pinochle Rummy, 500 Rum, 500 Rummy) is a popular Rummy game which is similar to straight Rummy but distinct in the sense that players may draw more than just the upcard from the discard pile. This significantly increases the level of complexity and strategy involved in the course of play.

According to the most commonly played Rummy 500 rules, points are scored for cards that are melded, and points are lost for cards that are not melded (ie deadwood) and remain in a player’s hand when someone goes out.

In order to fully enjoy rummy 500, there are a few rules of the game you should know along with tips and strategies to help you become a better player. This is a game that can be very fast paced and alertness is the key to winning or at least making a good show.

• The game, like most can be played with 2-4 players
• Only one deck with jokers is used
• 7 cards are distributed to each player
• The objective is to be the first player to reach the goal of 500 points.
• Even if there is more than one player that makes it to the target, only the highest scoring player will be declared the winner.
• You have to form sets and sequences. Sets are any 3-4 cards of the same rank and a sequence are same suit cards in order, 3 or more cards. This is how scoring is done in rummy 500, the sets and sequences are tabulated according to the values of each card.
• Game play consists of drawing a card to start your turn and discarding to end the turn.
• There is a third choice during the turn and this is to lay down a meld or add to a meld someone else has made. This second move is referred to as building.
• The jokers are considered “wild” cards and can be used as any other card in a set or sequence.
• You can pick up one or several of the discarded cards but you have to use the last one played.
• When taking cards from the discard pile you have to use it immediately to form a meld or the move is invalid.
• All of the royalty cards are worth 10 points, the ace can be valued at 11 points depending on its value place in a meld and it is 15 penalty points if you get caught with it. The Joker counts as the value of the card it replaces and adds 15 penalty points.
• Each game is made up of a series of rounds.
• The score from each round is added in succession. When the total point of any player reaches the target score or exceeds it, that player is said to be the winner.
• Game ends when target is reached, if there is a tie a play off is started and the winner of this gets the pot.

Awesome Features of Rummy 500

✔ Resume Unfinished game.
✔ Challenging Artificial Intelligence.
✔ Statistics.
✔ Update Profile Picture & update Username.
✔ Select table of particular bet amount.
✔ Game settings includes i)Animation speed ii)Sounds iii)Vibrations.
✔ Manually rearrange cards or auto sort.
✔ Daily Bonus.
✔ Hourly Bonus
✔ Level Up Bonus.
✔ Achievements.
✔ Daily Quests.
✔ Spinner Bonus.
✔ Get Free Coins by Inviting Friends.
✔ Leader board.
✔ Customized Rooms
✔ Simple tutorial to help beginners get in the game fast.

If you like Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy and Canasta, or other card games you will love this game. The cards are already on the table. What are you waiting for? Download Rummy 500 now and be the great card champion!

If you have any issues, we request you to mail us or send feedback at [email protected] rather than giving us a negative review.

How to download 月牙蜘蛛纸牌 APK at


How to download Bridge Bidding Coach APK at

Bridge Bidding Coach promotes learning the basic aspects of contract bridge bidding by allowing you to practice similar scenarios one after the other until the rules get engraved in your head.

Bridge Bidding Coach is based on Standard American rules and incorporates some of the more widely used conventions, like Ogust, RONF, Features, Jacoby Transfers, Blackwood, Roman Key Card Blackwood, and others.

Bridge Bidding Coach is mainly for beginners and novice players who are excited about bridge and want to get better. However if you are a more advanced player, I challenge you to download the app and see if you can get 100% in all 9 practice scenarios (not as easy as it sounds).

Bridge Bidding Coach is your personal trainer, and with it you will learn how to bid the following scenarios to perfection in very little time:

Opening Bid - This is the very first bid in a bridge auction.
Overcalls - Learn the subtleties of overcalling an opponent's first bid.
Responding to a minor opening - What to do when your partner opens with a minor suit.
Responding to a major opening - Same for a major opening.
Responding to a NT opening - Here your partner opens with 1NT.
Responding to a weak opening - Not as obvious as you may think, few people practice this.
Rebid - Your time to bid again after your partner responds.
Rebid a weak opening - Your turn again after a weak opening.

Bridge Bidding Coach is currently in beta, so if you encounter a hand in which you disagree with the coach's suggestion, please use the Report Hand option under the menu to let us know so we can fix it asap.

How to install Texas Hold'em Prison Poker APK at

Locked up and the only way to get out is to play poker and unlock achievements. This game has pretty high stakes, your life! You either beat these guys at poker and win the equipment you need to escape, or the next 50 years are gonna get real ugly, real fast.
Pick your poker poison, Texas Hold'em, Five Card Draw or Seven Card Stud and you better be sure cause this ain't Vegas baby!

How to download Solitaire Pro APK at

Solitaire Pro is the #1 classic spider solitaire of cards game. If you like windows solitaire, you'll love this solitaire classic on the mobility device!!

Solitaire, also known as Patience Solitaire and Klondike Solitaire, is the most popular classic solitaire cards game in the world.

Solitaire is a very funny patience classic card game, ideal for the whole family and all people that love playing cards. The addicting card game you’ve been playing on your windows pc and computer for years now goes wherever you do.

If you play classic games like spider Solitaire, spiderette, Bridge, classic Klondike solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire games, Pyramid Solitaire, Casino card games or any other casual card puzzle games like Cribbage, you will love this Solitaire!

Tap or drag to move cards for quick gameplay. You can choose draw 1 card or draw 3 cards, and standard scoring or vegas scoring.

The Winning Deals feature creates a game that deals hands guaranteed to have at least one winning solution. The Winning Deals helps you win the game!

You’ll receive a unique Daily Challenge everyday. Solve the Daily Challenge and receive a crown for days. Award winning cards can help you win the game, you can collect the monthly gold medal silver medal bronze medal three medals.

Patience klondike solitaire now has 20+ new themes to play with!

Summer is hot, let's play king cards with funny!

Solitaire Free!! Free Solitaire Pro!!
Solitaire Pro is free! Free cards game! Free card game! Important things say three times!
- Winning Deals to win gold and silver bronze medal
- Theme Packs, including the Olympic Games, spring, summer, autumn and winter season theme package
- Draw 1 card - turn a card
- Draw 3 cards - turn 3 cards
- Portrait or Landscape
- Right or left handed play
- Unlimited undo, Smart hints
- Auto complete to finish game
- Modern Card
- Custom backgrounds and card backs
- Standard klondike scoring, and Vegas scoring
- Game state saved when interrupted
- Statistics
- Play and move cards easily
- Tap a card to move it automatically
- Daily challenge game

Puzzle card layouts, special excitement and twists that you won’t find in classic solitaire card games like Pyramid, Tripeaks, Spider, Skipbo, Texas Hold'em, Video Poker, Blackjack, or FreeCell solitary game.

The familiar windows solitaire game is now available on the google play! Download solitaire free today!

How to install 550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack APK at

Are you looking for an awesome Solitaire cards game collection for your Android device? If so, this application is for you. Get 550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack Free today and join the fun!

If you liked playing solitaire on windows or solsuite solitaire to pass time you are going to love this classic game.
Our Solitaire game takes the trusted gameplay formula. With stunning graphics and animations this version of the popular card game is one of the most beautiful solitaire card games you'll find.
550+ Card Games Solitaire features a beautiful custom designed card set in high resolution, playing Patience on your HD Android tablet never looked this good! World of Solitaire.
The classic Patience game controls have also been optimized to touch screen devices - it takes no time to learn at all, and works just as you'd expect, be it on a tablet or a small phone.

550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack's features in points:
* Various Game Type(Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Canfield, Yukon, Golf, Pairing, Gypsy, Braid, Terrace, Baker's Dozen, Raglan, Castle, Montana(Gaps), Fan, Napoleon, Forty Thieves and many more)
* Stunning HD graphics & animations
* For each game there is a description of the rules
* Various themes
* Unique old classic card deck
* Full Auto Hint (If you don't know game rule, check on)
* Automatic completion(on/off support)
* Easy controls: either drag and drop cards and stacks, or tap to select and tap to drop
* Unlimited undo-all, undo, redo and redo-all
* Auto save ensures your game is always ready to start off where you left it
* Tablet support
* Statistics

If you don't know game rule, don't worry
Our game's full auto hint system keep on, then game rule automatic learning.

Solitaire is also known as Patience Card Game.
The Solitaire Classic card game is fully featured, ad supported.

Enjoy solitaire games for FREE!

How to install Solitaire Pets Adventure - Free Online Card Game APK at

Solitaire Pets Adventure is a free Klondike Solitaire saga game with a twist. Play cards in one of the best classic card games & become the next Solitaire master!

Shuffle the cards and get ready to have some fun! The free classic Klondike Solitaire card game we all know and love is now available with unique gameplay matches & exciting solataire challenges!

Solitaire Pets combines cards and casual gameplay that will keep you coming back for more!

Immerse yourself in this classic Solitare card game where pets roam free, and epic adventures await you at every turn. Play this Solitaire saga card game with your favorite four-legged friends and reach the top to become the next solataire master!

Unlock new levels to explore, or take on daily challenges where you can win awesome coin prizes that will help you progress that game and become the next solitaire master! Can you reach the top of the Solitaire Pets saga leaderboards?

INSTALL NOW & play one of the best classic Solitaire saga games on Google Play!

Solitaire Pets Adventure Game Features:
♠ An all-new way to play Solitaire Classic Patience with addicting Klondike gameplay
♠ A world full of rich graphics to explore with lovable pet characters
♠ Powerful boosters to help with challenging levels
♠ Awesome challenges to complete and win fun rewards
♠ Easy and intuitive to play Patience, yet challenging to master

Solitare Pets Adventure is completely FREE but offers in-game purchases.

Whether you’re a Solitare master or a fan of classic card games like Pyramid or Golf, Solitaire Pets Adventure is the perfect way to play Klondike Solitaire. Download this beautiful card game, Shuffle up and deal the cards!

How to download FreeCell Solitaire Free APK at

The best FREE solitaire download: FREECELL SOLITAIRE - the classic solitaire game you enjoyed on Windows Desktop is now available on Android!

How does free cell solitaire differ from other solitaire card games? Most hands in other variants of solitaire are unsolvable. That’s right, you can spend hours on a game without a chance of winning. Skip the frustration and invest your game time in a solitaire app that can actually be solved!

- Lush graphics.
- Easy-to-read cards.
- Five card table backgrounds.
- Drag & drop game play OR --
- Tap-to-move for lightning fast game play.
- Do-over your last move with the "undo" function.
- Right hand or left hand play. You choose!
- Landscape or portrait mode.
- Compatible with Android phones and tablets.

Say goodbye to the graphic grain of yore and download this FREE FreeCell Solitaire card game today! Are you good at solving puzzles? Play solitaire free cell and accept the challenge. The game – and our flawless graphics – will make your head spin!

- Player is dealt 52 cards face-up in eight columns.
- Four of the columns have seven cards.
- The other four columns have six cards.

Successfully move all the cards into the four suit piles ("cells") stacked from lowest to highest rank. This requires intensive skill and planning. Are you up to it?

Aging researchers have discovered activities that strain the brain - such as brain puzzles like our freecell download - may keep your noggin healthier for longer. Download our FREE FREECELL SOLITAIRE to get your brain synapses firing while having fun!

How to download Catte - Cát Tê APK at

Catte offline – Cát tê hay còn được gọi là Sắc Tê là một trò chơi danh bai rất phổ biến và lâu đời tại Việt Nam.

