How to install Barren Lab APK at

Joe is on his journey to find what he has lost. He finds himself in numerous traps and danger. He gets some friendly help in his journey. Find out if Joe can escape dark shadows and secrets.

- Simple controls & addictive gameplay
- Smooth animations
- Realistic graphics
- Physics-based gameplay
- Tons of challenges
- Realistic Sound (Headphones Recommended)

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How to install Escape Room Jail - Prison Island The Alcatraz APK at

HFG Ena Game Studio released new escape game with two Prison Break Challenge. Using your brain and try to run away from this prison.

Game story:
PRISON ISLAND-The Alcatraz: This game is inspired from the famous prison Alcatraz. In this thriller escape game, two prisoners are planning to escape from the dark Alcatraz jail located in a remote Island. In Prison escape 1- Marshall, the prisoner, tells about how he got arrested, and how he is planning to escape from the jail. In Prison escape 2- Prisoner Hoffman tries to break out of the prison just like Marshal did.

In this prison game, you get to play the role of the masterminded prisoners to escape the Alcatraz, the world's secured prison. This is a perfect chance to prove your intelligence, and deduction skill. While escaping the jail, you will be fighting the trained cops, and cunning fellow prisoners. Use all the resources you find for way out , and try to escape from this prison.

Can Marshall and Hoffman escape the Alcatraz? Will they meet their families? Well... it's up to you!

Get ready and prepared your escape plan

You are expert in playing prisoner games and jail game then try it once.

New mission starts here and try to breakout each and every doors,

The game is filled with fun and the story convey how the criminal escape from the prison.

The backgrounds are surely convey the real prison life.

At the time of escape you have to cross lots of mystery room and run away.

Game Features:
* 30 break out challenging levels.
* Addictive Brain Power Increasing Jail break Game
* Fight with cops, find clues and solve puzzles
* 4 hours of thrilling gameplay.
* You'll need to break locks, vigilant cops, disable the surveillance cameras.
* Now do you believe that you can escape from Alcatraz?
* One of the best Criminal escape game in this category.

How to download The Fixies Town Games for Kids! Girl and Boy Games APK at

Collection of child games below 5 years: train games for kids that are free, electric objects, cleaning games for kids, find hidden object games free for kids. Games for children 5 to 10.

A lot of incidents happened in Fixies Town! The town needs its heroes!

How to install Unicorn Dash Attack APK at

Help my cute little pony unicorn run through this forest to return to his home in unicorns island and help him in his evolution to a Pegasus and return to his princess in pony land.

Help Unicorn pet to avoid different enemies attacks and obstacles and also collect some rainbow cake because it is very hungry and to get his magical powers again and become extinct.

How to Play:

- Tap the screen to let baby unicorn jump and fly.
- Run away and escape over the rainbow runners jungle to the end of the harmony quest magical forest to pass the level.

+ Rainbow Unicorn Dash Run, Best Fun & Cool games for your kids, Boys and Girls.
+ Beautiful picture and animation of unicorn and jungle where you can ride.
+ lots of levels of fun and more will be added soon.
+ 3 unique Worlds with 105 Levels: Forest,Volcano and Dark night ponyville.
+ Pink fluffy and White Robot Unicorn Dash can be played with your familly by boys and girls.
+ No wifi offline game

This is a my little unicorn runner game and we added two new characters you can play with it:

How to install Hill Racing 2018:City Mode APK at

Hill Racing 2018:City Mode is a New play hill Climb Racing game.The hill made by house,truck,car,box,stone...

Climbing on the hills with car is more thrilling and interesting. Download this free game and enjoy that thrilling!

Totally new off-road racing game for all bike, Monster Truck, Military Truck and Car Racing Fans.

Get it Now and enjoy 100% Fun & Bone Breaking.

Hill Racing Game is the best free car game if you like car racing games!

- 40 addictive game levels ... all of them free to unlock
- Download now and enjoy much longer levels for free
- Realistic Game with amazing art design
- Enjoy high speed, dangerous jumps and many different stunts
- Feel like a real offroad star
- Simple game controls
- Drive some of the best Cars, Trucks and Dirt Bikes
- Realistic Game Physics
- FREE for limited time Only. Download and Enjoy Now !

Get it Now while it is FREE!

How to install Special Combat Ops- Counter Attack Shooting Game APK at

Aliens are invading our planet.
You have to guard the last land of human beings!
Kill all enemies with the most advanced weapons!
This is your mission!

Game features:
 The difficulty of the game varies from simple to difficult. It is convenient for players to adapt to the game. You can feel the fun of shooting in the constantly upgraded challenges.
 The ultimate battle scene, the next generation of game style, realistic shooting and control, not to mention the ultimate sounds. You will feel the fierce and cruel of the real battlefield!
 Game levels are diverse:
There is a BOSS level after every few levels. The rewards are huge, let you find the real challenge fun!
 Weapons are rich and varied:
Long-distance weapons, short-range weapons, special weapons... Each weapon has dozens of types to choose fromand it can exert the most powerful power in different levels. The weapon is cool and powerful. Upgrading the system can make a huge difference!
 Various items:
There are various kinds of props- grenades, all-field bombing missiles, double gold coins, etc. The right use of props can reverse the battle!
 A variety of roles for you to choose from:
Each character has its own different attributes! Upgrade them to get more power!

How to install subway Tom and cheese adventures APK at

subway Tom and cheese adventures the best endless running games in the store

subway tom and cheese Temple Run runner surf game
Surfs as fast as you can dodge the oncoming trains and collect cheese
The most excited city subway themed runner game, escape from the Santa Claus tom the bad talking cat , run as fast as you can. Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump in the sky to obtain more coins, excited slide to safety!

tom and cheese Temple Run Games

How to download Goku Blue: Super Butoden Xenoverse Tenkaichi APK at

This is an advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members and hybrids of the Saiyan race in Goku Budokai

The ability to become a Super Saiyan was once considered to be nothing but a legend, as it had not been performed for over one-thousand years. Vegeta stated that a Super Saiyan has achieved a level of power so overwhelming that it could only be maintained in a transformed state. Despite only being told through legend, Frieza, who has Saiyans in his army, became paranoid over the possibility of truth behind the legend due to the constantly growing power of the Saiyan race.

Because of this fear, Frieza came to the conclusion that he must annihilate the Saiyan race by destroying Planet Vegeta, thus apparently sparking the end of the Super Saiyan legend. However, twenty-five years later, the Super Saiya legend was proven to be true when Goku accomplished the feat during his titanic battle against the evil tyrant, Frieza.

How to download Craze Jumper APK at

Welcome to Craze Jumper! A high pace easy to learn, difficult to master game. Look out for obstacles and let’s see how high you can get!
During its spring!! Jump on Craze bees and flowers. Ready - it'll be faster! Score new highs and share it with your friends. Show your friends that you are a Craze jumper!
The dashing Craze jumper crashes the zombie spaceship to play the best spaceship space game. Instead of changing it, tap the screen and play with the Craze jumper. Rocket and comet Dodge as you collect coins

Use the shield to protect the from the hitting
Get ready for some newbie broken studios!
Compete against the world's largest Craze jumper and also play a timeless mission against your friends and enemies! The blocky stunt jumper Galaxy is full of full-matte dash running lover, this is the perfect place for you to show close room canon manual Craze jumping efficiency for a large audience. Blocky stunts from Jamia's road line jam and timeless big viewers look wild and Craze Use all your favorite endless stunts Mia stunts and show your friends and enemies how you will run the most epic manual Craze jumper!

Get each Craze jumping and complete each mission
There are many different continuous levels about the championship and before you can call all your canon champions, you have to complete all the different continuous steps. After upgrading each mangrove long jumping, upgrade each food level and earn a new manual dashing jumping to crush your enemies! This Craze Block Canyon Jammer is full of unfair rules and you have to take advantage of it! Crush the opponent of your valley and get full strangle! Take some luck and practice your blocking Craze jumper skills!

This free 2d game will bring you variety of free real 2d levels. save the birds and pass the most difficult hurdles. Only 2d arcade game where you have to save birds in such pleasant environments. Free platformer game in which enemies isn't aware of your presence so take your first jump wisely.
Craze jumper is a 2d game that is free to play platformer game. This free side scroll 2d game has lot of excitement and fun, where you will hear funny sounds and saving the birds from upcoming enemies in this free beautiful 2d game.
This is also 2d game of kids where kids can play this 2d free fun games offline without internet. This arcade game is exciting just like other beautiful 2d games. Lot of traps where you have to pass traps but don’t get caught into the trap.
The 2d adventure game where you have to save birds friends from intense hurdles, explosions and dangerous enemies with an access to high pace jump only. New funny game that is difficult, challenging and beautiful. Take jump wisely as this is the only way to be the savior of your friends.
*** BEST NEW GAME OF 2018 ***
Craze jumper is also crazy addictive game, fun game, 2d game and arcade game that not hunts in a jungle, but it hunts in beautiful 2d jungle with full of fun, jumping and action.
Craze Jumper is not just a free 2d game, it’s a game with free pack of fun for kids and for everyone.
There's no turning back in this beautiful unique game with full of funny sounds, beauty and challenge. Variety of traps and hurdles. Jump like hell, save like an angel.
Easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.
So be the first to jump in the game and save your birdies in this adventure.

* Easy fun game for free!
* No app purchases: Certainly, buying apps is pain in your pocket.
* Seems easy, but difficult to master
* Leaderboards and Achievements
* Different worlds with multiple levels

How to install Jungle Monkey Run 2 APK at

★★★ Jungle Monkey Run 2 is coming now ★★★
★★★ Many new featrues Added ★★★

Jungle Monkey Run 2 is a classic adventure game same with Jungle Monkey Run,but new world,new featrues,new monsters and so on.

The monkey Kong has come to this beautiful island this time, and what will be the new challenge waiting for it?
The ferocious sharks and crabs, the octopus lurking in the water, the sudden attack of the flying bird, felt that Kong was really in trouble this time.

If it weren't for Kong's new skills, I could not believe that he could escape the island.
Are you ready to meet the challenge with Kong?

Jungle Monkey Run 2 Features :
--Jumping, sprint, gliding, and raising a variety of manipulative fun
--Strained monsters, such as frogs, cannibals, octopus, birds, and more
--Unexpected elements can make you jump higher
--Explore every wooden case and find hidden props
--Use sprints to destroy all obstacles
--The use of rising allows you to avoid the danger that you can't avoid
--30 ordinary levels, 60 targets
--8 challenge cards, you can get more bananas
--4 abilities are promoted to help you accomplish more

How to play:
--Clicking on the screen to jump
--While in the air, holding the screen can glide
--After a certain period of gliding, the role will rise
--Run a long distance, slide the screen to the right to release the sprint
--Down jump can trigger jumping flowers

Download Play it Now!Enjoy this adventure game!

If you have any problem?
e-mail us: [email protected]

How to download Mummy Maze Deluxe Adventure APK at

Mummy Maze Adventure is a fun puzzle game and best game Ever!
Do you love adventure in Pyramids Mummy and Mummy’s Tomb
this game made for you : Mummy Maze Deluxe Adventure
Outwit the Mummy and find the treasure of the Pyramids!
The Golden Mask of Tutankhamen awaits discovery, but only a daring and crafty adventurer can overcome the curse of his tomb!
This new PC game is sure to delight fans of the web puzzler!
Check out some of these features:
Brand new Adventure Mode will challenge master adventurers!
Defeat 30 of the most devious pyramids we could devise!
The objective is to get your explorer to the end of the maze without being caught by the mummies.
To move your explorer you make a swipe gesture on screen.However, when you make a move the mummy also moves twice the distance (unless it's stopped by a wall).
Also, the mummy always tries to take a direct path to you first horizontally, then vertically.
So, in order to escape, you must use that fact and the pyramids walls to trap the mummy and reach the end of the maze.

World Famous Logic Game Mummy Maze Deluxe Adventur On Android now ! Get it Free!
Rate 5 star if you like this game !

How to download Woody woodpecker adventure world APK at

Are you ready to addictive the Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2, Main theme is help the world If you love Woody Woodpecker You will love this game as well.

Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 is a very challenging and addictive game for anyone who loves the Woody Woodpecker character.

Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 is a smash adventure and legendary side scrolling platformer.
Download now and help the Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 hero go to exceed obstacles and make super score by your Woody Woodpecker and collect all coins in your way in amazing Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2.
help your Superhero Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 from all monsters aliens worlds

features of Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2:

+ Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 game is real fun and easy to play
+ more than 20 different enemies like frogs, crocs, spiders, dragons, snails and monsters.......
+ Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 is a super smash adventure and legendary side scrolling platformer.
+ 100 super miraculous, exciting and addictve levels with increasing level game difficulty superheroes temple gold run 2
+ in Woody Woodpecker game 6 various challenging worlds (wonder world, fright forest, woody sand land and mountain sphere)
+ earth and water lands - Help Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2
+ Woody Woodpecker and 10 fantastic boss combats (cruel scorpion, danger cat golem, fright crocodile and fast spider) in 8 various castle worlds
+ destroyable bricks with special skill items inside
+ Woody Woodpecker game is fantastic one tap gameplay reminding to old school classic games
+ super first combiner of 3D and 2D high solution graphics
+ You have more 100 challenging levels to collect points to win in Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2
+ lots of bonuses, Woody Woodpecker superheroes power ups, hidden blocks and items
+ awesome woodpecker sound effects and old school background music.

How to play Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2:

+ A button for shooting fire with Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2
+ B button for jumping with Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 in the jungle
+ right and left button for moving your Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2
+ press down button on a tree stump to get to a hidden bonus level
+ after eating apples you will become Super Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 with magic powers and being able to destroy blocks
+ after eating yellow flowers you will become Super Golden Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 and being able to throw balls.
"Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 is a addictive old school arcade jungle adventure of woody Woodpecker game"

Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 is a free classic platform game!
Are you ready to Download Woody Woodpecker superheroes temple gold run 2 game for free today.

This app follows the "fair use" guidelines by US law, if you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly
All the game content "names, pictures, logo and others" details are not created by us but by their respective owners.

How to download Heart of Honor: Burning Blood APK at

Heart of Honor: Burning Blood, a 3D fantasy MMOARPG with a world-top real-time render engine and gorgeous western painting style, will drag you into a realistic and magnificent ancient continent. Here you can experience various adventures, fight with hundreds of heroes or enjoy limitless battles against other players all the day! And Guild Wars, real-time MOBA, Clan Wars, Group Dungeons...are all waiting you! Burn your blood and wield your weapon!
[Hundreds of Heroes, Thousands of Combinations]
Fight like a real sword master, militant monk or ice mage in this fantasy world! With hundreds of heroes and thousands of combat combinations, you can easily complete endless combos while appreciating the pictures with flowing lights and colors.

[A Classic on Your Hands]
It's familiar to you, right? A classic multipleplayer role-play game with team raids, winged rides and unlimited PK mode. The three cities of different styles and four classical classes will bring you back to that legendary era!

[Real-time Battles Allowing the Premade Teamwork]
A totally different ARPG which allows you to create a premade team in MOBA! Target: God's Realm! And its top technology enables every type of mobile phone to run the game! Moreover, you can even enjoy a super-large-scale clan war together with thousands of players!

[Cross-dimensional Fighting]
A unique flying feature as well as a cross-dimensional fighting system! On the ground, you can carefreely enjoy the bloodshed; in the sky, you can travel around the continent without mounting a ride! It is so free!

How to install Wither Storm for Minecraft PE APK at

AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION of the mod! Nothing to do, just press a button!

The Wither Storm Add-on turns the wither boss into a large and frightening boss known in Minecraft Story Mode as the Wither Storm.

It’s like 100 times larger than the wither boss and also much more powerful.

It’s the ultimate challenge for anyone considering themselves a good fighter and want to find out how far their skills can take them.
If you have the guts to challenge it let us know in the comments how it went!

The wither storm boss is spawned just the same way as the normal wither boss. You will need four soul sands and three wither skulls to spawn it.

Place the last wither skull on the top center soul sand to spawn it.

Every reference to people, things and events is purely coincidental.
All images, logos and songs are the property of their respective owners, and therefore are not mine.
This app is not affiliated with Mojang, Minecraft and Microsoft.
This app is made by a fan of Minecraft and not by Mojang.
I'm not affiliated with, this is only a fanmade app.
I'm not affiliated with the creator of this addon, this is only a fanmade app.

How to download Mod FNAF for Minecraft PE APK at

This is an addon which brings the animatronics in Five Night at Freddy’s to Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can tame them and keep them as your pets or fight one of them which is an animatronic boss. Most of the animatronics provide a great companionship as they are quite protective and are never late to a fight if they are needed.

Every reference to people, things and events is purely coincidental.
All images, logos and songs are the property of their respective owners, and therefore are not mine.
This app is not affiliated with Mojang, Minecraft, Microsoft, FNAF and their developers.
This app is made by a fan of Minecraft and not by Mojang.
I'm not affiliated with, this is only a fanmade app.
I'm not affiliated with the creator of this addon, this is only a fanmade app.

How to download Zombie Warriors APK at

Want to Save the World? Zombie Warriors is a game in which you lead and kill army of zombies. There are many battles. Zombie Warriors can be played in single player against the map or in multiplayer against each other.

How to install The Stanley Adventure APK at

What do sasquatches, spiders, and home-made weapons have in common? The Stanley Adventure! You take control of Luke from the hit YTV show, The Stanley Dynamic, as he prepares for the most epic LARPing event the neighbourhood has ever seen! Explore the world of the show, interact with characters, solve puzzles, and use Luke's animated abilities to move the story forward. Are you brave enough to help Luke on his weird adventure?

· This point-and-click adventure game features 30 unique missions – hours of fun!
· Explore The Stanley Dynamic world, with 19 colourful environments from the show!
· Play three wacky and fast-paced mini-games in the Adventure or in Arcade mode!
· In Baking Blitz, how many cupcakes can you bake before time runs out? Watch out for Larry – he’s hungry!
· In Entomolo-Gee-Whiz, flip over rocks, shake bushes, and set traps to catch as many bugs as you can!
· In Comic Sprint, dodge rolling boulders and draw bridges over lava pits in this endless runner game!
· Unlock new mini-game challenges and find comic strips hidden throughout the world!

How to download Hint Crazy Frog Racer 2 New APK at

Get More Hint Crazy Frog Rcer 2 New In Aplication This HInt Crazy Frog Rcer 2 New
All Program In Aplication Just Hint Game Palying ForCrazy Frog Rcer 2 New
Enjoy Yor Day,

How to install guide Samurai Shodown 2 APK at

Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits in Japan) is a fighting game series by SNK. In Japan, the name of the series is officially in katakana, but is often written in kanji (侍魂, samurai tamashii), with the second character pronounced supirittsu, "spirits", to better reflect the game's setting.
Samurai Shodown, known as Samurai Spirits (サムライスピリッツ Samurai Supirittsu, Samu Supi in short) in Japan, is a competitive fighting game developed and published by SNK for their Neo Geo arcade and home platform. Released in 1993, it is the first installment in the Samurai Shodown series. In contrast to other fighting games at the time, which were set in modern times and focused primarily on hand-to-hand combat, Samurai Shodown is set in feudal-era Japan and was one of the first fighting games to focus primarily on weapon-based combat.

How to download Loot It Go! APK at

Is it hard to be a merchant in a RPG world?!
Where do those merchants get all the goods to sell?

Yeah! They loot it from the dead bosses! Killed by some heroes who couldn't carry all those items back to the city.

Enjoy a fast and easy combat system!
Dangers await! And you will likely need bodyguards and a team! Hire them from the Tavern, each of them have their own unique abilities to help you through. Pick well, Loot well!

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How to install Alvin Vs Zombie's APK at

Be the next Hero and Beat The Zombies ! You are up to the challenge !! Let's Save Alvin The chipmunk Zombies are awaken up !they are all over the forest and Alvin the chipmunk has to beat them all , Alvin the chipmunk needs to collect a lot of Nuts to feed his big family . Alvin the chipmunk and you are Going to beat them all and save the chipmunks from the Zombies , The chipmunks are counting on Alvin The chipmunk Let's Save the Chipmunks ! - 100+ level with Alvin the chipmunk - Well animated moves to get you in !! - Alvin needs to collect the nuts so get these nuts as much as you can- 3 modes of playing are available ( Easy,Medium,Hard) - This game of alvin the chipmunk is a game where there is unlimited trial times ! - Save alvin the chimpunks and avoid the enemies !! - The chipmunks alvin and you will floogal the mission ! - Enjoy playing and alvin chipmunks games SAVE ALVIN A THE CHIPMUNKS

How to download Taco Crush Match 3 APK at

Mexican food lovers rejoice! We have developed this awesome match 3 game for all of you tacos, nachos and burritos fans. Play today the super fun Taco Crush match 3 game for free and join the crazy fiesta! Get ready to experience the street food feel in the palm of your hand. Spend a pleasant afternoon in the city, walk the golden streets, explore all the hidden corners and be sure to try out some tasty food!

Swap and match 3 delicious snacks of the same type to crush and remove them from the board. Unlock amazing boosts and bonuses that will help you solve challenges, reach high scores and move to the next level.

Complete the missions set at the beginning of each level. Reach high scores by making special combinations and try to get 3 stars on every tasty level.

Taco Crush Awesome Features:
- Thousands of crispy levels filled with fun and colorful figures and ingredients
- Awesome graphics and effects
- Addictive game mode
- Crazy match 3 mania

This game is seriously fun and extremely addictive, so if you are a real fan of tacos and match 3 puzzles you will find it perfect!

Start the fun today, play with family and friends and see who can create the crunchiest combinations and reach the highest score.

How to install New X-MEN Walkthrough Game APK at

X-MEN is a game heroes classic very exited and this is the right guide game
Guide for playing X-MEN
Tips for playing X-MEN
Tricks for playing X-MEN
Hint for playing X-MEN
Walkthrough for playing X-MEN
Get download now and enjoy with this tips game
I hope this help's makes your the winner

How to download Super World of Mario APK at

Super World of Mario as in classic games with an adventure of super jungle boy!The Mario has to pass various tests and beat Dragon to save the princess finally. So many threats are waiting for the boy! You will have the most amazing and exciting moments when playing this game.As a partner of Mario, you guys will face with a lot of dangers and challenges. Traps, monsters and surprising situations designed in each level will never let you down.Jump, run or use weapon, Mario can do anything to kill monster. On the way to kill the enemies, don’t forget to collect more weapon to become powerful! Items will be unlocked after you pass required levels. FEATURES
- Play for all ages
- Game is free
- Spirit of old school classic platformers
- Many items: mushroom, flower, shield, hidden blocks...
- 80 levels free
- Rankings for you and your friends
- Amazing game control
- Easy, intuitive controls.
- Great sounds and wonderful high-resolution graphics.HOW TO PLAY
- Use button to jump, move and fire
- Find weapon in boxWe hope all Super World of Mario players have a great time playing it, please rate and thanks a lot for playing!

How to install Fake Novel: Infernal Dormitory APK at

A young (but in age of consent!) girl found herself in the infernal dormitory amongst the monster guys. A dating simulator came true for her? Will she tame a werewolf, seduce a demon or will she be bitten by a vampire? Or else instead of datings, there's a fate of steak waiting for her?
Oh, just wanderings: most likely, she'll get the real power and become a new commandant! Whatever it will be, you get a chance to meet our point of view about the monstrous romance in this anime novel completely in English. Kawaii dialogues, achievements, special secret endings and even a clicker fighting inside!

How to download Caveman Adventure APK at

Caveman Adventure !!! is a 2D action-adventure side scroll game developed by STEM studios. It brings the memories of our old kid games like Mario and Islander game, with improved graphics and sound effects. The story follows a caveman's kids are taken by a dinosaur and the caveman starts to search the kids in the dinosaur world. Our caveman have to face a lot of wild dinosaurs in the Jurassic jungle.

In its pacing and structure, caveman adventure game is similar to a old Mario and adventure island game, with 4 worlds that contain plot twists. The game itself consists of 20 stages, and the adventure is continued by 4 special worlds. Together, caveman adventure make the best adventure game of the month. Additionally, powerups and the effects in the caveman adventure game makes the gameplay exciting and addictive .

caveman adventure is a simple 2D game with relaxing music and addictive graphics. even a small kid can play this simple run game. caveman adventure has support for almost all android devices. Don't worry about the space in the phone, this exciting caveman adventure is just 5 MB almost all can afford for some entertainment.

Good luck!


1. Have Four different adventure worlds.

2.1 Have One perfectly designed fly background.

2.2 Have One perfectly designed cave background.

3. Have 20 levels to reach the Boss Dinosaur.

4. Have lot of enemy Dinosaurs in the land

5. Have 20 Dinosaur birds.

6. Have 1 Boss to defeat.

7. Have checkpoints to save the progress in this adventure world.

8. Have cool sound effects & background music.

9. Support SD card installation.

How to download Subway Princess Run APK at

Subway Princess Run is an addictive arcade game. Princess is living in a royal palace. Suddenly, there is a big beast to attack palace. He destroy everything. One day, the Beast asked Beauty to marry her, but she refused. She was still afraid of his fearful-looking face. You have to help her to run, avoid poisonous mushroom and dodge some obstacles along the way
+Awesome graphics and sounds.
+Easy to play.
-Drag up to jump
-Drag left,right to change the lane
-Drag down to slide

How to install Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter APK at

Fan of bubble pop games? You must try this brand-new color blast puzzle! Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter is a fun bubble shooting game with hundreds of addictive levels, beautiful graphics and awesome boosts. Pop all the bubbles by matching 3 colors - it’s super fun!

Try out this cool exciting game, aim carefully to hit the target and make these bubbles pop!

Get ready for a new adventure! This addictive bubble shooter game offers some fun puzzles, challenging levels and amazing graphics and effects. Get it now for FREE and experience an easy and fun gameplay. Use your bubble popping skills to help Kitty shoot and blast all the colorful bubbles and clear levels!

Pop the Bubbles!
* Show off your color matching skills and complete all the different missions.
* Reach the level target and solve the fun puzzle to advance.
* Tap where you want to shoot.
* Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to create a line blast and win points.
* Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on every level.
* The more bubbles you remove from the board in one shot, the higher score you’ll get.
Boost your experience with special power-ups:
* Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the FIREBALL that will burn every bubble on the way.
* Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a BOMB that will take out surrounding bubbles.

Try out the best app and experience a simple yet super addictive puzzle game. There is no life or time limit - you can start any level over and not have to wait for lives, as they are unlimited!

Awesome Features!

How to download Scrap Mechanic Build And Craft machines SandBox APK at

Hello and Welcome to the new machine-filled creative paradise of Scrap Mechanic Engines, is a multiplayer sandbox game with imagination and ingenuity .

This Scrap of real Mechanic game simulator will help you to learn how to play a game and he give you a lot of information

This Scrap of real Mechanic game simulator will help you transplant the engineer's brain into a creative mechanic skull, Scrap Mechanic is an all--new creative
multiplayer sandbox game which drops you right into a world where you quite literally engineer your own adventures!
Scrap survival Mechanic Game Simulator is a multiplayer Neighbor Craft game Scrap Mechanic build machines
and ingenuity at its core. In The Scrap The Mechanic Game game You Can Build Vehicle interactive open world, you explore some scrap. about the 150++ building parts
transforming vehicles to a house that moves ,You’re even able to team up with your friends to create amazing things together: in Scrap Mechanic, you’re the master creator of anything !

The mechanic game is a great playground for inventors, and many creations of Scrap Mechanic players really stand out.
your creations in motion represent the very best and most exciting parts of Scrap Mechanica! With a wide range of parts and an array of functions from gas and electric engines to thrusters, sensors and buttons, never will be bored again with the tools at your disposal! Thing is, close
to touchdown your spacecraft loses control and crashe.
you survive! Be stranded though, and at first glance you find quite as it should be. The Farmbots working the fields have gone crazy ingenuitty , and now there is only one way to stay a live : using your quick thinking, your creativity turning your surroundings to your advantage.

Assemble, build, design in the new, rich, creative scrap mechanic simulator.
It's a guide application for Scrap building vehicle Mechanics

Enjoy Scrap Mechanic Build machines
Modpack mods-new gra PE
mechanic game
Game mekanik skrap
Hurda mekanik oyunu
Jeu de Scrap Mechanic
스크랩 정비공 게임
Juego de chatarra mecánico

Lojë me mekanizma skrap
Лом механикаE
Acknowledge Scrap Mechanic Build machines
سكراب ميكانيك
Diversion mekanik skrap

How to install In the Darkness (ALPHA) APK at

please waiting... I've been working on this...* * * * *
Who wants to support the development of the game should purchase one of the available additional applications...

How to download Krabat: Teil 1 APK at

Eine deutsche Beschreibung folgt weiter unten!Pisamy lěto 1714 a Awgust Sylny so porjadnje złobi. Łužica ćerpi pod kwaklu jeho nahrabnych knježkow, ale njenadźicy torha stara serbska móc wo wrota k sakskemu mócnarjej. Prawy čas to za nowe dyrdomdejstwa, nowych přećelow a njepřećelow, prawy čas za … Krabata!"Krabat a potajnstwo serbskeho krala – 1. staw” je wosebita wersija k wupruhowanju dyrdomdejskeje PC-hry z jenakim mjenom - nětko za Windows 10 ličaki a zdobom prěni raz za mobilne nastroje kaž tablet abo smartphone optiměrowane.A to će wočakuje:
- powěda so nowa putaca stawizna wo sławnym serbskim činkarju
- z ruku rysowane dyrdomdejstwa, kiž će k historiskim podawkam a městnam Łužicy dowjedu a kiž móžeš prěni raz jako elektronisku mobilnu hru dožiwić
- awtentiske rěčniki a fantastiska serbska hudźba, kiž rozputaja napjate, starodawne časy ----------------------------------------Wir schreiben das Jahr 1714 und August der Starke ärgert sich mächtig. Die Lausitz leidet zwar unter der Tyrannei seiner habgierigen Landjunker, doch ungeahnt dessen rüttelt eine alte sorbische Macht an die Tore des sächsischen Königreiches. Die beste Zeit für neue Abenteuer, neue Freunde wie Feinde, die beste Zeit für … Krabat! „Krabat und das Geheimnis des Wendenkönigs – das 1. Kapitel“ ist eine voll spielbare Probierversion des gleichnamigen PC-Adventurespiels – jetzt für Windows 10 optimiert sowie erstmalig als Touch-Version für Tablet und Smarthphone verfügbar.Das erwartet Dich:
- erzählt wird eine ganz neue Geschichte über den berühmten sorbischen Zauberer Krabat
- von Hand gezeichnete Abenteuer, welche Dich zu historischen Gegebenheiten und Orten führen, die erstmalig in einem mobilen, elektronischen Spiel erlebbar sind
- authentische sorbische Sprache inkl. deutscher Texte sowie ein fantastischer Soundtrack mit neu komponierten und neu arrangierten sorbischen Liedern

How to install The P Red n Blue APK at

???? Install This PK Red and Blue Now and immersed in a Color red and Blue. Come and enjoy it, hope it might remind you of the good old days when you were a young boy!

???? Game Features ????
???? Red Game Classic game play, graphic and sound.
???? Classical Red and Blue GB classic game's style
???? Smooth controller
???? Big Red Pokedex !
???? You can use Cheats for Red, Blue and Green
???? New Arcade Color Boy classic mini vivid image, nice effects
???? User-friendly interface
???? Green Game Classic game play, graphic and sound
???? Creative and exciting entertainment and suitable for all ages
???? Many levels and you can play old online or offline GBC
???? Red and Blue Boy
???? Boy Game.
???? Blue Classic game play, graphic and sound
???? Game rom!

How to download Doge and the Lost Kitten - 2D Platform Game APK at

Doge and the Lost kitten is a fast-paced 2D platformer. Run, jump and fly across over 35 handcrafted levels. Witness an epic story. Challenge your platforming skills and find hidden treasures!

Your adventure begins in an old castle where you live a quiet life. But not for long. One day Evil Chihuahua kidnaps the Royal Kitten and it's your job to bring it back home safely.

Save the Kitten, save the world.

- Fast-paced gameplay that is both challenging and fun
- High replayability
- Diverse level design
- Over 35 levels
- Awesome physics
- Leaderboards and achievements
- Funny story
- A lot of skins and hats!

How to download Meena Game APK at

Meena is a cartoon character from South Asia. She is a spirited, nine-year-old girl, who braves all the odds – whether in her efforts to go to school or in fighting the discrimination against children.

The Meena figure has achieved remarkable popularity as she tackles the key issues affecting children. The stories revolve around the adventures of Meena, her brother Raju, her pet parrot Mithu, and members of her family and community.

Bangladesh was the first country to launch Meena when a film about her struggle to go to school, called Count Your Chickens, was broadcast on national television in 1993. Since then, Meena has starred in 26 films for television, as well as radio programmes, comics and books. Every year, UNICEF releases new Meena stories that are read and watched by children and adults alike in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. Meena episodes have been dubbed into local languages and shown on TV in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as well. 

UNICEF continues to speak with children to find out what stories people want to hear and this game is another step to reach their expectation.

Game Produced by UNICEF
Jointly Developed by MCC ltd and Rise Up Labs

How to install Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive APK at

Explore vast worlds, find gems, loot and secrets. Expand your camp. Upgrade yourself, fight monsters, survive.


• Customize, level up and upgrade your character
• Build and upgrade your camp
• Suit yourself with tools, weapons, wearables and other userful items
• Explore worlds full of danger and secrets
• Fight monsters and hunt animals for food

How to download Escape Game: Ocean View APK at

*AppStore FREE Ranking Get 7th place!*

You are in the beautiful villa which floating over the sea.
Find items, and solving the puzzles for escape from the room.

After ending, you can play hide-and-seek with animals!?
Can you find them all?

・Enjoy kids! There are many cute animals!
・Easy to start for first players. Let’s challenge!
・There are Hints, so Don’t worry!
・Auto-save function!

【How to play】
Very easy operation method!

・Search by tapping the screen.
・Change the viewpoint by tapping the button on the bottom of the screen.
・Double tap the item button, it will enlarged.
・Keeping the enlarged item, you can tap another item, and then compose it.
・There is a hint button from MENU which is the upper left corner of the screen.

・It’s FREE!
・Let’s enjoy the escape game!


programmer:Asahi Hirata
Designer:Naruma Saito

Produced by two of us.
Our goal is to produce a game that would be fun for the users.
If you like this game, please play other games♪

Music is VFR:

How to download Run and World Adventure APK at

Try our new run and world. It contain many lot of challenging levels. You can play in different run and world with a various of beautiful graphics. Download the game to play and to discover more options.
- Different world to play.
- Nice and beautiful Graphics.
- Easy and Simple control.
- Get your best highscore.
- Download and enjoy.

How to download Halloween Jerry Run APK at

Halloween Jerry Run Escape est un jeu d'aventure à couper le souffle surfer,
Alors commencez à jouer !!! Obtenez un grand score et osez vos amis, MAINTENANT!
Halloween Jerry Run Escape Run est un incroyable jeu de métro d'aventure et de course pour les enfants et les jeunes..
Il essaie de recueillir autant de bonbons pour les petits enfants de cette Halloween, malheureusement, il n'a pas de jetpack pour s'envoler,
Le vieillard et le vieillard moche malveillants.
Afin d'aider Jerry à échapper à la mauvaise sorcière et à son groupe de monstres et à l'aider à accumuler beaucoup de bonbons pour le métro des enfants.
Halloween Jerry Run Escape est un jeu d'aventure à couper le souffle surfer,
Alors commencez à jouer !!! Obtenez un grand score et osez vos amis, MAINTENANT!
Comment jouer:
Appuyez simplement sur l'écran au bon moment pour passer à l'étape suivante.

Jeu توم وجيري jeux العاب château jeu توم وجيري jeux العاب course توم وجيري jeu العاب jeux توم وجيري jeu jumping العاب jeux jeu توم وجيري tête jeux العاب jeu

Plz, nous classons avec 5 étoiles si vous aimez le jeu et laissez un commentaire merci

Halloween Jerry Run Escape is a breathtaking adventure game surfing,
So start playing !!! Get a great score and dare your friends, NOW!
Halloween Jerry Run Escape Run is an amazing subway adventure and racing game for kids and young people ..
He tries to collect as many candy for the little children of this Halloween, unfortunately he has no jetpack to fly away,
The old man and the old man maliciously wicked.
In order to help Jerry escape the bad witch and her group of monsters and help her accumulate lots of candy for the children's subway.
Halloween Jerry Run Escape is a breathtaking adventure game surfing,
So start playing !!! Get a great score and dare your friends, NOW!
How to play:
Just press the screen at the right time to go to the next step.

Game توم وجيري games العاب castle game توم وجيري games العاب race توم وجيري game العاب games توم وجيري game jumping العاب games game توم وجيري head games العاب game

Plz, we rank with 5 stars if you like the game and leave a comment thank you

How to install かしましコミュニケーション APK at



ジャンル :異文化交流恋愛アドベンチャーゲーム
原画   :瀬之本久史
シナリオ :北側寒囲
ボイス  :なし





copyright: (C)AXL

How to download The Phoenix Evolution APK at

One lost lonely swallow; it is little, solitary and can’t return home~ I'm a wild little phoenix, and not listening to mom is my life style ~

- Together with the Phoenix, step on the evolution path of ups and downs?

- Do you want to witness how the Phoenix King is created?

- The Phoenix that doesn't obey her mom, will she die?

- Come and complete the growth gallery of Phoenix’s born of fire!

- Please have a try even if you don't like phoenix. It is completely free~

- If you want to hold the eternity, then you must control now.

How to download Super Cherry Chuchul Adventures APK at

Super cherry Adventures is a comedy game. In this Adventures game you join the hairy hero Chuchel. In this cartoon adventurous game, you will get a variety of interesting things. You can meet the heroes and the Villains is very easy to play and you can feel free and enjoying cherry!

This is not the reputable apps, is best a informational utility to assist humans to recognize all about chuchel.
This application takes after the "realistic utilize" manages by US regulation, within the occasion that you feel there may be a rapid copyright or, then again trademark infringement that does not take after within the "practical make use of" policies, please companion with us specifically.
All characters, their names, places, and other aspects of the game defined on this manual are registered logos of their respective owners.

We have a lot of fun and Super chuchel Adventures is a comedy game. In this Adventures game you join the hairy hero Chuchel. In this cartoon adventurous game, you will get a variety of interesting things. You can meet the heroes and the Villains is very easy to play and you can feel free and enjoying cherry!

This is not the reputable apps, is best a informational utility to assist humans to recognize all about chuchel.
This application takes after the "realistic utilize" manages by US regulation, within the occasion that you feel there may be a rapid copyright or, then again trademark infringement that does not take after within the "practical make use of" policies, please companion with us specifically.
All characters, their names, places, and other aspects of the game defined on this manual are registered logos of their respective owners.

We have a lot of fun and do not hesitate to leave us a good rating!

How to install Chuchel game APK at

Chuchel real game Adventure is a comedy adventure game. In Chuchel the game Adventure you join the hairy hero Chuchel full game and his rival Kecel as they will be facing numerous puzzles and challenges in their quest to retrieve the precious cherry!
Chuchel Cherry game is a addictive and fun game dedicated to all the Chuchel Video game Fans!
Chechel game, is an adventure race game, drive a car and collect cherry and chuchel coins.
We are not affiliated in any way to chuchel trademark owner. This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly. Our application is an unofficial, this dog game just for fans purpose only, it is not authorized or created by the original creator.

enjoy playing chuchel game on your android phone for free.

How to download Breadwiner Adventure APK at

Breadwiner Adventure! is a simple and addictive adventurous run game with simple controls, our little Breadwinners is starving in jungle.
Help ,our little Breadwinners, to run and get all radishes from jungle without being caught by traps.
Just click the screen to make our Breadwinners jump all obstacles in jungle including carnivorous plants. This Breadwiner Adventure is the best adventure game for peoples of all ages. It will be the best fun run game with good graphics and music.

How to play

1. Just tap screen to jump the the breadwinner.
2. Collect coins as many as you can, without being caught by traps.
3. Run till end of the levels, make your breadwinner happy.


1. Tap the screen to make the breadwinner jump.
2. Collect all coins without being caught by traps.
3. Run and finish all levels.
4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects.
5. Have a lot of challenging levels.
6. Run and jump from all carnivorous plants.

How to download Block World Craft : Mine Build APK at

Are you ready try to survive in voxel post-apocalyptic world?
Built and destroy blocks! Play machanic, builder or digger. Be careful, in this world not only peaceful Animals, but an awful Monsters too!
Block Craft is a game that places the player into a world made of blocks. Blocks can be removed by digging them and new blocks can be placed nearby other blocks.
А lot of biomes: survival island, forest and savanna craft.
You need craft resources to build a shelter until the nightfall. Get a wood, set traps, hunt and get food. But don't forget about weapon crafting.
After the nightfall take a bow to one hand and a sword to the other one and kill all monster. Or they eat you.
Universe of world craft is flexible and open. That even allows it to be realized at survival forest and pixel craft.
Discover interesting and mysterious forests, towns, castles and caves with dangerous enemies.
Biomes includes: rabbits and redstone circuits. Fishing, hunting or ride a horse.