Cat Te đòi hỏi người chơi phải mưu mẹo, suy nghĩ trong mỗi ván bài,việc thắng thua không còn mang ý nghĩa hên xui, đỏ đen do bài mà còn do chính khả năng của người chơi. Nhịp chơi nhanh nhưng có tính chiến thuật và may mắn làm cho trò chơi trở nên đầy hấp dẫn, đầy lôi cuốn.

Catte Sac Te là phiên bản offline hoàn toàn miễn phí, không cần phải kết nối Internet, wifi vẫn có thể chơi được. Người chơi có thể danh bai Cat Te Sac Te tại mọi lúc và mọi nơi mà không cần bận tâm lo lăng về việc mất mạng hay phải nạp tiền vào trò chơi.

Catte Sac Te hứa hẹn sẽ mang lại chp người chơi bài Cát Tê những trải nghiệm tốt nhất, cùng với những thử thách, giúp cho người chơi không nhàm chán. Trò chơi còn là một cách giúp người chơi luyện tập, nâng cao kỹ năng đánh bài Cát Tê. Với các đối thủ ảo được xây dựng thông minh sẽ đem lại những thử thách, cạnh tranh quyết liệt trong từng ván bài.

Game bai Cát tê đòi hỏi tư duy, chiến thuật, thích hợp cho việc luyện tư duy logic, óc phán đoán nhạy bén, đồng thời cũng mang lại những giây phút giải lao, xả stress tốt sau những giờ làm việc, học tập căng thẳng.

- Cát tê hoàn toàn miễn phí, không cần nạp tiền, không doi thuong.
- Không cần internet, không sợ lag hay mất mạng.
- Không cần đăng ký.
- Giao diện Casino chuyên nghiệp, đẹp mắt.

Mục đích của danh bai Cat Te Sac Te giúp người chơi giải trí, thư giãn và nâng cao kỹ năng chơi bài cát tê. Lưu ý trong trò chơi không hề có những giao dịch hay đổi thưởng bằng tiền thật. Những kinh nghiệm thu được, những chiến thắng trong trò chơi không có nghĩa sẽ giúp người chơi chiến thắng ngoài thực tế.

Mọi góp ý hay báo lỗi game bai xin vui lòng để lại bình luận để giúp trò chơi Cat Te Sac Te ngày càng hoàn thiện hơn. Hãy tải và danh bai Catte Sac Te!

How to install DoubleUp Casino - Free Slots APK at

Welcome to DoubleUp Slots,
DoubleUp Slots is the HIGHEST PAYING!
Stunning and colorful graphics get you relaxed
Just touch the SPIN button!

►Get started with 20,000,000 free coins!
►Play anywhere! No Internet connection required!

How to download Solitaire Pack : 9 Games APK at

Solitaire is a patience game with 9 solitaire games. It includes Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Golf,Forty Thieves,Tri Peaks and more, being one of the better known of the family of patience games. It is easy to play and have nice graphics.

The best features in our solitaire cards game:

♠ Beautiful graphics
♠ Smaller size < 5MB
♠ Klondike
♠ Freecell
♠ Spider 1 suit
♠ Spider 2 suits
♠ Spider 4 suits
♠ Golf Solitaire
♠ Forty Thieves
♠ Tri Peaks
♠ Unlimited free undo
♠ Unlimited free hints
♠ Option for Winning deals
♠ Timed mode
♠ Single tap or drag and drop to move a card

♠ Statistics
♠ Personal records
♠ Choose your card style
♠ Left handed mode
♠ Tablet support
♠ Portrait
♠ Landscape

Have a burning question? Send us a message!

How to install Cats Memory Match Game APK at

Cats Memory Game with cute cats that helps to improve your memory.

If you like kittens you will love this free memory game with adorable pictures of funny cats.

In this memory game you will find a large selection of cat breeds: Siamese, Persian, British Shorthair, Longhair, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Himalayan Cat...

Flip the cards to see the picture and match pairs. There are four game modes (easy, medium, hard and extra).

Enjoy playing this FREE memory game with adorable and funny cats. Tap the cards to match the kittens pictures.

If you love cats and memory games you will love this brain training game.

Each level has different number of cards:
- Easy: 12 cards in a 3x4 layout
- Medium: 20 cards in a 4x5 layout
- Hard: 28 cards in a 4x7 layout
- EXTRA MODE: Play against clock in this challenge game mode. How far can you go?

It's an ideal game for all ages. Both children and adults will have fun exercising memory.

- 4 levels (easy, medium, hard and extra mode)
- Clock to calculate the time to solve each level (easy, medium and hard)
- Time to solve each level (only in extra mode)
- Highscores
- Cards with photos of cute kittens
- Suitable for all ages
- Each level has random cats pictures

How to download Solitaire Paradise: Tripeaks APK at

In a sunken shipwreck, Fanta has found a map to a hidden paradise which was never discovered by anyone. Play your favorite Tripeaks Solitaire Card Game to hop on a breathtaking adventure to a New Paradise!

♣️How to Play♣️
-Solitaire Paradise is a brand new take, a brand new spin on the classic solitaire card game you enjoy!
-Remove them by tapping on the cards that are consecutively one card lower or higher than the bottom card deck
-Remove the starfish cards on the board to win each round!
-A classic Tri Peaks Solitaire Card Game with simple rules, yet tricky to master!

♠️Special Features♠️
-Solitaire Paradise is FREE TO PLAY!
-You can use your cards to free the cards stuck to seaweeds!
-Wish to save the poor fish caught in a net? Search for the crabs to help you!
-The Rainbow Cards change numbers once you go past the given # of turns. It's up to you to remove them before it's too late!
-The cards trapped inside the bubbles change spots once you have no remaining turns. Test your memory to approach the game strategically!
-Want more coins to continue the game? Earn FREE rewards by completing each package!
-You can enjoy Solitaire Paradise to its full extent even offline; there is no need for Internet connections!

Journey through the deep ocean with Fanta on an adventure that will surely have you rise to the top! Play Solitaire Paradise Now!

Need help? Have Questions?
Please contact us at [email protected]

Visit Our Bitmango Games Website for More Puzzle Games!

Please Note
-Solitaire Paradise can be enjoyed on mobile phones & tablet PCs.
-Solitaire Paradise contains ad-like banners, interstitials, videos and/or house ads.
-Solitaire Paradise is free to play, however, you may purchase in-app items, such as Ad-Free & hints.

How to install Halloween Bingo APK at

Bingo against the ghouls, ghosties and time!

Complete your spooky Halloween Bingo game card by accepting or rejecting the scary balls called, but watch out as incorrect choices lose time. Connect with Facebook to challenge against your friends.

* it's Bingo with ghosties, what's not to like?
* good memory and quick reactions mean high scores
* compete with your Facebook friends in the weekly challenge
* collect the bonus balls, avoid the nasty ones

Halloween Bingo, proudly Made In Scotland

Find us on Facebook at or on Twitter via @BinaryPumpkin

perfect for your new hudl!

How to download Capsa Susun - Dan Gaple QiuQiu APK at

Capsa Susun - Dan Gaple QiuQiu merupatkan sebuah game yang termasuk Capsa Susun, Domino99, QiuQiu(KiuKiu), Remi, Sicbo(Dice), Domino Gaple dan permainan kartu lokal lainnya, panggil temanmu bermasin bersama pemain seluruh dunia, membuat Anda menikmati menarik main santai kapan saja, Ayo cepat main lah~

Banyak mini gamenya seru di dalam game ini, Pemainan lebih banyak menunggu Anda bemainnya
Banyak koin game gratis yang dari Bonus Login harian/kotak chip/tugas/kode tukar dll setiap hari ,tidak usah bayar juga dapat banyak kesenangan, yuk cepat bermain aja.
♥ Login Facebook dan Login Tamn.sukses login akan dapat bonus besar-besaran,pakai akun Facebook akan dapat koin gratis +50%.
♥ Login setiap hari akan mendapat koin permainan gratis. Melakukan tugas harian sambil bermain juga dapat banyak koin gratis, bebas menikmati permainan setiap hari.
♥ Kota chip permainan akan diaktifkan secara otomatis dalam jangka waktu tertentu, selama ,Jika Anda kliknya akan mendapat bonus besar-besaran
♥ Main sendiri tidak sebagus main bersama teman,ayo undang teman bersama main bisa mendapat banyak koin gratis setiap hari
♥ Mengikuti pemain lainnya di permainan kapan saja,saling memberikan koin gratis antara teman setiap hari
♥ Bebas mengundang dan mengikuti teman-temannya ,bersama tarung berdampingan di dalam kamar yang sama,membuat Anda tidak kesendirian lagi.
Game ini tidak mendukung perjudian

How to download Gaple Lokal Online - Free APK at

Gaple Lokal Online - Free merupakan sebuah permainan trendi yang termasuk gaple(gapleh), domino qiuqiu(domino 99 KiuKiu), capsa susun dan permainan lain yang khusus desain untuk pemain lokal, permainan ini dimainkan oleh banyak orang yang ada di indo, permainan klasik dikombinasikan dengan ketrampilan gaming, membiarkan Anda menikmati waktu kapan saja, Ayo cepat main, dealer dewi meunggu anda dalam game~

Banyak mini gamenya seru di dalam game ini,Pemainan lebih banyak menunggu Anda bemainnya
Banyak koin game gratis yang dari Bonus Login harian/kotak chip/tugas/kode tukar dll setiap hari ,tidak usah bayar juga dapat banyak kesenangan, yuk cepat bermain aja.
♥ Login Facebook dan Login Tamn.sukses login akan dapat bonus besar-besaran,pakai akun Facebook akan dapat koin gratis +50%.
♥ Login setiap hari akan mendapat koin permainan gratis. Melakukan tugas harian sambil bermain juga dapat banyak koin gratis, bebas menikmati permainan setiap hari.
♥ Kota chip permainan akan diaktifkan secara otomatis dalam jangka waktu tertentu, selama ,Jika Anda kliknya akan mendapat bonus besar-besaran
♥ Main sendiri tidak sebagus main bersama teman,ayo undang teman bersama main bisa mendapat banyak koin gratis setiap hari
♥ Mengikuti pemain lainnya di permainan kapan saja,saling memberikan koin gratis antara teman setiap hari
♥ Bebas mengundang dan mengikuti teman-temannya ,bersama tarung berdampingan di dalam kamar yang sama,membuat Anda tidak kesendirian lagi.
♥ Fanpage kami memberikan kode tukar untuk ambil chip gratis di waktu tepat,jika mengikuti akan dapatnya.
Game ini tidak mendukung perjudian

How to download Domino QiuQiu - Dan Gaple Sicbo APK at

Domino QiuQiu - Dan Gaple Sicbo merupakan sebuah permainan trendi yang termasuk Domino QiuQiu(Domino99 KiuKiu), Gaple(Gapleh), Sicbo(Dice), Capsa Susun dan permainan lain yang khusus desain untuk pemain lokal, permainan ini dimainkan oleh banyak orang yang ada di Indo, permainan klasik dikombinasikan dengan ketrampilan gaming, membiarkan Anda menikmati waktu kapan saja, Ayo cepat main~

Banyak koin game gratis yang dari Bonus Login harian/kotak chip/tugas/kode tukar dll setiap hari, tidak usah bayar juga dapat banyak kesenangan, yuk cepat bermain aja.
♥ Login Facebook dan Login Tamn.sukses login akan dapat bonus besar-besaran,pakai akun Facebook akan dapat koin gratis +50%.
♥ Login setiap hari akan mendapat koin permainan gratis. Melakukan tugas harian sambil bermain juga dapat banyak koin gratis, bebas menikmati permainan setiap hari.
♥ Kota chip permainan akan diaktifkan secara otomatis dalam jangka waktu tertentu, selama, Jika Anda kliknya akan mendapat bonus besar-besaran
♥ Main sendiri tidak sebagus main bersama teman, ayo undang teman bersama main bisa mendapat banyak koin gratis setiap hari
♥ Mengikuti pemain lainnya di permainan kapan saja, saling memberikan koin gratis antara teman setiap hari
♥ Bebas mengundang dan mengikuti teman-temannya ,bersama tarung berdampingan di dalam kamar yang sama, membuat Anda tidak kesendirian lagi.
♥ Fanpage kami memberikan kode tukar untuk ambil chip gratis di waktu tepat, jika mengikuti akan dapatnya.
Game ini tidak mendukung perjudian

How to install Speed (Card Game) APK at

Speed is a fast card game of wits and focus also known by the names Spit and Slam. The object of the game is to get rid of all cards in your hand, and cards within your pick-up pile before your opponent.