Features of the game:
- Multicraft
- Large world
- 3D pixel world
- Different weapons: bows, swords and clubs
- Dangerous predators and hunting.
- Weather changes: blizzard and storm, change between day and night.
- Crafting and building, create everything.
- Pixel mod and machinery

How to install Hidden Objects - Home Makeover APK at

One part house design, one part seek and find puzzle game, Hidden Objects - Home Makeover is an amazing fusion of genres that lets you decorate and solve puzzles at the same time! Paint the house as you seek out different items hidden throughout the large home. There are tons of rooms to search through in this house, and you even get to head out to the garden in your great puzzle seeking quest. Get the paint ready, it's time to head out and decorate!

Collecting items is always fun, but when there's a home makeover involved, nothing could be better! Paint, decorate and design the house as you search through for items to help you solve each mystery. Three different kinds of puzzle levels await you in this game. Picture matching levels require you to look at the images and compare them on the screen, finding every object on the list in order to escape. Silhouette stages make it so you have to sseek the objects based on their shadow. Word lists are the most challenging escape puzzle. Here you only have a text list, you have to locate and click the items yourself!

This house is in need of a good paint design and decorate job. And while you're at it, you might as well seek out all the lost items and solve the puzzles, too! Escape from the rooms and garden as you explore an amazing home floor by floor!

- Challenging seek and find room escape gameplay.
- Explore a house that's undergoing a paint design and decorate job.
- Tons of items to seek out, collect and match.
- Three types of hidden object levels: item pictures, silhouette, and word lists.
- An easy to use map to help you discover the levels.

How to Play:
- Look carefully at each screen as you try to locate and match items.
- Tap an item to collect it.
- Navigate through the puzzles using the convenient map.
- If you get stuck, you can buy hints to help you out.

Wanna have more games? We would love to hear from you!

Find us on Facebook at
Or on Twitter at
For more information about Big Bear Entertainment, please visit

How to install Pumped BMX 3 APK at

Pumped BMX 3 is the best game BMX for free
Ride through sets of jumps pulling off crazy stunts in order to complete challenges and beat high scores.Pumped BMX 3 is the best game BMX for free combine 24 awesome BMX tricks with flips, spins and grinds to rack up huge high scores, or just relax and flow through the levels - it’s up to you!CHALLENGES
Try your hand at over 720 challenges and achievements with the best pumped BMX 3 free - a totally redesigned challenge system means there’s something different to try around every corner.LEVELS
60 all new levels across 4 amazing environments. From the relaxed to the totally insane, from the foothills and woods to the wetlands and mountains.BIKES
Customize your bike - pick your favourite pro’s signature or create your own fully custom ride!Get ready. Get Pumped BMX 3 free.

How to install Run Stork Run APK at

Welcome to the world of Run Stork Run.
Run Stork Run is a fast and supper addictive game. It lead you enter a fantastic world without the control by the gravity.Stork Run is a Stork game. The Stork would like to collect more fish. But there are many hindrances / obstacles; lock, monsters, etc. Help the cute Stork by running and jumping.
Tap screen to jump and avoid obstacles.Features:- Simple but fun one touch arcade game
- Story mode, 105 different levels
- Endless mode, enjoy the fun more
- 2D liquid graphics for smooth visible.
- Fun ending
- There are a lot of levels and more comingYou ask how to play The Run Stork Run ?
Just tap the screen in the right time to make it with the next step above you.Download My Stork Run App Now.* Please email us if you have any feedback or meet any problem, thank you very much!

How to download Смешарики. Снотворец APK at

Ваш ребенок любит мультики про Смешариков?
Замечательно! Теперь можно совместить приятное с полезным!
Интерактивный мультфильм "Смешарики. Снотворец" - это не только развлечение, но и увлекательные игры на реакцию, логику и внимание! Хотите узнать, что ночью снится Смешарикам? Хотите помочь увидеть сны, о которых они мечтают? Тогда скорее устанавливайте игру и погружайтесь в сказочный мир ваших любимых героев!
Всего в игре 16 уровней, в которых вашему ребенку предстоит принять участие в увлекательных приключениях во снах любимых героев!

Приятной игры!

How to install Смешарики. Биби APK at

Ваш ребенок любит мультики про Смешариков?
Замечательно! Теперь можно совместить приятное с полезным!
В этой игре вам предстоит познакомиться с маленьким робом-вундеркиндом Биби, помочь ему в обучении и принять участие в удивительном фантастическом путешествии! "Смешарики. Биби" - это не только развлечение, но и увлекательные игры на реакцию, логику и внимание!

Всего в игре 24 уровня, в которых вашему ребенку предстоит принять участие в развлечениях их любимых героев!

Приятной игры!

How to download Exploration Lite APK at

Your attention is an interesting exploration game. The game exploration lite was created for fans of minecraft, only with improved graphics and optimized mode of operation. Exploration lite maynkraft have a free platform for the game, namely you can build your own world like in maincraft. Our version of the maincraft is free of charge for everyone who wants to play. There are other our analogues such as exploring pro or exploration craft, but to us they have nothing in common. If you played exploring pro, then maybe our maincraft for girls you like more. It is worth noting that exploration pro maynkraft which was ahead of its time and took into account all the wishes of the players based on many years. Exploration lite maynkraft with animals or without them you can set in the settings, or set up a maincraft shooting for those who love thrash. We at the software level optimized minecraft for free made it for all geo. Playing the exploration lite game will not be a problem with phones not from tablets. Minecraft is free game of the first of its kind which gave complete freedom to the player, and exploration pro 2 is the leader in the world wide web. Exploration lite maincraft helps develop you as a person, plus exploration lite maynkraft game helps to improve your imagination and minecraft raises the level of brain visualization of objects. Due to high-quality graphics, exploration lite can quickly win your attention and you can have fun with minecraft shooting. Exploration pro works for free even in the save mode, unlike analogues such as exploration craft which does not save in free mode. Exploration pro minecraft is a game in our world of fast technologies and not trusting people who crave power and money shows how the world can be kind and mutually helping as in the exploration exploration 2. We want to give you the main objective of the game exploration lite free re-awareness On the value of life such as: caring, love, relationships, intimate anonymous encounters all this is just that small part of our world that is worth attention and here is the minecraft minecraft game showing it. All of us once loved animals in childhood who then fish someone who is a dog and so on so here is an exploration lite maynkraft game in which there are animals and more maynkraft free for each user is available on the Internet. But we are all people and we love the debauchery of pain, the buzz for this we created a maincrack in which there is shooting and debauchery. If you believe in moral or sexual preference that exploration lite maincraft is not suitable for you, then you have all the rights of a person and can safely remove it. Oh and now the most interesting dear friend if you have read this over the semantic description up to this point, then I congratulate you the asshole, and the game exploration lite maynkraft free of charge is available for all the assholes of the world. But if you do not agree with my assumption then the maynecraft for free is also for you. I want to convey my description to the maincraft for free exploration lite, I do not know if you really read this description, although it's unlikely that you read it, and I spend here a couple of hours on it to show what a super cool my game minecraft pe after you But still do not care about this description, and you only look at the pictures. But in a friend you are my faithful kind person on the planet earth, this really reads then support the hard worker and put 5 stars in the reviews, I was trying to make a good game, and believe me for free game that I'm sure like many. If this description caused some kind of offending factor, I apologize in advance, as in this description there was not any purpose to offend or humiliate anyone, or all this was done to raise your spirits, Thank you for your attention.

How to download Guia Slime Rancher APK at

Slime Rancher Tips is just guide for the real game Slime Rancher you can find information
about Slimes you maybe find some information useful here there are multiple types of slimes available in the game for you to collect and care for you lovely slimes.

Slime Rancher Tips i'm here to share with you exemple list of all the slime rancher slimes
its amazing game with nice graphic, This app you can feel best experience for playing in game
in this guide we help you to know all characters name and a speciel types, Slime Rancher is the story of BEATRIX LEBEAU.

The fascinating game Slime and Rancher invites you to go in search of cheerful adventures and amazing acquaintances on the far-out planet belonging to somewhat eccentric space ranchers and also their poorly studied and cheerful pets slimes! Players will become the brave rancher, who decided to spend their entire lives on a distant planet of slimes. You need to restore the abandoned ranch which has got from the last owner and to build own cozy world where you will be able to grow up various fruit and vegetables and also make friends with mysterious and very nice pets slimes.

But be careful, because the world of the game Slime and Rancher will bring you every day new amazing events and unexpected acquaintances with other farmers. And mysterious slimes, living near your ranch, will fill your measured farm life with new curious events!

Restore the old ranch and begin to grow up a harvest and pets to sell them in the intergalactic market or exchange for useful resources from other ranchers. Travel on an amazing planet and look for new and unexplored types of slimes. Catch the found slimes, gather resources and harvest with your

Slime Rancher Tips this app is just guide for the really game Slime Rancher there is a copyright or trademark direct violation that does not follow within the fair use guidelines, please contact me directly.
Slime Rancher, a title that initially released in 2016. In this game, you raise a farm of the native animals, Slimes, and work towards building up your ranch by exploring and selling off your products. There is a lot tips and guides to this game so here’s a Slime Rancher beginner’s tips to help teach you what you need to know to get started.

<<< Disclaimer/Legal Notice >>>
This Application comply with US Copyright law guidelines of "Fair Use".
This Application is edited and collected by gaming fan.

How to install 3h: 00 - at The Krusty Krab APK at

3 AM at The Krusty Krab Mr. Krabs decided to be late to count his money. But he did not suspect that at three o'clock in the morning, the Hash Slinging Slasher would return to revenge for horrible revenge. You must collect all your belongings and escape from Krusty Krab before you kill him with your rusty spatula hand.

I worked on one of my biggest projects, Dracula's Castle, a little too much to the point where I feel like I'm making a fuse in my brain. So I decided to take a break and work on one of my old abandoned projects at 3:00 in Krusty Krab. 3Enjoy :00 AM at The Krusty Krab It's a bit of a short game depending on whether you know what to do and when to make your goals at the right time. And no, it's not like five nights at Freddy's if that's what you think. ; RE

3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab I may or may not release Dracula's castle here in the Gamejolt, it will probably only be in Itchio, who knows. BUT, I could release Alpha 3 from Dracula's Castle when I finish. It's only when I release the full product that it probably will only be on Itchio, and maybe, maybe it's Steam.

Enjoy 3 AM at The Krusty Krab

How to install 青鬼3 APK at


・あなたは無人島から "脱出" できるか

[email protected]

How to download 青鬼 APK at




[email protected]

How to install Escaping game “The thing -escape from nightmare-” APK at

Where am I?
Nobody here?
anyone, wait “something” is here?!
I need to escape from there anyway!

“Can you escape?”

You are trapped in a dark mystery place.
You will solve various mysteries to escape.

In the darkness, ""Thing"" persistently appears.
Can you escape while solving a mystery and make your escape succeed?

● Contents of escape game ●
· The “Thing"" is an escape game that move through 3D buildings and explore.
· Run away from the ""Thing"", and aim at escaping from this nightmare by solving the mystery.
· Touching the ""Thing"" will result in game over.
· The “Thing"" suddenly appears in the building.
· You can not defeat the ""Thing"".
· You can know the distance to the ""Thing"" by heartbeat.
· If you are in trouble with solving puzzles, you can solve by using hints.
· It is free.

● How to play an escape game ●
· Use the cursor keys to move and search for items.
· Tap the item field, select the item and use it.
· When the ""Thing"" appears, let's run until the “Thing” disappears.
· Since the playing time is displayed, it is possible to measure the time it took to escape.
Let yourself get the best and compete with your friends.

● Recommended for those●
· Those who want to play games with thrills.
· Those who want to play games without paying money.
· Those who want to play games of low difficulty.
· Beginner.

【Game Outline】
Title: Escape game ""The Thing - escape from nightmare -""
Category: Adventure (free)
Genre: Indie's Escape Game

For inquiries · troubles etc. Please contact here.

Nekosuko:[email protected]

How to download 駅メモ! - ステーションメモリーズ!- 位置ゲーム APK at

◆◇◆ スタートダッシュキャンペーン実施中 ◆◇◆


2018/02/14 - 2018/05/13 駅メモ!ショートアニメの舞台!「秋田県横手市に聖地巡礼に行こう」
2017/12/01 - 2018/06/30 「千葉都市モノレール」 × 「駅メモ!」作草部姉妹と行く千葉モノレールスタンプラリー
2017/02/10 - 2018/05/31 「鉄道むすめ」 x 「駅メモ!」

◆◇◆ ストーリー ◆◇◆


◆◇◆ ゲーム紹介 ◆◇◆

『ステーションメモリーズ! - 駅メモ!』は、全国9,000ヶ所以上ある駅を対象とした位置ゲームです。

▼ 簡単操作で手軽に遊べる


▼ 日本全国の駅が対象!!



▼ 日々のおでかけの記録にも最適


▼ 自分だけの車両を『編成』して遊ぼう


▼ 個性的なパートナー『でんこ』を育てよう


▼ 楽しみ方はいろいろ!!自分なりの楽しみ方を見つけよう



How to install 妖怪ウォッチ ワールド APK at








妖怪ウォッチ ワールドは他にも楽しみ方がいっぱい!
楽しみ方はあなた次第! 自分なりの楽しみ方を見つけて自分のペースで遊ぼう!





©GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ©LEVEL-5 Inc.

How to download NEWSに恋して APK at






「あれ? もしかして俺、番号間違えて……」


小山慶一郎「好きだよ。……赤くなってる。恥ずかしい? じゃあもっと言っちゃおう」




How to download ラッキードッグ1【Tennenouji App】 APK at

それは『LUCKY DOG』と呼ばれる主人公の運次第——。

『ラッキードッグ1』のゲームの他、様々な種類の壁紙はもちろん、渾身のショートストーリーをなんとビジュアルノベル化!! 手軽にSSを読む感覚でお楽しみください。


How to install 学園ハンサム 無料版 APK at





・Google ウォレット アカウントにログインして、クレジットカード情報が最新であることをご確認ください。
・Google Play アプリとダウンロード マネージャーの両方のキャッシュとデータを消去します。手順は次のとおりです。
MENU キーを押し、[設定] > [アプリケーション] > [アプリケーションの管理] の順にタップします。
[すべて] タブをタップします。
Google Play アプリを選択し、[データを消去]、[キャッシュを消去] の順にタップします。
次に、[ダウンロードマネージャー] を選択し、[データを消去]、[キャッシュを消去] の順にタップします。


How to install 召喚勇者とF系彼氏 APK at







How to install Mushroom Garden Seasons HD APK at

nnf nnf!(Seasonal Funghi became more colorful!!)
Mushroom Garden Seasons is revived with HD graphics!

9 seasons are more colorful and more comfortable in "Mushroom Garden Seasons HD"!!
New features are added so not only the new players but also players who have played this app can enjoy!!
Of course there are no in-app purchases!

5 new features in "Mushroom Garden Seasons HD"!

▶New rare Funghi that only grow in this App
It seems that new rare FUnghi is added to the Library!
Let's find the undiscovered Funghi♪

▶Effects adapted to seasons enhances the seasons!!
Not only the graphics became HD but also the effects adapted to the seasons are added!!
Snow flies in the snow season, petal dances in the flower season.
Feel the seasonal breath and collect colorful Funghi♪

▶App-only Wallpapers are also in HD graphics!!
The wall-paper achievable by using collected NP are in HD graphics too!
Funghi will decorate your devices seasonally!

▶Added BGM
BGM is newly added!
Life of harvesting Funghi will become more fun!!

▶Save Data restoration system is added
Now "Mushroom Garden" has the Save Data Restoration system!!
You can restore your data when you have changed your devices.

*** What is "Mushroom Garden"? ***
The first genuine mushroom-growing sim which surpassed 40 million download over the series.
Grow the cute Funghi and harvest by the single swipe, it is the simple and convenient app.

● FAQ and Inquiry

● "Mushroom Garden HD" / "Mushroom Garden Seasons HD" special site

● Funghi Paradise★NAMEKO official Website

● Let's follow "Funghi" and "BEEWORKS GAMES"!!

This app is available in following languages: Japanese, English,traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian

At the time of the first play, network is required.

How to install Murder Room APK at

From the development team behind "Ellie - Help me out...please" (over 1 million downloads!) comes this second psychological horror adventure!

"You are being hunted by a serial killer.
Do you have what it takes to stay sane and escape?"

!!!! CAUTION !!!!

Some players may find scenes in this game disturbing.


・The game screen is very dark.
-Play in a dark room for best results. Adjust the brightness settings if you have trouble seeing the image.

・A dynamic and realistic sound environment
-Earphones or headphones are recommended for the best gameplay experience.

・App Size: approx. 50MB
-Players are recommended to download the game using a Wifi connection.

・Compatible with Android OS 2.3 or newer.


・Another Story
* now unavailable *
-Complete the main room to unlock an additional story for purchase.

・Game Progress
-Complete "Another Story" as well to attain a 100% completion rating.

-Collect Hint Coins to unlock hints on how to progress through the game.

--- HOW TO PLAY ---

Tap the screen to search an area.
Slide your finger across the screen to rotate left and right.
Slide your finger down to close zoom-in screens and menus.
Tap an item to take a closer look at it.
Purchase hints to help you out when you're stuck.


Ellie - Help me out...please

No.1 dark fantasy RPG.

How to install SecondSecret ‐「恋を読む」BLノベルゲーム‐ APK at


◇◆ ストーリー ◆◇





◇◆ セカンド シークレット・ゲーム概要 ◆◇
▼ ストーリーパート ▼

~物語の鍵は「二つの秘密 -Second Secret-」~


▼ ワーク(パズル)パート ▼





◇◆セカンド シークレット・ キャラクター紹介 ◆◇
▼千歳 知夏 -Chitose Chika-

▼花崎 春人 -Hanasaki Haruhito-

▼物部 真冬 -Mafuyu Mononobe-

▼金森 一秋 -Kanamori Kazuaki-


SS探偵事務所の1Fにあるカフェバー『Blue Lagoon(ブルーラグーン)』の店長。温厚で聞き上手な性格で、主人公の良き相談相手。

◇◆ セカンド シークレット・クレジット ◆◇
 千歳 知夏:中澤まさとも
 花崎 春人:高井周平(スチール・ウッド・ガーデン)
 物部 真冬 望月英(プロダクション・エース)
 金森 一秋 小野田銀四郎


・キャラクターデザイン / 原画


・音楽制作 / SE
 株式会社Good Morning Studio


・「Second Secret」タイトルロゴ

・「Blue Lupinus」レーベルロゴ

オルトプラス発のBLレーベル「Blue Lupinus(ブルールピナス)」第一弾


◇◆ セカクレはこんな人にオススメ ◆◇

How to download Vampire Boyfriend / Yaoi Game APK at

otomedou's BL (yaoi) game, which captivated the hearts of 200,000 BL fans will release a new BL game!!
Vampire brothers who have moved to a new city.
The one they met there is an irreplaceable “bait”…!?

The younger brother who hates his ”bait”.
The older brother who falls in love with his “bait”. But he has a story…?

◆We recommend it to those like this!
・Those who like hot vampires!
・Those who are playing BL games for the first time!
・Those who love BL!

【Game introduction】
Vampire Boyfriend is a game where you use scenario tickets to continue the story. Depending on your choices, your love with your boyfriend will transform! If you increase his affection, you’ll get scenarios with beautiful still illustrations! And enjoy even more exciting stories! You can design your own cute and fashionable avatar and welcome a happy end with your boyfriend!
Download is free! Basic free is play too so you can enjoy a boys love with any man you wish!

◆Route introduction
Kiyosumi×Rin version
⇒Mean sacrifice x Childish vampire
The one who’s supposed to be eaten is eating, a dangerous BL.
For those who want to enjoy a fun and bright BL!

Tamaki×Mutsumi version
⇒Jealous vampire x Tsundere priest
An intense route between two enemy races

◆Ways to play
・You get 5 free scenario tickets everyday, so increase his affection together!
・You can choose different choices to progress the game, and it’s also very easy to use

*F2P, excluding some of the special scenarios and avatars.!

Who is Otomedou?
A sweet yet sour love between two male students,
A simple and passionate love,
A forbidden love with an idol,
Teasing a man till he burst with jealousy...........
We bring you lovely dreams of a maiden, from the squeeze of your heart, to a serious boys love adventure. We bring you the stories women want to read.