This Speed game by AvaByte was built with multiple levels which continually increase in difficulty. This is a great brain training game to stay sharp. See how high you can score, and play again to beat your previous score.


* HD Graphics
* Sharp Card Design
* Unlimited Levels
* Resume Option
* Sound and Effect Features
* No Permissions Required
* App Works On Older Phones

Enjoy the latest Speed card game from AvaByte, optimized for both Phones and Tablets.

How to install Memory Match Cards APK at

This simple but elegant memory card matching game was designed for anyone that wants brain improvement. Our pairs card game offers Easy, Medium, and Hard modes so you can choose your level of difficulty.

- How to Play -

Take turns against the computer. You can turn over 2 cards at a time. When it is your turn again, use your memory to turn over two cards that match. each pair of matching numbers counts towards your score. The final winning score is determined by the player with the most pairs accumulated.

How to download Card Match APK at

This simple but elegant memory card matching game was designed for anyone that wants brain improvement. Our pairs card game offers Easy, Medium, and Hard modes so you can choose your level of difficulty.

- How to Play -

Take turns against the computer. You can turn over 2 cards at a time. When it is your turn again, use your memory to turn over two cards that match. each pair of matching numbers counts towards your score. The final winning score is determined by the player with the most pairs accumulated.

How to install Poker USA APK at

Test your poker skills among players from all over the country! It doesn't matter if you like cash games or a serious tournament, we have it all! With incredible features and a professional slot machine, you'll be happy to see your stacks growing on Poker USA!

This game is only intended for adult audiences and for entertainment purposes. Winning at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

How to download Spite & Malice APK at

Spite & Malice – one of the most popular mobile card games finally comes to Android!
Play the famous game of Spite & Malice against opponents simulated by advanced artificial intelligence. Spite & Malice Free provides classy graphics, super smooth game play, highly salable difficulty & much more. 

** How To Play **

Spite and Malice was originally a two player game, and it is easiest to describe this version first. Two 52 card packs of cards are needed. The cards in each pack rank from low to high: A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q, with kings wild. Suits are irrelevant in this game.
Spite & Malice, also known as Skip-Bo or Cat and Mouse, is a competitive card game for two or three players. Block your opponent to slow them down and win by playing all the cards from your own pile before your opponent does. 
The object of the game is to be the first get rid of all the cards in your pay-off pile by playing them to the center stacks. Only the top card of your pay-off pile is available for play at any time; when you have managed to get rid of the top card, you turn the next pay-off card face up and try to get rid of that.

Play this timeless classic card game Spite & Malice anytime anywhere! Spite & Malice is a popular pastime for lunch breaks and family game nights. Try now this interesting card game Spite & Malice on your Android Phone for FREE!!
Spite & Malice - Achievements • Statistics • Game options • Smart AI opponents • Frequent updates • Lots of happy players • Play Spite & Malice now!
It comes with one simple-yet-effective User Interface and the best game play experience. Go ahead, download and start your world of Spite & Malice games.
Please don't forget to Rate and Review Spite & Malice Game. Any suggestions? We always love to hear from you and making this App better. Email us at [email protected]
It's time to Spite & Malice someone! Bored sitting at home or the subway? No problem, just launch Spite & Malice and rack your brains and win!

How to download Trex Lite APK at

Call it Trex , Trix , Tricks, or even Treks , at the end it is the best cards game played. As asked by many people, I am providing a FREE limited version of the full version of TREX, the best one. It uses many strategic rules making the players very intelligent and challenging to play against. Moreover, the players don't cheat. It's all strategies and rules. It is even more intelligent and smarter than the iphone trex game.

Don't worry, future updates will make it more stratigical and even harder, at the end of the day it is a nice app to kill some time and enjoy playing the Trex cards game.

If you like it then please feel free to buy the TREX FULL app which does not have ads and let you change background

How to install Spider Solitaire: Classic APK at

Spider Solitaire: Classic is a collection of the most popular card games including such classical variations of solitaire as FreeCell and Klondike Solitaire, which are the most popular types of solitaires.

Features and advantages of the game

Solitaires by themselves are quite entertaining and addicting games, but this time developers have tried to combine them with user-friendly navigation, a high-quality interface, and flexible settings. Thus we can name the following advantages of the game:

- The presence of the most popular game modes;
- User-friendly interface;
- Flexible tinctures;
- Easy management;
- Flexible.

The essence of the game Spider Solitaire

The game of spider solitaire is a software implementation of the world-famous and widely known board game. This solitaire has a single-player game mode, that is, is designed for one player.

Free card game Spider Solitaire: Classic is a fairly popular game, whose goal is to collect all the cards in the house. In this variant, the cards, initially spread out into 10 columns, all the cards can be moved according to certain rules.

If you are a fan of card games and like to play solitaires, this game is for you. In addition, you can play for free with Spider Solitaire: Classic right on your mobile device at any time of the day. All the most popular solitaire collection free of charge offers you in their software version. A kindergarten, a spider, a tapeworm - all this and not only, is waiting for you in this game.

How to install FreeCell Solitaire: Classic APK at

FreeCell Solitaire: Classic is a collection of the most popular card games including such classical variations of solitaire as Spider and Klondike Solitaire, which are the most popular types of solitaires.

Features and advantages of the game

Solitaires by themselves are quite entertaining and addicting games, but this time developers have tried to combine them with user-friendly navigation, a high-quality interface, and flexible settings. Thus we can name the following advantages of the game:

- The presence of the most popular game modes;
- User-friendly interface;
- Flexible tinctures;
- Easy management;
- Flexible.

The essence of the game FreeCell Solitaire

The game of freecell solitaire is a software implementation of the world-famous and widely known board game. This solitaire has a single-player game mode, that is, is designed for one player.

If you are a fan of card games and like to play solitaires, this game is for you. In addition, you can play for free with FreeCell Solitaire: Classic right on your mobile device at any time of the day. All the most popular solitaire collection free of charge offers you in their software version.

How to install Tri Towers Free APK at

TriTowers is a game which you start with 3 towers of cards.
You have to remove the cards from the bottom to the top and
cannot remove any card which is underneth other cards. Cards
which are either one higher or one lower than the card at
the bottom of the screen can be clicked on to remove. For
each card removed in a single run, the points per card removed
will be increased.
There are options to play the game in a three round mode
or in a as many rounds until you can\'t clear it mode

How to install TriPeaks Solitaire Adventure APK at

Download our free classic solitaire game!

TriPeaks Solitaire Adventure is a modern upgrade to the traditional solitaire games. Here, we've taken the rules for classic TriPeaks Solitaire and we've built a ton of levels that you can progress through. The patterns and difficulty of the levels change as you advance, so you'll always be improving and will always be challenged.

TriPeaks solitaire is sometimes referred to as Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, and Tower Solitaire. But they are not the same game. TriPeaks, or Tri-Peaks Solitaire is the card matching game where you try to match a card with one value higher or lower to clear the table.

The main features of the game are...

- Free to play
- Hundreds of levels!
- No ads!
- Easy to read cards in large type!
- And a bunch of treasures to find!

The game rules are pretty easy, but can be hard to master. First, a standard deck of cards is shuffled and dealt onto the table.. or floating in the air in this case :) Most of the cards are dealt face-down, while a few are positioned face-up.

The remaining cards are placed in a pile near the bottom-left. This is your "stock pile". It's where you can draw new cards.

The first card from the stock pile is drawn and placed face-up near the bottom-center. This is called your "waste pile".

The goal is to remove all of the cards from the table by matching each card with a top card in the waste pile. The rules for matching are simple; cards match if they are one value higher or lower than the one in the waste pile. So, a 3 matches with a 4 or a 2. And a 6 matches with a 7 or 5. The suit of the card (hearts, clubs, diamond, clovers) doesn't matter.

Aces match with Kings and 2's.

Wildcards (placed at the bottom-right) are special cards to help you when you get into a jam. Wildcards will match any card on the table. They are super-helpful, but you only have a few of them so be careful not to blow them all at once.

After the board is cleared, you win that level and can advance to the next one.

The game is free to play. We give out daily rewards every 24 hours, plus coin rewards every 20 minutes. This will keep you playing for free. But the more advanced players usually buy extra coins so they don't have to wait.

The trick to being a good TriPeaks Solitaire player is in finding "chains", or a series of cards that match on the table... without having to draw from your stock pile too often. If you keep this mindset... always trying to maximize the number of matches you get from a card, then you'll do great!

Also consider matching with cards that are covering other cards. So every time you match a card on the table, another card (or even more) are revealed.

But there are occasions, where simply adhering to the most optimized method doesn't work. And this is where you need to turn on your big brains. Because sometimes, picking a less optimized path, or even not making a match when one can be made is a better alternative.

But always know that all levels can be solved without using wildcards. We've guaranteed that all levels can be solved, and we don't do any trickery to make it harder (or easier) to solve a level. Each level has its own card shuffle, which is unique to that level... but consistent when you replay. So that when you replay the level, the cards on the table and in the stock pile are exactly the same as the time you played that level before.

There are always 52 cards on the table (not including wildcards of course). This is a standard deck of cards, so you'll only see four of any particular card... (ie four 7's, four Kings, etc). This helps you plan your moves since you can make better guesses on what's left in the stock pile.

Good luck! And we hope you have a blast playing Tripeaks Solitaire Adventure!

How to download 29 Card Online APK at

29 card online is an online multiplayer card game. Rooms are created by player and other players join the room to play.

How to install Conquian MP APK at

Conquian is a 2-3 player game that derives from the game Rummy. It is very popular within the Mexican community.

This version of Conquian features concepts like melding, forcing, and a carry-over wager for games that end in a tie. It is played with a Spanish deck (no 8's or 9's), and includes both the 8 card (to win with 9) and 9 card (to win with 10) versions of the game.

Immerse yourself into a very competitive and strategic, but also fun and entertaining Conquian experience in a Cantina environment wherein you will also have the ability to choose an Allegiance to play for; developed with an emphasis on multiplayer competitive play, play not only for yourself but for your country and demonstrate who the best Conquian players in the world are!

How to download Solitaire Safari APK at

A rare creature is spotted in the Serengeti!
Adventurers, scientists and poachers are all racing to find and capture this mysterious creature.
Take your Solitaire skills on the go in this wild and wacky adventure. Join our heroes as you go deeper and deeper into the wilderness to find the secrets of the Serengeti.
Your Solitaire skills will face their greatest challenge yet!

Exciting Features:
◆ Exciting game play with hundreds of unique levels
◆ Amazing obstacles and boosters
◆ Exciting animations
◆ Easy game to learn, yet challenging to master

Extra Features:
◆ Facebook connection so you can play with your friends!
◆ Incredible rewards!
◆ Support on multiple devices and platforms!
◆ "Like Solitaire, except amazing!"

How to install Fish Poker APK at

Fish Poker is a free poker game, designed for professional players, where you can play Hold'em, Omaha 4-Cards & Omaha 5-Cards.