◆Basic information
【Genre】Love Game/BL
【Price】Basic play free/cash items available
【Scenario】Kyuuyousawa Raichi / Ochiai Umi
【Illustration】Shutsuki tomato

For inquiries and troubles, contact us at [email protected]
When the application terminates unintentionally,
· Update to latest OS
· Increase the free space of your SD card
· Increase the free space of your device
Please try the three points above.

How to download Feral Boyfriend/Free Yaoi Game APK at

otomedou's BL (yaoi) game, which captivated the hearts of 200,000 BL fans will release a new BL game!!

The protagonist loses his scholarship after falling ill, and is dropped from his scholarship.
The only way to stay in school is to get troublemaker beasts to turn over a new leaf!!
Will you be able to graduate peacefully while training a prideful wolf, tsundere fox and deceiving rabbit?

Recommended to:
-Those who are tired of the usual otome game!
-BL (yaoi) Lovers!
-Those who are in love with Kemomimi Boys!
-Those who usually play otome game but want to play BL game.

"Feral BF" is a novel-type game where you can proceed ahead by using up scenario tickets. Manipulate your relationship with your handsome boyfriend based on the various options available! Upon increasing your Affection with him, a special scenario with a beautiful still photo will begin! You can get to enjoy an even more exciting story☆ Dress yourself up with stylish and cute avatars, and welcome a happy end with him♪
Free download! Gameplay is generally free as well, so everyone will be able to divulge in their romantic time with the feral handsome boys!

【Character Introduction】
■Protagonist (Default name: Yuto Mamiya)
High School Senior. Studying in this school on a scholarship, but may have it revoked due to poor health and is in danger of having to quit school.

■Yuki Kamitani
High School Senior.
Typical troublemaker who skips class and gets failing grades.
Arrogant but very caring.

■Kaoru Kozuka
High School Senior.
Model student who is also the student council president, but is classified as a troublemaker for some reason.
Rather cold towards the protagonist.

■Keisuke Udo
High School Senior.
Calm and agreeable, but also a very flirty playboy.

■Satsuki Nekoyama
Infirminary doctor. Often consulted by the protagonist. Rather cold to the protagonist

◆How to play
・5 scenario tickets are given out for free everyday, so spend time with him and increase your Affection!
・A novel-style game where you proceed by choosing from various options, and is easy to play!
・Do check out the limited-period events too♪

◆Who is Otomedou?
A sweet yet sour love between two male students,
A simple and passionate love,
A forbidden love with an idol,
Teasing a man till he burst with jealousy...........
We bring you lovely dreams of a maiden, from the squeeze of your heart, to a serious boys love adventure. We bring you the stories women want to read.

【Category/Genre】Romance ADV/BL
【Cost of Gameplay】Basic play is free/Charge-by-item system
【Original Draft】Otomedou

For inquiries and troubles, contact us at [email protected]
When the application terminates unintentionally,
· Update to latest OS
· Increase the free space of your SD card
· Increase the free space of your device
Please try the three points above.

How to install Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery APK at

It’s night. You’re driving your car down a road, dark and desolate. Behind the wheel, you’re tired and alone, consumed by the silence of the dark and desolate woods. The only source of light other than your headlights are the flashes of lightning from the storm looming above. The trees, with each flash of lightning, create ominous shadows that spill across the road ahead of you, both impressive and foreboding. Your foot suddenly slips on the brake pedal when, surprised and confused, you see the figure of a woman standing in the middle of the road facing you, illuminated by the headlights. You swerve and lose control of the car and it skids off the road. It’s dark again. You wake up dazed by the impact: you are safe, but do not know where you are or who the woman was. Was she even really there, or was she just a figment of your imagination? The rain pours even harder, creating a metallic drumming sound as it beats against your car. You lift your head and see what might be the only place for miles to seek shelter from the storm: an old solitary mansion, seemingly abandoned… or is it?

Welcome to Haunted Manor 2, the game that will test your courage and ability to solve intricate puzzles and compelling mysteries.

Confront the dark and sinister presence lurking within the manor’s walls: logic and nerve will be the only way to get to the end of this enigmatic adventure.

The gaming experience of Haunted Manor 2 is worthy of a horror film, although this time the protagonist is you! Are you ready?

+ Features +
- 10 free rooms with the possibility to buy the full game complete with 25 ROOMS
- Cinematographic Shots
- Horror Scenography
- 3D Graphics in HD
- 3D Audio Effects and a Captivating Soundtrack

For any suggestions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]
Like Haunted Manor 2? Rate us or leave us a review: your opinion is extremely important to us!

How to download Arcraft - AR No Size Limit APK at

Arcraft is a free game “craft and build” with augmented reality focus that lets you craft and build items with sets of 3D cubes.
Craft your experience and build your own ideas with Arcraft.

What can you do with Augmented reality?
► Creating worlds, villages, and animals through virtual cubes brick after brick.
► Building ancient cities, megalopolis, and monsters to model your real life with augmented reality.
The in app ideas are unlimited, use the digital cube blocks and show me what you can do!

1 Use the target: have you ever played with a shooter game? Imagine the target as a gunsight you can materialize 3D cubes in the space over it, and that’s it!
2 Position easily: drag the cube blocks or choose new packages and create your customized slots by modifying the length and width of the cube blocks.
3 Freeze ar: secure the augmented reality through the freeze ar button and immortalize the image.
4 Save the images: preserve your own images and post them on our cube style social for augmented reality. Every image you capture is a new challenge for all the players!

► Dive into: the magic arcraft box gifts variegated and steadily updated cubes;
► Mission of the day: create new constructions every time and become the most prestigious craftman in ar history;
► The high resolution graphic: it gives you a compelling simulation experience;
► Entertainment: lots of challenges and several combinations you can try together with your friends and family;
► Embrace experimentation: kick off online competitions thanks to the great number of packages at your disposal;
► Age: the augmented reality game world is so big that it’s open to everyone;
► Ar pro: use the auto target or download and print what you have crafted straight from the Creartivity team that you
will find on our website


How to install Super Frisk APK at

Super Frisk is an Undertale platformer fan-game. You can support the official game at

In this platform game, play as Frisk and defeat enemies such as Papyrus, Whimsun and Froggit.

This is the BETA, so only The Ruins map is out, but we'll add Snowdin along with Sans soon. Because this game is new, we are looking for feedback and ideas to improve the game, as well as level designers. Please email us at [email protected] for more info.

How to download Angry Bob Adventure APK at

Many years ago, great and greedy magician decided to get rich. He found a treasure map, but these treasures were hidden at the bottom of the sea. The magician has decided to create a monster which will obey him and would get the treasure from the bottom. He spent the ritual and created the Angry Bob. Bob was very strong, brave, quick, he loved gold and he was able to do a double jump. Bob glanced at the treasure map and went to search for them. So adventure begins.

- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic shadows, smooth animation and HD textures.
- Simple and convenient controlling.
- Realistic physics of running, jumping, the underwater world.
- Sly levels with a variety of enemies and obstacles.
- Realistic sounds.
- Platformer with a story.
- New original levels will be constantly adding in additions .

How to install Royal Mansion Minecraft Map APK at

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

You will find yourself on a new MCPE map that features the most expensive and beautiful mansion ever created for Minecraft PE. This mansion is so big that can easily be mistaken for a 5-star hotel because it, too, includes many rooms and recreational facilities. On the top of everything, you got this mansion absolutely for free. Like every luxurious mansion, it has a garage for several cars, a lovely leisure zone, a park, a small fountain, and even a landing dock! The mansion territory is well worth exploring.

Now a few words about its interior: inside, the mansion is excellently designed and has stylish furniture. The mansion can easily accommodate 10 players, and each of them will have an own room! Large halls with high ceilings are great to arrange meetings, parties, and other social events. There are numerous interior items throughout the mansion – so lavish and so pricey! This map is definitely must-see!

How to install TinyBot - The Adventurer APK at

Enter the Age of Robots.
Welcome the new Robot in the town ,"TinyBot - The New Adventurer"TinyBot - The New Adventurer is a fast paced high speed Endless Robot Running Game.Help Robot to zoom into future dodging creepy creatures,rocket blasters and deadly meteorites.Pure Fun,Thrilling Ride,No In App Purchase and Coin Purchases.Just pure fun of endless Robot running game.
★ Jump and Move Fast as you can.
★ Dodge the enemies.
★ Pick up the rocket boosters to blast into future fast.
★ Collect Diamonds to save yourself from termination
★ And Yes!! Don't forget to keep charging robot in between with the chargers.Collect the Diamond Magnet to pocket as much Diamonds as possible and zip through various dangerous rotating platforms.★ Features
☀3D Animations
☀Cool TinyBot
☀Action Packed Endless Game
☀Futuristic Backgrounds
☀Next Gen Music
☀Challenging Levels
☀Difficult Enemies.
☀Fast Acrobatics
☀HD Graphics
and many more Surprises.Join the Robot's Thrilling and stunning Ride.-Godspeed
TinyBot Creators.

How to install Toast! APK at

Journey through different worlds as Fred, a charismatic piece of bread who's goal in life is to not become toast. In this side-scrolling adventure you will battle against numerous foods and enemies alike as they try to turn you into toast. You can attempt to beat every high score in 8 dynamic levels, enjoy beautiful, elegant, and simplistic graphics, and even brag to your friends about your mad "Toast!" skills! Toast has several features including:

-- Power-ups
-- Multiple worlds
-- Multiple playable characters
-- Achievements
-- Leaderboards
-- Music

Check out all of these features and more by downloading "Toast!" now! Can you beat the highest score???

Created by - Kyle Berger -
Music by - Schematist -

How to download Pokemon Pro Collection - Free G.B.A Classic Game APK at

Pokemon Pro Collection - New Free G.B.A Classic Game

Include all version of Pokemon : FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire

* Customize controller
* Best game classic for G.B.A.
* It can help you become a winner.
* You can setting game for your favourite.
* Now play game.
* Save and Load game every where, play without internet.

G.B.A Classic Games - Pokemon Go Collection Pro

How to download Fortnite Battle Royale Stream PC XBOX Tips APK at

Fortnite Battle Royale Stream PC XBOX Tips

Very brilliant techniques and tips to learn in this Fortnite battle royale guide for all kinds of players in order to be the top

Fortnite Battle Royale game hot, this application allows you to understand and analyze the activities of the real game, it also allows you to find tips to avoid the trap.

Best Guide For Fortnite Battle Royale New App Will Help You To Be Victory Royale!

We hope that this guide for Fortnite Battle Royale game lovers can be helped in completing every mission.

How to install Faster Fox dragon Adventure APK at

It is back in most hillarious adventure yet!
the blue fox ziotoxia find his selve on the run through jungle uder sky
and outrageous comedic adventure that free game players find it very funny!
with a best and free RIO, the super hero make a max performance.axiom : the whole crew joins the cricus along the ride to stop SUPER ziotoxia.the fox escape and fight to survive as well as it can.full of high flying action and colourful new's
mad extravaganza everyone will enjoy and love.get ready to play !

How to install Dave and Ava Adventure (Nursery Rhymes) APK at

Dave and Ava subway jungle is a new 2017 free run and jump adventure game.
With Dave and Ava dash over obstacles and reach the jungle while collections and get coins. Dave and Ava subway can be consider as a temple game and also cartoon running game. Dave and Ava Subway is an adventure with many levels to play in jungle of bear. Play Dave and Ava to jump and run like temple games to get apples and be careful to not hit blocks and bear, Dave and Ava Subway is the new hero girl play this amazing cartoon temple in an adventure game in the jungle of bear.

Play Dave and Ava subway new 2017 now and enjoy.

Features :
+ Dave and Ava subway has beautiful and smooth graphics
+ exciting spirit of classic running temple platform adventures
+ Dave and Ava subway has easy and unique one-tap control game-play
+ very small APK file size to download in short time

Dave and Ava Adventure game 2017 is an adventure game with one tap jump touch easy and wonderfull play it with your friend to who will score more point and collect more candy.

How to install NEW Crazy Angelo sketborde APK at

Angelo doit mettre une stratégie pour que L'impossible peut devenir possible.
Mais set fois a toi de l'aider à passer les 105 stages.
grâce à toi Aventure de Angelo la Débrouille va être inoubliable,et un graphisme de la ville magnifique,les obstacles ne font pas Angelo peur.

How to download Touch The Zombies APK at

Kill the zombies and save the last of human the race. press on zombies and kill them. Zombies are marked by black mark on their face.if you kill one human that will end the game

How to install Five Nights with Succubus APK at

Do you want to try to escape from the succubus? Then this anime adventure you just like. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of real horror and accept the role of an experienced archaeologist who fell into a mess. Help will not come for five nights, so you'll have to show all your best survival skills. Manage the cameras, use sound generators to protect yourself and avoid meeting with the succubus. All in your hands - show all your experience in anime stories!
You are waiting for a dark and terrible dungeon, which became the site of the death of more than one traveler. Still no one could escape! Study this place in every detail, because only so you can successfully resist his mistresses for five nights and learn the secrets of the horror anime story. Learn the behavior of succubus, remember their route and prepare to scare them away in time. Do not forget to monitor the level of energy, because without it you will be completely defenseless. In the afternoon you will have time to restore your strength and prepare for a new horror battle - the main thing is to survive until the morning for five nights and then you will be able to make an escape.
Do not worry about the convenience of controls. If you have a charge, then your laptop will allow you to quickly switch cameras and use your weapons, so that you can fully concentrate on the escape process from succubus. Mystical music and the corresponding sounds will not let you forget your anime adventure for five nights.
The game is completely free, so that everyone can experience the horror of loneliness in the dungeon. Find out if you can crash the escape and save other people from a terrible fate in the future. Succubus will be stubborn, but still you have a chance to live five nights. Call your friends, get scared together and go through an anime horror together. Good luck!

How to install Vegeta God Of Saiyan APK at

This is new version of super shadow game by having the main character is vegeta prince of saiyan from the most famous manga. inspires from anime z ball.

>> Game Story <<
Vegeta born in saiyan planet. He is the eldest son of King. after his planet was destroyed. He move to lived on earth and protecting the earth from intruders. And one day he must go into a new battle with the warriors from outer space named shadow. by target is wants to race condition z ball. It depends on you. !!!!

>> Control Guide <<
Press Right - attacks enemies.
Hold Left - guard and block attack.
Hold Right - charge power to use special skill & transform to super saiyan.
Press Left & Right - fire energy bullet.
Hold Left & Right 1sec and release - use ultimate skill.
Double Press on enemy - blink attack.

>> Special Skills <<
Ki Blast - The basic form of energy wave.
Super Saiyan - unleash hidden power.
Final Flash - This is Vegeta's signature skill. charge power in both of his hands and release devastating stream of energy.
Big Bang Attack - discharges a full power medium-sized ball, this causes a violent explosion.
Blink Strike - Move to target with high speed and strike

>> Game Tips <<
Fight enemy collect energy to transform & use special skill.
Beat enemies for upgrade strength & unlock new transform mode.
You can use Z ball for buy boost buff & some equipment.
When you beat boss you can fight stronger boss again in battle quest mode.
You can get a special reward from win daily battle & Tournament.

>> Game Mode <<
[Story Mode] : Adventure and battle with warriors famous character by based story on the anime & manga until the Super sector.
[Infinity Mode] : Adventure again with more and more challenges. in this mode you will find a stronger enemy and the limited amount of time to pass and win a stage. In addition, you can unlock various achievements and receive special rewards In this mode.

>> More Features <<
- Boss In this sector you will find the legendary warriors shadow. he can transform into SSJ God Blue.
- Daily Reward Frequent player. rewards accumulated more and more every day.
- More than 100 wave / 40 boss.
- More than 60+ Fighter famous from z ball fighter.
- Tournament You can race to test the ability in this mode. Tournament will open every two day.
- Real Skill Effect. by based on the anime.
- Because life is fighting. you can so duel every day in daily battle mode!!

>> Read Me <<
This game is develop by manga fanclub. built for entertainment purposes only. If, like us, please review or provide feedback. Hopefully this game will make you happy and have fun playing the game.

!!! And please be careful imitate app of an adversary that could harm your device. !!!

How to install Jungle Adventures – Free APK at

Jungle Adventures – free is a challenging and adventurous game.
Follow the story of our young heroes in “Jungle Adventures” to collect fruits in a side scrolling platform game. This game brings back some old memories of arcade games with numerous adventures. Collect all the fruits in this amazing jungle adventure game. Open the final gate by exploring the map and finding the key.
Enjoy exploring the beauty of natural jungle environment in this jungle game.
Run and jump through the jungle, avoid obstacles and hurdles, and collect fruits to complete the levels. Get high scores by crossing hurdles. Be a part of this unique jungle adventure game. "Jungle adventures" will give you the classic feel of a side scrolling game.
Features :
+ Classic arcade game play
+ Simple and beautiful graphics
+ Easy controls
+ Ability to make multiple jumps
+ Multiple stages and levels
+ Everyone can play

If you really love arcade type jungle run games, this game is perfect choice for you and your kids.

Download "Jungle Adventures" for free.
The publisher has license for commercial use of all the images used in this app. For more details contact the publisher.

How to download Aurora: Quarantine Demo APK at

An unconventional game, that tests the skill and cleverness of a player, while merging the balance ball genre with an adventure game and an intriguing detective story, taking place in a realistic environment.
Challenge yourselves while avoiding a variety of realistic traps, searching for secrets, earning a high score and upgrading your robotic ball. Can you overcome all challenges and complete your mission while saving the city?

The year is 2098. For a long time, humans have been polluting Earth ,destroying air, water, soil, even one each other. In order to stop it, one day, authorities introduced new ecological cities. But the new homes were available only for wealthy families. Eventually, a gap between the rich and poor was enormous. Cities were guarded by a security institution The S.I.G.H.T.. They built walls around them and applied strict rules inside.

One of the new towns, Silverpolis, has become the target of a rebel group called The Association. Their members have infiltrated into Aaronsohn Laboratory, stole the toxic substance and modified it into a weapon of mass destruction. They placed it inside the city to wipe out all inhabitants. When the bomb exploded, in a few minutes every citizen was dead. The aftermath of the disaster was larger than anyone had anticipated. The toxic nanoparticles have remained in Silverpolis and kill every life form entering the city.

In an attempt to save Silverpolis, the S.I.G.H.T. developed robots to explore the city and enter places that humans cannot. Your mission is to find a substance that will neutralize the toxic environment and bring the city back to life. You will find the substance where the toxic nanoparticles have been developed, in Aaronsohn Lab. The only way to get in, is through the old solar power plant. You'll find supplies on your way, but the city is now in lockdown, all the security measures have been automatically launched and will hinder your progress.

The demo version contains 3 levels

1. GamePad Support
2. Adaptive Joystick
3. Accelerometer
4. Sliding

How to install Temple Rush Games APK at

Temple adventure ruin running is a best game for all endless run lovers! It is an action, exciting and fun running game, Download this Temple running 3D game free today and help our explorer escape the dangerous temple of dhoom ruins. Perform in nice and 3D Challenge environment and collect more and more coins. Avoid from hurdles in the run path. In this temple ruinz game you must need to avoid hurdles collect more coins by Jump, Slide, Sidestep. Dodge explosive bombs, steep ridge, crates and turn corners to keep running endlessly!

Our explorer Jake needs your help! Let us download this this temple runnerz game and start to play this game you will have an run trips. Some time you can surf in the ground, jump and acrobatic and more action. Dodge the booby-traps and some obstacles you will get success. This game will check how your agility is. Dash and rush the screen as fast as you can or you will be defeat.

ADDICTIVE MEGA HIT temple ruinz is the best upcoming game of 2018.. This temple rush games is one of the best runner 3D games available on Play store.
Compete with HD subway running games are more popular games due to lots of thrill and excitement in the game play.

- Play best temple ruinz game MUST DOWNLOAD! to path and avoid obstacles
- Run as much as Possible and collect coins
- Collect Coins, Touch the jump button to surf, and left right to slide across the ancient ruins
- Fun and Addictive game play!!

Enjoy this awesome, beautiful and adventure running game. This is Free for all enjoy the endless running 3 D game.

This furious running game gives you many hours of nonstop gaming fun. Enjoy endless hours of fun and recommend to your friends to join in the excitement!!

Thanks a lot!

How to install Xena APK at

Xena and her friends meet some villains that get in turned the people into some zombie. The adventure of warrior princess vs zombie game that reaches all the way up to the heavens as they fight in the world of Athena featuring Xena, Gabriele, Joxer, Ares and the return of Callisto in this Xena: 3D action RPG adventure games of the warrior princess.

How to install Supernaut APK at

The ultimate saviour of the earth is the supernaut. It saves the earth from blazing asteroids approaching slow and faster in huge numbers. Play this game for the best adventure .
collect flowers to gain bonus points and the astro suit for an extra life.
GO and save the earth.

How to install Quickie Quests APK at

On the go with a few minutes to spare? Then come conquer a dungeon or two as you progress through Quickie Quests 500+ levels of baddies and bosses. Have a little more time than that? Then come join the boss hunt and go toe-to-toe with other players in a boss killing, loot collecting extravaganza!

The nonstop dungeon crawls and boss brawls of Quickie Quests await!

- Slay monsters and dungeon bosses to earn loot and gold
- Unlock powerful, new abilities and upgrade your hero’s gear
- Collect cute pets and menacing minions to fight by your side
- Compete with friends and see who can pass the highest dungeon
- Top the player rankings to get even more sweet loot and rewards

Please Note
Quickie Quests is completely free to download and play, however some in-game items may be available for purchasing using real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Terms of Service
By accessing or using a Wonder Game product, you're agreeing to our Terms of Service (terms of service link).

Contact us:
Email:[email protected]

More news:
Official website:

How to install scary super baldi in pyramid world escape game APK at

Baldi adventure in pyramid is a character captured from a game baldi's basics... in this game baldi throws the evil stickman to the arrow and eliminate it

playing With Baldys Basix are one of the best fun and archery games for Basix baldis fans.

It's time for play on your phone! If you like archery adventures games, then you will love this edition. A very relaxing adventure game with the most character Baldis basiks .

Drag the baldis arrows to the right place in order to hit the objectif. If you first try archer game, choose easy baldi basi education level for easier hitting the target. The more you advance, select level to medium or hard to more level experience! , highscore list, and Hints to help you accomplish difficult challenges. if you like baldys basics and his friends this game is perfect for you, baldys objectif is to aim to the enemy

- Great User Interface
- kill time and addi
- use arrows physics
- aim with baldi and shoot th enemy
- Show Hint

NOTE: All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. The content in this app is not affiliated withbaldis basics, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company.This app is mainly for entertainment and for all fans baldys basic. Please email us if a content needs to be removed.

How to install Tamed : Forest Survival APK at

You wake up helpless . . alone . . . . a Bear growls loudly in the distance. He sounds hungry. Get up . . .keep moving . . find a weapon. Gather some wood to build your shelter. Hurry! Hurry! Its only a matter of time before they sense your helplessness.

A massive meteor has destroyed the world you once knew. All that remains is a wide open, partially destroyed forest landscape. This girls is fired up and ready to accept any challenge she might face. Your goal is to explore this massive Forest island full of wild Forest animals that need to be tamed. You must gather mushrooms, find crafting resources, build magic, and special weapons. As you begin to feel hungry and thirsty, you will need to perfect your hunting skills. When the time comes, you will need to find your mate. Your will tame wild animals such as a Wild Boar, Giant Bear, or even a Giant flying Dragon! You will start by taming the small animals first.

These animals have become highly evolved. Good luck!

Tamed is a series of games we created at Wild Foot. We would really like to hear from you. Come and stop by our Facebook page: for updates. Be sure and check out our other 3D animal simulators. We understand that the game is by no means perfect and we welcome your constructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Good luck!

How to download Cats of the Arctic APK at

★★★★ Cats of the Arctic ★★★★

Beware of the Dragons! Be part of the story of this young cat as he discovers his own path across this vast arctic territory. How will the story end? That's up to you. Make it to the end and see. Dragon, Monsters, Henchmen, and much much more. You will not be disappointed. You have not seen a cat simulator like this.

The story begins with a young cat. Play with some family members, find some food, drink some water, mark some territory, and avoid the enemies. This is the wild land of Dragons, Ice Elementals, magic and adventure. Your Cat will build her skill by completing various quests. Along the way, you will develop your hunting skills. You will need to drink water quite frequently. Be sure to hunt and eat when your hunger level gets low.

We are excited to finally bring an 3D Arctic Adventure game that many of your have been asking for. It is a long form game, with customizable family members, cub training, and magical elements. Collect Gems and Treasure Chests. This game is the second game in our arctic series.

Animal Enemies

➤ Enemies include Dragons, Wolves, Puma, Bears, Giant Spiders, Scorpions, T-rex Dinosaurs, Eagles, and many more.

Epic Cut Scenes

➤ Thrilling movie quality cut scenes so you really feel part of the story.


➤ The app allows you to customize you Cat Color, Markings, and even Call Sound.

Craft Magic

➤ Find the Wizards and Nymphs, Collect the Magic Books, Potions, and Magic Items to Craft your magic spells

Family Members
➤ Locate your family members and use them to team up against your enemies.

Treasure Elements
➤ Collect the keys, the gather the treasure chests, and gems to unlock new app features.

Epic Final Battle

➤ The final battle is difficult to win. You will need to use your magic and clan to win the battle.

Epic Quest is a series of games we created at Wild Foot. We've taken all your suggestions and tried to combine them into this game. 3D animal simulation at its best.

We would really love to hear from all the Wildfoot fans. Be sure and stop by our Facebook page: for updates. 
 We welcome your constructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Our focus is making creative games with animals and magic. Animal simulators with something special added. Good luck and have a Wildfoot day!

How to install Water Park 2 : Water Stunt Adventure & Rides APK at

Water Park 2 : Water Stunt Adventure & Rides is the second version of the best waterpark game.
This game you will play as a 3rd person player and you will fell the rides thrill and special effects.

There are many rides available like pendulum, cobra ride, wavepool, Disco Water Dance and many more.

In the water ride you will feel like you are actually in the water and will fill water all around you.

How to download Super Crash Adventure - Wrapped APK at

Description - Super Crash Adventure - Wrapped
Crash has come a long way, from mascot hopeful to the hardcore platform fan's hero. His latest game may be largely more of the same that much is true.

Gameplay - Super Crash Adventure - Wrapped

Warped is a drop-dead gorgeous game. The textures are impeccable, the animation's top-notch, and the special effects kick some serious booty. It sounds great too (thank heavens for more musical diversity, although I had nothing against Mark Mothersbaugh's score for part two). Play-wise it's the best action-platformer I've played since, well, the last Crash.

On the issue of difficulty, Warped does come up one the easy side. It can be beaten by most experienced players in an afternoon. But it'll take days of play to truly complete the game, finding all of the items, and out-doing each stage's best time. Simple as it may seem, the time trial mode really does a lot to increase the game's longevity.

So what if the game may not offer the most innovation I've ever seen from a sequel? It still brings enough freshness (in the form of its semi free-roaming portions and new play mechanics) and refinement to the table to suit my tastes just fine. Not only that, it's an incredibly fun game.

Feature - Super Crash Adventure - Wrapped

Warped is very much like Crash Adventure previous two efforts at its core. Crash still runs, jumps, and spins his way though vertically and horizontally-scrolling 3D environments, classic platforming game style. But it also has its share of improvements. Among these are a wider variety of locales (eight in all, from ancient Egypt to the future), a second playable character, and the closest thing to free-roaming environments we're likely to see in a Crash title; a biplane dogfight and Jetski-style ocean outing are just two. All-in-all, there are more than 35 stages.

There's also a time trial mode where you can compete against your buddies to see who can get through levels faster, plus unlock a secret warp room is you beat the top time in each. Crash Adventure has also taken strides to ensure that Dual Shock feedback and analog control are both supported in this sequel. You've no doubt played one of Crash's first two adventures, but how does his third stack up? Here's the verdict straight from our resident experts.

How to download BitLife Life Simulator APK at

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die?

It's all up to you...

How to install World of Hunting APK at

As the new hunting season is ready to begin, all participants are handed a Sniper Rifle to help them in their quest for the BIG TROPHY. A prize not held by many, but those who own it are rewarded with big cash, gain the hunter’s community respect along with honors and fame. So who will be the next hunter to hold this prestigious award? Prove your shooting skills in this new 3d unity World Of Hunting game and start hunting the biggest and most dangerous animals on the planet for FREE. Do you have what it takes to become the best hunter?

Track down over 20 different animals, including grizzly bears, mountain lions, white-tailed deer and many more! " World of Hunting " features four hunting grounds with game specific to each area.
- Forrest Hunting Area
- Savanna Hunting Area
- Mountain Hunting Area
- Farm Hunting Area

Each of these areas have an elusive trophy, for example in the Forest Hunting Area this rare animal is the stag.

Other animals that are found in the Forrest Area are the following: whitetail deer, rabbits, wolves, bears and wild boar.

In the Savanna Area you will find animals like: lions and lionesses, rhinos, elephants, zebras, crocodiles and hippos. Shoot for the trophy and Immerse yourself in diverse environments.

The Farm Area features the following animals : chicken, cows, pigs and rabbits, white and black goats.

In the Mountain Area you will hunt down animals like: the black bear for the trophy, whitetail deer and stags, wild boars, wolves, foxes and rabbits.

You can practice your shooting skills by aiming at rabbits along the way.The goal of each level is to hunt down a set number of animals. Shooting more game will enable you to stay more in that specific hunting zone.

Completing each area flawless will give you 3 stars. For each trophy you shoot down you will get the chance to unlock a new and improved sniper gun that will shoot and reload faster.

Prove your skills in this intense hunting 3d unity game and take your hunting prowess to the next level !

★ ★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★ ★
- Tap & Hold your finger to navigate through the game.
- Get to the hunting area using the map from the game.
- Set the quality of the game from high to low depending on the performance of your mobile device.
- Hunt down all the trophy animals to unlock new guns.

★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★
- Hunt over 20 different animals, including grizzly bears, savannah lions, white-tailed deer and stags! The animals are life-like and native to each environment.
- Great sound effects
- Beautiful 3D landscapes with nice graphics and realistic animal animations.
- Collect Trophies

- The ability to purchase optional content using real money. You can disable in-app purchases in the settings menu of your device.
- Promotional material for "Vitality Games" products and trusted business partners.
- Links to external social networking sites intended for users over the age of 13
- Direct links to the internet which may open the default web browser on your device.

How to download Pigeon Wing APK at

A beautiful free-flying dream awaits you with Pigeon Wings. It's just flying fast.
it's just flying fast. Maybe make curls and bounce a spring.
Head to a beautiful song and collect points!

Pigeon Wings is a heavy and physical arcade adventure game by creators. Guide your little flying king pigeons through a beautiful craft world filled with things to fly over or bounce.

As you continue to play the game, your old red pigeon paths will illuminate the world and help you find your way - creating a unique setting for each player.

"It's like an amazing dream where pink pigeon, transformed into a flying robot, is trapped in heaths filled with strange monsters and laser-cats."

Pigeon Wings! Access your powerful and fun through campaigns getting massive scores.

How to install The Animated Mod for MCPE APK at

The Animated Mod adds a bunch of new animations to make the player's movements more realistic. Improved the animation of jumping, swimming, as well as you will fly!
You jumping time your knees are slightly bent, just happens when you hold a gun.
When you become "squatting" the animation becomes several times more realistic, because the entire body curves. Long worked on the animation of climbing the stairs, but still it turned out.
When you fly in creative mode, you will have a fun flight animation!
This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

How to install Toy Soldier Mod for MCPE APK at

This is an addon which lets you build four separate armies of toy soldiers who will then fight each other in an epic battle. You can give them different roles on the battlefield by upgrading them to other classes. That makes it a game of great strategy, and especially so if you choose to use this addon in multiplayer.

The toy soldiers are small, two-legged creatures which exist as four different teams. All teams are hostile toward other teams. If you play this in multiplayer it’s ideal to assign one team per player. Players can hold a certain item to tempt (also known as forcing them to follow) him.

Red (cows) (attracted by apples)
Green (pigs) (attracted by emeralds)
Yellow (creepers) (attracted by gold ingots)
Blue (mooshrooms) (attracted by diamonds)
You can keep the teams separated by a wall (or similar) to ensure peace between the two teams.

You can upgrade a toy soldier to another class by giving it sugar or an arrow. The classes are explained down below.

Health: 10 hearts
Normal speed
Attack damage: 1.5
Assassin (give a toy soldier sugar)
Health: 7.5 hearts
Fast speed
Attack damage: 1
Spearman (give a toy soldier an arrow)
Health: 5 hearts
Throws arrows
Slow speed
Mage (give a blaze rod)
Shoots small fireballs
Credits to Jamkabob for the idea
Healer (give a bone)
Shoots regenerating health arrows at teammates
Afraid of enemy teams, runs away, can’t attack

You can watch the two teams fight it out in an epic battle by simply breaking the wall which once divided them. As soon as that’s done they will quickly start the battle and fight until it’s just one team last standing.

This addon is best suited for two players since it will allow each player to build an army and then have the two armies fight it out in a battle.

Toy Horses
Sheep have been replaced by toy horses which toy soldiers can use as mount. They will only mount them if there’s an enemy team anywhere near and it gives the toy soldier more speed while attacking. Toy horses are attracted by wheat.

Other Features
You can use spawners to spawn the toys. The yellow team has to be spawned in a dark place since it replaces the creeper.
This is the first version and as a result there are quite a few things which are still in the planning stage. But you can definitely expect some cool updates to come soon.

This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

How to install Jump Portal Mod for MCPE APK at

Mod Jump Portal adds to MCPE a bunch of different interesting features .
In order to place a portal, a tree or a stone is used. Place two portals to get through quickly from one point to another. Jump Portal can be used to quickly move a block to another location. There are 4 types of such weapons:
Portal Gun [Portal Gun] (id 3651) (1000 times of use) - 4 ingots of iron + 1 diamond
Golden Portal Gun [Portal Gun Gold] (id 3652) (500 times use) - 4 iron bars + 1 diamond
Iron portal gun [Portal Gun Iron] (id 3653) (250 times of use) - 8 ingots of iron
Portal Lava Cannon [Portal Gun Lava] (id 3654) (200 times of use) - 4 iron bars + 1 Flint & steel With the help of GravityGun you can attract mobs to yourself, thereby rearranging them to any other point you choose! You can also shoot them. It's incredibly fun!
Gravity Gun [id. 3656) - 4 redstones + 4 iron bars Turrets:
The so-called "Tureli" act as guards, which protect against external invasion (even from you). To control it, click on it, and then select its opponents.
Turret [Turret] (id 3658)
Radio [Portal Radio] (id 3661) - 5 iron bars + 1 redstone Trampoline:
After you place this block on any surface and stand on it, you will be thrown high up .. Gel units:
In total there are two types of this block, which cause two different effects: blue and orange.
Repulsion Gel Block (id 230) (blue block)
The Propulsion Gel Block (id 231) (orange block) Aidi items and blocks
Portal Informations (id - 3650) - 1 oak wood
Portal (id - 3651) - 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond
Portal Gold (id - 3652) - 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond
Portal Iron (id - 3653) - 8 iron bars
Portal Lava (id - 3654) - 4 iron bars + 1 flint
Portal Wood & Stone (id - 3655) - 6 carved stone bricks + 2 oak woods
Gravity Gun (id - 3656) - 4 redstone dust + 4 iron ingots
Long Fall Boot (id - 3659) - 2 iron ingots + 2 duststone dust
Long Fall Boots (id - 3660) (if you drop, you will not get damage) - 2 long fall boot
Turrets Options (id - 3657)
Turret (id - 3658)
This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

How to install Black fire Dragon Mod for MCPE APK at

Black fire Dragon Mod was added to MCPE 0.17.0 and is currently the main boss. This mod allows you to saddle the drakon and fly it right in the MCPE! First you will need to find the drakon itself. You can find it in the dimension Edge. But it can also be created using the command in the chat / summon dragon ~ ~ ~
To control the drakon, you will need two items. Remember that this mod is still in the early stages of development.
Diamond Sword: You can use a diamond sword to control the direction of movement of your dragon.
Diamond: A diamond can be used to increase speed. Although the drakon and so fast, but perhaps you will be useful.

This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

How to install Vampirina : Hide and Shriek World Adventure APK at

Do you love vampirina jungle adventure doll in Transylvania the Hotel and her little mona the vampire family, and you want to play with little vampiri in magic goblins halloween ghosts ? This is perfect Bunicula adventure for you.

Vampirina Games Hauntley broom is a super Jump and run adventure and legendary side scrolling platformer.the Super Buffy the Vampires Slayer Bat has to pass lots of evil crocs and enemies, Gravedale High, Rosario Vampire, Hellsing and also go through noir castles and Diabolik Lovers aka Tsukuyomi .

You will enjoy every broom while playing this hedgehog game. Bring your childhood memories from the platform games with Oxana vàmpirina Subway Runner, It is a free running and jumping and swimming game.
Vampirin bridget tells the story of Vampire girl moved from hotel of Transylvania to Pennsylvania Ghost for meet Bunicula.

In this brilliant diversion Vampire Knight moved group of scream girls, father and Little Dracula creature! Little vamperina nosferatu, she gets a kick out of the chance to make experience and have a ton of fun! To start to make companions.

this stunning toon vampirin needs your assistance to gather the Vampire Knight coins, so you can play this amusement, you need to climb wolfie, dashing and maintain a strategic distance from all Obstacles, it's truly an astounding diversion, it's an pumpkin entertaining amusement for children and everyone.vanperina Boris is a diversion with the undertakings of running, You should help the legend young lady vampirina games free to gather coins and beat different snags in the wilderness.

Vampiri halloween is a pumpkin adventures and arcade, game ballerina spatial or structural or dimensional swg of nosferatu vimpirina. swg is also one or two of the stars of the galaxy's most legendary heroes of the galaxy and ballerinas legendary in vampirina hide and shriek game.
Adventure halloween vàmpirina the origin is to destroy the common of Monster High on the screen.It is swg help galaxy battle widen the ballerina of the vampirina hide and shreek games.

we provide the best run and skulls escape game for kids ever! Download vampirina hide and seek and enjoy scary escape games finest, beautifully made by dedicated Cartoon lovers and design Professionals to offer you scary yet enjoyable fun for free experience inside of Buffy the vampires Slayer nights world this is your chance to manifest your love for vämpirina wolfie to show her ability to escape fear and face big challenges.
The Vampire babe girl Vee got Lost in the Nightwalker terrors of a dark scary world, your mission is to Help her finding home! discover her story of escaping monsters and spooky Halloween Villains,all the way through creepy ghosts and haunted houses, chilling graveyards and tombs. Let the mona Vampire blood of little Vee Lead your way home, Escape night terrors, true fear and Live the Vampire adventure.
This time you have a chance to play Bunicula with little doll poppy peepleson and her family and scream girls friends vampire in this halloween creepy ghosts and skulls adventure, quite same way of playing but new challenges, new magic graphics, new dark spooky worlds and lot of goblins ghosts and hedgehog vampires.
Start your experience with vampiri in this doll game charmers with different world 3D halloween Tsukuyomi graphics.

How to play :
+for moving the vamperina character click on right or left on the control pad!
+click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to get to a bonus level!
+press B-button to make vanperina games jumping!
+press A-button AND right or left for running; press A and B together for a higher and wider jump!
+after eating an apple you become Super Bunicula vimpirina
+after eating a golden flower you become Super vamparina games and will be able to shoot balls - press B-Button for shooting
+vapmirina swimming: press A-Button multiple times to swim higher

Enjoy this brand new super vampirina jungle adventure platformer addictive dash game!

How to install Ultimate Shinobi: Last Storm War APK at

A new story has just began of the Ultimate Shinobi: Last Storm War in the kizuna drive fight of shinobi strike, the main character is rasengan that has all the power of the sharingan legends akatsuki that were in the last battle of ultimate ninja heroes discovering the new chakra to fight the konoha defenders boss of akatsuki battle.

Play Mode:
In the first mission of Ultimate Shinobi: Last Storm War you have to fight all the enemies that you face one by one to obtain the shipuden ninja heroes that has the power to beat any enemy you face over all the ninjutsu training.
Narutimate ninja ultimate impact the chakra revolution makes sasuke and kakashi very challenging to play the most wanted one sharingan & rasengan battle while discovering the tower of konoha heroes to fight the legends rising with the hero madara & itachi last war.