Multi tables (max 4)
Automatic reconnection if device disconnects in the middle of a game.
Run it twice
Hand history

How to install XGEM Game đánh bài đổi thưởng online Hot nhất 2017 APK at

Cổng game bài đổi thưởng XGEM là tập hợp các game bài hay nhất hiện nay, Chơi mượt hơn cả các game Bon club (Bonclub), cũng như các mini game slot đã làm mưa làm gió trên thế giới game danh bai từ lâu (rikvip, tip club, sao club, vinplay). "XGEM - Vua Game bai online doi thuong 2017".

Hệ thống game bài đổi thưởng phong phú chắt lọc kinh nghiệm từ các game bài đi trước nhu: Xeng club, duathu (dua thu), bitone, vip52, vinplay, 3c, ionline, iwin,.. giúp người chơi đánh bài online không bao giờ chán và luôn có những giây phút sảng khoái, thú vị. Là nợi lien kết rất nhiều game thủ trên cả nước, giúp mọi người gắn kết nhau hơn.

Đồng thời cũng có rất nhiều phần thưởng hấp dẫn hàng ngày, tuần cho các game thủ chơi bài online.

Game danh bai doi thuong chạy mượt trên tất cả các hệ điều hành không giật, lag, dis, bảo toàn tài khoản khi bị rớt mạng, ko bị nóng máy. Giao diện bắt mắt mang đến cho game thủ cảm giác chân thật nhất.

Tải và cài đặt ngay hôm nay để nhận được rất nhiều da miễn phí, cùng hàng loạt quà tặng mỗi ngày. Một số game danh bai doi thuong tiêu biểu có thể kể ra dưới đây:
+ Liêng, Ba Cây, Chắn, Phỏm, Tá Lả - Lieng, Ba Cay (3 cây, 3 Cay), Ta La, Phom, Chan
+ Tiến Lên Miền Nam - Tien Len Mien Nam Online - Tien len mien nam 52 la
+ Tiến Lên Đếm Lá - Tien Len Dem La Vua bai ta la vip68 thần tài vinplay.
+ Sâm Lốc, Sâm - Sam Loc (Xam Online)
+ Vòng quay may mắn vuong quoc sao
+ Mậu Binh - Mau Binh Online - Binh Xap Xam (Binh Xập Xám) kengvip
+ Poker, Xì Tố, Xì Dách - Poker, Xito (Xi To), Xi to Joker (Xi Dach)
+ Lieng phu ong 3 cay zenplay
+ Chieu hoa ba cay chuong kingday
+ Tai Xiu, tài xỉu. Tai xiu 23dzo chơi to phong cách game bai dai gia tipclub
+ Xoc Dia, xóc đĩ
+ Mini Poker, Cao Thấp, Chẵn Lẻ (Chan Le)

Bạn còn phân vân giữa ma trận trò chơi trên chợ ứng dụng? Hãy trải nghiệm XGEM ngay bây giờ để cảm nhận sự khác biệt. Bạn sẽ cảm nhận ngay sự khác biệt tới từ chúng tôi so với các game bài trước kia nhu: game 3c, rikvip, tipclub, tra chanh quan, vip88, 52Fun, rik vip. "XGEM - Game đánh bài đổi thưởng online hay nhat 2017".

Tuy nhiên có 1 vài lưu ý nhỏ cho người chơi:

- Các trò chơi chỉ dành cho người lớn.
- Kinh nghiệm chơi hoặc thành công ở game casino xã hội này không đảm bảo thành công trong "cờ bạc tiền thật”

How to install 247 Spades APK at

Spades is a casual card game developed in the 1930's in the USA. Spades is played with a basic set of 52 cards and card value ranks from 2, the lowest, to Ace, the highest. The version of 247 Spades is the most popular and is played with four Spades players in a team format, where players across the table are considered teammates. Spades is a game of trumps, where all spades are the best cards in the game and will beat all other suits.

247 Spades Features Include:

• Beautiful Graphics
• Easy to Read Cards
• 4 Fun and Challenging Difficulties
• Classic Spades Gameplay

How to install Skat (Free, no Ads) APK at

With Skat-Palast you can play online Skat free and without any advertisements, with opponents from around the world. Thanks to thousands of members you will find like-minded players online 24 hours a day for the most popular German card game.

Choose french or German card designs and step up in our free ladder system or join a club and find new friends to play with. Our standard tables are set to the international Skat tournament ruleset, but we also offer tables with custom rules like Kontra and Re, Ramsch and many more!

The Palace ist the largest app for Skat online and now available for all your mobile devices and desktop computers. Download the app now and play immediately, no registration required!

Skat, the trump of card games!

General Information:
Skat-Palast is intended for an adult audience and does not offer any real money gambling nor is it possible to win real money. Practice or success at Skat-Palast does not imply future success in real Skat.

By downloading our game you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions:

By downloading our game you automatically agree to the data protection:

How to install Bingo Shootout APK at

Play Bingo like never before! Bingo Shootout puts 60 seconds on the clock and it's your job to get as many Bingos as possible. Earn points for each correct mark and increase your score multiplier with each Bingo! Unlock new powerups and game features as you progress through the game. Challenge your friends to see who can set the highest score!

★★★★★ "Who would have thought bingo could be addicting? Love the pace of the game it keeps you on your toes."
★★★★★ "Incredibly addictive!"
★★★★★ "Polished, fast-paced, nugget-y fun. Great ramp-up."

This game requires an active internet connection.

How to download Offline Tonk - Tunk Card Game APK at

Try all new Offline Tournament now. Start your Tonk game with 10,000 points for FREE AND PLAY OFFLINE ANYTIME ANYWHERE. The first ever Tonk game with almost all the variations for users to enjoy the game play at its best.

Tunk, popularly known as Tonk is a fast paced card game which is a kind of knock rummy and another interesting variation of Gin Rummy. There are various variations to play the Tonk or Tunk game. In this game each player will be dealt five cards and if it’s a 49 or 50 Points, it’s an auto win, also there are variations like 11 or fewer or 13 or fewer or 15 or fewer which is also an auto win. This is sometimes called as Tonk or Tunk or Knock. In such instance the hand is not played further and the player with 49 or 50 is paid twice the basic stake by all other players. If the player has 13, 12, 11 or fewer then the payment is thrice the basic stake. Also there is a special payment for a win if the player has 9 or fewer then the player gets quadruple payment of the basic stake. Offline Tonk – Tunk card game enables you to set the game variations, payouts and your desired game according to your preferable variations.

The main objective of the game is to draw and discard all of your cards either by spreading 3 or 4 equal ranked cards or straight flush of 3 or more cards of the same suit. You can also dispose your cards by hitting your opponents spread or your own spread. Once spread you need to wait for 3 turns to knock and will be able to knock on your fourth turn. Hitting your opponent's spread will make your opponent wait for 1 turn to knock.

You win the game of “Tonk” or “Tunk” if you manage to discard all your cards in hand or you have the lowest points when someone knocks or the discard pile is exhausted. You can also knock in middle of the game if you are sure that you have the lowest points and can win over your opponents.

Get to the game now to unlock all the exciting features of Offline Tonk – Tunk Card Game and start playing the fast and one of the quick card games.

- Offline Tournament
- Statistics
- Almost all the variations can be set to play according to your desired game play
- Exciting sounds
- Amazing Graphics
- Completely OFFLINE
- Absolutely FREE
- Best in class animations
- The never changed classic game incorporation
- Randomized cards
- Daily Bonus
- Avatars
- New once in 3 minutes bonus game to keep you rich enough to play
- And much more for you to explore during the game.
Enjoy one of the best and vast played card games in your Phone or Tablet for FREE AND COMPLETELY OFFLINE ANYWHERE ANYTIME with Offline Tonk – Tunk Card Game.

How to install Lies Of Astaroth APK at

Top 5 card game in more than 50 countries!

Lies of Astaroth (LoA) is a free-to-play and highly addictive epic fantasy MMORPG card-battle hybrid! With its simple yet deep battle design, the game has long been championed as the combination of best of both worlds, satisfying both hardcore card game fans for strategy depth and causal players for fantasy RPG gameplay.

"Lies of Astaroth made me a firm believer in the potential of card-based adventure games" - Gamezebo

"If you love card battle games, this iOS CCG is a must-try title" - Tapscape

"Definitive example of free to play done right" - The Miki Show


1. Stunning Graphics and over 400 collectable beautifully drawn cards, collect, upgrade and evolve your card with additional skill.
2. Rich and Engrossing Storyline, follow our hero (or heroine) and Maddisy to an epic adventure of more than 100 stages with humor and suspense!
3. Fluid & deep battle mechanics, with the combination of different cards, runes faction and skills, every battle will be unique and satisfying!
4. Rich Features to keep you occupied for months, including
*** (Newly added) King of Kings - A competition with randomly generated rule, can you outwit your opponents?
*** (Newly added) Land Scramble - A clash of 2 faction that shakes the world of LOA, prove your worth by slaying more foes and bringing more points to your faction!
*** (Newly added) Wall of Honor - give props to top players in your server and get rewarded!
*** PVP Arena - Challenge other players to reach the top
*** Clan Match - Battle with clan mates to becomes the strongest clan in your server
*** Dungeon - dig deep in the Dungeon and face with some of the hardest level in the game
*** Demon Invasion - fight with other players in your server to defeat the ultra-strong bosses
*** Chop Shop - Collect items in Maze and exchange them to spectacular prizes
*** Month Card - Best valued item. Receive 50 crystal reward for daily reward in a month (30 days) as well as time saving feature for Auto Maze and Auto Defend
*** Card Compose - Every little makes a mickle, use card scraps and universal scraps to compose cards that you desire
And much much more!
5. Reward System for active players, including 20 day log-in card, level bonus, event reward and frequent free goodies!

Lies of Astaroth is a growing experience with new content added frequently, including new cards, new stages, new feature and new rewards! Remember to check back regularly to see what's new!

Connect with other players on Facebook: -

Thank you for playing!

How to install Poker Pro.Fr APK at

Texas Poker Pro vous offre l’expérience de poker la plus complète qui soit.

1.Des tournois quotidiens avec près de $100 millions de jetons à gagner chaque jour
2.Des tables allant de 2 à 9 joueurs pour tous les niveaux
3.Un calculateur de probabilités pour aider les nouveaux joueurs
4.Un système de calcul de statistiques intégré
5.Une expérience sociale sans précédent: connexion Facebook, partage de jetons et cadeaux, projectiles pour déconcentrer et amuser vos adversaires, classement global des joueurs, de multiples Succès à débloquer et bien plus
6.Affichez vous couleurs! La boutique Poker Pro offre de nombreux accessoires pour modifier votre apparence aux tables : Tour Eiffel, Fleur de Lys, Cigare ou balon de foot ne sont que quelques uns des accessoires disponible pour personaliser votre avatar.
7.Système de niveaux avec expérience, missions et différents challenges pour repousser vos limites, sortir de votre zone de confort et devenir un vrai Poker Pro.
8.Des cadeaux et récompenses tous les jours en plus de jeux additionels comme la roue de fortune.
9.Connectez-vous tous les jours pour gagner des jetons gratuits!
Rejoignez notre page Facebook pour des prix quotidiens et dernières nouvelles

How to install Tranca Online: Jogo de Cartas APK at

A Tranca Online do MegaJogos é um clássico jogo de cartas, da mesma família dos jogos de Buraco e Canastra. Baixe gratuitamente o jogo Tranca e jogue com centenas de jogadores online

GRÁTIS e não precisa se cadastrar

• Só bate com canastra limpa
• Sem curingão (joker)
• Vale trinca
• 3 preto tranca lixeira
• Compra de lixo justificado

• Jogue online com seus amigos ou sozinho contra o computador
• Regras do Jogo para você aprender como jogar Tranca Online
Conheça pessoas no chat do jogo
• Salas para diferentes níveis de jogadores
• Modo

How to install Classic FreeCell APK at

Classic FreeCell solitaire game. Looks and feels just as old desktop PC FreeCell that we played for a long time. Same scoring system, graphics, king image.