How to play:
- Fight over and over with touch pad when facing enemies of narutimate ninja battle
- Press L or R to switch between the fighting strike characters
- Beat all over the legends akatsuki to gain more rasengan power of the narutimate drive fight
- Collect all the chakra and even the sharingan that have passed into any mission you face during your battle

- Easy control while playing Ultimate Shinobi: Last Storm War
- Many challenges each levels
- Many characters to collect and upgrade.
- Easy to play and control like console video games
- Change main character to fight, unlock storm impact levels
- Use many skills to beat boss, attack and beat them all with one hit

How to install Dragon Warriors Ultimate Battle Saiyan Fight Z APK at

Are you a fan of gokuu character and saiyan story ?
You have folowing all adventure of dragon gokuu and his friends?
You will play the role of Goku.and fight with many enemies and transform into Super Saiiyan.
So you have to play this very interesting game : Dragon Warriors Z Battle Saiyan fight
Do you like anime db fighting games and fighterz .. well, this game is for you , in this fanmade game play as the LEGENDARY SAIYAN fighter against enemies. In this game you fight all resurrected old enemies and There are transformation of dragon heroes fighter you can go super gokuu...
Battle of saiyan ultimate in gokuu warriors supersonic & gokuu fusion xenover power. The games pits two characters of the Gokuu warriors each other in large environments, where they mostly fight in the air. The player can use strong and weak variations of close combat attacks, and charge their ki to fire strong and weak energy blasts. The game is a fighting game in a tournament of power.
In your way, you collect coins after defeating enemies , and when you collect enough coins you can get new skills and powers like:
light speed, super kaiokenx10 kameha, spirit bomb, big bang attack, and ki ball release and more powers ...

---> STORY <--- :
Gokuu and his friends must figth a new battle agianst enemies in Namek.
You will become one of your favorite characters:gohaan
Your task is to conquer the galaxy by destroy all the enemies in your adventure such as fize, mabu, xenbohung. Dragon Gokuu Shooter puts you at the forefront of a battle against scary enemies. You will take control of your character - Gokuu, and get some extra power when you turn into a giant monkey . Don't forget the chance to sommon Magic Dragon, which helps you destroy all your enemies in a easy way. Your Gokuu will get the higher power and become a super saiiyan whenever you destroy an enemy. To accomplish this task, you must have the courage and wisdom of a saiyan fighter.

---> GAMEPLAY <---:

This is new figthing games, primarily inspired from dragon fighter fan. Players each select characters from dragon fighter to battle and unlock new characters.
One character is controlled, and can be switched other characters at any time.
Players can also upgrade power and equip equipments to stronger more.
There are more than 60 playable characters and different skill 100 skills include signature skill in some fighter.

---> HOW TO PLAY <--- :

L - Press to Left attacks.
R - Press to Right attacks.
Collect power ball to Range attack.
Use Special Skill to kill enemies.
Collect senzu beans to restore hit point.

---> FEATURES <--- :

- Popular character from anime z

- Amazing Lighting and Special Effects

- 100+ different enemies wave.

- Rich sound and music, with HD graphics

- Precision controls

- Many Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations

- charge power for transform into supersaiyan.

- Different enemy types

- Game is free

This game is made for entertainment purposes only . Please enjoy play game.
If you like Dragon Warriors Z Battle Saiyan Fight, please rate us 5 stars.

How to download Zombie Crisis: Survival APK at

'Zombie Crisis: Survival' is a survival sandbox game. The only objective of player is to survive. The world is facing environmental crisis and zombie infection. You have to destroy zombies and keep discovering in the severe environment to become a winner, and to find out what really is behind the event.

In 'Zombie Crisis: Survival' Single Player mode, you will need to adventure the doomsday alone, to save your family. As the adventure goes further, you will find out the reason that the world is destroyed. You will fight the environment and Zombies every day. Try to live longer, kill Zombies that threats you, save your family, and figure out the reason for the doomsday are your objectives. Meanwhile you will make decisions, that challenges your human nature. All results could be out of your thought, but causes by your choice.

How to install Raiden 2020 APK at

The earth suddenly encounters the attack of the unidentified outer planet,
at this time, only your aircraft "Raiden" can effectively turn the tide.
Because you have torpedoes, rockets and missiles that can effectively destroy enemy planes,warships, and meteorites in space.
Their firepower does not pose a fatal threat to your super protective armor. So you choose to attack alone.
Surprise the enemy. It is not impossible to drive your fighter plane flexibly and accomplish this miraculous task.
This Raiden 2018 has a very powerful game scene, so that you can appreciate the classic charm in the enemy's gunfire.

How to download Forest Survival Hunting APK at

Your mission is to find out the dark secret that hides in the dark forest. The witch master in different types of magic! Whatever you do! don't look back! unless you have the red vision.

Forest Monster Hunting is a game about a master witch hunter. He requested by the villagers to visit village. The villager told him about the people and a dog disappear in the forest. Also about some strange activity and the monsters seen in the forest. As a witch hunter you took the task of eliminating all evil that settled in the woods near the village. To achieve your goals, you'll be able to use weapons, magic, and other tools that can be found and bought. Hunting requires patience and perseverance. If it's not your strongest qualities you may find this game to be very frustrating. To weekend the witch first you need to hunt the Mama Spider, Death Tree and The Demon. Good luck! and let the hunt begin.

Forest Monster Hunting features:
• Creepy and frighting horror experience
• Variety of creatures
• Addictive, Suspenseful, creepy atmosphere
• Real horror and scary sound effects
• Feel the terror in your bones while playing
• High-quality 3D animation of evil spirits

Start hunting for FREE! and become the brave witch hunter!

How to install Cowboy Train racing adventure APK at

Are you ready for the racing adventure with cowboy train? Come and join the fastest racing in Europe and be the furious train driver. Enjoy the epic train simulator and explore the multiple railway tracks and stations. Carry passengers from one station and drop them to the other station. Have worldwide trains, control steam train and then stop at each railway station and have fun.

The endless racing with cowboy train and have an epic racing adventure for free. Drive your train through beautiful tracks and enjoy the beautiful environments. It is highly addictive and amazing racing mania. Join the racing with cowboy train.

The highly addictive graphics with realistic train tracks and beautiful environment. The effective sound effects and the animations will bring the realistic train running fun for you.

- Easy to control with awesome engine
- Epic opportunity to become the furious driver
- Multiple train tracks
- Awesome trains with addictive environment
- Stunning graphics with realistic sound effects
- Play online and offline
- Awesome rewards to unlock other trains

Download for free and be the part of the Cowboy Train racing adventure

How to install Flying Hattori APK at

Flying Hattori is a run and fly game with features like

- Run and Fly like the cool hattodi cartoon
- Dodge different animals and obstacles
- Storm the ljungle with crazy run speed
- Equip with different powerups and score big
- Complete daring missions to boost your rank
- Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controls

Controls: Tap and hold to fly

How to download BORUTIMATE: Shinobi Strikers APK at

Borutimate: Shinobi Strikers is adventure game set in the konoha village. Players will be able to fight with their favorite characters and discover a new gameplay style set in thrilling 3D environments with a graphic style completely different from the Ninja Storm series. Up to 2 pvp players can engage to become the greatest ninja.

In order attain victory, a team of players must combine the right way of ninja blazing skills as they will be able to select characters with RPG-like attributes – Attack Type, Striker Type, Knight Type, and Heal Type. Players can change tactics and strategy by changing the combination of styles on their shinobi team. Each character must carry out their legacy in order to guide their team to become the ultimate ninja.

Fight blazing superhero of shinobi and complete missions using the all-new striker martial arts battle system: an action fighting system that unleashes storm 4 combination attacks with your allies. Master narutimeta skills, discover new ninjutsu, genjutsu, or kung fu and become the next Hokage in the first-ever voltage Ultimate Ninja fighting games!

Fight Ninja blazing from Around the World in Borutomate Action Multiplayer Games!
• Battle against accel hero in multiplayer mode revolution.
• Join together and take on storm 4 missions with up to 3 other shinobi strike.
• Clash this extreme 3D action games offline or online.
• Huge konoha nsuns4 heroes generation: Bolt uzumaki, Uchiha, Sarada, Sasuke, Mitsuki, Kawaki, Iwabee, Hokage, Sakura, Metal Lee, Kakashi, Shippuden, Orochimaru, Hyuga Himawari, etc.
• Download this 3D android fighting games for FREE!

How to install Survival Craft: Exploration APK at

Survival Craft: Exploration is a new excellent sandbox in style to break and build. You appeared in the novel world, new to you, in which there is no end. Investigate all places of this world, create to yourself the weapon and armor, construct own shelter to escape from furious predators and the zombie who live in mines and get out on I pull down on arrival of night.

Create own farms, graze chickens, sheep, rams and cows. Collect eggs, milk and meat to feed themselves. Sit down a crop, but be vigilant - forest predators are ready to attack at any time your cattle!

In game there are 3 worlds:

1. Lock of black force: create the unique weapon and armor, investigate the fortress of the angriest king of Survival Craft and destroy it! It will be difficult to make it, the lock very big!

2. European town: become the resident of the old thrown town in depths of Europe. Build own house, develop farmer activity. Feed the cows, they will milk to you! Fence the chickens with a fence that they didn't run away. Get a dog that she protected your cattle from wild predators! But be careful, the village is controlled by ancient wars.

3. A lodge on a tree: find in the wild woods of the Jungle a lodge on a tree! The house is huge and thrown. You can burn it, or lodge in it. Build own room and a reliable door that predators couldn't make the way in your possession. Spend some nights on a tree to safety!

Features of game:
- The cattle is added: chickens, cows, horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, mouse, insects!
- Zombies, forest predators, spiders, snakes and crocodiles are added.
- The free world is generated in real time.
- 3 unique subject locations: The European city, the Dark lock and the Lodge on a tree.
- Weather conditions: rain, snow, cataclysms, change of day and night.
- The thrown mines, caves, huts and even the ships.
- It is a lot of types of the unique weapon, armor in medieval style.
- Mode survival and creative
- And there is a lot of all!

How to install Scary Shark Evolution 3D APK at

Are you ready to face the Scary Shark? Brace yourselves...because the beast is back!

Just as monstrous as before, sharks are back to chew through your sense of safety! Attack unexpecting campers and beach-goers! Play as this astounding yet terrifying aquatic mammal.

Navigate its home and ocean environment full of multiple sea creatures and prey. Say hello to fish and stingrays, dolphins, and whales. But beware of bounty hunters and snipers. Defend your home and fulfill your voracious appetite! In this game, it’s HUNT or be HUNTED!

Use your keen sense of smell to find and chase the innocent human enjoying the water on a sunny, calm day. Attack boats, surfers, and jet skiis with your massive jaws and tear them to shreds! Don’t let them escape, or they will bring friends and lifeguards to hunt you! Swim and creep under boardwalks, docks, and different water environments.

The deadliest games of 2017 awaits you.

Scary Shark Evolution 3D Features:
• Realistic Beach environments to explore
• Multiple Missions packed with Hunting Thrill
• Multiple Texture of Scary Shark to Choose from
• Smooth, Easy & Addictive gameplay
• Real water physics, cool Shark movements and animations
• Beautifully crafted 3D graphics and realistic water environments: including beaches, docks and the open sea
• Amazing joystick simulator controls to make the Shark swim and attack
• Exciting Sharks missions for you to create chaos
• Super Awesome Visuals and sound Effects

Install and enjoy as a fearless Scary Shark Evolution Adventures!

How to download FBI Investigation Mystery Crime Case APK at

FBI Investigation Crime Scene is one of the best and challenging crime case investigation game. Be FBI Agent and prove your detective skill and investigate hard. 

You are FBI agent, Your FBI job to investigate the mystery murder case in the city.You have to find clue and arrest criminal.

Join a world-class Police Team and travel the globe to solve a mystery murder cases in this challenging hidden object, adventure game.Investigate crime scenes to find evidence, analyze clues & help to find the criminal!

All levels are very difficult to solve. You have to think like a criminal and like forensic investigator officer.Investigate all new crime case scene, there are big mystery crime in the city. 

Features of FBI Investigation game:

- There are so many different cases.
- Zoom in and zoom out scene to help find the hidden clues.
- Free hints help to find the objects.
- HD stunning graphics.
- Two FBI agents.
- Adventure Game

Feel the thrill of changing situations & putting murderers behind bars! 
Are you ready to prove your detective skills?

How to download Sponge Mr Bob Game APK at

This Game is one of the most addictive and entertaining Adventure Game, it’s a free game.
spongbob games free Describe The Pursuit Of Mr. Bob Where the level is more exciting, the enemy is Patrick and sandy, and other sweet characters.
sponge game adventure has 4 different levels Sandy, sunny, and snowy all of those level on square-pants mode, Spongbob collect the gold and coins as possible as he can, Avoid all the obstacles in order to unlock new characters like Patrick and sandy and also new high levels.
Sponge ’s bob adventure is one of the best jumping games dash spongbob game,
so join the most exciting dash free running game.
you get progressively more difficult to keep you engrossed in your mobile screen,
you have to save sponge from being attacked by special enemies in the process like Patrick and sandy, We create this game specifically for Fans. also there are various crazy characters. Like Patrick, Squid and Patrick
sponge game adventure Dash is the best adventure game with Sponge as Funny Character, Exiting Adventure, Beautiful Graphic, and cool music

How to play:
- very simple Left and Right arrows to move left or right
- Easy spongbob Gameplay for kids and also adults
- Good Quality Graphics and sound music and game character Patrick, squid, and sandy...
- An amazing adventure with 4 Different levels
- Free and without internet
- Very funny jumping game and a good game background is a must
- Support any devices
- Sponge-bob adventure with sandy, Patrick, and squid
Here there are 4 worlds should be passed by spongbob that is in the havana, jungle, salvana, volcano, ice, where every world consists of 5 levels, so join the crazy sponge game
This game is for everyone who loves Mr. Sponge-bob
This Game has no relation with any cartoon; this game is only submitted by fans and for fun (not Official)
and the images are used simply for aesthetic purposes, Everything about Sponge Adventures Mr bob is here!
For further details do not hesitate to contact me, please let your reviews

How to download Little dora Jungle Adventure APK at

Let's play the latest android Little dora Jungle Adventure.
Fun and exciting games to play, easy to play either while relaxing or can also be played to refresh the mind.
Let's download friends now for free.
This game can be played by anyone, either children or adults. So download now and tell your friends to play this fun game.

How to play :
- skip the wall barrier by jumping
- grab as many stars as possible to level up
- be careful roadblocks break up
- jump quickly if more and more obstacles.
- select a snail image to slow down the run.

Full of variations of color effects and interesting items, nice to see when played with a variety of color contrast. Games that we make best in playstore and we dedicate to you.

Little dora Jungle Adventure Features :
- An open level game
- Smooth user interface with the best graphics.
- Phone and Tablet support
- Music and sound effects
- Play for all ages (especially kids)
- the game is free, no purchase required.

We are not affiliated in any way to Little dora Jungle Adventure . This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly.

Download it now and do not forget to give a 5 star rating for your app :)
Thank you and congratulations to play hopefully enjoy this game.

How to download subway tom run jerry APK at

uncle grandpa, Gambol, Tom and Jerry and other games! Uncle grandpa, Gambol, Tom and Jerry and other games!

tom and jerry Adventure Game

Are you love speed? And you love tom and jerry?
The answer is yes, so now the game, to help the Game tom and jerry in order to get the largest number of coins.

tom & jerry is a young Gulf cartons ..
tom & jerry adventure game is available on high-quality graphics designed by the best game designers Mister Bin in the Arab world using the help of some foreign designers.

Features of the Tom & Jerry Game:

-Very high quality.
-Beautiful music and songs inside the game.
-Does not require much space when loading.
-Photos are very clear.
-Do not require Internet connection.
-Free Games.
-Adult Games.
-Children Games.
-Play a game and challenge your comrades.

Finally, if you like the game or even if you want to have a game for yourself

thank you.

How to install Meena & Raju APK at

Meena or Raju, either needs to earn energy by eating food and then he/she needs to catch mangoes, then he/she needs to go to school and in the last level, he/she needs to catch Lali.

You can play as Meena or as Raju.

The controllers are pretty simple.

We hope you will like this game.

How to install Ugandan Simulator. Knuckles Survival APK at

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the best simulator game about the Ugandan Knuckles!
7 Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese.

Welcome to the Bottom City! You play for a meme guy whose name is Bob! Meet your favorite Tales friends, sponge enemies, scary knuckles neighbor and other memes!

One day you saw that many bad ugandan enemies came to your neighborhood! They are trying kidnapping of your friends from your uganda city and You must to rescue them! The streets of your town became very scary! These Bob's memes enemies are waiting for you in every corner of the city!


- Upgrade the stamina and health of your Ugandan Knuckles character!

- Enjoy the great fighting Kombat! Collect money and buy a lot of different weapons for Knuckles!

- Search and use health boosters, donuts, candies and other items!

- Beat meme enemies and keep their money!

- High Quality 3D Graphics!

- A LOT of Characters! In this simulator you can meet all ugandan friends and meme enemies! Rescue Tales, neighbor scary Knuckles and other memes!

- Adjust the Controls as you want! Change the language in the main menu.

- Different difficulty missions! Explore the Ugandan City!

Bob came to the bottom of the city and settled next to your new friend Tales. One day he did not come home from work! You started worrying about your meme neighbor. You took a baseball bat and went to the city center to find out what happened. You saw that in the city there are a lot of evil enemies who captured not only your neighbor but also all your friends! It is time for justice!

Save all your ugandan friends and beat the sponge enemies in this incredible simulator!

How to install Sponge Simulator. City Survival APK at

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the best simulator game about the Sponge!

10 Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese.

Welcome to the Bottom City! You play for a guy whose name is Bob! Meet your favorite underwater sponge’s enemies, neighbor and friends!
One day you saw that many bad fish came to your neighborhood! They are trying kidnapping of your friends from your bottom city and You must to rescue them! The streets of your town became very scary! These Bob's enemies are waiting for you in every corner of the city!


- Upgrade the stamina and health of your sponge character!

- Enjoy the great fighting Kombat! Collect money and buy a lot of different weapons for Bob!

- Search and use health boosters, donuts, hotdog shops, money chests, candies and other items!

- Beat enemies and keep their money!

- High Quality 3D Graphics!

- A LOT of Characters! In this game you can meet all sponge friends and his enemies! Rescue Squid, neighbor Patrick, Crab, and others!

- Adjust the Controls as you want! Change the language in the main menu.

- Different difficulty missions! Explore the Bottom City!

Bob came to the bottom of the city and settled next to your new friend Patrick. One day he did not come home from work!
You started worrying about your neighbor. You took a baseball bat and went to the city center to find out what happened. You saw that in the city there are a lot of evil enemies who captured not only your neighbor but also all your friends!

It is time for justice! Save all your friends and beat the enemies!

How to download Sponge Neighbor Escape 3D APK at

You play for a guy whose name is Bob. You came to the bottom neighborhood of the city and settled next to the sponge neighbor. You liked his unusually huge pineapple house. You thought he was very kind. He has a huge mustache and he always says hello to strangers. You have learned that he works in a fast food restaurant which is famous for its crab burgers. After some time, you learned that the secret burger recipe was stolen.

Very soon, you began to notice that your new neighbor began to behave discreetly. He always looks around and installed surveillance cameras around his house... Bob decides to find out if he is related to this robbery. Try to get into the house sponge and find evidence. Feel like a detective in the house of your strange neighbour.
Your curious character Bob should sneak to his house unnoticed. If a sponge sees you then it will catch you immediately! You can run away and hide in your house, hide under the beds in his house. Escape it if he will chase you!

The game has been implemented all your wishes. You can change the sensitivity control settings as you like. The game provides you with wide opportunities. You can pick up items and throw them at a neighbor to stun him, it will give you some time to escape!

You always wanted to be a detective. Find the secret burger recipe and return it to the owner! In addition to the recipe, the restaurant lost money. You saw that your neighbor bought a luxury yacht-car. He could not afford to buy it at the salary of the chef of the restaurant. If he is involved in this - you have to figure it out.

Try and Enjoy the best game simulator!

How to download Baby Toilet Race: Cleanup Fun APK at

This game is a toilet cleaning simulator! Race with cockroaches and face all the dirty situations in all the levels! Prepare to be surprised - funny dirty mess waits to be cleaned! This game can be played by full family! We invite trying the game with your family friends!

Race with your favorite WC racing vehicle: Bubble Bath, PoopMobile, Run Run, Freshonaut, Bubble Wheel, Cockroach, Rat, and Spider car!

Drive and complete different game tasks: use the toilet, clean bathroom floor, unclog pipes, flush toilet, catch pests, repel insects, collect secret game objects and more!

Show that you know how to use WC. Play and learn how to use water closet and how wees and poops go down the toilet. Don't leave the mess behind - keep it clean!

Use your racing car to cleanup the nastiest bathroom corners: clean the tub, toilet, sink and floor, unclog pipes and flush water closet! Help your family at home and learn to use various cleaning tools as toilet gel, deodorant, sponge, brush and more!