- small and fast
- no unneeded features, no custom weird card images
- automated moves
- double tap to move card to free cell
- super moves functionality

How to install Pixie Union (Unreleased) APK at

About the game:
The unique monster evolution system, can make your team get stronger. There are other plays like PVP, Trainer Arena, monster swap, skills, summon, etc., ultra-multi-feature play brings infinite fun.

Classic combat system, complete story experience, the real one-on-one (face to face) warfare. 17 kinds of original properties, more than 600 original wizard, 2000 kinds of original skills. And many other original things are coming.

Manually capture the monster, get differrent kinds of them, experience the true capture of fun, collecting hundreds of original monsters, make yourself be the strongest one.

【A vast game world】
League Competition, Arena, The World Tree, Dojo, Gold City, and many other gaming systems, the magical world is waiting for you to advance.

How to download Klondike Solitaire APK at

Classic Klondike Solitaire (or simply Klondike) is one of the most famous patience (solitaire) card games. The goal of the game is to place all cards to a four foundations (one for each suit) in ascending order.

And we go further and brought Klondike Solitaire to the new level! First of all it is beautiful HD-graphics, just look at these cards and backgrounds. If you want complete realism just add some attrition to the cards (available in Settings menu) and it will looks like you are playing real solitaire at summer evening at home.

Then, customize game using Settings menu. You can change score calculation (regular, Vegas Vegas cumulative), disable sounds, select what type of undo you would like and even turn game to left-handed mode. If you think basic Klondike Solitaire is too easy for you, just change difficulty and let the game challenge you!

But that's not all. Our Klondike Solitaire has unique feature which other games not (we are sure you like it!). You receive special rare card every time you solve solitaire. With great pleasure we selected these cards from all corners of the Earth and want to share them with you. 36 different cards waiting for collection. And there is cool Maya deck which can be used in game after you collect all the cards.

Don't forget to compete with your friends using Google Play leaderboards. Also, if you interrupt the game our Klondike Solitaire will save the last turn and next time you start it will be automatically loaded.

Just enjoy our game, play it on mobile phones or tablets. Klondike Solitaire supports all type of devices and both vertical and horizontal orientations. Hope you like it!

Game features:
- Awesome HD graphics
- Vertical and horizontal screen orientation support
- Big selection of table backgrounds and card backs
- Left-handed mode
- Automatic save and load of unfinished game
- Select attrition of the cards
- Customize undo settings (last turn, infinite, 3, 5, 10 times per game)
- Solve solitaires and collect Special Golden Maya and Rare cards
- Both phone and tablet support
- Google Play leaderboards

How to install TriPeaks Solitaire:Forest Fairy APK at

Forest Fairy Solitaire is a brand new card game experience, filled with fun TriPeaks style logic puzzles. Brain training and puzzle fun meet in this free game! Solve deals and celebrate your TriPeaks Solitaire victory with our exclusive fairy winning animations at the end of every deal. To remove one card, its value must follow the one that exists at the bottom. If you have a King at the bottom, you will be able to remove any aces or Queens present in the respective towers. Once you remove a card, it will replace the one found at the bottom, making all your choices the more strategic. Solitaire fans and cards games fans will fall in love with this new Forest Fairy Solitaire experience!

Solitaire Game features:
- 3D cards & 3D Effects.
- Free to Play & Offline Play
- Beautiful design
- User-friendly interface
- Undo feature.
- Classic Design.
- Locks & Keys

Download this game right now, You will love it!

How to install سوبرا (Unreleased) APK at

سوبرا مجموعه ایست متنوع از بازی های فکری آنلاین که نسخه دسکتاپ آن سالها مورد استفاده کاربران بوده است. پیشتاز بودن سوبرا باعث شده بسیاری از ایده ها و طرح های آن به یک استاندارد تبدیل شده و مورد استفاده سایر توسعه دهندگان قرار گیرد.
در سوبرا می توانید بازی های حکم، شلم، بیدل، تخته نرد، چهار برگ و بسیاری بازی های دیگر را به صورت آنلاین و با سرعت بالا بازی کنید.
شما می توانید با بازیکنان حرفه ای از سراسر جهان آشنا شوید، آنها را به لیست دوستان خود اضافه کنید و با آنها گپ بزنید. با امکانات ویژه سوبرا لذت یک بازی واقعی را در دنیای مجازی تجربه خواهید کرد. پس به جمع صدها هزار نفر کاربر سوبرا بپیوندید.

هشدار 1- سوبرا هیچ انتقادی در مورد شانس و بر زدن و تاس دهی نمی پذیرد. اگر از باختن بیزارید و در صورت بدشانسی در بازی زود از کوره در می روید اکیدا تقاضا می شود از نصب این اپلیکیشن خودداری کنید.
هشدار 2- سوبرا هیچ مسئولیتی در قبال مشکلات اینترنت منطقه شما ندارد. به خصوص اگر از اینترنت موبایل استفاده می کنید و تحمل اختلالات شبکه را ندارید لطفا از نصب این اپلیکیشن خودداری کنید.

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Pyramid Solitaire is the only app where you can MAKE REAL MONEY PLAYING FREE VIDEO GAMES!

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So what are you waiting for? Download Pyramid Solitaire today to unlock more awesome games, and get greater cash rewards for FREE!  Using Pyramid Solitaire, anyone can make money simply by playing free games at home, in the bus station, on the metro, or in the subway etc. ANYWHERE!

Pyramid Solitaire is your chance to make, win and earn, money, cash, dollars, prizes, giveaways and sweepstakes!

Ever wondered how to make money playing video games? Well this is it, your way to earn money by playing video games.

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How to download 29 Card Game APK at

★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive $50,000 in chips for FREE!★★★★★★★★★★

29 Card Game is one of a group of South Asian trick-taking games in which the Jack and the Nine are the highest cards in every suit. It is almost certain that they are descended from the European family of Jass games, which originated in the Netherlands. Probably they were brought to the Indian subcontinent by Dutch traders.

29 is usually played by four players in fixed partnerships, partners facing each other.

32 cards from a standard 52-card pack are used for play. There are eight cards in each of the usual "French" suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. The cards in every suit rank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The aim of the game is to win tricks containing valuable cards. The values of the cards are:
Jacks - 3 points each
Nines - 2 points each
Aces - 1 point each
Tens - 1 point each
Other cards (K, Q, 8, 7) no points

This gives a total of 28 points for cards. In some versions of the game, the last trick is worth an extra card point, for a total of 29: this total explains the name of the game. Most players nowadays do not count the point for the last trick, but the name of the game is still 29, even when playing this version with only 28 points.

Traditionally, the Twos, Threes Fours and Fives discarded from the full 52-card pack are used as trump indicators: each player takes a set of these cards, one of each suit. The Sixes are used to keep score: each partnership uses one red and one black Six for this purpose.

★★★★★ Free chips and a lot of bonuses daily. ★★★★★
★★★★★ Personalized profile with custom avatars. ★★★★★
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How to download Trickster Pitch APK at

Let the fun begin. Play the game you love with friends and family or get matched with other live players at your level. Trickster Pitch offers customizable rules, so you can play Pitch your way!

• Fast-paced, competitive and fun — for free!
• Get matched by skill to other live players
• Invite and play with friends and family
• Use your favorite house rules
• Apps available across devices and stores

Real People, Right Now

Select “Play” and Trickster Pitch finds other players based on skill and speed. Get started without waiting — other players join as they’re ready. After the game, “Play Again” keeps you playing with the same group.

Friends and Family Included

Play together — even when you’re apart. Select “Join” and Trickster Pitch helps you invite friends and family to a game. Turn on notifications to hear about friends’ games anytime. Now game night lives on wherever you are.

Your House, Your Rules

Play Pitch your way with customizable rules. Choose your favorite point variation, adjust who gets low point, decide if players can “Shoot the Moon,” and more.

Supported Variations
• 4-Point
• 5-Point
• 6-Point
• 7-Point
• 10-Point
• 13-Point

Play Across Devices

Playing on Android, but your friends have iPhones? No problem. Trickster Pitch works on more devices so you and your friends can play where you want, when you want, with whom you want. Great on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops!

Fast and Friendly Chat

Express reactions quickly using chat presets. Focus on the game without the distraction of off-topic comments. Then socialize with full chat after the game. Or set up a private game with friends to use full chat anytime.

How to install Remi Online Card Indonesia APK at

Remi adalah permainan kartu rummy (gin rummy) ala Indonesia. Game Remi Online bermain online terbaik! Bermain dengan pemain di seluruh Indonesia! Kumpulkan 1 set kombo untuk memenangkan ketukan. Game Rummy dengan gaya Indonesia. Bermain kapan saja, di mana saja, bersama teman dan keluarga.

* Best Remi Games Indonesia
Remi game online dengan komunitas pemain besar, nikmati suasana kasino dengan banyak fitur gratis dan tersedia, kumpulkan chip dan jadilah juara.

* Sistem acara kaya
Banyak kekayaan harian akan membantu Anda mendapatkan lebih banyak chip secara gratis. Bermain tanpa batas dengan Remi Online!

* Sistem logo yang menarik
Permainan ini menawarkan sistem ikon yang kaya untuk membantu Anda mengekspresikan perasaan Anda kepada pemain lain. Buat game lebih menarik

* Gratis untuk bermain, hadiah gratis setiap hari
Jangan khawatir jika kehabisan uang, dapatkan hadiah harian gratis, selesaikan pencapaian harian, dan kumpulkan lebih banyak chip! 100% GRATIS.

* Mainkan game lainnya
Selain Remi, Anda juga dapat memainkan permainan kartu Indonesia lainnya seperti gaple, domino qq, dan banyak offline lagi.

* Kebijakan khusus untuk pemain VIP
Pemain VIP memiliki banyak kebijakan khusus dalam gim ini, lebih banyak hadiah harian gratis, lebih banyak chip disumbangkan ketika mengisi ulang dan banyak manfaat lainnya.

Bermain dengan pemain di seluruh dunia, atau bermain dengan teman-teman di Indonesia, terus meningkatkan keterampilan Anda. Datang dan unduh game Remi Online sekarang!

How to install 3 2 5 card game APK at

3 2 5 is a very popular card game.
Also known as Teen Do Paanch in India.
In this game three players participate and they play individual.
instructions are included in help section.

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Las Vegas Slot Machines are at your fingertips — and free to play!, Enjoy exciting casino slots without going to the real casino! Welcome to Slots Vegas 2018, a best place for you to experience the thrill of real Vegas casino slot machines Online!

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Slots Vegas is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

How to download 마블 배틀라인 사전체험 APK at

* 사전 체험판 모든 계정의 데이터는 종료 후 초기화 됩니다.
* 본 게임은 사전 체험 버전이며 출시 버전과 상이함을 알려 드립니다.

=== 마블 배틀라인 사전체험 ===
사전체험 판 배포 기간: 9/13 (목) ~ 10/4 (목)
자세한 내용은 공식카페 공지 확인

코스믹 큐브가 산산조각 나면서 마블 유니버스가 혼돈에 빠져 들었습니다!
어벤져스, 가디언즈 오브 갤럭시, 스파이더맨 등의 슈퍼 히어로 그리고 슈퍼 빌런들과 함께 조각을 모아 유니버스를 구하세요!
캡틴 아메리카, 토르, 데어데블, 베놈, 닥터 스트레인지, 타노스 등 히어로 카드로 본인만의 팀을 생성하세요!
마블 영웅들의 액션을 지휘하거나, 다른 영웅들과 전투를 진행해 보세요!