Have fun in crazy WC racing adventures! Ride on sponge or on soap, jump over a giant sink or water closet, drive on toothpaste or bubble bridge, perform funny flips and stunts, race in pipes, compete with Rat and Cockroach and more!

Race in 12 adventurous WC levels! Explore above-ground bathroom and visit underground toilet world by driving in spooky pipes.

Get familiar with bathroom equipment as water closet, sink and tub; learn to help family at home: cleanup, wipe, scrub, wash and brush; improve responsibility and hand-eye coordination, creativity, problem solving and flexible thinking skills.

Enjoy big buttons, simple game controls: click GO button to drive forward and ARROWS to balance your WC racing car.

Baby Toilet Race was created to help everyone to learn about hygiene and understand about the importance of cleanliness in fun, friendly and educational way! The game is designed for families, it teaches adults new ways of establishing hygiene rules and to use the toilet properly and encourages them to help at home by cleaning after themselves. Potty training process and bathroom clean up has never been this fun!

This educational and family-friendly WC racing, potty training and bathroom clean up game for families is completely free to play, but the game also offers in-app purchases.


Tiny Lab Productions is a Google Play Top Developer of casual and free-to-play mobile games for families. Company is recognized for its innovativeness and high-quality Android apps. Tiny Lab Productions lovingly creates simple and family-friendly games and is famous for its leading games series Fun Kid Racing. Search “Tiny Lab Productions” on Google Play and discover even more beautiful apps.

Get the latest games news and special offers at:


Let us know your opinion about this educational WC racing, potty training and bathroom clean up game for families! Having questions? Need technical support? Contact us at [email protected]

How to install Slender Man: The Forest APK at

"The mission is to find out the dark secret that hides in the dark forest. But slender man won't let you do it. Whatever you do! don't look back!

Slender Man: The Forest is a horror adventure game. Don’t be fright in the haunted forest as supernatural forces try to harm you on every step. The Slenderman is after you.
You need to escape the forest but first you must find 8 missing old book pages in the dark forest and then run to the exit. Also be careful so you do not face zombie grandma.Look everywhere,
for they could be anywhere. Always remember that every step you take may will be your last - as the slender man watches you.

Slender man the forest features:
• Creepy and frighting horror experience
• Frightful horror jumpscare effects
• Addictive and challenging atmosphere
• Real horror and scary sound effects
• Feel the terror in your bones while playing
• Survive the nightmare and escape
• High-quality 3D animation of evil spirits

Download now FOR FREE! and Enjoy the horror of slender man."

How to install Cat Pet Shop: Girl Craft Story APK at

Cat, kittens and pets with Building & crafting in one game! Build, craft (for girls) in a world full of cute fluffy cats! Remember kawaii cat, angry cat or other famous animals? All the pussies are here. Best of all cat games! Now you can meet them in one game for girls! Play cool “Cat Craft Story: Girls Game” - the best building & crafting game for teenage girls for free! All the cats in one place! Cute animals all around you. Pocket edition of exploration! Play with them, build them a house using blocks. exploration of an infinite world full of kittens! Cat sounds in the game include; Meowing and talking! Ginger, dark, colorful - all the cats are here! Become a princess in a girls craft game! Meet the piano - keyboard cat, the long cat, puss in boots - say to them: kitten is the main animal in this game. Use your imagination to build anything you want. Build a whole city or a small house. Girls craft with cats - cuteness overload! It’s not another talking cat - game, not another virtual pet game - it’s a sandbox world game where you build, do the exploration and crafting. What’s more, you can make friends with cats, have fun with them. A great adventure game for girls. With us you will find only free games for girls! Best quality. Use your imagination and create! Build a Nail Salon, Pet Shop or Hair salon! Great game for teenagers!
This game is not really a cat simulator or a game for cats - it’s a blocky world simulator game full of kittens and other pussy cats! Make friends with the talking cats! Name them - give them nicknames. Meet them all! All for free! The best free games for girls! Let the cat princess craft adventure begin!


Crafting items
Building craft mode
World Craft Story
Skyblock free mode
Cute Story mode ( Quest!)
Survival exploration mode
Cube blocky craft mode

How to download Tiny Toon Adventures Arcade APK at

Remember the classic games of childhood?

Tiny Toon Adventures classic arcade game emulator.

How to download Pillow Pets World APK at

Pillow Pets World gives away dozens of free Pillow Pets prizes everyday; no fees, no shipping charges and the prizes are REAL! Win original Pillow Pets, Glow Pets, Pillow Pet PeeWee’s, Pillow Pet Hats, BrushPets, Poucheezs and Trading Cards! Using Pillow Pets characters and based in our own world, this free virtual world has 13 timed Leaderboards ending every 15 to 30 minutes where players compete for the top spot and a real prize! Winners are shipped the prize assigned to that Leaderboard for free! Pillow Pets World is an ad free, colorful rendition of our own world built around a travel theme. Assuming your in game identity as a Pillow Pet, you land in the International Airport and can travel to six other destinations around the globe as well as the Moon. Each destination has a fun and challenging mini-game that awards game coins and tickets and has 30 minute competitions several times daily. You’ll love the Moon Spinner, it’s the most played game by far and awards coins, tickets and real prizes too! Another way to earn real prizes is the Ticket Store. You accumulate tickets for playing mini-games and can purchase real Pillow Pets prizes of your choice there. There’s plenty of safe, social activity with friends, safe chat features, and a cool phone with instant messaging and selfie sharing. You can buy and decorate a variety of vacation homes and have friends drop by, choose from a variety of outfits and switch to a new pet. Pillow Pets World is a great place to make friends and be social, learn about the world, participate in recycling, and best of all, win REAL prizes just for playing! No other game sends cool, real prizes straight to your door like Pillow Pets World! Join us today, it’s a great place to play!

How to download Subway Princess Jungle Run APK at

2015 Subway Princess Jungle Run Game .

This is the thrilling and exhilarating Subway Princess Jungle running game. Enjoy the run through the mysterious jungle with our subway princess.

You will be faced with unknown dangers, unthinkable obstacles, fear and much much more...

So what are you waiting for? Subway Princess is waiting on You!

The Subway princess jungle running game will have you playing for hours. The subway princess runs, the princess races and you have to ensure she gets through all those obstacles! So are you gamed? And ready to play Subway Princess through the hours and hours of game play!

All your friends will be playing our Subway running game with you.

There are many levels and you will graduate to higher levels as you get better with Subway Princess. We guarantee that this Princes race game will keep you busy for hours and hours regardless if you are a casual or an expert player.

The game has tense rhythm, amazing graphics, and smooth control feelings.

Are you itching to find out how to play with Subway Princess?

-Simply install and open Subway Princess Jungle Run game app.

-Click the start button and enjoy a quick fun game.

Help the subway princess reach her goals now!

We welcome all comments and idea on how to improve our subway princess jungle game, so please feel free to contact us via our developer contact button and share your ideas.
Please don’t leave game change requests for Subway Princess in the comments, instead contact us. We try to read each and every comment but sometimes with many comments coming in we might miss your idea.

How to install super bounce adventure APK at

Super Bounce Adventure is a journey of bounce with phisic control, this game must pass so much threats to run to target point, collect all ring.
Enjoy 5 level on 1 season with amazing sound effect.
Easy intuitive control and modern platform style

play the game and have fun... :)

How to install Virtual Dad: Happy Family 3D APK at

This game is a sequel of virtual mom and just for the happy family fun activities. Virtual Dad: Happy Family 3D is all about the ultimate family man. Dad is get up and ready to take on the day. You are the boss of the house with this dad simulator. Take care of tough tasks like managing all the household activities at once in virtual family game! Looks like mom has taken a day off from her daily routine and wants some relax and a time for sleep. So here is virtual daddy as the kitchen helper and the care taker of the house. The housekeeping job is not as easy as virtual dad thinks. So be a family man and start your busy day with Virtual Dad: Happy Family 3D! Virtual family fun game of ultimate family man.

Make food for family, walk with dog and take care of its food. Wake up your children for school and make breakfast for them, cook some food for your family. Quickly go to the market before the wake-up of virtual mom and buy some daily grocery. The house picked up some dirt and looking messy! Clean it up and kitchen is full of dirty dishes! Wash your car and greet your neighbors too in the ultimate family game full of fun, activity and adventure. You will really enjoy the cleaning your messy home before leaving for work. Fulfill your commitment and be a superhero dad of your kids.

With the Virtual Dad Happy Family 3D you need to get all your daily tasks done in time to progress to the next day! If you fall behind, your family will, too! Vacuum your whole house also cleans the backyard of your house. There are lots of daily activities based missions to complete with numbers of interesting dad simulator activities with this virtual family game. Wash the clothes, collect the dry laundry and fold the washed clothes. The daddy will now iron the clothes for tomorrow like a virtual high school boy.

Features of Dad Simulator Virtual Family Fun Game:

✓ Various missions of cleaning, housekeeping & other family activities.
✓ Amazing sounds & 3D gameplay with high definition graphics.
✓ Realistic virtual mom, dad and kids animations of virtual game.
✓ Family man life simulation & daily household tasks.
✓ Smooth controls with loads of virtual high school boy.
✓ Complete all virtual dad family game tasks in limited time.

Daddy’s day has been started and now it’s your turn to clean the tidy and messy home, drop children to the school bus and wash up the all dirty dishes in the kitchen. Download now Virtual Dad: Happy Family 3D! and become the virtual dad family man.

How to download Western Cowboy Gun Blood APK at

This is Western Cowboy Gun Blood game.
As a sheriff in the western town, protecting people is your responsibility.After the countdown ended, shoot as soon as possible, defeating wanted gunman and becoming the fastest Western cowboy gunner.As long as you are fast enough, justice will come.

How to download Shiva Adventure Game APK at

Shiva the Superkid of Vedas city goes to the amusement park and collects a ticket for the adventure run... He runs along a path filled with different hurdles like stones, rocks, machines, and demons. Help Shiva cross all these hurdles and try to collect the coins scattered on the road. Forward swipe to jump over the hurdles, backward swipe to pass under them, left swipe to move left and right swipe to move right … With 3D graphics, this game takes you on a fun ride through the jungle. Download now!

• 3D graphics
• Smooth, easy-to-use controls
• Easy play mode
• Free to download & play!

How to install Swimming Pool Flip Diving Swimming Race 3D APK at

Swimming Pool Flip Diving Swimming Race 3D

Welcome to the water swimming pool race 3d game, the most exciting and wonderful adventure swimming pool game for swimming lovers. Let’s download this new swimming pool race of 2017 for free and start swimming pool flip diving in this swimming race adventure 3D game. Start a race, run fast in the pool, try to win the race and qualify for the next racing competition of Flip Diving Swimming Race tournament.

Start a Swimming Race and Win the Contest
Let’s Jump and start racing with opponents, be ready for an impetuous rush and try different swimming styles breaststroke, front crawl, backstroke, butterfly stroke and a freestyle, swim fast and do anything to win the contest!

You are a real professional athlete in this Swimming Pool Flip Diving Swimming Race 3D game of 2017. Start amazing summer sports adventure, play as a real swimmer & win the gold and become a champion with this Swimming Pool Flip Diving Race game. Flip Diving Swimming Race tournament is held in outdoor swimming pool and a public swimming pool full of your supporters, so dive fast when the competition is started and swim fast as you can, avoid hurdles and cross the rings in swim path.

How to Swim?
You can also learn in this game about swimming. Swimming is a health activity and you can try in real life using flip diving race in swimming pool.

Adventure 3D Game
This is the most exhilarating adventure water sports game for everyone. If you ever dreamed about a swimmer champion or you going to win the world big swimming contest, then this swimming simulator is perfectly designed for you. Download this latest swimming flip diving racing game and be the part of this biggest world racing competition. Get ready for magnificent rush, do your best in different athlete events and have fun with playing this swimming pool race in 3d. Beautiful swimming pool environment all swim styles for practice and race. Colorful rings ground and high-quality graphics with beautiful sound effects. Enjoy the game and your water swim race with fantastic victory of world championship.

How to download Multi Raft 3D: Survival Game on Island APK at

After aircraft crash you were alone on the raft...
At the beginning of the game you are given a small wooden raft. Gather resources - around floating boxes with the necessary resources for building resources.
You need to survive on a raft in the deep ocean! Explore the boundless expanse of the ocean. Create new tools and weapons

Build the biggest raft! Start ocean exploration now!

How to install Game of Thrones APK at

***Episode 1: Iron From Ice is now FREE***

***BEST VALUE - Get additional episodes in Game of Thrones by purchasing the Season Pass [Episodes 2-6 bundle] via in-app***

Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series is a six part episodic game series set in the world of HBO's groundbreaking TV show. This new story tells of House Forrester, a noble family from the north of Westeros, loyal to the Starks of Winterfell. Caught up in the events surrounding the War of the Five Kings, they are thrown into a maelstrom of bloody warfare, revenge, intrigue, and horror as they fight to survive while the seven kingdoms tear themselves apart. You will take on the role of different members of the Forrester household, and determine their fate through the choices you make; your actions and decisions will change the story around you.

The Season Pass is the best value and entitles you to all five remaining episodes at a discount when compared to buying each episode individually (All Episodes Available Now!).


Minimum specs:
GPU: Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600 series, PowerVR SGX544, or Tegra 4
CPU: Dual core 1.2GHz
Memory: 1GB

- - - -

The game will run on the following devices but users may experience performance issues:

- Galaxy S2 – Adreno
- Galaxy S3 Mini

Unsupported Device(s):

- Galaxy Tab3
- Droid RAZR

How to install Super Ted Adventure 2 (Jungle Adventure ) APK at

--- 5 MILLION DOWNLOADS Super ted Adventure ---

Now 64 games presents classic side scroller "Jungle Adventures" game. This game bring back memories of old school adventure games with numerous adventure.Jungle World of this game contains well designed levels, various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphics and soothing music and sounds.

Super Ted Adventure 2 is a classic platform game with a journey of Super Jungle Adventure that brings your childhood back. This classic game will make you addict to.

In the new super jungle world, ted must smash enemies to pass so many threats. With familiar characters, Super Ted Adventure 2 is such a childhood game. 

In this jungle adventure game, Ted run and collect coins, power-up to fight with bosses in new worlds.

Great Features Of Game

- Great graphics and music.
- free levels with 2 worlds and 2 bosses to fight and more coming soon.
- Over 30 enemies and power up obstacles
- 64 jungle world is waithing for you (there are more than 64 jungle world in super ted adventure 1 & super ted adventure 2)

Please Download now and start the Jungle Adventure journey .

How to download Adventures of Zelda APK at

Our heroes Zelda wake up and find a letter from her father. He is gone of the wild…
The only lead is his old hourglass phantom and a mysterious sheikah slate the dungeon simulator. Something has happened in the legend if zelda past.

Explore the legend of hyrule island, a world filled with wild dangers, ocarina puzzles and secrets to the past. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient times treasures which will uncover a link to the quest. Use your master sword and triforce skill to unravel the mysteries of past the legend of ancient kingdom Hyrule and wild sea monster with breath of the link.

Adventures of Zelda combines interesting storytelling, breath talking 3D visuals and exciting botw gameplay all link into one sword fighting action adventure RPG you will never forget.

How to install Super Smash Castle World APK at

Super Smash Castle World is the best Free Games bring your childhood back! Help this super smash boy over the jungle and to the top to collect more coins gold and avoid enemies throughout an adventure to run to target super world.✦ Super Bros runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemies in themed levels.
✦ Super Smash have simple plots, typically with super smash boy rescuing the kidnapped Princess from the primary antagonist. These include a multitude of power-ups and items that give Mr Bros special magic powers such as fireball-throwing and size-changing into giant and miniature sizes.
✦ Jumping and Running through 32 beautiful Smash Bros games classic with increasing difficulty![✦ ✦ ✦ Features Of Super Smash World ✦ ✦ ✦]+ spirit of old school classic platformers.
+ Smooth user with Beautiful effects.
+ forest Castle champs: A place full of mystery.
+ unique and easy gameplay.
+ Amazing color background.
+ Phone and Tablet Support.
+ Music and sound effects.
+ High Quality HD Graphics.
+ Suitable for kids and children.
+ 26 achievement: level unlock, make coins, killed...
+ Many items: mushroom, flower, shield, hidden blocks...
+ 7 leaderboard: top score, top coins, top levels, top killed...[✦ ✦ ✦ How to play ✦ ✦ ✦]➦ Just tap the screen to jump the super smash boy.
➦ Left and Right arrows to move left or right.➦ Pay to unlock another worlds if you don't want play end of current super world.
➦ Down arrow to go inside the pipe to bonus level where you can find lots of coins.
➦ All this completely free, so you should at least try it. We hope all our players have a great time playing it, please rate and thanks a lot for playing !✦ What are you waiting for? Play Super Smash Castle World now !!

How to install Super Toy Club APK at

Spiele mit deinen Freunden und vielen anderen Spielern die bekannten Spiele aus der TOGGO-Sendung Super Toy Club. Tritt dem Team Jungs oder Mädchen bei und kämpfe mit deinem Team in spannenden Spielrunden gegen das gegnerische Team! Commander Florian und Roboter T freuen sich auf dich!

Was dich erwartet:
⭐️ – Spiele Kristallica und schlage so viele Eisblöcke wie möglich herunter
⭐️ – Lenke den Einkaufswagen im Super Toy Race durch den Spielwarenladen
⭐️ – Spiele im Mehrspieler-Modus für dein Team und sammle wichtige Team-Punkte
⭐️ – Übe die Spiele im Einzelspieler-Modus
⭐️ – Erhöhe deinen Fortschritt im Spiel, indem du Sterne sammelst
⭐️ – Schaue dir Videos zum Super Toy Club an

Das kommt bald:
⭐️ – Noch mehr Spiele aus dem Super Toy Club
⭐️ – Gestalte dein Profil und löse die gesammelten Sterne zum Beispiel gegen Hüte oder T-Shirts ein

Spiele für dein Team
Entscheide dich für das Team Mädchen oder Jungs und suche dir einen von vielen galaktischen Profil-Namen aus. Im Mehrspieler-Modus spielst du gegen andere Kinder für dein Team. Das Gewinner-Team schaltet einmal pro Woche das Spiel Super Toy Race frei. Im Einzelspieler-Modus kannst du die Spiele aus dem Super Toy Club üben, um dich zu verbessern.

Erlebe die Spiele aus dem Fernsehen
Beim Geschicklichkeitsspiel Kristallica musst du die Eisblöcke aus der Fläche schlagen. Aber Vorsicht! Der Kristall darf nicht herunterfallen. Ein weiteres Spiel ist das Super Toy Race. Hier steuerst du deinen Einkaufswagen durch einen virtuellen Spielwarenladen und musst so viele Spielzeuge wie möglich einsammeln. Außerdem haben wir immer wieder neue und spannende Spiele für dich. Lass dich überraschen!

Sammle in Spielen Sterne
Für gespielte Spielrunden bekommst du Sterne mit denen du ab September 2018 das Aussehen deines Profils anpassen und verändern kannst.

Schaue Super Toy Club-Videos
In der App findest du die Videos zum Super Toy Club.

Weitere Informationen
Die Super Toy Club-App von SUPER RTL wird durch Werbung finanziert und ist für dich kostenlos – sie beinhaltet keine In-App-Käufe. Die App kann mit einer Internet-Verbindung und mit Bluetooth genutzt werden. Bluetooth benötigst du, damit du mit Freunden in deiner Nähe spielen kannst. Dafür müsst ihr eure Geräte mit Bluetooth verbinden – hierbei fallen keine Kosten an. Die Inhalte der Super Toy Club-App können online in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz genutzt werden. Bitte beachte, dass die App für aktuelle Versionen der jeweiligen Betriebssysteme optimiert ist. Bei Problemen wende dich gerne an unseren Support.

Bei Problemen mit der App sende uns eine E-Mail an: [email protected]
Weitere Informationen zu TOGGO findest du auf
Leitfaden für Eltern:

How to download Fish Shooter - Fish Hunter APK at

Fish Shooter - Fish Hunter is a shooting game fish quite interesting, fascinating in the hottest game series today
The task of the player is hunting fishes in ocean, shoot plenty of fishes to obtain plenty of bonuses.
Players can also do quests to receive attractive rewards and upgrade weapons system more robust to hunt.
Additionally, player can grow fish they hunt for generating money.
Let's play and become the most talented hunter fish.