■ 특징
- 유니크한 슈퍼 히어로와 슈퍼 빌런 카드를 모아보세요! 아이언맨, 블랙 위도우, 스파이더맨, 로키 등 100가지가 넘는 캐릭터를 경험 할 수 있습니다!
- 슈퍼 히어로 그리고 슈퍼 빌런을 구성해 본인만의 가장 강력한 팀을 구성하세요!
- 전략적인 배틀 라인을 사용하여 전장에서 적을 공격하세요!
- 싱글 모드, PVP 모드 등 다양한 모드에서 승리하세요!
- 다양하고 강력한 액션 카드를 활용하여 더욱 실감나는 전투를 즐기세요!

■ 마블 배틀라인 공식 카페
마블 배틀라인 최신 소식과 다양한 이벤트를 확인할 수 있습니다.

■ 마블 배틀라인 사전예약 페이지
마블 배틀라인 사전예약 신청하세요

※ 기기 지원 : 안드로이드 OS 4.4 이상 및 삼성 갤럭시 S6 이상의 기기에서 원활하게 플레이하실 수 있습니다. 플레이를 위해 인터넷 연결이 필요합니다.

■ 스마트폰 앱 접근권한 안내
게임 서비스를 위해 개인정보 관련 권한을 요청하지 않습니다.

■ 배틀라인 사전체험 판은 무료 다운로드 게임입니다. 해당 빌드에서는 구매 기능을 지원하지 않습니다
개발자 연락처 :

How to download Play Free Online Poker Game - Scatter HoldEm Poker APK at

Scatter HoldEm Poker is an online Texas Hold 'Em card game set in a Fantasy Realm. Download now and get a welcome bonus of 6,000,000 Free Chips!

This game will suit new players willing to learn how to play as well as poker sharks looking for a change of pace. Lady Femida, Genie, Thief, Vampire Hunter, Fairy Tale and other colorful characters are waiting for you in Scatter HoldEm Poker. And so are these awesome features:

♛ Each level brings new interesting challenges
♛ Free Mode for those tired of them
♛ Plenty of customization options for avatars and decks in your profile
♛ Massive daily bonuses and epic special events
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♛ Help your friends pass missions with elixirs and receive such help yourself
♛ Play Texas HoldEm Online for FREE

Our card game is the place where Las Vegas meets Fantasy. Ever wondered how such a mix could look and play? Then Scatter HoldEm is the BEST poker experience for you!

Good luck and have fun!


This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling. Use of this application is governed by Murka's Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Murka's Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at

How to install Solitaire - Classic Card Game APK at

Classic solitaire is a Top Popular free solitaire card game!

Try our best free solitaire card game. The goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of ascending rank.

We have more than 100 themes for you to choose, and most importantly they are all free!

The game includes daily challenges. Each day you'll receive a unique daily challenge. Finish the daily challenge and you will receive a crown for that day.

Solitaire features:
- Options to draw 1 or 3 cards
- Free hints of potential moves
- 100+ Themes ( background themes + card deck themes)
- Statistics, Vegas scoring, Auto complete
- Portrait and Landscape

If you like it, we will be very grateful for your rate and review!

How to download Mindi Cote - Multiplayer Offline Mendi APK at

Mindi is a fun trick taking card game hailing from India, where it is quite popular. It is a mind blowing Indian card game. Card games are very popular everywhere. People enjoy them as they just kill boredom. It is also known as Mindicote, MindiKot, Mendhi Coat, Mindi Multiplayer, Mindi Cote, Mendicot, Dehla Pakad (means "Collect the tens")! A slight variation of Mindi is also known as Coat piece. Mindi is considered to be a game for smart people and needs some strategy to win it. Mindi is the traditional, time passing game in India. People of India love to play Mindi for countless hours with their Family & Friends. You might have played many card games but there is nothing like Mindi.


# Extreme User Friendly: Easy and refreshing interface.
# Play With Your Friends: Locate your friends and join their table with a simple click of a button.
# Play using WiFi with friends
# Cross-platform user friendly
# Must play with AI. We have developed best with AI.
# Play On Table: World's only 1 game which provides you features to play on your Favourite Table!
# Private Table: Create Private Tables and play with only invited players.
# Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat and exchange gifts and have lots of fun.
# Works fast even on the slow Internet: Works smoothly on slow Internet connection even like 2G.
# Two game modes- Hide Mode & Cut Mode.
# Play as Guest or with Facebook Friends.
# Rules of the game explained in great detail in the ‘Help’ section.
# Excellent graphics, optimized to run on all devices.

How to Play:

# Mindi is a team game, It requires 2 teams(2 persons in each team) to start new game. The person who seat on your opposite side will become your team member(Partner).
# The game will be played with standard two 52 card deck.
# Out of 104 cards we have removed 52 cards (8 cards of 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 4 cards of 8).
# The playing 52 cards are 4 cards of 8 and 8 cards of 9, 10, J, Q, K & A.
# On game startup, All player will get 13 cards. The winner of the turn selection round will hide one card as Supreme color card.
# Everybody will play one card when their turn comes. The person who played the highest card will win that hand and will take 1st turn on next round.
# If there are two Ace(or King/Queen/Jack) in played trick then a person who played the last Ace will win that hand.
# While playing trick everybody must have to follow the same suit.
# If you don't have a card of playing suit & Supreme color is not declared, the winner of turn selection round will open Supreme color card and everyone will know about supreme color sign.
# Download and play to know more in details, and show off your skills

In this mindi game trump draws as in ramey game point to trick-taking card game in briscola. Mindi is Indian card game to be played card table and rummycircle with many plate of mind and aces & kings, thinking a bit is best objective solution on card and table to do card trick on cards deck. You can play with deck of cards to make fun card game with so much of high low card game as in indian rummy. In this kings and queens played with original rummy palyed with people strategy on trump card. This is a multiplayer card game as rami & tinpati. This is a family card game to call it right card game to make dumb trump. It is a free multiplayer game like real-time multiplayer with online opponents, this is best teenpatti in web games included as top card games in the crossing as if you can do mehndi offline with free multiplayer and play mehndi offline as offline spades in card multiplayer card game and doing gambler tricks with poker card games as in original rummy in this mindi card games in circle rummy.

Download mendicot game online and give us a review.

How to download Solitaire Arena APK at

Rock You presents the #1 Best Addicting Solitaire Game! Play with over 6 MILLION players worldwide to stand a chance to lead the solitaire leaderboards today!


Play the classic solitaire game with friends or real-time opponents from across the globe in exciting tournaments. Or, if you’d like, you can engage in a challenging and thrilling one-on-one game with online opponents.

Experience the thrill of Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell with beautiful graphics, customizable card designs, and play classic solitaire with a modern twist!

Play anytime, anywhere, and anyplace!

- Daily rewards
- All day 8 people tournaments
- One-on-one challenges
- Power-ups
...And more!

- Log into Solitaire Arena everyday to receive exciting daily rewards and increase your chances of winning.

- Participate in a thrilling 8-man tournaments all day to win a spot on our solitaire leaderboard.

- Hints: Stuck? Don’t sweat it! The game offers helpful hints to help you win your next match with ease.
- Unlimited Undos: Think you’ve made the wrong move? Solitaire Arena offers unlimited undos to help you maximize your chances at winning.
- Magic: Use magic to help you reveal hidden cards to use to your advantage!

DOWNLOAD Solitaire Arena today!

Love the game? LIKE US on Facebook:

Have something to say to us? Drop us a comment and we’ll do our best to improve the game for all users!


Created by RockYou.

Solitaire Arena is playable on Google Play and Facebook. The game does not share your personal information with other players or any 3rd party application.

How to download Playing Cards APK at

You have to choose a card,if the card is a joker or compatible with the previous one, The player,s score will increase.
The game ends once all the cards finish, the latter are 54.
The winner is the player who gains the highest score
You can restart the game by pressing on the restart button above in the menu.

How to download Euchre APK at

Free Euchre card game featuring both strong computer players and online play.

- Challenging computers
- Online multiplayer - play euchre with friends or join rated games with players from all over the world matched by their ratings (requires Android 2.3+)
- Rules options for Joker (Benny), Canadian Loner, Going Under, Stick The Dealer, ...
- Statistics
- Change names and avatars
- Landscape and portrait support
- Fits phones, tablets and HD phones

Don't miss all the fun - play euchre online for free.

It's time to euchre someone!

If you like our Euchre, please, try out our other games!

How to download Canasta APK at

Classic Canasta game featuring:

- Single player and online multiplayer
- Challenging computers
- Statistics
- Several decks, including special Canasta decks
- Change a color style of the game
- Landscape and portrait support
- Fits phones, tablets and HD phones

It's time to play Canasta!

How to install 29 Card Game ! APK at

Twenty nine - 29 is South Asian trick-taking game in which the Jack and the Nine are the highest cards in every suit.

This game is usually played by four players in fixed partnerships, partners facing each other.

32 cards from a standard 52-card pack are used for play.
The cards in every suit rank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7.The values of the cards are:
Jacks 3 points each

Nines 2 points each

Aces 1 point each

Tens 1 point each

(K, Q, 8, 7)       no points

Deal and Bidding
Deal and Bidding are anti-clockwise. Cards are distributed in two step by four cards in every step.
Based on first four cards, players bid for the right to choose trumps.Normal bidding range is 16 to 28.
The bid winner chooses the trump.

The Play
The player to the dealer's left leads to the first trick. Players must follow suit if possible, and the winner of each trick leads to the next. Non bidder players must request trump bidder to show trump and bidder player must show trump before make trump.

After showing trump if any player can show Pair (K & Q of trump suit),the player’s team get extra 4 point.
If bidding side can show pair, they have to gain (bid - 4) points to win round.
If non bidding side can show pair, bidding side have to gain (bid + 4) point to win round.
***The min point need to win a round is 16

After end of a round if bidding side meet their bid point, their game point will be increased otherwise decreased.

If play round is in Double mode,game point will increased or decreased by 2.
Non - bidder side can set double after bidder bid.

If play round is in Redouble mode,game point will increased or decreased by 4.
Bidder side can set Redouble after non-bidder setting Double.

Game over
If any team can make 6 positive game points, they wii the game and lose if they make 6 negative game point.

How to download Harvey's Hundreds APK at

Harvey’s Hundreds is the super fun brain-teasing matching game from Steve Harvey.

You’ve seen Steve play Harvey’s Hundreds with guests on his show. Now, you get to play it—whenever and wherever you want. Select your difficulty level, and start testing your problem-solving skills.

To play, simply match the tiles and win points. The faster and better you play, the more points you have for lives and cool features.

There are two game modes: Classic and Journey.

In Classic mode, have fun making matches, board after board.

In Journey mode, move up through levels by completing a variety of matching challenges.

Boosters: Journey mode.
(1) A quick peek at all tiles
(2) More time
(3) More turns
(4) A hint from Steve

Lives: Journey mode.
Start with three lives. Once your lives expire, re-up by watching an ad or using your earned “Hundreds.”

How to install Power Rangers: UNITE APK at

Unite rangers, zords, weapons and villains from all 22 epic seasons of Power Rangers!

Power Rangers: UNITE is the official collectible card game of the Power Rangers!

An all-new story brings together Power Rangers from all seasons, fighting to save Earth from the villain NeroDark. Only teamwork, loyalty and friendship can win this battle!

Go Go Power Rangers!

Battle – Challenge your friends online or play an exciting single-player campaign.

Collect – Unlock and collect over 250 different cards – Rangers, Zords, Weapons, Abilities and more!

Strategize – Simple to pick up and play and deeply rewarding for super-fans, with multiple card types and endless strategy.

Action-packed Campaign – Customize your card deck to battle in an explosive single-player campaign. Defeat villains, save citizens and win valuable rewards.

Spanning 22 seasons, including the latest Power Rangers Dino Charge, Power Rangers: UNITE will continue to expand by introducing new cards and new epic battles to the single-player story.

Rangers, UNITE!

How to install Tiến Lên - Tien Len APK at

Mình xin giới thiệu với các bạn game Tiến Lên phiên bản chơi với máy và luật tiến lên miền nam Việt Nam.
Cơ bản tiến lên mien nam:
+ Phiên bản tiến lên miễn phí, không cần nạp xu gì cả.
+ Tiến lên miền nam có thể đánh với máy tính, chế độ 4 người chơi cực kỳ thông minh.
+ Ai cũng được chơi tiên lên, nhưng tuỳ theo lượng xu bạn có để chọn mức cược phù hợp, 1k, 2k, 5k cho tới 5 triệu xu một ván.
+ Khi đánh tiến lên miền nam mà đang bận bịu gì đó bạn không cần quan tâm, cứ tạm ngưng trận đấu chúng tôi tự lưu lại trạng thái cuối và khi xong việc bạn có thể mở tiến lên lên lại, chơi tiếp tục dễ dàng, đánh bài chưa bao giờ dễ dàng đến thế.

Luật đánh bài tiến lên:
+ Thuần luật tiến lên miền nam, 4 người chơi, 3 bệnh đi trước ở ván đầu tiên, chơi người về nhất và nhì ăn, 3 và bét phải là ngươi chung.
+ Đánh bài tiến lên từ trái sang phải, 3 đôi thông ăn heo, tứ quý ăn 3 đôi thông, 4 đôi thông ăn tứ quý.
+ Khi tới bét bạn cần chú ý còn heo, đôi thông, tứ quý thì bị xử như là bị chặt, còn tính xu bị chặt như sau: heo đen 1 cược, heo đỏ 2 cược, 3 đôi thông = heo đỏ, tứ quý thì đôi heo đen đỏ, 4 đôi thông = đôi heo đỏ.
+ Chết ngộp trong tiến lên là điều hiếm khi sảy ra, nhưng khi bị thối (ngộp) thì xem như thua chót và còn bị xét hàng.

Các tính năng cơ bản:
+ Đầu tiên mình xin nói tiến lên phiên bản này có rất ít tính năng nếu các bạn so sánh với những game khác thì chịu thôi, nhưng nó rất là chất đó nha, đánh bài cực phiêu.
+ Giao diện tiến lên mang lại cho bạn cảm giác diệu.
+ Có nhiều mức cược cho bạn chọn ván đánh phù hợp, thường thì miền nam hay chơi tầm 1 vài ngàn xu thôi. Bạn nào ham lớn có thể tăng lên tuỳ thích.
+ Có nhiều gợi ý khi đánh, bạn có thể biết được số lá đối phương đang nắm giữ, bài của bạn có thể ăn được, khi không ăn được cũng báo luôn.
+ Chơi hết xu không lo đâu, bản tien len này có nhiều phương thức kiếm thêm lắm, nào là quà tặng hằng ngày lên tới cả trăm xu, quà tặng lúc coi video miễn phí.
+ Còn tính năng hổ báo hơn trong tiến lên miền nam là hết xu thì sẽ có quà hỗ trợ luôn.
+ Nhắc lại đây là bản tiến lên offline - tien len offline không phải là các bản sâm lốc online, tiến lên online, phỏm online, tá lả online, cát tê online, bài cào online, mậu binh online, tứ sắc online,... và cũng không có và sẽ không hỗ trợ tính năng đổi xu đổi thưởng, nạp thẻ gì hết các bạn chỉ chơi rèn luyện và tăng cường trí tuệ.

Các game chúng ta sẽ quan tâm thêm:
+ Tiến lên miền nam (đánh tiến lên miền nam): đánh kiểu 4 người chơi rặc chất miền nam nông dân, đánh bài tiến lên offline cũng vui đấy, không như ai nghĩ.
+ Tiến lên miền bắc (đánh tiến lên miền bắc): danh bai tien len chán, bạn có thể chơi tiến lên miền bắc, bản cực gắt, đánh đồng chất.
+ Tiến lên đếm lá (đánh tiến lên đếm lá): hay còn gọi là tiến lên nhất ăn tất, đánh bài tiến lên đếm lá thì cứ có nhiêu lá đánh ra được thì ưu thế của bạn tới càng lớn đồng thời đánh ra hết để tránh đếm lá thua, tới 13 lá lận.
+ Sâm lốc (đánh sâm lốc, danh sam loc): tiến lên miền bắc - tiến lên 10 lá, lúc mới vô báo sâm ngay nếu bài sâm lốc của bạn liền lạc nha.
+ Phỏm (đánh phỏm, đánh tá lả): đánh phỏm là game bài miền bắc, dân chơi thứ thiệt là đây, nhiều bạn còn gọi đó là lá lả, đánh cũng dễ thôi có 4 nguời đánh, đánh tới khi nào chán thì chuyển bài.
+ Cát tê (đánh cát tê): đánh 6 lá cầm chừng là đây, khác với những game trên game cát tê này nếu chơi với người thật các bạn còn có công đoạn là dòm chừng sắc mặt của các bạn chơi cùng. Coi chừng bị nó dụ đánh cat te bùa và đôi lúc nước đánh ngặc nghèo càng dễ.
+ Mậu binh (đánh mậu binh): bài trí tuệ so đo từng chi từng nước, có hệ thống hỗ trợ xếp bài.
+ Tứ sắc (đánh tứ sắc): biết đánh thì bạn cũng là người hoài cỗ đấy, bao hay, quánh có gợi ý, chơi theo từng vòng.
+ Liêng cào tố (đánh liêng): bạn sẽ biết thế nào ăn đậm và thua sặc máu.

Chúc các bạn chơi game tiến lên miền nam vui vẻ, đồng thời mình nhắc lại mình có có các đầu game khác như: tiến lên, tien len, tien len mien nam, tứ sắc, xập xám, bài cào, tá lả, phỏm, catte đừng quên nha.

How to download Pocket Tarneeb APK at

Not in the mood for a night out? but could use a nice, calm game of tarneeb? now we've got just the thing for you!

With Pocket Tarneeb we’ll save you the hassle of dealing cards, and calculating the score by letting you play on your phone or tablet, but with a lot of extra features of our own:

-Play Tarneeb with multiple score limits (31, 41 or 61) and multiple game modes (Black, Red or Pure)
-Online Multiplayer
-LAN Multiplayer
-A very easy and helpful in-game tutorial for Tarneeb newcomers
-Play Pocket Tarneeb against a challenging AI in an offline single player mode
-Auto-save your Tarneeb games in order to continue them later if not completed
-Place your bets and earn in-game cash!
-Control your game speed in single player mode
-Track your progress in Pocket Tarneeb through the Profile menu
-Play and earn XP to level up and show off your progress
-Various challenging achievements to unlock
-Buy and collect a variety of creative card decks and backgrounds from the in-game store
-Create your own avatar with hundreds of unique and funny looks (for both male and female) for other people to see
-Personalize your game theme by setting any colour you desire using the RGB colour picker
-Taunt other players by performing multiple, funny in-game actions
-Use memes to express your feelings
-Pocket Tarneeb Supports English and ‘Franco’ Arabic

How to download Warriors Attack: Earth Defense APK at

Warriors Attack: Earth Defense is a story about the growth of the Saiyans. The classic scenes and roles are heavily based on the scene and the

story, the familiar movements, mangnificent spirit bombs, dazzling strokes.Collect over one hundred characters, match different

powerful weapons and equipments to create the strongest universe warrior, cultivate your own man-made characters and participate

in the world Budokan to get your own glory. Don't hesitate to download the game and join us!
- Restore the plot to make you review the story
- Plenty of combination of strokes help you find your own rhythm
- Original dubbing help reproduce the exciting story
- Look for the strongest opponents in the world martial arts competiton,

Contact us:
Like us on Facebook to stay updated and get special rewards:
E-mail: [email protected]

Let's go, the strongest Saiyans !!

How to install Aces® Hearts APK at

Hearts is one of the most popular card games around the world. Aces® Hearts brings this timeless card game to Android with extra and opulent flare. Try and “Shoot the Moon” against 10 fun and friendly Heart players such as Elouise, Vladmimir, and Drucilla. Customized game points settings (50, 100, 200, 500) and 5 levels of difficulty make this a card game that you’ll enjoy playing over and over on your Android device. Don’t remember how to play Hearts or need a refresher? We have a step by step tutorials to make Aces® Hearts easy and fun for everyone!

More games from Concrete Software:
PBA® Bowling Challenge
NHL Hockey Target Smash
Aces® Spades
Aces® Gin Rummy

How to download Pocket War APK at

Pocket War is a turn base mobile game with elfin cultivation, collection and strategy battle. There are more than 500 lovely elfins in the game, what’s more, also have unique evolution system, various gorgeous skills and brand new scene. Interact with friends to cultivate, speed up to adventure and also have tactics arena element here for you. New and old players can have fun in this game.
[Elfin Cultivation]
In the game, players can collect various elfins freely, cultivate them and evolve to stronger elfins for you in battle and arena.
[Strategy Battle]
Enter battleground through tactics deployment and have a odds-on battle.
[Obtain Resource Quickly]
Obtain abundant resource through unique friends speed up system, so that you can cultivate your elfin quickly.
[Various Element]
Abundant events, interesting tasks, Pokemon Palace, Resource War, Void Realm, Legendary Reveland, Trainer House etc. no matter the leisure or arena players, all they can find the plays and fun which are suitable for them.

How to download Bandar Qiu - Dan Gaple Capsa Susun APK at

Bandar Qiu - Dan Gaple Capsa Susun merupakan sebuah permainan seru yang termasuk Bandar Ceme(Bandar Qiu), Dice(dadu), Samgong, Domino Qiu Qiu(Domino99), Remi, Capsa Susun, Domino Gaple dan permainan lain yang dimaikan oleh banyak pemain online, yuk panggil temanmu cepat main lah~

Banyak mini gamenya seru di dalam game ini, Pemainan lebih banyak menunggu Anda bemainnya
Banyak koin game gratis yang dari Bonus Login harian/kotak chip/tugas/kode tukar dll setiap hari ,tidak usah bayar juga dapat banyak kesenangan, yuk cepat bermain aja.
♥ Login Facebook dan Login Tamn.sukses login akan dapat bonus besar-besaran,pakai akun Facebook akan dapat koin gratis +50%.
♥ Login setiap hari akan mendapat koin permainan gratis. Melakukan tugas harian sambil bermain juga dapat banyak koin gratis, bebas menikmati permainan setiap hari.
♥ Kota chip permainan akan diaktifkan secara otomatis dalam jangka waktu tertentu, selama, Jika Anda kliknya akan mendapat bonus besar-besaran
♥ Main sendiri tidak sebagus main bersama teman,ayo undang teman bersama main bisa mendapat banyak koin gratis setiap hari
♥ Mengikuti pemain lainnya di permainan kapan saja,saling memberikan koin gratis antara teman setiap hari
♥ Bebas mengundang dan mengikuti teman-temannya ,bersama tarung berdampingan di dalam kamar yang sama, membuat Anda tidak kesendirian lagi.
Game ini tidak mendukung perjudian

How to download Crazy 8s - Mau Mau APK at

Mau-Mau-Palace brings you MauMau, the popular card game from Germany. Play for free against real opponents or with your friends from all over the world. We offer not only a dynamic league system but also custom tables with your own rule sets, friendslists, detailed statistics, a variety of different card decks and much, much more.