How to install Adventure of jerry : jungle world APK at

A good brain development game download this game.
In the puzzle game will have Tom and Jery.
Tom-Jery Baby Slide Known by the name of Tom and Jery..
We assure you that you will like download game now.
Thanks for all the votes and comments.
temple jery adventures world one of the most free games for adventure lovers ever made with great game quality for kids and

hurdles and collect coins and gemses.
this magical game 2017 it easy for play, Move & Jump & jungle you plying temple jery adventures world with the magilcal

tomas, challenge your friend and your family all ages.
get a good time by collecting more coins of tomas. while you collect coins for tomas& jery you help the adventures world of

jery mouse.
full of joy and entertainment you will get addicted to it ,this game 2017 free for kids and adults today for all ages. get

the best score and challenge your friends now.

Features :

- Fully free
- Suitable for children, girls and boys, all ages
- Quiet design for children
- simple amusement, perfect for your cherished one.
- Amazing Real subway temple.
- Totally different world after upgrades(forest & nature & snow)
- Amazing jery subway & amazing graphics
- Extended From tom adventures!

Get your free temple jery adventures game now !!

How to install Super Run world APK at

Super Run world
Run your super hero in jungle world would be best experience for everyin classic platform games.
Super run jump Adventure describe the super classic bro game. In the super world, super hero boy must pass so much threats to run to target super world. You must run to collect coins and jumps across platforms and a top enemies in themed levels.
Super run jump adventure is design for fan of bros game.
1. 100+ level

How to install Super Cuphead Adventure APK at

Super Cuphead Adventure is a super Adventure smash adventure and legendary side scrolling platformer, Get Ready For an Epic Adventure with exciting levels Super Cuphead Adventure Jungle. Everyone has a weakness dash , Our Chingu has two. Sleep and Candies world run Super Cuphead Adventure.

There are many Super Cuphead Adventure games dash on store but we are also introducing you one of the best adventure game.
Subway run trap. The subway Boy game has adventure,suspense and thrilling. You have to just play and enjoy with Super Cuphead Adventure .
Run, jump and slash your trap cuphead way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure dash ! The #1 mobile adventure game trap and a 3D platformer trap , now also available for Android phones and tablets Super Cuphead Adventure.
Get ready for some Fun and Thriller trap Adventures dash world hey trap run cuphead.

Features Of Super Cuphead Adventure :
+ Beautiful high-resolution graphics .
+ Awesome game-play similar to retro classic game.
+ Easy and intuitive controls with on-screen retro controller.
+ Destroy-able bricks, blocks and moving platform.
+ Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more.
+ 4 beautiful worlds with 80 well designed levels.
+ Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run.
+ Over 20 enemies and obstacles.
+ 8 boss fights: angry scorpion, spider, big bee and golem.
+ Rankings for you and your friends to compete with player from other country.

Super Cuphead Adventure is Super Hero boy has to pass lots of evil crocs, spiders and dragons Jungle and also go through noir castles run .subway dash You are cuphead- the cool superhero dash trap !
But be careful! Lots of dangers, enemies, troubles, obstacles, difficult traps and bosses are defending your way through the jungle, castles and yo wonder worlds cuphead.
To finish the platformer cuphead game dash will have to jump and run over many obstacles cuphead, kedfight and dash shoot against chibi ninjas, cruel crocs, hedgehogs, skeletons, leps, cats and many other monsters and dragons Jungle Subway .
Climb up huge bridges, mountains and stairs,trap fight against prehistoric enemies, avoid falling bricks,cuphead find hidden noir blocks and levels, collect coins, swim through dangerous seas, explore lot of challenging and addictive jungle Subway worlds and lands and defeat all cruel bosses and enemies .

This dash game Jump and Run is an addictive old school cuphead arcade jungle dash adventure game subway trap!

This cool cuphead Smash Jump and Run Super Cuphead Adventure is an addictive non-stop old school run arcade jungle adventure game Subway Jungle !

How to play Super Cuphead Adventure :
+ Eat strawberry and flower to become stronger and defeat all monsters.
+ Tap Left / Right to move.
+ Jump to crash the enemy.
+ Eat flower to shoot enemy.
+ Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points and buy additional items in store.

In this trap game world Subway trap cuphead you have to finish level by level to move to another world trap .cuphead run The higher the level trap , the more obstacles and enemies you have super cuphead to face. subway You may not know when a obstacle would appear or when a enemy would approach Subway ,world you need to be alert all the time and this is highly exercising for your brain.trap The game helps in relieving stress and improves the response time as the player needs to be quick and attentive to face off the challenges trap Subway .

Get " Super Cuphead Adventure " for free today.

Disclaimer :
This is a unofficial Bros adventures games trap Cartoon app world . made By the cuphead Fans and lover of run.
We are not affiliated in any way to trap team trademark owner team cartoon we are not the makers of bunny movie and we don't claim any relation with them.

within the "fair use" guidelines please contact us directly.

Have fun with this cool new super adventure platformer tale game!

I hope you will enjoy this game world .

How to install SUPER CANDY LAND APK at

Simple , amazing and fun adventure game maked with sweet candy ..
SUPER CANDY LAND is a sweet game for kids and all ages..You can chose any super sweet character..Its very easy to control your fun candy game !
Do not forget that there are some sweet enemies !! Pass them with a super funny jump... Collect all coins ( CANDY ) to purchase new sweet levels and funny characters. You will love all the surprises in lands!!
Even a toddler can play SUPER CANDY LAND without any problems.
Stay tuned for nice sweet characters and new funny places.This is just the beginning!

How to install Super Craft: Adventure APK at

Welcome to Super Craft: A new crafting game with 2 modes: creative and survival
Free 3d sandbox game, that offers a plunge into the cubic world with the classic mode of survival and creative. Three game worlds, from wasteland to the winter forest, use portals to move on the map. Crafting, building and 3d block build craft, cube craft and cube world ...
Building blocks whatever you want, from simple houses to the great castles, use craft to create new blocks, weapons and handy tools.
Construction, explore mindcraft full of resources and dangerous enemies, use elite picks and armor. Create a bow or crossbow for hunting and attack.
If you are fan of maxcraft, mycraft, handcraft, mincraft, bigcraft ... You can not ignore this game.
Many animals, monsters, and amazing characters awaits you.

How to download Subway Adventure Runner APK at

It is a free running and jumping game where ninja shadow turtle the cat has for mission "adventure subway": coin collecting. However, the task is not as easy as it seems to be, because during his adventure in the wild, the turtles shadows ninja should jump off blocks and spikes from the enemies after him. The running rhythm can suddenly change and it can be tough to handle princess then! The western cowboy theme makes the game completely fascinating and will enrol you in a world full of action and fun.
There are a lot of challenge and the nice 3D environment. In this game the ninja go on his mission and he is detected by the dog of his enemy.
Subway runner is a endless surfers game, to be the best runner, try your best to dash.
Subway Runner is an awesome infinity running game.
A princess play in a subway city.
You must help her to run to escape chase of a monster. Collect coin other power.
Don't forget to dodge all obstacles in the way.
Cycle as fast as possible.

**** HOW TO PLAY ****
+Drag up to jump
+Drag left,right to change the lane
+Drag down to slide

**** Game Features ****
- Colorful & smooth graphics
- Easy one-touch controls and gameplay
- Rich background music and sound effects
- Intense and exciting game rhythm
- Explore the mysterious castle! ! !
- Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! !

How to download Super Subway Mareo Game APK at

This is a fun game for everyone.
Play as a hero in this smash-hit games to rescue the princess of an island which is arrested by a dark sorcerer. Through each region, you will enjoy the different tracks.
You are the lonely forest people on this adventure island, fight the mad monster, overcome crazy obstacles such a rocks, bonfire to keep yourself safe.
The brave boy have to overcome the difficulties, crush on-coming monsters,runaway from all sort of traps. He will go through fantasy land, frozen castle, mysterious jungles and dark subway tunnel.
[Game Features]
☑ Clean and colorful graphics
☑ Smooth user control
☑ Nice Music and sound effects
☑ Suitable for all ages
☑ Game is free
☑ Suitable for kids and children
☑ Many Device supported
[How to play]
☑ Touch screen to jump, touch screen twice to jump higher
☑ Find secret block and collect coins for high score
☑ Reach the castle to complete a levelDownload now and enjoy it.

How to install Maze Tilt APK at

Maze Tilt is an entertaning and simple android game. The main aim of this game is moving ball to the destination without touching on device screen border.You can play this game tilting your android device.

How to install Storks Adventure APK at

Mr Stork is lost in unknowing Jungle. You have to help Mr Stock to get the babies and escape from this Jungle. Help stork escape his landlady in his new Adventure game he try to collect babies. Mr stork is lost in a unknown Jungle, with your help can can delivered the babies and he's gonna try to find his way. Features of Storks:
- more than 80 unique levels
- simple and smooth controls
- suitable for all agesGet Storks Game Adventure for free today.

How to download spongebob Monster Truck Car 2D APK at

spongebob Monster Truck car
Spongebob Driving Car Monster Truck
One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving games ever made! And it's free! Super spongebob games that describes the pursuit of sonic in a jungle hedgehog world run , Super Spongebob World Adventure Monster Truck car is one of the best racing games. It's riding a truck and trying to across the hill. while the real sonic running in adventure world full of speed and run, doctor eggman prepare traps inside the jungle of spongebob world to stop it you should help sonic to dodgle all traps and unlock new world.
Spongebob car drive it's one of the greatest games it's a car racing and ver funny game for you and for your kids boys or Girls,
With spongebob square-pants drive your car and collect the gold and coins as possible as you can by drive your car in hill.
Avoid all the obstacles on your way, control your spongebob Monster Truck car with Physics because trucks to bounce, drift and tire slips as real driving!
Super SpongeBob World Adventure Monster Truck car is the best racing game. The game is containing 4 levels. It's ridding Monster Truck car trying to reach the climb to the higher levels.
Amazing addictive monster truck game with HD graphics. Drive through all obstacles to get to the finish level. Game has infinitely number of randomly built levels. Enjoy it!
Avoid all the obstacles on your way, control your Monster Truck with Physics because trucks to bounce, drift and tire slips as real driving with spongebob!
Download now to enjoy.
- Simple and better control
- 4difficult levels
- Get the High score
- Good Quality Graphics and game character
- Easy to drive and play with funny sounds
- Easy to drive for climb the hill
- Beautiful graphics and nice physics
- Very funny and good game background
- Support any devices
- Sponge-bob funny ca
This game is for everyone who loves Mr. Spongebob
Disclaimer :
This app follows the "fair use" guidelines by US law, if you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us
All the game content "names, pictures, logo and others" details are not created by us but by their respective owners.

How to install Classic cars JETPACK APK at

The game jetpack for the classic cars it's a crazy and funny game just tap the screen , drive your flying car , get coins and reach levels ,you can choose multiple cars with different style
color, speed,you can also choose the background you want and a lot of features to discover after install and play it
play , enjoy and share it with your friends in different social media.Features :
multiple cars
multiple backgrounds
nice sounds
good graphic
easy and funny
drive and fly in the same time

How to install Speed Driving 2019 APK at

Love challenging real racing games?
You gonna love this one!
Forget your stereotype of traditional racing games, this game will definitely give you a different racing game experience.
No need for a lot of advanced driving skills, you only need intuition, instinct, and keen observation. You will create a lot of legends here!

Game features:
◆ Cool drift operation: tap the button to control the steering operation of the car, and tap the brake button to complete the drift action. Continuous drift can activate the nitrogen function, use it to race beyond your opponent at the right time!
◆ Innovative upgrade system: there’s a rich growth line in the game. Through continuous competition, you will win the recognition of racing drivers around the world, and eventually be the racing master.
◆ The world is your journey: 7 colorful game scenes, from Europe to the Americas. Just drive your car to start the journey of conquering the world!
◆ Never stick to the rules: Each scene has different game modes: time mode, elimination mode, match mode... all modes will bring you different racing experience!
◆ Fearless newbie: Are you a newcomer to racing? Don't worry at all! Excellent operation aids make the drifting very convenient. You can freely switch between 2 ways of operation.A newbie can always find a way to operate.

Join us and become the best drift master on the street!
Start your engine and rush to the exciting track!
Come on, start your racing journey anytime, anywhere!

How to download Super Sonic mania plus Run Adventure 2018 APK at

Navigate to the folder of the game.
Play super sonic run mania game plus with tails corossing stunning environement in 3 diferent worlds
Sonic is a platform running game, You need to run and use sonic powers for high speed and high jumps to avoid enemies and sharp objects trying to stop you from success
sonic plus and tials game is simple run game with easy and smooth controls

-Use Right Arrow To Move Right
-Use Left Arrow To Move Left
-One Touch in Jump Button For Low Jump
-Two Touch in Jump Button For High Jumps

-Tree Diferent worlds with difrenet environement
-Sonic and Tails As Players
-Game Menu, Pause Menu, Game Over Menu
-Privacy and Policy in Start Screen

How to download Sonic Ring Warrior Dash APK at

Sonic Ring Warrior Dash is a best running adventure sonic platform ever.
The story began when all pokes of the camp become enemies of the Sonic the gladiator and his best friend Tails is being kidnapped by the monsters and brought to the dark castle super world. It is up to Sonic to rescue him and kill all the bosses in the game.

Sonic is one the popular cartoon games in the world and it is a cute one.So if you want to help Sonic to accomplish the mission just play this game.
Run, jump and dash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure like Sonic!

To get to the Sonic best freind, Sonic will have to run and jump over obstacles, fight and shoot against angry enemies, bosses and monsters.
So if you love Sonic and Tails and you love playing funny adventures games just download Sonic Ring Warrior Dash game now.

Doctor Eggman,Miles "Tails", Knuckles Sonic, EggRobo, Chaotix, shadow sonic, Robotnik !

Features of Sonic Ring Warrior Dash:
• Endless fun Sonic Runner for retro64, nes, snes ...
• Colorful HD graphics and fun animations.
• challenging levels.
• Followers and exciting power-up upgrades.
• Intelligent controls and new design levels.
• Experience the visuals and sounds of the heroes.
• Supports Android phones and tablets.
• Varied background music and sound effects.
• Stunning and exciting game rhythms.
• Facing unknown danger and fear.
Instruction in the game:
Long press on the screen to jump high.
A little touch on the screen for low jumps.

Do not waste time on downloading now and enjoy the adventure and collect more ring as you can to unlock new chars !

How to download Sonic Classic Adventure APK at

sonic cd islander world adventure.jungle adventures free.
Sonic Adventure is a classic platform game with a journey of super boy video
jungle super sonic run. The Sonic game that started it all is now free-to-play and optimized for mobile devices!
sonic run game jump! game that brings your childhood back running games.

shadow run This classic game will make you addict to.
pang adventure 課題 Face off against two of Sonic's biggest rivals, the always scheming and cunning Dr. Eggman and the devastatingly deadly Zazz from Sonic Lost World! Use all of Sonic's agility and speed to take down these villains before it's too late!
adventure game for boys amazing of sonic run.
Fun is guaranteed with Super boom Go for all family members with the darkand blue sonic racing.
In the super jungle world, Supper sonic Adventure World is a classic platform game with a journey of super boy that brings your childhood back.
This classic game will make you addict to. sonic dash 2

In the super jungle world, Supper sonic Sonic must smash enemies to pass so many threats. With familiar characters, Sonic World is such a childhood game.
In this adventure game, Sonic'll run and collect coins, power-up to fight with 9 bosses sonic boom.

Great Features Of the world game super sonic classic
- Great graphics and music.
- 100 free level games with 4 worlds.
- music100 classic platformer jumping adventure.
- Over 20 enemies and power up obstacles
- 26 achievements must smash enemies to pass so many threats.
With familiar characters, Sonic World is such a childhood game."

How to download Baby Boss APK at

join the adventure collecting money running fast trying to get to the Office .
Baby Boss is here, and he’s got a goal ! He needs YOU to get him to the office! help him avoid blocks and collect money !
It’s Baby Boss time! Your Smart baby knows what he wants, and he needs YOU to take care of him! Help him win the baby race! Have fun playtime with the little handful at the city… just keep him running! A baby was already born Leader thinking about money and a job Baby Boss When he was born , he finds out about his talent and been smart makes him able to manage and create business.
Baby boss adventure is a fun game that you will have fun and enjoy playing on your phone, easy to play just tap the screen to make the Baby jump and collet money and avoid blocks, you will find a help page help you understand how to play the game .
Boss baby needs your help collecting money and getting to the office . FEATURES :- High-quality graphics.
- mobile games, phone games and tablets !
- Challenging Levels
- Different Game Modes
- Free kids , girls and boys games
- Help mapstart Playing Baby boss now enjoy the adventure , baby runner waiting for you to help him .
new Baby Boss game in Google play free to download

How to download Terra Monsters 2 APK at

**If you came here looking for Terra Monsters 3 this isn't it, go to this store page instead! **

Unlock the secrets of the Land of Afer. Explore the open world, fight in intense 3 v 3 battles and capture and train 200 unique Terra Monsters!

Afer has been plunged into conflict in recent times, the tribes of the region have been plagued with mistrust and frequent fights amongst one another. It's down to you, and your Terra Monsters to find out the true reason behind the turmoil and bring peace back to the Land of Afer.

How to download Pixel Zombies Hunter APK at

Pixel Zombies infecting many innocent people in jungle village valley, many people escape from the village to rescue their lives,and many of them just reached our army headquarters for assistance and to kill all those dead walking peoples.

Hunt the crazy killer zombies using shotguns.

We are launching this mission to rescue remaining people in the village and start major hunting mission , we have trained our special army soldiers and commandos for this mission you are part of our quick response team and you will lead this mission.
Many important weapons dropped in surroundings to assist you details of weapons are as follow.
1 : pistols.
2 : short range guns.
3 : Long range snipers.
4 : Bombs.
5 : Wooden Rods.
6 : Food kits.
7 : Medical Kits.
you must explore the area and pick all those necessary things quickly and start hunting all zombies to rescue remaining people quickly we will send more troops soon to assist you.
Best of luck for zombies shoot down mission.

How to install Adventure of Brothers Penguins . APK at

We all remember the most cheerful moment we spent playing Penguin Brothers in our childhood

here is a refreshment of memory about that game it's a multi-screen platform game in which one or two players control a cute penguin fighting against the game's equally cute enemies.

It is a penguin brothers that uses bombs to attack the enemy. Because I accidentally get a bomb box and use the bomb inside ...

When you remove all the enemies in the field, you will see a CD-shaped key at the top of the screen. Boss evangelism also exists.

Please note that this game is just a remake from the old r Penguin brothers which is known by 天 天雷 (天 天 天) and 펭귄 브라더스 so its just service for the fans of the game.

How to download Army Sniper APK at

Turn your android phone into a season battle field and snipe all your enemies. You are an elite army sniper and an unsung hero in the war against new terrorism.

Combining the fast pace of action games with the satisfaction of a precision sniper shot, Army Sniper offers exciting gameplay like never before. Shoot the walking enemies dead down now!

How to Play:
1. Touch to enter into Aim mode
2. Tilt your phone to move sight
3. Click the Fire button at bottom left to fire
4. Touch the black area to exit snipe mode

Game Features:
1. Gripping hollywood storyline
2. Tap & Tilt controls
3. Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and music
4. Two Modes: Story mode & Endless mode
5. Three different difficulties: easy, normal, hard

Notes: The permissions required in this game is only used for online leader board. Thanks.

How to install Smart Craft exploration adventures APK at

Are you ready to discover all the secrets of life in a mysterious cubic world?
So hurry up and start this amazing building game!!
Smart Craft exploration adventures is a free and amazing building games, full of adventures in the boundless cubic world!
Start your building and show the world your best game and constructions. Smart Craft exploration adventures is a Crafting and Building free game for the whole family:
from kids, boys and girls, to adults.

The main thing in our game is the freedom of decisions and actions. Build whatever you want, or destroy everything that hinders you.
First you must learn to build by building your house in a fortress or a mine.
Decorate your building with friends furniture and your own skin. Learn more and more and you will be capable of building massive structures castles
and temples in no time!

You must avoid evil monsters or zombies at night, stay in the house you have built during the day, even if it is just a small hut or a simple house,
which you can use also to shelter from snowy or winter weather, or ice rain.

Exploration game where you are trying to survive in open world.

Smart Craft exploration adventures Features:
* realistic graphics assets.
* One of the best simulation games: start constructing your house and meet your neighbors.
* Cool Smart Craft graphics: enjoy the best pixel graphics with high fps.
* Fun game: Play with villagers and animals it is so fun.
* Multiplayer games: you can play online and help your friend build.
* More possibilities for creativity without restrictions.
* Easy Building And Crafting
* Amazing Games
* New design
* Freedom of action

Hurry up and start this amazing game!!