We play according to the most popular ruleset. In addition we offer these custom rules:

- 9 reverts direction of play
- Extra Turn after Ace
- Turn ends after Drawing
- Jack on Jack
- Break up Jack with 10
- Queen of clubs: Draw 4
- Start with +1 card
- Two decks
- Double score from Jack

You may also want to visit to meet other MauMau players or contact the Mau-Mau developers.

★★★ How to play ★★★

To get into action, push "Play" in the menu. You will then be presented with the gamelist, showing you all open tables. On the left side you can see how many rounds are played on each table. On the right side the selected rules are shown:

★ Tables with custom rules are marked with the red card backs. Click on it, to see which custom rules exactly are active.
★ Tables with bets have the Chips icon on them. The red number tells you how much you have to pay, the green number is the Jackpot that will be payed out 70% to the 1st place and 30% to the 2nd place at the end of the table.
★ The percentage value on some tables shows you the minimum loyalty that is required to join the table. Loyalty decreases if you leave tables during play and automatically replenishes slowly over time.

Now click on a table to join it. The game starts as soon as enough players have joined. Remember that in Mau-Mau Palace you only play with real people. At the end of each round you see the game summary that shows you how the scores are distributed. Furthermore you can see a small star next to your name. It represents the adjustment of your skill rating. You receive Star points for victories and lose Star points for losing game rounds. If you gather enough Star points, you will receive another Star in your profile. You can earn up to 5 Stars in total!

All your games are automatically recorded in our league. Hit "League" in the menu and there "Mein Rank" to check your current position. Every 3 months we award the Quarter-Champion and a new season starts. Additionally, each month we award the player with the most Chips won, each day the player with the most scores and furthermore we display the best players live from the last hour prominently in the menu, visible to all players.

But that is not all:

★ You want to make your favorite game a science? Easy with us: Check your own statistics or those of the best players to analyze and learn from them.
★ Add ingame acquaintances to your friendslist to keep in touch and to play on private tables with them.
★ Join one of the many clubs, be it for late night chit-chatting or competitive matches in the club-league.

All of this and much more - Only in Mau-Mau Palace. What are you waiting for?

By downloading our game you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions:

By downloading our game you automatically agree to the data protection:

How to download Card Games APK at

World's most complete application to play for free the classic and traditional Online Card Games played around the world.

Play cards with real people from USA and the rest of the world.
It's easy and fast! No need to register, click and play.

There are more than 10 online and offline card games for you to play:
• Canasta - ⭐ Most Played
• Royal Canasta
• Poker 5 Card Draw
• Poker Texas Hold'em Poker
• Crazy 8
• Spades
• Hearts
• Brazilian Tranca (traditional in Brazil)
• Cacheta and Pife (traditional in Brazil and Portugal)
• Truco and Truco Mineiro
• Sueca (traditional in Portugal)
• Italian Canasta (traditional in Italy)
• and more

App Features:
• Play for free with your friends or against the computer (no internet - offline)
• Game rules to learn how to play cards online
• Rooms for different levels of card players
• Multiplayer or 1 player mode
• Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rankings
• Participate in tournaments and win trophies
• Check your game statistics

Online Card Games is a free application brought to you by MegaJogos for amateurs and card professionals!
Install now and have fun with your friends on your phone, tablet or computer.

How to install Bid Whist Plus APK at

Let’s join the LARGEST BID WHIST COMMUNITY in the world to play with thousands of online players!

Bid Whist Plus offers you a great experience against many Bid Whist players from all around the world! You can play in many different game modes such as Classic, Solo, or Whist.

Bid Whist is one of the traditional trick-taking card games played in pairs like Spades, but in this game players determine the Trump suit by bidding higher than others.


Get 20,000 Free Coins as a “Welcome Bonus”, and get even more coins by collecting your “Daily Bonus” every day!

Play Bid Whist however you want!

CLASSIC: Make your bid with your partner and challenge other teams
VIP: Play the classic Bid Whist in custom Tables.
SOLO: There is no partnership. Each player gets his/her own points.
WHIST: No one bids in Whist tables! Trump suit changes automatically in each round.

Meet new people and add them as friends to be their best partner or challenge them in games!
Use Public or Private Chat to stay in touch with other players.

You can create tables in different modes. Choose your “Game Rule” type, set the “Bet Amount” and the “Final Point” or decide if there will be “Faster Play” or “Chat” options. If you don’t want to be found, create your own “Private Table” where games are “Invite Only”.

Additional information:
• Make sure you have a good internet connection to get the best experience.
• The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $1 to $200 USD.
• Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at

©2017 Zynga Inc.

How to download Trickster Cards APK at

Cards Online, Your Way

Let the fun begin. Play the games you love with friends and family or get matched with other live players at your level. Trickster Cards offers customizable rules, so you can play cards your way!

• Fast-paced, competitive and fun — for free!
• Get matched by skill to other live players
• Video chat with friends and family
• Use your favorite house rules
• Apps available across devices and stores

Real People, Right Now

Select “Play” and Trickster Cards finds other players based on skill and speed. Get started without waiting — other players join as they’re ready. After the game, “Play Again” keeps you playing with the same group.

Friends and Family Included

Play together — even when you’re apart. Select “Join” and Trickster Cards helps you invite friends and family to a game. Turn on notifications to hear about friends’ games anytime. Now game night lives on wherever you are.

Your House, Your Rules

Enjoy Spades, Euchre, Pitch, Hearts, Bid Whist, 500, Pinochle, Oh Hell, or Bridge. Trickster Cards supports them all with customizable rules to play the way you want to play.

Play Across Devices

Playing on Android, but your friends have iPhones? No problem. Trickster Cards works on more devices so you and your friends can play where you want, when you want, with whom you want. Great on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops!

Fast and Friendly Chat

Express reactions quickly using chat presets. Focus on the game without the distraction of off-topic comments. Then socialize with full chat after the game. Or set up a private game with friends to use full chat anytime — even add live video chat!

How to download Tonk - Online Rummy Multiplayer Card Game APK at


Tonk, also known as Tunk is a kind of knock Rummy or variation of Gin Rummy. In Tonk five cards are dealt to each player. The next card is placed face up on the table to start the discard pile, and the remaining un-dealt cards are placed face down in a stack beside the discard pile to form the stock.

Play this timeless classic card game Tonk anytime anywhere! With your friends or against real peoples from anywhere in the world. Tonk is a popular pastime for lunch breaks and family game nights.Try now this interesting card game Tonk on your Android Phones & Tablets for FREE!

Game Features:
1. Extreme User Friendly: Easy and refreshing interface.
2. Play With Your Friends: Locate your friends and join their table with a simple click of a button.
3. Play with Real Peoples: No robots like other Poker game. Play with only real players anywhere in the world.
4. VIP Room: Unlock VIP rooms and play with VIP users.
5. Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat and exchange gifts and have lots of fun.
6. Works Fast On Slow Internet: Works smoothly on slow Internet connection even like 2G.
7. Play your way to top the Leaderboards!
8. Tons of Achievements!

Get Free Chips:
1. Initial Chips: Download now and get 10,000 chips FREE!
2. Daily Free Chips: Get more free bonus chips than any other Poker game.
3. Invite Bonus Chips: Get more chips on inviting friends.
4. Weekly Winner Chips: Get Millions Chips on every week by participating on Weekly Contest!

Any suggestions? We always love to hear from you and making this App better. Email us at [email protected]

Thank you.

How to install Wotcard - Whot card game APK at

Its the popular card game of WHOT on ANDROID!!!! Pick two, pick three, general market, hold on, semi last card, last card, check up. Download and start having fun.

How to download Canasta Free APK at

The BEST FREE Canasta app for Android is now available!

Canasta Free was Fully optimised to run smoothly on your device. Thousands of people have already tested and approved it!

Download Canasta Free now! This game is a must have for all Canasta lovers!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This version brings the Classic Canasta rules with a lot of variations and you can CUSTOMIZE the game the way you like:

★ Background images
★ Back cards images
★ Animation speed
★ Compressed melds on table (ideal for small screen devices),


★ Winning Score: 5000, 7000, 10000 or unlimited
★ Number of dealt cards: 11, 13 or 15
★ Canastas required to go out: 0, 1 or 2
★ Option to draw 2 cards from stock instead of 1
★ Option to set the discard pile frozen for partnership that has not melded

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Canasta is a rummy-like card game in which the objective is to create melds of cards of the same rank. You form Canastas by melding at least seven cards in the same meld. Check out the exclusive characteristics of Canasta app:

★ 2 or 4 players
★ Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise
★ Three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert
★ Game is automatically saved each turn, so you can close it and continue playing later
★ Undo function so you can cancel mistaken melds

Download Canasta Free now, it’s free!

How to download Bingo: Classic Offline BINGO APK at

A relaxing bingo game to win jackpot in a short time without circling the number yourself! JACKPOT is CHARMING to everybody!

UK Bingo:90-Ball Offline Bingo is a wonderful & special game with 90 balls and up to 24 cards to win jackpot, where intriguing themed scenes and exciting play ways await you to explore and conquer! Can't wait to play UK Bingo now? Don't hesitate! UK Bingo:90-Ball Offline Bingo will never let you down!

Here are the Appealing Features brought to you:

Up to 24 cards with 90 balls of exciting surprise, who will be the lucky dog to win JACKPOT?
Free yourself with no need to circle the number, what a relaxing atmosphere!
Download and play, no need to log in online!
Colorful graphics and delightful scenes display amazing feelings like never before!
Win Bingos to experience the excitement together with happiness of prevailing in games!
Diving in the Epic and Supreme Collections World. Amass all the collections to feel the fulfillment and uncover excellent bonuses!
Never say no to Free Gifts! Claim gratifying Free credits every day to move forward.

- The games are intended for use by those 17 or older for amusement purpose only.
- The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
- Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

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How to install Warhammer AoS: Champions APK at

We are Sigmar's Champions!

Scan your cards to build your digital collection, and invite your friends in preparation for the upcoming launch of digital play. Learn to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions, the epic trading card game born from magic and fantasy, with this awesome digital preview app.

Where does your allegiance lie? Don't wait! Start your mighty quest today!

• DISCOVER the WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR universe with breathtaking imagery as you've never seen before!
• CHOOSE your allegiance from the GRAND ALLIANCES - Order, Chaos, Destruction and Death.
• SCAN physical cards to claim them as your own.
• VIEW your growing card collection and track your progress.
• MASTER the rules of engagement through insightful video training.
• ENROL on the Champions register and be among the first to experience future new gameplay and features.

Are you ready to choose your allegiance?

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How to install Yatzy Dice Clash - Dice Game APK at

Yatzy Dice Clash - Dice Game comes with enhanced core Yatzy gameplay spiced up by collectible cards.

The traditional dice game will refresh your childhood memories and in the same time will wake up your competitive spirit!
In the new gameplay experience you can start your journey by building your cards deck, and get additional chance of luck while rolling the dice!
Online multiplayer dice game followed by simple yahtzee rules, known also as yatzee, yatze, yahtzee, yahsee or yatzy.

The famous dice game takes you to another level with its new features. Upgrade your cards, customize your dice, create your card deck and roll the dice in one of the best dice games!
Challenge your buddies to play a match in a world tour and climb yourself straight to the top!

Yatzy Dice Clash is free Yatze game, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money and help you out!